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1-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WB ENS. Great -- should be everything you did this to meet a land where a man it's okay don't believe she can live on. The land where we -- every time. Lance -- seventy miles is not walking distance the Lam -- meals I'm not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different front. All right all right major points. He's getting a little offensive. And it isn't. The radio I'm I'm coming here. -- and -- and -- -- at the drop weighs eight minutes after five. And joining us live right now this rather unexpected for your humble host -- man -- everybody's lips or at least his name is. -- Donald Trump will he or won't he mr. trump thank you very much for joining us on the -- program. Kind of opened that we get a real star like Neil Young but I'll settle for you thank you very much. Where you write about it yet he was in my office two weeks ago and I watched him at Carnegie hall of these great. I'm a big -- young fans you're you. You told me the right name we'll tell you that I. Certainly hoping we get -- performance of harvest moon out of Donald Trump. Mr. mr. -- but they're coming to buffalo tomorrow and I have to tell you first of all -- -- a solid and blowing air appears skirts Europe appear custom suits but number one. You are the only person in this state. With the means the resources in the name recognition to defeat Andrew Cuomo that's number one the downside is. I fear the longer you take two officially announce the more -- kind of teasing and teasing and teasing. Only to leave the room and say you're -- year old what's -- going to be. Well I fully understand what you're saying and I debated really clear that I believe -- -- border advocates and election to be one. I have all of the money necessary and you know many -- whatever is necessary -- to do this so -- -- -- -- -- -- tremendous amounts -- time -- fundraising and making deals with people are doing whatever politicians do I don't have to do that but the fact is that I've told this very strongly. -- and I've told it to others and I'm coming up as you know tomorrow to see -- -- -- it was a terrific guy he's been so supportive and he's really -- there's a great chairman the great leader. And he's become a friend of mine -- along with the numerous other people but. I promised him might come up and that's why am doing it and I hear he's got a record crowd to mark tremendous number of people I look forward to that but I told that -- you know you have to learn how to win. And do you just not doing that and you look at the last. Long period of time to the Republican Party everything but lost the -- it was a disaster and total catastrophe and you look at you know when he tried to I recruited Democrats to run for governor last time which was a total disaster. Not good and very embarrassing to people that really wanted to run for governor and I said look I can win -- the highest taxed state in the nation. You have nothing but problems you have scenes and the like you wouldn't believe we have a very general Bridgeport a fifteen dollar hole going over to Staten Island as an example you're gonna have. Have that at the Tappan Zee Bridge by the way -- you see that what would that opens up people are talking about a 25 dollar stole. And we have no economic development it's all a ruse and there's nothing happening in buffalo that's for sure so instead look. I can win if if you. -- -- If you don't if you wanna. Put somebody else as you know he's he's pushing very hard to somebody else but I had -- -- person is assigned person I know that person but he's got other senate he's got your chance of winning. Talk about mr. asked to Reno foolish to count. He's a very fine person and he I know him and he he uses my golf I have a very successful club in Westchester County. And as you know robbers from Westchester and had the biggest ballroom and everybody uses -- -- even Cuomo they all used like -- out of fundraisers and. I didn't think you Andrew had balls. I'm sorry I couldn't resist you set me up like that mr. trump and I just gotta be me. I understand and its -- years just does so well I guess because a little statements like that so what happens is you know the failures I know every and. Rob is just. Speculating he'd get raised the money and Andrew Cuomo now has. Probably close to forty million dollars it is broad and have 45 billion dollars by the time it's -- -- and unless you get a raise a lot of money or have a lot of money that could be able to compete. And the message has to get out there there's no name recognition as -- such a but it collapsed. He doesn't know the art of winning and you know I hit -- unless you learn how to wind. You're wasting your time because -- just not gonna have a victory. So I television you don't wanna have a primary. You've got to get behind what it the last thing you want to -- and I can tell you right now the last thing I want is going to a primary and win. But come out limping again somebody that has to do to one advantage of -- you know anyway just by the fact that Democrats to Republicans. Are more into the -- However Donald try. You were talking live with Donald Trump legal or not. And