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Super Bowl Preview

Jan 31, 2014|

CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news course honesty firemen went from covering the grammys at the beginning of the week. To the Super Bowl now in New York -- Steve are you joining us from New York -- New Jersey. I'm actually in New York this is taking your major these Super Bowl have it both states in their thinking will take place in -- New security but -- of the activities obviously taking place New York specifically their -- Right so where you're walking around in and getting on your stories. Is security really noticeable. For the most part no we we have to put cautionary note there New York has. Probably the most intense security except for Washington DC EO of any big city in the US so that this is. In this security has been ramp up its not really notice it that much there's so security always hear it will be about the same. We know ramp up there are a lot more undercover officers. Obviously in this one area they course inaudible boulevard which is. Delicate -- what area of -- this security is very tight they're. But new Yorker has occurred where you'll security all the time so it's not -- that this couple. I guess and maybe more noticeable once you get to the stadium we've been hearing that two a lot of the parking lots of MetLife stadium are going to be taken up by security people will MA fans. Be allowed to park and those laughs you know Steve. I don't think very special band will be allowed the Parker there are. Parking spaces they -- a one or the other issue is that in we have this every Super Bowl meant much of a parking lot area. -- enough. Why. Hospitality tents by the corporate sponsors so that also limits the number of Arctic -- -- go to MetLife stadium most people I think you're gonna go buy some form of of public transportation or green double take -- to. Station and then you can get shuttles there many people are seeking cultures. From New York City and that's how we're seeing their vehicle is from New York streets that will be probably the most these socially the most popular ways to get the stadium. -- get a -- one of the reports that there were airing that that you left for CBS this morning that the normal Super Bowl hype and excitement is. Rather muted in the Big Apple. Well it's -- New Yorkers are in the Seattle spent the Denver and they're very excited about this. Typical new Yorker they're happy -- -- -- -- is that here but are they really were excited by it. Not we will react to what gentleman who said. We have because it sure all the time it's just another big event and it's true New York excitement all the time this is not really amp up the excitement. I guess. Four kilometer here in New York City in other cities where they don't have Super Bowls burial -- you don't have many big event. They get very excited Indianapolis a couple of years of their purse and -- the only suitable for a number of years. But you're you're paying a lot of big activities all the time. They are taken in stride again they're happy it's here and that it's here but they're not too excited by it. Do you think it may be many years Steve before the NFL live in thinks of looking at another Super Bowl on an open stadium on a cold weather city. I know what we're gonna fight a sticker what you could tell it's gonna happen is state of the and I felt that I I'm not a big I would think it it makes sense. And toward a long time they got very lucky the temperature now none gain -- and have a high of 46 game time temperature at least pick up or around 42 degrees. Were a couple weeks ago it was going to be below -- in the entire game I. They have to really take a close look before they come here again the idea is great to be its New York is great. But there are some other issued in the fact that. A lot of people have not come into the city there a lot of hotel rooms available lots of people who normally come into the Super Bowl streak just to be around the Super Bowl they are not there you know this year. Now you're covering a Super Bowl do you get to go to game. Shall. -- and where you said. Where we'd be sitting. I'm appreciating outdoors I'm hoping for as warm. They -- possible. We have been told and I actually check this cell last year because there's there's a certain amount of people that get in the press box I normally in the artillery -- our. We are told it will be covered so that was always my concern are found that out western -- that was the most important question I -- -- and until official play here for me. Would you be going to -- -- to cover the Olympics. I -- you know Monday night from new York and means Sochi. Round Tuesday afternoon. Wow. Why it's so you got some life Steve. It's that the big crazy there's an upside and there is a bit of a downside that the. -- -- Hey great I will be talking do you look again and maybe even Monday morning thanks Steve. How good speaker and very quick break we can. Are you -- that CBS news correspondent Steve rademan covering the Super Bowl. In New York.

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