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1-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. -- -- -- So. You think you -- in Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous if -- -- on all sides -- in -- somethings. That you. Boom. It is T Portland Maine about charity and good will shepherds the weak due to a value to our ports but he -- and it's. This keeper and the anger but lost to build the walls down upon you would rate. That. Hold to a ball that ends this month broad. The law and look. It up. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right some -- -- -- -- assault weapon. -- tight -- he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened to that Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. The only thing. Brilliant goaltender I mean much to lose the news radio 930. I like you. You have loans. I'd like bonus. A lot. Of things aren't going to be in my book. I don't know developed. My grandma -- -- diligently very very important used to say never forced any thing. And I'm trying to figure out before I can it work when I leave at 7 o'clock. What happens to the computers between the time I. Haven't of the economic comeback -- at three in the afternoon what happens who does that is. Who doesn't know what the hell are dealing with computers. Where. I got to deal with Agassi. -- -- Huge objective. Here is do what you gotta do to put mechanisms semblance of order. Because. It to shoot if you don't Portugal and -- -- It's like -- Monday Tuesday never forced. Don't force -- work and there's a reason they work that it's supposed to work. I -- oracle of our brain surgeons this year they put this on top. End I don't know what they held it over here but now you've heard about yeah all right isn't it nice when people this. Hey Jim I have a question can you explain to me as an IT guy -- why when people. Download programs -- of the job update -- come out every five minutes. Why when they install those did they fail to uncheck the box that says would you like to install Google -- all up. I can always tell when a moron has been behind this computer screen because -- comment and it's Google crawl. And it's the first three -- -- sorry I didn't get very are frustrated I think by all toys here at the radio station. My own little points. That's what I want my -- toys that I can take home. If I can take care by towards. Except the one that really matters anyway and -- really sorry guys that mean they're brilliant. I didn't mean to bring it to that but it's what you've got to go through the thinking your job right. How many of you have your own computer -- company's future computers now interestingly -- Office the only time it goes wrong is when it goes wrong. -- computer's hard drive crash your hard drive is gonna scratch at some point in your life I figured you. And against my better judgment because I probably would never do business again with anybody who boycotted the Limbaugh show after the San -- comments. I'm still harbor right subscriber. And I am because for me it's the easiest backup system to use and because I don't buy limitation if Clint Eastwood -- amends to those limitations. About players that would carpet so at least adopters that. But ladies and gentlemen. Seriously. It goes wrong in the office computer. There's a reason for -- there's a perfectly good reason for. Something some of the things and he still I have. No idea what people clicked and the equipment that I think picnic aggregate it's like -- remote how many the only remote at all. For your television your stereo whatever it don't you love it when your grandkids come over or your small children pick up the remote. And you know the sequence of buttons that have to be pushed in order to watch more in order to watch your favorite movies. You know the sequence of buttons departure -- You get home. If you pick up your remote that is to say if you can find the remote after the kids or grandkids are over chances are it's wedged in between -- butt cheeks in the old Superman -- that that are in the basement. So well. Once your finder remote click the button. You know what happens now. Nothing. And many got to go through -- hole all right let me get offline let me replay get back and let the it is spiritual reboot. And I usually doesn't. My god all is that one of these moods today bitching about -- -- -- -- -- -- co workers are bitching about technology. I love most of my coworkers. Couple of people I would prefer would retire but there are some people that -- most of the people really really like. I -- work. And long story short well I we're Sherman would retire for one he started three weeks ago and have our second button. The bottom line in his technology. Technology is you know what. Is is one of the greatest things of our lifetime it is also one of the biggest pain in the ass you'll ever experienced in your life. Seriously. I feel lost without a soulful I feel lost. When I lose my iPad. I would make a feminine product joke here but I'm not