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Super Bowl Ad Preview

Jan 31, 2014|

Pop culture expert Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now live from Syracuse University. Doctor Bob Thompson with the Bleier center for TV and pop culture -- doctor Bob. -- want to -- a late night talk show it and I thought I mean tradition get your real solid intro very nice -- doctor Bob any other time of the year many of us over the tendency to skip ahead of the commercials. Go to the bathroom. You're in the Super Bowl everything changes line. Yep that this is the biggest light and magic trick ever performed by the advertising industry and the performed a lot of them open the a last couple hundred years. They've convinced us that good it's now become an old joke to say I used to go to the bathroom during the commercials now go to the bathroom during the game. Com yeah I do I guess they did it by number one making these long form commercials that debut of the Super Bowl away everything you see. Is brand new were practically everything it is. And then getting out the marketing machines to talk about this stuff that and I get the drum roll. Going. Conversations about Super Bowl ads started over a month ago now. And by the way and others already eighty. Oh lifted the top ten of the pregame -- others all of these places you concede. Either to either of these things or the entire commercial with it's still more than 48 hours away. Yeah I was just say get used to have to wait. For the super ball to start to see these things that they're they're out there they wanna get more bang for the buck right. Yeah and you open a lot of people they like kind of agree with this is sort of takes the fun away from it you could the Super Bowl party one of the amusing things. See what they had to world. With the new commercials. But the advertisers don't think that way they wanna get these things -- and that they can get in the case of Anheuser-Busch's. Little puppy Budweiser -- I -- sixteen million views already. Indeed at the Super Bowl hasn't even though happened yet so they don't care so much when people see this -- as long as they can maximize. The number that's he would. And velvet everybody's watching these things -- time to get played out all the morning shows the day after and sometimes the week after. All the submit four million dollars per 32. Starts sounding like maybe a bargain. Yeah sounds like a tour of the world would all that said. You. Obviously had a sneak peek what do you like. Well I've looked it is not just me anybody can go online because there's one for her and I am ashamed to say this because it's it's -- Dog and ball of the usual stuff -- There's one per ode into where in which. Chihuahua and doberman to -- and in the world it's taken over by these. October -- physical. And if it's really kind of hysterical. That funny funny little 62 bill. But it's a terrible commercial in the there's nothing about it that would ever make you remember. That it was for ROB you'd left your head off but that is easy you know in the end commercial -- to -- At that point. Does it seemed the weirder the better. Sometimes -- -- we -- again one of these really weird things. Tell that it seemed like a good idea the drawing board just ladies. Leave an aid but is is that DP it's not that -- -- the better the weirder the more likely it is to be talked about by a lot of people. And your best bet in Super Bowl is if you either are one of the top three favorites. Or if you -- the very least paper -- those are the ones. The people are gonna keep going to want lied and talking about. Talk shows and all the rest of the you'd rather not be in that middle 70%. You whether these plots are you want an -- Well do you think America's big cities of fixed the infrastructure because no one's talking about the big -- anymore. Quick look at well you know a lot of that whole big flushed pink I think was an urban legend that that stories started being told. Back in the forties when Milton -- went down on the here. And I've had a hard time ever confirming whether that actually. Really happened but yeah I guess people got other things to -- -- but I guess this does this year rather than know whether there's going to be. Infrastructure problems would be -- plumbing system its infrastructure and -- problems with you know something taking place in eight. And populated hard to get around city with no don't know really done it in the north in February which for the record I think it was a really bad night. A doctor -- it's always fun thanks thank you. Enjoy the game doctor Bob Thompson but the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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