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1-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. They're an hour. So. You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the -- if if that phone call for equities somethings. -- -- Home. It is T Wimbledon pain of charity and good way to separate the week to -- about it but he is. This keeper and there aren't there but lost to. -- -- -- the -- he would rate. That. India holds looked at the end this broad. And the law and look. It up well. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. Yeah. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right Hawaii. Up -- assault weapon. Anti gay he is got who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. But it happened to that Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. -- and brilliant move ten -- must eat these greedy at 930 I like Q. You have -- I'd like a -- TV sometimes your team. Knowing my affection for -- certain television show. And might really really good friends call me names and -- rupiah Maria because that would be wrong -- FCC actionable. Anyway at that after four news radio 930 WB yet. They lobbyists. Folks you'll find a radio talk -- to -- that more abhorrent that IA. Racism I mean throw the race is them. It is it's you know why because is just plain stupid that's why it. It's stupid to look at an entire group of people be they white black Asian. India in the ask them all I don't care. It's stupid to look at a whole bunch of people and say they are inferior to me. I am superior Tibet. It's just stupid. -- I think I've done enough over the past week to illustrate the sincerity. Of my points. Now. It's stuff like this well. That really Schroeder's. Stupidity and action. And it's stupid. Via that this is from a Minneapolis Minnesota. Now if you know anything about Minnesota you know that they run this whole campaign against white privilege. Which is capitalizing of course on the white guilt somebody white liberals feel. Just so you know -- I carry with the Euro white guilt. At all. I don't pay -- four I have nothing over which to feel guilty. Common cents. But what I read a story. We're supposedly. Educated people say such stupid things. I shake my head. Because day I wonder if you're ever gonna get it and B I really wonder what this country is going to be -- Now I don't exist in its current -- much longer but I really wonder the kind of chaos that reigns supreme. The university of Minnesota school all officials. At the university of Minnesota. Are working with black student and facility organizations. Why. Because they wrote a letter to the school's president. About the racial descriptions. Given in crime alert I wish I do not. I guess in crime alerts you are no longer supposed to this day a blackmail. Or two black males or three -- nights I guess you're no longer supposed to say that. Which I suppose would be accused them with a trade in case we never would have known that George Zimmerman was a white men -- a white Hispanic. So I guess we should keep that description on the things as well. And I suppose that at times and kkk able decides to act like one we shouldn't say white man is suspected. Does anybody realize the utter stupidity of this police descriptions. Are all inclusive. And I want you to know something that I can say this with a clear conscience. As long as I've been doing this whenever I have access to the race of the suspected or I've always given it without any regard to RD black are they white. Are they Hispanic. How tall -- it's never been a concern. Because today it's all about public shape. And ask yourself. Back when Joseph Christopher decided it would be great fun in the late 1970s. To grow up and kill black people. Black men in particular because they were black. Should police not to describe him as a white man. Of course not. And if the university black student union and the spine with school officials had their way. It is a basic script or of a suspect in a particular crime or series of crimes. Just because somebody who is black or white. Is a suspect in a crime does not mean that all people who shear that racial. A characteristic. Our suspect in the crime. Element as you -- a very vivid example. Of how important. The description of race is. In catching violent criminals. Back in the 1960s in San Francisco. And this even predates the invention of Astro wise -- things -- a little -- separatist -- but. This even predates that. There is a serial killer. Who was a sadistic. Individual is -- well. That maybe he chose was. The Zoete. The zodiac killer. And the zodiac killer. Was a white man. Let me tell you how and why it is important that police. And the price broadcast descriptions. Of perpetrators accurately. Beat San Francisco police department should it have caught and could have caught the zodiac killer. Let me tell you win and now. The zodiac killer did most of his killings. On deserted lovers' lanes. And that was his -- ball. Well. In San