going through I get lost when I can't find them that. It happens from time to time. On the other and let's face which of us likes to be addicted to anything. Addictions -- for a often this tangent but again many of these thoughts -- John you take note speakers. When I most need them I will be -- for my upcoming book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. But four is great as technology issues. It's also an addiction. You can talk about -- you can talk about Coke you can talk about anything that will make -- don't bother -- freaked out whatever. Food is an addiction you know analysis and -- technology. Is an addiction. Yeah absolutely positively. I can't go anywhere and feel connected unless I am working technology. And it is liberating. -- goal cold Turkey. From technology. At the same time as -- -- technology is. That the Pope on this one about it Roman Catholic. Technology can be on the -- is worth it can be a gift from god. It could it be to have thing. And one of the best feelings in my whole life. Was well aren't delicately about a year but one of the other best feelings in my whole life was being in the middle of the Lake Superior. On a 1000 foot hole freighter -- this story went -- towards American -- the McCarthy. Right in the middle Lake Superior. The middle of nowhere the inland seas. Where they know full well what chip wrecked car. For. On the seas however in one. They know ship wrecks. Which of drowned many of midnight. Vessel with all her shrieking crew. It just tortured Melville from Moby Dick but even he understood how big Great Lakes work. -- he mentions Great Lakes and Moby Dick you don't know that those who actually made it through Moby Dick which is probably one of the most boring. The most important books in the world with a -- -- elaborate. So anyway. While the other was Richard the third to some people but that's only because they didn't understand because you can have be injury was featured. So well in any event. The most liberating feeling of the world different player could could probably vouch for me on this one. When you are in the middle of late and you have no cellphone coverage whatsoever and there's no way in hell. Anybody can -- albeit. You wanna talk about liberation. You'll talk about freedom. -- now it was the most beautiful thing ever just a couple. Walk up and down the thousand. Bonus cern. From up how thrusters -- a stir. That's earned up to the pound thrusters and around the other. Ports Herbert. Apt for all I got up and down the stairs into the engine down under the Galley. It was a beautiful feeling not be able to be touched or reached by Andy Bobby. However it was a novelty for me it's a passenger but the funniest thing ever. And this is again going to be in my book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about it's gonna be compendium. Of my brilliance. And be a short sell. The funniest thing ever is when you pass through -- and locks. You do know that we have the well and canal here in Western New York right which goes from -- Colbern. -- in -- spit it out into Lake Ontario and it's now certain vessels are would be a -- missile began freshwater -- So what it Lleyton. You go through -- some blocks which is basically the. You're on lost my train of thought there momentarily. And you wind up the beautiful Saint Mary's river. I was talking to a guy cardinal O'Hara at the fund raiser on Friday night. Purdue they're building a new gym and they need money for current owners new GM and plus BBC was there. And then the band called BBC was there as well and -- talking this guy who's been on many a a a freighter he was a photographer for American -- back when he worked Fuller. Why is the CEO. My dad knew he worked for every well. And here we we were trading candles. Of the Saint Mary's river. And what a beautiful. Piece of real estate that entire area is it's a hidden treasure in America literally folks if your head north on the Saint Mary's river. And you look up to the right you'll look off all you accomplished arbor and you'll see these osprey nests. You'll see these gorgeous birds of prey. And they're young -- ball on their -- -- learning how to fly you'll see the occasional eagle. NASA already miser I'm pretty sure off the port -- But. It is the most relaxing tranquil peaceful thing ever but in order to get from here on to superior. I'm a Great Lakes you have to go through the Soo locks. -- -- -- -- Otherwise call this to ask Ted Nolan about this who sometimes that his country. The funniest thing ever watch in the guys watching the crew. Dash to the -- As you approach the Soo locks because remember for many it was and probably did the un connected or disconnected from technology. For those guys. They got to take advantage your cell phone service where they can get it. Ser seriously you'll see it -- dashed to the text and just start making phone calls furiously one after another. I -- -- -- -- the so -- were up outward bound bound yup yup that's things are looking good LC Thursday