you know the beautiful thing about -- Donald Trump on my show is. Quite frankly if the two of us were pictured side by side my here would get more comments then hits while I felt. I want I want you well you could have won -- -- Salvatore tomorrow but yeah. Yes I did so abused by my parents and this line you know I. I had a really nice article written about recently and what's it like he did he did read amity does is great you know that they had but he's got. The worst which well does that -- I said you know this great article in agility and so it's one of those things. -- -- I'd be I would be honored but I hate to take the shine it from view and live in your reflected glory but it is by here is well talk live with Donald -- in I don't know how long have got with you but I'm gonna give myself an extra five minutes by telling you that in addition to Neil Young. I'm also real big on Buffalo Springfield and at your Neil Young fan you gotta love Stephen stills and Retief fury in Buffalo Springfield served is that by does that -- -- some more time and guys at. Salute and advisory more time with you mr. trump is OK outstanding. But here's here's my problem closer and it is -- that Carl Paladino. When he was running even he understood. That these people in power or in wanna be positions of power don't just roll over when a -- like Donald Trump you wants a job. Even Karl head to beat Rick Lazio -- -- affectionately call Rick Lucio. In order to be on the Republican lie is in the real world of politics her. You may very well have to run in a primary if you really really want the job. Well I just have to say that I've gotten to know Carl Paladino over the last few months and hey you know I have to tell you he is such a passionate guy and he really does and I don't know if you like him or don't like I likes leave him. OK good well I tell you he is a fantastic guy he is so passionate about the state. And you know he was hurt badly by the lack of cohesion invited -- these characters -- -- -- -- -- there and might not -- mightily witnesses that's -- you're doing what you do and it. I'm doing because of the states but what I won't do is go -- something where. It -- eight million dollars is going to be spent against me and it's not that money this issue but last just ended command limping after winning a primary. You can't do that the Republican Party has to be unified going into you know win an election and I believe it can be one. Again it is sitting governor and you have the highest tax rate in the -- it you pay more taxes. As an individual in the entire. Country in number one in the state of the number one. That's a bit out by it yet be sitting outside their -- -- so. I'm saying I don't wanna come out and. Limp into it election which is going to be very I want unification and it. It is not going to be unification I want to do it this. Year there. In theory right and and you know Carl Paladino has been very strong and -- not. In love with a lot of the players talking about it I fully understand why and and the fact that but the fact is that unless it is going to be unified party you're not gonna win. But mr. -- -- this elegant New York Post headline nobody. Is going to make you -- They might make it stop your hole a little bit but you're gonna come out of it like a man and user have the gravitas. To unite Republicans. And those of us who consider ourselves conservative area and across between. Conservatives. From the waist up. And people who believe in liberty. You have the ability to rally us all in Marshal the troops behind you like nobody else so mister -- Reno isn't gonna make you -- he'll be like a little black and on the back your legs so what. Well I think that frankly Ed Cox has the power to get him that we all polling unit side and if we unified this election can absolutely be what it is just this is an election -- can be won but it's going to be like. I'm not sure of unity goes through a primer this can last a long time and a lot of money is going to be spent against you and against him and all of that. I'm not sure that coming out of that kind of an atmosphere which by the way in all fairness has been happening for the last long period of time the Republican Party. They've got to get behind somebody and I do believe I'm the only one -- when I believe I will. But they've got to get behind I don't wanna go through that I don't wanna go through. I don't wanna fight somebody that is no chance of winning and then. Get the nomination and you wounded going in because it's going to be a very tough. Election and is going to be a united party if they don't have a united party I don't know I don't wanna do. I don't want to do 48% they did a great Jabber -- rights you'll say well he did a great job well I don't want you to say that but. People -- a what a great job at 48 not to let them believe you wrote this to properly be I got 48%. And I lose the election I won't -- You are going to win. If you run you are going to win please understood you've got annulled the -- and -- your obviously your highly intelligent -- obviously get in the house racer if you run you're gonna win. Election saying I'm talking about both. Whatever it. Whomever they throw it your way in the primary you'll Troy -- and