Francisco. He decided he was going to murder a cab driver. The cab driver's name was Paul Stine. Very Smart man he was working to put himself through additional school. The zodiac killer. Shot Paul Stein in the back of the head killed instantly. And then wipe down fingerprints and stuff and got out of the -- And -- -- the -- Francisco police department -- approach. The dispatcher. Put out in the initial broadcast. Police need to be on the lookout for a black male suspect. A black male suspect. The police dispatcher in San Francisco totally screwed up. Now it just so happens that there was these efforts as a police car within blocks of the murder committed by the long sought zodiac killer. And guess what. They didn't have the right description. -- -- were looking for a black guy is at that point was zodiac -- You all it was -- cab driver had been shot. That there's something did happen in the cab right near the Presidio. And they were on their way to investigate and they were keeping their eyes open for a black man because that's what the radio that. The suspect is a black male. So what -- what do they do they see -- big lumbering white guy. Eight big lumbering white guy. Kind of strolling from the scene of the killing. They asked the white -- -- Did you -- anything suspicious. And the white guys says. It's a guy -- and around -- -- around that maybe a few blocks. Police poor ass out of there to try to find. Only. When it was too late. Did these efforts Cisco police department correct the description of the killer up all spine. Who proved to be the zodiac. Only -- it was too late did that this badgers today. The person who kill the cab driver was a white men. And these efforts Cisco koppers on patrol who actually came face to face with zodiac. Worst scared you know what lasts. To tell their CEOs that they screwed the -- -- let this guy get away. And the reason he got away folks. With because the racial description of the suspect was wrong. The racial description and a white man. These efforts Cisco koppers who saw this lumbering white men would have been a lot more eyes wide open. And they work. Course there's also which separatist -- could have ended up that. But. Race is an important factor in describing yourself. And an important factor in describing. Criminals. Whether those criminals are white. Or black. Whatever ethnic. From which they're -- And I just want you ponder the significance of that folks. The zodiac would have been caught red handed. If the police dispatcher knew. And accurately reported to the -- -- he was a white man establish growing up on the initial broadcast -- he was a black man. That's why racial descriptions are so important. Cops are looking for black dude they should have been looking for white dude. Had -- been looking for a white dude the reign of terror and the mystery of zodiac. Would have been solved. So there is nothing inherently racist about giving in racial description of a criminal. And those of you know your crimes that no. That the people who were most likely to be victimized by minority criminals are members of the senate minority. Hello. But I guess you're not -- at school. You got alert from guys like me. And I'm proud because that's part of my destiny in life. But the part of my destiny is to be the NC for Alan Harris. I just wanted to share that with you about that the -- of political correctness. Because. You know folks. -- again. When they're just look at buffalo folks. When Joseph Christopher this so called 22 caliber killer was out gunning down black men. Because he was a disgusting sick racist. And probably his brain tumor might add something to do it. Would really have been responsible for the media or for the police to say well we're not going to release the race of the man. That might hurt people's feelings now. If you were black I -- you wanna develop the guy was white. Sure you can have an idea what you're dealing with -- innocently eating a burger in the -- parking lot -- some white creek comes up to your car. I know that. And I didn't just call all white people creeps don't play that game with you understand what I'm getting this goes both ways. And I think we're mature enough oil listeners to my show are mature enough. To understand the difference between racism which is an evil scorer on the earth. And -- responsible to script doors of specific purpose of crimes. Now. What are the things that I've said over the years which. Has drawn fire from some of my conservative listeners is. I think we put too many black people in prison in our country not because they've committed acts of violence against the most innocent citizens. But because they got caught up in the racquets but we used to call the racquets now we call the drug trade. And the failed war on drugs. Is just one example of many of government. Doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results and you know of what that is the definition. Your -- one guy guess what there's twenty or more waiting for a piece of that ninety million dollars a Coke money. Coming to us from caught up shoes. Which just sounds violent itself. All right it's -- like cocaine in the rectum I'll pass my 24 Israeli in my thirty WB -- John Sherman by the way does have a second career as a drug -- right is that the big -- carriers -- our thoughts. 