the funniest thing ever. And it really brought to mind it again just a truism in life. Sometimes the things we take for granted. As being necessary evils are the things we also take for granted as necessary goods technology would be a prime example of that. And never is there a better example I've seen them being on that great lake's boat which I hope to do -- some point in the future by myself. Solitude maybe were -- net. I 320s Israel thirty WBBM. I know you're awfully -- and there by the way -- AJ gave me permission to talk like that without offending the gay community if he talks exactly like that. He's here guys -- I made him a star. This forecast goes back to the forming of the great rates during the glacial age only -- updated forecast follows. Joke -- is off today he's sick. Which must be all kinds of evil things are happening we're covering up actually he's just got ahead -- we're just gold. Or a bad case of something or -- we shouldn't talk about but he'll be back so we've got. John we've got the Johnny Sherman at master control and I've only worked with you want to repeat charges. Peak argues that culture IP courtesy again but he. And it just -- -- up of a fraud hockey team we've got back on peak chargers your senators on left wing John Sherman. No we gotta give the right wingers have other name -- let go then I'm right where it. -- YA those -- you all the I saw him play I saw already Reshard play in the pocket rocket. Never Maurice but I definitely saw a replay. All right anyway it's cold out but it's not a school is this I think you're gonna like via the weather today. Now what am I gonna talk about that as much -- I'd like to bitch about technology I really can't. Because I have a love hate thing auto technology I. I parred eight and by the way a -- IT guy and and frankly better come we have in buffalo and I'm not just -- smoker. We've got a guy with whom we work his name is Jim Kelly no not the former quarterback no not the guy who use of the Porsche dealership and Genesee mystery. Jim -- RIT. He is -- place up and he is. The best IT guy with whom I have ever worked. Seriously he knows what he's doing and he can fix things -- it split. What I love about Jim. When he can't fix up elected split he'll look at me it's right Tom I can't fix this -- -- -- split here avenue keyboard here have a computer here avenue history. That's the kind of guy you want on your side plus I'd pay him to be my friend so that doesn't hurt. Ask your friendship. Somebody about which. And learning more and more lately about one's true friends verses the hangers on and the fair weather friends. First of all folks if you have fair weather friends in your life right them out of your life into it forever. Sandy beaches of the same velocity by the -- America from the same club. Because of people cannot be either for your. When you can't have anything to offer them. Then they're not worth your time. That also on an honest deal that would from sandy with attribution from my book. Donald -- I'm becoming increasingly concerned about Donald Trump. I'm becoming increasingly skeptical. Over Donald Trump. I'm becoming increasingly. Of the sense that. I have just walked into a an Asian massage joint in midtown Manhattan with Donald for a now what do Asian massage and Donald Trump have in common now hopefully. Well not hopefully but maybe more than you might think I will explain because I believe and reducing politics to the lowest common denominator and plus anytime I get them to Asian massage I consider that a good in the radio personal. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBE and its hourly if you're listening from out of town. Yes I am the best talk show host you're ever gonna year. I certainly be my own man. But I also love and respect rush and Sean and mark and everybody else on the conservative side we ought to be eating each of them. Here at home. The dream. All. It's. Okay. -- This. -- Happen leads off with incredible significance to your humble host and Sunday I will explain why. By the way you know. As we -- American products help an American products are out nobody in America makes it in good anymore I'd imagine these people before and I want to give them props once again. As yeah thirty plus year radio. Wannabe. I think professional but until I get an absolutely right I guess I -- deficit wannabe. There are some people in that Brooke. Great ago or maybe its grotto GR a these guys make the best headphones since sent Kaiser back twenty years ago sent eyes are used to make up passed -- -- phones ever. That problem it's. And this is an inside message to my friends -- the speaker shot. On the little male part that goes into the female parts on the earpiece. There is a plastic tip. Which holds the male part in place. However one of my plastic tips has been circumcised. The year ago it falls out. So I've got ordered me one of those little plastic tips form by SR 125 at the loans. Anyway this is not a paid advertisements. -- -- Announcing the beaches