then. They'll have no choice but to rally behind you and the voters especially those of us who live west of the Hudson you know those of us with no teeth and pickup trucks and shotguns and -- are first cousins is bigger media sphere. Yeah. Exactly exactly we will put you in the office. If you want. Well I do want it and I'd love to do it and it basic commitment to do it but I have to and unification and I understand what you're saying that. And I -- I I don't think he totally disagree with the -- fears it would be nice at the Republican party for the first timing. I like to be running like. As a Carl Paladino or somebody and you have a eight chairman and you haven't had the party. -- drafted Democrat. Somebody from another party and again it's I mean -- I thought that was so. Terrible and -- that essentially the same thing is happening right now. I said I will do it and I'll be really do it and it out to a good job well spent money you know to what was up and to go to fund -- all over the second focus on. Really wants import which is the message right but what I wanted to -- Don't rule. The primary. What people -- simple to -- -- build themselves up and you know what if they want to build themselves up. That line let him run good luck to them. You know they're not gonna win. That you won't see you are you worried about that would be my. You worried about that would be like me -- about some blogger who parrot. Well I'm not worried about it I'm just saying it's just something and I'd have made it clear right from the beginning. What you don't like nick -- -- -- -- -- do -- and even he's surprised it's the biggest event they've ever had happened. They don't have an event like this that's what you need and that's what's gonna happen happen happen in November. Is going to be unified group now so nick is having a thing I've promised -- -- do it. And I'm going up tomorrow I hope you're going to be there you can beat anybody can. I haven't purchased my targets if I am I will buy my ticket -- only with the proviso that we doing here by here comparison. I hope you don't have to buy a ticket but when nick has something Andy said is the biggest event they've ever had by -- that's a good thing net that don't view. That is a long mean to win they want somebody is it's going to win at what other people I want -- names but if he had the same events or somebody else. Or some other people. He wouldn't have anybody show up it would be like can it would be like yes. So that's sort of it if they can unify the party and is very easy. It's very easy over this is what but I just I just are less as a unified party I'm not I won't do it if there unified party I absolutely will do it with. Mr. trump. I just three more minutes of your time I'm gonna mention it one more Neil Young song from Buffalo Springfield. Broken aero that has got me three more minutes OK now. I wanna give you two examples of people there I believe are relevant to this number one Abraham Lincoln. Was not supposed will be and the nominee of the Republican Party it was supposed to be and somebody like Williamson word one time senator from our fine State of New York. And I'd also remind user. That Barack Obama. Was not supposed to be the next record the current president of the United States it was Toobin Hilary Clinton but we know how history can change things insert no matter. The establishment right dose or when your way. You will defeat them and then find a way to bring that into our camp because as Lyndon Johnson said it's better to have them inside the tent peeing out than outside the tent -- it. Well you know I've spoken to many chairman and they all agree with me and they actually do agree and and many of them said I agree with -- and they want me very much. But they set I agree with you a 100% of you have to go through primaries you should do and and -- just made this statement and you know I just I want this party to come out fighting is supposed to come out limping. The last thing we need is fuselage and -- and I also know that that's the last thing that we would ever say about Donald Trump. Well I will say this. The status of serious trouble we're going to be another Detroit very soon and it's happening and you know the kind of debt we have we have no economic development. They're just playing games with buffalo could you look at what's happening all of a sudden you know a couple of months before the election they come -- with so called programs which by the way -- never happened just in the stands today. The day after the election you'll never hear about these issues -- But it's an election in the can be one can absolutely be one I think it can be I'd I'd never say easily because nothing's easy life just stops. But it's an election advocate absolutely they want an -- a separate it may be the last chance that the group that a Republican. Will have to become a statewide you know what whether it's governor senator -- anything else does does not really it really is heading in different. If that is not user it will be no one you are the final hole and I hope to meet you tomorrow night and I'm glad you're -- thank you for all of retirement such short notice sent to make it worthwhile. I shall inspire you with your favorite