8030 my thirtieth WBM. Gonna talk about Donald Trump I'm I'm open to -- all the -- Thompson but apparently Rouse is busy selling a mixer. Were buried a body. I'm just enough. -- well -- the opening. And. Our favorite radio and -- ought to go to -- Johnson and -- Rus Thompson on his website yesterday linked article which I've found very very disturbing. Basically at which at McDonald's news. That if the guy decides he's got to run to be the governor of the worst day. That Donald will have no part of it because to -- can't unite the Republican Party. Than I guess he doesn't want to be a part of the process to me. Hardly shows an unwavering unswerving. Dedication. To serving the people of new York and eliminating politically. The dictatorial. Andrew Cuomo joining us is Ross Thompson Ross that article. -- -- Happening. Out it's not my happening but I was freaked out by the whole thing which your take on what -- -- are copied and -- did yesterday. Well I also look at it on and on another point of view. Obstinate and arrogance on the New York State or Republican. And Ryan know committees. That just continue to put up. People like Lazio asked -- -- they have no money no don't name recognition. No chance of actually winning. That we you know it is you can draw it in and catering to our Donald Trump -- six months now. Andy you know trying to get him did you jump on board so what trumpet actually say there is we have they have a united Republican. Edit everybody gets it behind me that our -- bad. Is it faster read a lot to get into the bank and -- I don't know what primary and it's no sense to me even getting hit. Why spend time money effort and he was -- it was actually a radio -- that was the interview last night. Well he's saying you know why go to a bloody primary. And then actually the primary so that's our focus on the governor we need to focus on the port -- So I'm located -- different sides of and tell us what you were saying Bob Forrest are concerned about him not running yet I am I have been concerned about that we're. As many years -- I didn't talk about running for office. Also I'm not just concerned I read it it basically what I'm Garrett is a guy who really. He's he's expecting a cake walk and I'm sorry but politics just don't work that way. And it has asked the real guy decides he's gonna run if nothing else to put a roadblock against Donald Trump why would Donald Trump wanna guy like Esther reed though the control Donald Trump's future Donald Trump doesn't seem to me and I and it it's -- to have the requisite interest in the job. I think he -- and the interest in the job I think he does have the best interests of New York State. It is art and it in his mind you just want to be able focus on what on the election and and I am one of you know what would you really look at reality of anything Cuomo could you shed earlier -- Oh what Republican right now and go up against almost 38 million dollars. And went there. So you don't. At the same kind of Republican basically already so they're all over to the Democrat. A -- story doesn't -- we don't at all. -- store skeleton but we -- the New York State at that stage that. One of the biggest why don't you -- all downstate Republicans all the -- it Ryan or on Long Island. In a controlling everything. Well and break in Greek. Name the names of the name's Carlos is very very close to the words stop close which is very experimental als say that's that's all I've got to say about that it. -- -- well but but the article here and -- I mean I know that we like to get into it from time to time this might be one of those times we have to get into it. But the article you posted which totally wrecked my night last night you -- good -- Donald. Need to like gay couple -- because the Neil Young. All and I'll I'll I'll never get over to food -- meeting and knowing Neil Young that will -- and -- and -- on my soul forever but I'm. Donald Trump told Fred -- in a talk thirteen hundred interview a formality aren't used to work isn't it before she because she was on the yeah. Yeah that's right she was -- -- -- because she was so anti NY -- they called on -- in and then decided that she was mentally competent to go up now remember not that these things happen in America but Donald Trump. Told Fred Dicker in -- talk thirteen hundred interview. He won't waste his time. With a campaign for governor if Westchester County executive rob Esther -- though throws his hat in the ring now if Carl Paladino. Had practiced that philosophy. Rick Lazio would have been the sacrificial lamb against Andrew Cuomo. And Carl Paladino. Has the stones to say you know what -- losing you -- I can