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Donald Trump with Tom Bauerle

Jan 30, 2014|

Will Donald Trump announce a run for governor? Find out as he talks with Tom Bauerle before he comes to WNY.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us live right now this rather unexpected for your humble host we have a man -- -- everybody's lips or at least his name is. I've Donald Trump will he or won't he mr. -- thank you very much -- for joining us on the buy -- program is cut a hole opened that we get a real star like Neil Young but I'll settle for you thank you very much. Where you write about it yet he was in my office two weeks ago and I watched him at Carnegie hall of these great. I'm a -- -- young fans you're you. You told me the right name looked at. I was certainly hoping we get -- performance of harvest -- out of Donald Trump. Mr. Mister -- but they're coming to buffalo tomorrow and I have to tell you first of all -- -- -- solid and blowing air appears skirts Europe appear custom suits but number one. You are the only person in this state. With the means the resources in the name recognition. To defeat Andrew Cuomo that's number one the downside is. I fear the longer you take two officially announce the more you're kind of teasing and teasing and teasing. Only to leave the room and say you're on your -- what's it going to be. Well I fully understand what you're saying and I've -- really clear that I believe number one advocates an election to be one. I have all of the money necessary and you know many fold whatever is necessary to to do this article that has been tremendous amounts of time of fundraising and making deals with people or doing whatever politicians do I don't have to do that. But the fact is that I've told this very strongly. And and I told it to others and I'm coming up as you know tomorrow to see it nick -- it was a terrific guy he's been so supportive and he's really great leaders agree chairman a great leader. And he's become a friend of mine -- along with that numerous other people but. I promised him might come up and that's why am doing it and I hear he's got a record crowd to mark tremendous number of people I look forward to that but I told -- -- you know you have to learn how to win. And do you just not doing that and you look at the list. Long period of time to the Republican Party everything but lost to -- it was a disaster and total catastrophe and you look at you know when he tried to -- recruited Democrat to run for governor last time which was a total disaster. Not good and very embarrassing to people that really wanted to run for governor and I said look I can win you have the highest taxed state in the nation. You have nothing but problems you have -- And the like you wouldn't believe we have a very set a bridge towards a fifteen dollar hole going over to Staten Island as an example you're gonna have that. At the Tappan Zee Bridge by the way when you see that -- without opens up people are talking about a 25 dollar told. And we have no economic development told a ruse and there's nothing app. Happening in buffalo that's for sure. So I said look I can win in -- view. -- -- -- If you don't if you wanna. Put somebody else as you know he's he's pushing very hard for somebody else but I had that person is -- fine person I know that person but he's got other said that he's got zero chance of winning. Talk about mr. asked to Reno from west just account. He's a very fine person and he I know him and he he uses my golf I have a very successful club in Westchester County. And it's you know robbers from Westchester and have the biggest moral man everybody uses like web even Cuomo they all used like club for fundraisers and. I didn't think you Andrew had balls. I'm sorry I couldn't resist you set me up like that mr. trump and I just gotta be me. AM Tuesday at a Mets -- year's show does so well I guess because a little statements like that but what happens as you know the failures I know everybody and rob is just speculating he'd get raised the money and Andrew Cuomo now has. Probably close to forty million dollars it is -- and -- 45 billion dollars by the time it's all over and unless you get a raise a lot of money or have a lot of money is not going to be able to compete. And the message has to get out there there's no name recognition as centrists such a but it caps. He doesn't know the art of winning and you know I hit -- unless you learn how to win. You're wasting your time because -- just not gonna have a victory. So I television you don't want to have a primary. You've got to get behind what -- the last thing you want as a -- and I can tell you right now the last thing I want is going to a primary and win. But come out limping again somebody that has to do to one advantage of -- you know anyway just by the fact that Democrats to Republicans. Are more into. However Donald Trump you were talking live with Donald Trump believe it or not and you know the beautiful thing about -- Donald Trump on my show is. Quite frankly if the two of us were pictured side by side Mike here would get more comments then hits while I know. And I want I want you well you could have won -- rover to sell the doors tomorrow but yet. I did so abused by my parents and this line you know I I had a really nice article written about it recently and what's it like he did. He did paraded in everything