singer as we hang operator defenders of that market -- ago. Hope you're listening mr. Traficant sing along of life. That's some great voices. Not only is it the voice it's the freezing. All of Donald Trump great taste in music pleasure talking with -- a look forward to meeting you no matter how toxic I'm maybe. Thank you very much thought it would out thank you very much thank you Donald Trump -- radio 930 WBD and coming up on 524. Like you you have little. -- -- -- And now. This time last week or a couple of weeks ago I went into my -- -- -- explanation of Buffalo Springfield and Neil young and the influence. On American popular music and country crossover music. Of which Neil Young was a major contributor to which he was a major contributor. And isn't it interest. That two fellows who girl up a generation apart different ends of the street. Different ends of the state. Merge and come together. Over Neil young and his music do you realize ladies and gentlemen. That they've been very mention of Neil Young bought a cost an extra minutes of interview time you do know that right. Okay just thought I'd pass along -- all right so we just the pleasure speaking with the ultra but not have a chance to speak with the ultra before. And one of the things I am still concerned about and it's not like I'm talking minded activists this to him. I don't think. He needs to worry. About it Republican primary. And let's just look at history folks up by the way phone number for your call you may have comments on the interview. You may wish to offered thoughts on what you wanna see Donald Trump run for governor I'd do -- that he's the only guy or lady who can beat Andrew Cuomo. 8030930. Is former eagle three all right thirty start at thirty on the cell phone 18 under read it 616 WB EN here's the thing. When you look back at political history you'll find that it is very seldom the doors open and why that. And you -- what you want without a struggle. Mr. trump alluded to that earlier in me to paraphrase he's anything worth having is worth working for. -- Now. When you look at history folks. You have to understand -- Abraham Lincoln was never supposed to have been president of the United States that game was written. The fix was -- at the Republican Convention in Chicago. In 1860. The real Republican candidate was supposed to and there were few. Top of front runners but the guy everybody thought was gonna run away with the nomination. Was one of New York State's senators a gentleman by the name of William civil. And if his name sounds familiar it should because he was. Badly wounded tonight Abraham Lincoln was that we shot and then died the next morning. But. The long and the short of it is folks. Lincoln was not supposed to emerge from Chicago with the presidential nomination and he did and it was a bruising brawl. But he did. And at the end of the day what he did was he brought -- He is menaces. His nemesis is were -- aside he brought them into his administration people like -- -- In fact one of the funniest bits -- reading from American history is prior to his we're just after our office for the first time. Williams a word. Sent us some interest in notes to Abraham -- Suggesting how Lincoln might articulate his public policies better and how he might run his administration. -- in a classic display of up yours mingled with. Dignity. Abraham Lincoln a medical -- particularly -- by the -- basically ports or in his place without insulting him. And if you ever want to read those letters are on line. So words letter to Lincoln at the beginning of Lincoln's. Administration. And Lincoln's response to classics of homer in the political and literary history. But we needn't go back that. All we need to do is -- active tornado late folks. There's a lady named Hillary Clinton. And she was supposed to -- the president of the United States right now. Hillary Clinton it was it was her turn. And then along comes very. Along came. Barack Hussein Obama. And Hillary Clinton learned the lesson. I don't know exactly what she -- Richie found out that nothing should be taken for granted. Barack Obama was supposed to be an also -- Hillary Clinton was supposed to be -- Guess what happened. Another quick there are Barack Obama ended up. With the nomination and with the presidency it was unexpected. Now. The point of trying to make is that us. That both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama and many others in American history I have for whom I have much greater respect. Head to and do word. Primaries and struggles. To achieve positions of greatness. This -- do not part for you or not Moses. Even Donald -- And my take on it has expressed to mr. trump is let's just say the establishment Republicans decide to run. Mr. asked to Reno in the primary. Who thinks that Donald Trump has anything long term to worry about with mr. -- arena the Westchester County executive. He's not even gonna make Donald Trump let he might -- a total that's about it. So I don't I think that's -- needless concern for Donald Trump and that concerns me because. It's just not the way the game is played. The establishment Republicans do not expect them to go down without a fight do not expect them to just say all K. We've been selling our