beat you and he did quite able. Oh yeah oh yeah we did. There's no question about it you know not gonna finally figuring what you really would not gonna go at it yet make it very valid point. Some of the same point but I didn't make it. I'm trying to keep an open mind if that's what Pavano went out and basically a welcoming rally incumbent it it's -- that it can regain speed neutral confirm that. But it would -- -- it got here people by anybody else. It did it would confirm that twelve was going to be here it's called me -- he goes we'll -- we get a welcome well. Because the more people we could -- about -- And the more people we could pack into the driveway welcoming Donald Trump -- -- could also send a message to the downstate rhinos. You know what you guys have won that state into the hall. You're destroying our ought to -- you -- -- in upstate new York and you don't. All we -- and it's about time you start listening to us. You know I thought I'd like Walter -- seemed like a decent guy and if you doubt this probably gonna -- that will happen and it out. But you don't you won't go after the establishment Republicans you won't know what it. These are part of the problems that YM a portion trumps all are but this is where the would be even good quote no. Call. You can leave -- a lot of the mixes for resentment I -- -- -- -- Michael spine. Weren't on. And by the way -- Bhutto just negates any but he takes this seriously -- -- And we're talking about Donald Trump and folks might big concern I agree with Ross and a lot of other people. Nobody in this state on the Republicans or conservative or any other line. Nobody in this state running against Andrew Cuomo all is going to defeat in -- If it's anybody but Donald Trump it's four more years of ball and I can deal with that nor in new York state of freedom deal with that. -- concerns me news. We've got a guy who is part of the Republican establishment of this great which as far as I'm concerned can perform it physically impossible task upon itself. He is the Westchester County executive at the Reno and he's already indicated that he's interested in running in a -- Donald Trump why would I want to keep. My future in the hands of the rhinos and asked to Rico if I'm Donald Trump real serious about running I say screw you -- I'll destroy you in a primary -- destroyed -- on that destroyed Andrew Cuomo in the general election. Well he should just go ahead run for governor just focus on Andrew -- all anyway the other that that are an important piece of this. Is that about it if that Republicans and Cox. Continue to look at stereo and it pushed and all and they pushed. And -- -- -- twelve outlook to put it this way and that then they opened their doors for the world suicide because Carl will want and on the conservative white. Then our objective is going to be 100% on -- I've been talking about this a much. If bad comes down to what -- got a run -- a conservative whites and our number one job is you've got to be just -- to basically destroyed. -- -- problem. We'll take -- what it will put the diet but conservatives online -- You know I need it to the point how many more years can -- can we continue to fight you can't just ignore. -- I'm I'm not. IA I quit you know what and you know this John McCain was the final nail in my flirtation with the Republican Party I left it and I've become more and more pro freedom and conservative area and have very little in common with the Republicans and you know nobody can ever accuse you. -- me of carrying water for the Republican parties at our party I find them collectively to be loads them. And and frankly spineless WC Cox you're talking about the state chairman. Of the the. Why aren't the right. After which. His name's Ed box so Donald Trump. And I hate to keep harping on the same note. But if he's real serious about running. He's got to expect that of people who have been at this game a long time are not just gonna. Roll over and let them walk all -- because just like Hillary they think it's -- year term. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the chairman. -- -- it was mostly all the -- chairman of the global launch with with -- And only only about twenty and showed up and even post one nobody it was a -- it was Michael. They would talk to you about it and then. Sell all or vibrating off the table with Ed Cox being almost calling debit telling them stay away from this luncheon. And -- that bit that we we need to Mary. -- -- -- -- And it would open up the wooden and met with auction straws basically they gave them apart why you're doing as we barking up the and it. Our -- our our -- You know an -- Donald Trump is big -- those guys although that he would ultimately is. He's just Obama stop -- not really watching my language. Should tell all the stop but it just go right ahead and do it. I agree with. I agree should. I mean what he's going to be actually you know and all what people governor. Or it's going to be Donald party