are good friends over at the made in -- restore. And I just wanna say is real briefly what these are from the speakership. By virtue of that business that everything they sellers America. But these radio headphones. You gotta take it from me. If there's one thing you know it's sound quality. And they are absolutely. The best -- owns absence -- -- Eisner and probably even. Better send advisors so kudos to grade -- labs in the -- I don't give them for free I paid just like everybody else I get a courtesy discounted at 10% of them regular customer but they pretty much -- -- separated as a lot of money at the speaker's job. Anyway because sound as important. I've told you guys this before. Alfred Hitchcock who is kind of a hero of mine. Albert Hitchcock once said in a radio sound is a very important element. We did that hang it up in the old WGR newsroom at the behest of then program director Jim pastor. Who by the way if you know Jim is so one of the truly great men in buffalo broadcasting and Jim and I did not always get along. You know thirty years ago I don't think we would have had a damn nice thing to say about each other at all. But Jim pastor is truly a man among men. And I always loved it when he put Hitchcock -- on our newsroom wall. In a radio sound tends to be a very important. Element. But you know what I'm talking about when he talked about the quality -- that balls but I was spoiled at an early age are working any recording studio. Selects around with -- our company does a lot of business. And when you are 1617. Years old and you're exposed to top of the line. Audio equipment nothing else will ever do. So in that respect. It was a great job. I I've -- so pretty awesome people that you've never even heard of who were talented musicians. And some of them over the years. And one of the things that are really wanna do is. I wanna do my own CD. Whip. -- -- there -- some great songs are her along the way there was one by a group called a kid you not the -- brigade. And yes they were a bunch of black guys and they were awesome. And if you were a member of state brigade I've never forgotten the song I wanna be a lot of -- wanna be which you. And it was a great catchy song. And I always look forward to the spate brigade coming in procession. I did not look forward to cleaning headphones of the Afro Sheen after you guys came -- by you know I love. You remember Afro Sheen anybody who's a black tide is about my major Latin your butt off our. There are some others to an incredibly talented woman. Named Debbie -- -- I don't -- has family and friends delivered router spoke with her on the ball maybe five years ago she wrote one song in particular. That I wanna. Work around with play around with and record and release. Because it's -- just got hit written all over. And I think you know there's a metaphor here and I are trying to figure out exactly what would be. But. There are so many talented original musicians out there. That I had a chance to meet at a very early age that it kind of was this illusion -- That these talented songwriters. Who by all means should be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and well well. Beyond anybody's expectations. Nobody will ever hear. Except those of us with the pleasure of working with. Even though I was just the chief editor for goodness. And this leads me in to believe it or not the topic I've been trying to do and I -- to do today on WB yeah. Now it's 340. Were not gonna do traffic every ten minutes on the last call for today. -- -- -- that's the beauty. Being given the personal responsibility. By this radio station to audible at the line. I've been given full permission to call audible at the line a lot of support from management here when it's really really bad will be traffic every ten minutes when it's just one day and normal we're not gonna bother. Because it just gets in the ways that make cents. Now. As far as on. -- Davis. Unrealized. Dreams. That is the basis or that was the central theme. My opening part of the program talking about the people who wrote great music of who you will never year. On realized dreams. And at some point today I wanna get it to people who were told by her glorious education system what miserable failures they would be. Because they dropped geometry. Also at the beginning of the show now starting now wanna talk about something that is of great concern to -- And here it is in a much. I believe Donald Trump. Is the only person in New York State who can defeat. Andrew Cuomo. Who is a vindictive. Hate filled -- mentally questionable man. I believe that there is somebody. Well only one somebody. Who can topple him from power. And sent him back to the deep dark shadows. And the boss covered rock whence he game. That person unfortunately is Donald Trump. My fears about Donald -- I'm gonna read an article that was posted -- re posted by my friend -- Thompson yesterday. My fear about Donald Trump views. And I'll put this in terms that. A liberty can understand. That what