souls to Satan for years but now despite those faustian deals were going to -- -- Donald Trump the nomination. And it concerns me greatly that basically what he's saying it is unless there's no primary he -- on Iraq. That concerns. Because if I wanted to job badly enough believe. I would do almost anything I have -- to get that job except besmirched my own code of honor. -- joining us right now is a guy who's almost as cool as Donald Trump. And not even close to being -- is Neil Young. We have Michael Caputo on a WB -- if not for Michael Caputo we would out of head Donald Trump on the program. Michael thanks very much sharper chatting and first of all. Your thoughts on what Donald Trump had to say in that interview you don't Donald Trump. You've spoken with Donald Trump rumor has it you met Neil young and Donald -- office was there anything new vigor that you hadn't heard before. Well you ignorant what's happening and I think you Europe dispute in the political political team arm you know. Mr. trump is becoming very clear more and more each day -- all system and process works. And he came into it and said at the very beginning -- -- human. Ready. He wanted a valued at one cent of the Republican chairman. -- -- aren't now you understand. It up and out beyond the present that you want to controlling interest right. He didn't understand at the very beginning combat. Chairman Eitan -- is not CEO of the Republican party of New York he understood. As a businessman and he said he bought a big part it's been -- in my way I'm never going to be able I don't get I don't wanna do look -- did not have arts. I have my -- supper like there. But the fact it's. He didn't understand in the ad hoc is really irrelevant and the way it ought to work its -- the county chairman where the hours and every single day and I understand that. And the one thing that you need to understand it. There is very quiet but very oral formal. Movement of county chairman of the Republican Party where banding together to remove our troops to clear the way for topic it is. It's happening as we -- Do they have enough influence to surmount the Everest of statewide Republican politics. Oh. You know the interesting thing is you know every bit ultimately prompted into the pot which means there are. Stand in there and all the county -- and everything that I'm ultimately in trouble never deep debt. But we talk about processes -- the rocket that was developed for you know. -- get pretty well pretty low common denominator kind of candidate mr. -- the difference in the marble. And -- you expect him to run -- race it's typical of Republican politics and typical Republican candidate. And it adhere to every Tenet of their old boy network that's not gonna happen. He's already told CNET not wait to corroborate that not the way east. He's going to. Are -- government and -- -- -- he called it it it happened and I mean we're having. RT it's somebody at the more you a conservative Republican are you look. Are you -- moderate republic are you're data public you look up at I'm actually a comparable. Every laugh and make it what you know what it's a -- Republican equal -- -- a little bit but at the core of my philosophy. Is victory. And everybody -- but you know what that's kind of what this bit. You know. That's exactly what Ronald Reagan said. It exactly Ronald Reagan's. What I'm. Journalists asked him what his thoughts were on the Cold War and President Reagan said we win they lose. Operates approximately intently really I mean he's got some baggage that some ripping CDs usually darker and darker and don't -- take in as many arms. From the left and abuse from from you know political things and anyone in an -- bit and the party pretty -- You know it got -- -- So we have all different candidate model year it'll be. -- half. Traditional new York Republican political candidate race. And maybe -- App performance art I don't know what it's going to be but it going to be interest. As you say it's going to be as if you know hole bet this is that they act company that he is in fact going to be a candidate for governor or my reading too much -- news. No I don't think it is my opinion you know if you active Wear hundred dollar -- yes and no right now -- our football you don't want to come. But it I've seen inside it is quite -- personal business -- -- -- In and around New -- offices and everything your column and I've done for each team. He got the most incredible life I have ever seen. In my 51 years and EE -- easy to give I could go on and on about it is quite like app and I -- I mean why would you ever taken. You know that's why would put it -- no but I'll tell you what he's leaning in you really union in this. Awful event I believe is gonna put -- put it over the year. Really good because he wants to do business. You know at the same time he seen the -- -- that victory. And he went and everyone it into orbit now for six weeks he went and everyone any common. To the end of indecision and improper and Arctic we import yes. At the end of at all. You know get it if the chairman. That are working on clearing apparent meaning putting together a coalition chairman and prepare -- You know if they succeed at it looks like they're going to I think he's in