he does is great you know that -- but he's got. The worst -- -- which -- -- well here but that's okay I said you know here's the radar located -- but so that's what. -- sir I'd be I would be honored but I hate to take the shine for you and live in your reflected glory but it is -- here is well talk live with Donald Trump's opinion I don't know how long have got with you but I'm gonna give myself an extra five minutes by telling you that in addition to Neil Young. I'm also real big on Buffalo Springfield and -- -- Neil Young fan you gotta love Stephen stills and Retief fury in Buffalo Springfield served -- -- by does that buy me some more time and guys. And I salute and that buys me more time with you mr. trump is OK outstanding. But here's here's my problem closer and it is this that Carl Paladino when he was running even he understood. That these people in power or in wanna be positions of power don't just roll over when a guy like Donald Trump you wants a job. Even Karl head to beat Rick Lazio who -- affectionately call Rick Lucio. In order to be on the Republican -- is in the real world of politics her. You may very well have to run in a primary if you really really want the job. Well I just have to say that I've gotten to know Carl Paladino over the last few months and hey you know I have to tell you he is such a passionate guy and he really does and I don't know if you like him or don't. Like Sam -- him. OK good well I tell you he is a fantastic guy he is so passionate about the state. And you know he was hurt badly by the lack of cohesion invited cops and all these characters that that are doing things up there and might now look my only -- -- it is and why you're doing what you're doing it. I'm doing because of the states but what I won't do is go through something where. It -- billions of dollars is going to be spent against me and it's not the money that's the issue but -- and it come out limping after winning the primary. You can't do that the Republican Party has to be unified going into you'll win an election and I believe it can be one blocked again if -- the sitting governor. And you have the highest tax -- Indian -- you pay more taxes. As an individual in the entire. Country in number one in the state of the number one. That's a -- sound bite if you happen to be sitting governors I mean -- -- that so. I'm saying I don't wanna come out and. Limp into an election which is going to be a very I want unification and it. I just it is not going to be unification I want to do it this. Year here. In theory right and and you know Carl Paladino has been very strong and -- he's not. In love with a lot of the players that we're talking about and rightfully understand why and and. And the fact that but the fact is that unless it is going to be unified party. You're not gonna win. But mr. -- Our -- elegant New York Post headline nobody is going to make you live. They might make it stop your hole a little bit but you're gonna come out of it like a man and user have the -- -- -- to unite Republicans. And those of us who consider ourselves conserve a terror into a cross between. Conservatives. From the waist up. And people who believe in liberty. You have the ability to rally us all and Marshal the troops behind you like nobody else so mister -- Reno isn't gonna make you lip he'll be like a little black -- on the back your legs so what. Well I think that frankly Ed Cox has the power to get him that we all -- Indian side and if we unified display election can absolutely -- what it is just. This is an election could be won but it's got to be unified. I'm not sure you're gonna go throughout a primer this can last a long time and a lot of money is going to be spent against you and against him and all of that. I'm not sure that coming out of that kind of an atmosphere which by the -- in all fairness has been happening for the last long period of time the Republican Party. They've got to get behind somebody and I do believe I'm the only one they -- when I believe I will. But they've got to get behind I don't want to go through that I don't wanna go through. I don't wanna fight somebody that has no chance of winning and then. Get the nomination and you wounded going in because it's going to be a very tough. Election there's got to be a united party if they don't have a united party I don't goes I don't wanna do. I don't want to do 48% they did a great job -- rights you'll say well he did a great -- I don't want you to say that but. People -- a what a great job at 48 not to let them believe you -- don't believe me if I guess 48%. And I lose the election I won't be -- You are going to win if you run you are going to win please understood you've got to know that assignment. You're you're obviously you're highly intelligent -- obviously got in the house -- -- if you run -- gonna win in general election are you saying I'm talking about both. Whatever -- whom ever they throw it away and the primary you'll -- and then. They'll have no choice but to rally behind you and the voters especially those of us who live west of the Hudson. You know those of us with no teeth and pickup trucks and shotguns and -- are first cousins as the bigger media -- Great people -- exactly exactly we will put you into office. If you want it. Well I do want it and I -- to do it and it basic commitment to do it but I have to and unification and I understand