Donald Trump is doing here. And this is a concern. You have to be the judge as to whether. I'm off the deep -- on news or whether it is a legitimate concern. My fear is that Donald Trump. Is -- a woman. Maybe she works at a massage place. And maybe she's Asian. And really hot and my fear is. Bad. She's -- Kinda relax us. And make us feel really good. And then have us turn over and then work on us. And that what our hour is up and when the decision has to be made from -- we go from here. That Donald Trump is basically get a -- it's all worked up. And all in a froth. It and say and -- a really wanna be governor but by. I just had that feeling. And I've had that feeling for quite some time. Because I know it of Donald Trump polls that. Andrew Cuomo is gonna be governor. Again. And folks it's not too hard to imagine a world. Where we go from the -- Obama. To Hillary Clinton. To Andrew Cuomo it's not that hard to imagine the presidential. Chain of command following that particular line -- And that ought to scare the hell out of anybody who knows anything about our founding fathers. Or the circumstances. And philosophies under which this country was formed. And under which its guiding principle the foundational the concrete law the basement -- of America the constitution was written probable dated and except. Now don't go any work do you think here's my question. How concerned are you as I am concerned. That that Donald. And forgive me for using the -- Q percent metaphor. But. You know how guys are even if you're a woman you know how guys are that's my fear -- is gonna get us all excited. And man he's just not gonna sealed the deal. PHR. 803 all right there. Start at thirty. On the cell phone 180616. WB at 8030930. Start at thirty. And 180616. WB yen do you think the Donald is just plain Willis might not play winners sailors. Anyway it is a 351. News radio 930 WB yet now in case you wonder things are just a bit off right now because Joseph Bieber is sick. We don't have for awhile but he's got the cold bronchial thing we just thought I'll cry it's been around. And that Joseph should be back tomorrow. ROL if you want to be like the milk and other area that are giving themselves forty weekend but -- just sort. So regards John Sherman for the first time ever running master control on my show so anything that even ice today it's stupid and they say that is non sequitur anything that is illogical work fundamentally wrong. Even has nothing to do with what -- your responsibilities are to blame any of my errors or miscalculations. On John -- Now well being what it is and gravity being what it is. Anything that I vote on John Sherman will then be dumped upon peak argues a call screener. Because he is well he's just that the bottom of that mountain. He's just the recipient of gravity is large jets which in this case is it large yes. Scorn and ridicule -- -- but he beat him and he's a man. All right folks now. Our cultural. What do you believe that if Donald Trump is not the Republican candidate. And report ball is the next is is reelected governor I. It's not even -- question. Nobody. Needs. And bullets -- the equipment that's no nobody in this state is going to be. And formal unless it's now for. -- I don't care how it felt that you are. I don't care what your -- on I don't care what the pipes on them and then some this you're not going to be hander Paul. Unless you're Donald Trump you know why. Because yet all have the money number two don't. You're not as well vote as Donald Trump which means that every skeleton in your closet. To the world. And believe me once they probe they keep probing and probing and probing. You know let's -- people who talked about the politics of personal destruction being evil in American politics but leave -- When -- to their advantage -- after anybody. As well alone and without the resources of Donald Trump to ridicule and that. Not destabilize but to the credible lives -- Threw deep -- mobilize the opposition candidate. So no one premise that one analyst if you're reminders if it is Donald Trump. We pretty much stick to the -- that governor. Pretty much they get to the bank that he's gonna be reelected. Number -- -- Are -- -- of one to ten. How concerned are you. That Donald Trump. Is basically. Keeping it alive as a possible contender. Not because he truly is interest in being the next governor of New York. Not that he wants to topple -- while all but because it's all about Donald -- Remember Donald Trump it's his world the rest of -- just basically rent from him. My biggest concern right now I'm gonna go to article Rus Thompson posted work -- posted yesterday. My biggest concern is that Donald Trump is gonna do what I suspect these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He'll leave us in the room with the whites often say I think that it but. I had the biggest fear that that's gonna happen and -- at all keep me I have the at the authority to use FedEx thing.

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