squabble -- which are not insured almost on a short victory. Well I -- -- like a two year old child it worked engine diapers. The world -- went off bad bounces. And you don't -- that you've got to put up 200 million ball. I wanna see Andrew Cuomo. And I'm speaking metaphorically here I wish him no harm I want to see him go down in flames. I want to see him reduced to the kind of this spot -- Ruthless. Individual he is and I want him to furthermore show his true colors the colors which only a couple of weeks ago revealed their inner hatred of conservatives. Right to lifers pro constitutional people. I want him to even more come out of the closet and reveal his venomous vindictive hatred. You know it twelve it's been good -- what you got to see horrible wounds. I think and I think you can also on his FaceBook page. I think that is his response like -- Going out of conservative the extreme heat my guess where we'll go we'll just call us so it would be extremist he's -- extreme. Where extreme OK all ought to capture of -- but I think that was good response. -- are pushing all and getting -- quotes used to actually saint he's gonna do I almost can't I think and I. You know what Ross I thought the same damn thing that reason almost at what he said was he is steered hopeless over Donald Trump. -- I know you have more to say you usually do. I say that with great affection. And I'll only put on hold for a second open week -- tracked down the Michael Caputo who's close personal friends with Neil Young. And and maybe even date the PH -- after -- through using you so don't go anywhere -- ladies and gentlemen. Is Donald Trump just -- -- -- this or do you think he's serious because if he's serious he's got to say you know what. In the words of Tom Petty damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead actually goes with the words spoken by admiral or get that -- record good albums story. That's what makes -- -- often onion you can stand naked in 28 degrees and today. I'd steer you mother nature I'm washing my male part -- though colder than this. And mother nature laughs with scorn. Vision of which you've got to personally joining us is Rus Thompson he New York. And arrest Thomson -- true patriot and he. And I -- on the same page regarding Donald for a that only Donald Trump will be able to defeat Andrew -- And I -- growing increasingly. -- The reality of -- trump. Candidacy. Because it seems to me the longer he waits the less inclined he is the heavy genuine interest in more importantly. Passion for the job. Russ tell us about the event there tomorrow the soiree. And another some people are sending me emails saying dude what does Donald Trump need to do without boundaries. But it's not a fund -- for them. That's just it's very. He was invited here to speak. I believe a -- and in -- awards. The Erie county Republican humidity. So I -- they reached out and and he accepted the job. Your speed so it's not a fund raiser for him it's a fund raiser for the Erie county Republican. Salt. At that should quit he's not getting any money whatsoever not being -- volunteered he's coming on his own back again probably wanted to own jet. Which will be a real -- that when he got there. Armed -- will also be a real advantage of -- wants deployment out of Montego Bay to San. You would you'll meet all of I would just invited to go to Ecuador to take a look at one of my mixtures. And I got what the back of my truck right now that's why. It's funny I was invited on -- has invited to Jamaica to attend the mixer but I think we're talking two different parties here. Up big. And that's what makes the world go around my friend that we can be conservatives and yet different. Okay one quick question. -- -- -- Donald Trump is he or isn't he what is your brain and what -- your guts tell. I am leaning. Toward yes. That's from the feeling that I get from these. The portal from Karl. I've always actually on the radio a couple of different radio stations down in. Binghamton area freeways queries placing bets for dinner with people at twelve was got a lot. All feeling very confident and they they speak often. It was I was told that that night that Carl and and twelve match what -- Could you imagine being in that meeting with -- would be would be it would just the two guys. Actually I could just because electric count the F bombs. Would be. On the Vietnam world. -- leg and out. I'm leaning heavily toward yes. People want to come out and welcome him tomorrow night. We're gonna join in or quad with some sign it and he'd want to bring some or just like the way. He's going to be. One party. Because Ford Saturday -- -- -- -- I gotta put. I'm gonna put a link up to everything you're telling me on my FaceBook page are still would your FaceBook page output at the mine so it's in writing his people will forget all this stuff anyway and I get a break for new. Are my -- everybody -- soon -- Ross Thompson on WB.

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