what you're saying but. And I don't I I don't think -- totally disagree with the -- -- it would be. Nice of the Republican party for the first time in years and how you like to be running like. As a Carl Paladino or somebody and you have a eight chairman you have the head of the party. Try to drafted Democrat. Take somebody from another party and pit them against you I mean it I thought that was so. Terrible and it's essentially the same thing is happening right now look. I said I will do it and I'll be really -- -- -- to a good job well spent money you know to what was stopped and I have to go to fundraisers all over the second focus on. Really -- import which is the message right but what I don't want it newest. Don't rule. The primary. Way people that -- -- -- civil rights that make me wanna build themselves up and you know what if they wanna build themselves up. That's fine let him run good luck to them but you know they're not gonna win. But you'll see you are you worried about that would be like yeah. You worried about that would be like me worry about some blogger who search. So I'm not worried about it I'm just saying it's just something and I'd have made it clear right from the beginning. What you know what nick -- -- they -- -- to do this. And even he's surprised it's the biggest event they've ever had happened that I had an event like this that's what you need and that's what's gonna happen to have happened November. There's got to be unified group now so nick is having a thing I promise that might do it. And I'm going up tomorrow I hope you're going to be there you can beat anybody can. I haven't purchased my targets if I am I will buy my ticket but only with the proviso that we do hereby here comparison. I hope you don't have to buy a ticket but when nick had something Andy said is the biggest event they've ever had by four that's a good thing net that tell you. That there is a long mean to win they want somebody that's going to win and what other people I want -- names but if he had the same event or somebody else. Or some other people. He wouldn't have anybody show up it would be like can it would be like yes. So that's sort of it if they can unify the party and it's very easy. It's very easy over this is what but I just I just -- less as a unified party and I won't do it there unified party I absolutely will do it with -- Mr. trump. I just three more minutes of your time I'm gonna mention it one more Neil Young song from Buffalo Springfield broken aero that has got -- three more minutes okay. Now I wanna give you two examples of people. There are I believe are relevant to this number one. Abraham Lincoln was not supposed to -- and the nominee of the Republican Party it was supposed to -- somebody like Williamson word one time senator from our fine State of New York. And I'd also remind user. That Barack Obama was not supposed to be the next record -- current president of the United States it was Toobin Hilary Clinton but we know how history can change things insert no matter who. The establishment right no -- when your way. -- defeat them and then find a way to bring that into our camp because as Lyndon Johnson said it's better to have them inside the tent peeing out than outside the tent -- it. Well you know I've spoken to many chairman and they all agree with me and they actually do agree and and many of them said I agree with -- and they want me very much. But they -- I agree with you a 100% of you have to go to primaries you should do and I just made this statement and you know I just I want this party to come out fighting is supposed to come out limping. The last thing we need is -- still in amity and I also know that that's the last thing that we would ever say about Donald Trump. Well I will say this. The status in serious trouble we're going to be another -- very soon it's happening and you know the kind of debt we have we have no economic development. They're just playing games with buffalo could you look at what's happening all of a sudden you know a couple of months before the election to come out with so -- programs which by the -- -- never happened just in the stands today. The day after the election you wanted to hear about these issues cents. But it's an election in the can be one can absolutely be one I think he can be -- -- -- easily because nothing's easy life just stops. But it's an election advocate absolutely -- what and I after a separate it may be the last chance that the group that a Republican. Will have to become a statewide you know what it whether it's governor senator and anything else does does not merely. It really is heading in different directions. If it is not -- sir it will be no one you are the final hope and I hope to meet you tomorrow night and I'm -- you're you're thank you for all of your time on such short notice sent to make it worthwhile. I shall inspire you with your favorite singer as we hang operator dependent of that -- -- -- ago. Hope you're listening to mr. Traficant sing along of your life. That's some great voices and not only is it the boys it's the freezing. All of them. Donald -- great taste in music pleasure talking with him a look forward to meeting you no matter how toxic -- maybe. Thank you very much thought to -- -- thank you very much thank you Donald Trump -- radio I'm thirty WVD and.

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