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Super Bowl Game Day Nears

Jan 31, 2014|

ESPN New York's RJ Santillo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to New York City. On the WBM. Live like this RJ central RJ as a producer for ESPN. Sports Radio in New York City. RJ good morning and thanks for being with us. Good morning of course and heading into this weekend everybody was worried about the whether it's no longer an issue -- Now otherwise have letters actually cleared up pretty nicely right now to about thirty degrees here. They're looking ahead to Sunday's high depending on where you look are in the upper thirties I maybe touched forty if you look at replaced. And ironically enough. This Super Bowl when it comes to kick off in game time temperature. It's going to be close because the record is 39 that was set back in 72. This radar UBD Colbert Super Bowl ever -- -- would be worn out and by the time we -- low temperatures. It'll probably have that record. But first how much buildup to what the weather could be there's very very low percentages are predictions for snowfall or rain or whatever the case may be end. Yeah ironically enough weather's really kind of taken a backseat and storyline. You know still do you think they'll rethink a cold weather city for Super Bowl in the future. I think that New York is -- nice job a lot of the cold weather cities -- the first outdoor cold weather game. But you think everything you're cities like Detroit -- really nice job Indianapolis stuttering and shot a couple of years ago. And I think people here having fun doing it they have thirteen blocks. Of Times Square buying large shut down just a foot traffic. So the only way you can pass through there there's a couple -- to open just to keep circulation of motor -- moving through the city -- I think people are having fun there's. Boys here is that really get people excited it's a combination of the new York New Jersey area so no matter where you go. Species things that are involved with the Super -- I think the whole city has a lot to do in the week leading up toward its first tourists and vacationers and people that want to come to this city. Because the leader in this is my first experience to the Super Bowl. The lead in the I partisan as important as the game. I mean the game into a total disaster and as far as whether that actually play a big key by. I think that sports. Court the benchmark -- cold weather cities hosting super balls in the future. A lot of the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl often seems less about the game itself and more about fringe topics is that been your experience this week. That there's almost too much time to be out of committee I mean I'll be the first to tell you. There's certain things you don't even more to talk about and you don't even think of when you're. Putting a list of things of topics together that you think guys you know will resonate with people but there's so much time and that's why the weather gain some much traction. And different things you hear an -- present time -- you'd be leaders contingent of 2000 people talked at media days. And there's only job hotlines we -- -- gain which is obviously a priority. They take precedent and different points in the week it. You kind of look back in the or perhaps that really happened in home port early one but -- your after the hearing. We're talking live with -- RJ -- -- used to produce over ESPN's Sports Radio in New York. RJ as a producer you know you hear what the show hosts is saying. The year with the callers are saying when they phone in the analysts if you could just some things up who are they liking in this game. -- allowed people like Denver a lot of people like the bronco and I think. A lot of is because Peyton Manning is so relatable he's more of a quarterbacks of this of this decade of the last. In fifteen to twenty years of someone a lot of people. Can really see themselves and because he's been the underdog in a lot of cases. And the and a lot of people's lives that -- when he needs to. I don't like this sort of sort of a bit dirty words of the we can't explain it cement his legacy and that's what everyone's saying. When you talk about the Tom Brady of the world and championships of that nature but a lot of people like the part -- I don't know if it's you know just -- in the greater northwestern just kind of opt out of the realm a little better out of the picture or doesn't I have -- top of mind awareness of black. Denver I would say overwhelmingly charts fans here is while it's at first people like heated they definitely have the majority. Are journalists talk what you think you have on as we can enjoy the game. Are you registered -- are just -- total as a producer for ESPN radio in New York.