immediate halt on the phone if they do what I'm definitely gonna bill. Right our talented -- process. But I hope are aware of it I'm watching the chairman -- -- in and move around there at the old -- our look around there aren't enough for -- And -- mean anything can happen if there -- you can't -- politicians. Not to put not his -- back. But the way I've looked and it looks at what's likely. Michael I need to shock. Shock. A shocked with the brilliance and wide ranging noticeably ten minute interview with Donald Trump. It was straight it was a -- that would love for the record. OK I just wanted to make sure there were on the same page clearly comfortable. And if you selectivity. -- it's a fancy way I call somebody up. So out now don't go. Don't go to work as we come back I want all the information and -- good also steal it from -- Thompson's page about tomorrow night and how people can participate. So do you have a few minutes to hold on while your child is urgently begging for your attention probably with a full vibrant and at the stomach. You weren't. All right so don't go anywhere on the news -- 930 WB and will pick it up with Michael Capuano -- -- take your phone calls your reaction to the interview we did with Donald Trump which will -- error in the 6 o'clock hour. How let's go back to Michael a photo. We spoke with Donald Trump by the way if you were listening to the program pretty much the last thing I expected. When I woke up this morning was to be spent an -- while talking about all trial but. Again that's you know you're prepared in life you must be prepared for everything I was never really a boy scout but. Certainly yeah that is that are -- motto. The event tomorrow. I know a lot of people wanna be either even if people don't have any money. To spend it on a fund raiser for the theory county Republican -- body Donald Trump fund raiser but India Fund raiser for the you're county GOP. Michael give us the in there we need. The point of the -- in. Gubernatorial. Politics. It could be arms around in the most important. And help them raise money because on Election Day they spend that money -- -- out the vote. So this -- mr. -- for the first time all big city and county chairman of new York and get them to support him. They. The big event prior history. On tomorrow at immediate. Or Italian gardens. And the event is it's a relatively expensive that the program recently you know vote in November. All that well done by the local party talks. And and it starts out with VIP reception. For any of meter mark and but the event a little bit later. How much -- we do that people with money who listen to the traditional use it. 500 dollars to get into the VIP event which if you -- under. Actually get a photo and ends up with mr. -- -- pretty standard fare for our political fundraisers America under article -- that in general fund raiser. Which is a little bit after battery and our round fired back. You know everybody can understand that -- -- -- -- Democrat accounted need to know the republic party needs to raise money. There's a lot of people that say you know -- -- we still support you -- the effort that we spoke sportier that we don't wanna spend the money to comment. They're coming out and me. Well -- Thompson as been organizing this week brought them part of has been a part of it. From movements that beginning in and and a 300 people signed up -- -- the most important thing to understand. This is a bit that the event that mr. trump is going to measure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're trying to show -- much enthusiasm it's humanly possible. So anybody who want to be a part of it even just a little bit of -- Please come to the event beater a little bit early and be a part of the crowd outside receding in -- urging him and hopefully and Iran while on the he'll be in political economic -- I promise -- to promote the parts are. OK because the -- -- it's a big parking lot. Lot of Salvatore Italian gardens number one number two. Obviously landing at prior and then the play inning he's got his choice of either worldly or can swing up -- To make even better time and drive by the strip clubs that I've never been you know there -- Economic from the prior and here -- terminal there. So I think -- I think there'll be taken with me. That that's what I do yeah I take a brutal with the lights on were but. Right that you the that the group and a -- -- on -- a -- Korean border and they looked at a burger well -- Arnold prompt. Army undertaken China and all the information there and anybody who want to do it. Spend a little bit of time that would that left the weather's supposed to be decent spent a little bit of time out -- just to put in leopard and they're. Letting mr. trump know that we want to -- here. Michael Michael Cuomo you know what I'm out of time but if you could just drop me a FaceBook email or private email just giving me this site a link it up to my public page so everybody has the and though in writing a -- Michael I -- you -- you a solid but next time try to hook me it was somebody really important like you know young okay. Our brother right eleven Michael public Michael Caputo joining us -- WB year.

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