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1-30 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- back -- Beijing Governor Davis also not taking this lying down the principles according to Sandra tan from a Buffalo News. The principals and administrators and city honors and Asia's high school -- academy in Saint Joseph. In a collegiate institute have all sent letters to parents and alumni in response of their students' participation in the party on December 27. At a park side home left the robbed and trash school leaders said they were concerned that disturbed. And that they are taking action to hold these students accountable -- say -- for them. Nineteen city honors seven -- six -- Asia's fourth saint Joe's and -- in Israel. And items or stolen from a house extensive vandalism including holes in the wall. Rob broken furniture used condoms. Evidence of York and they urinated on mattresses. Are feces was found and vomit. And they homeowners came home and followed it like that they have left the -- under the care of the cats that are you are young woman. Our cats that are they contacted via counselors. Parents and ask for restitution and they offered to well forfeit the -- That the girl's going to get to look after the -- nine dollars. The homeowners said they had to use industrial strength cleaner to get rid of the smell. And the whole house was destroyed. And they were robbed and I'm asking if it what it what would you do if your kid now don't don't seem like this is an arm's length away from you. Because I'm sure aren't the parents of these kids didn't think they'd ever be involved with something like this. Now I'm certainly not painting every -- with the same brush -- by any manner remains but I am saying don't be surprised. If your little darling is and exactly as you pictured your little darlings. It -- 9301806. On 69 through -- experiment there let's go to newer Sharon in buffalo on WB and sharing. How can anyone great program. -- I think they take -- care influenced about how these people in entertainment. Give off in the -- Justin Bieber lately he acts like a little punk. If -- that they haven't just go if they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up Sharon disappeared -- stock okay you there okay go ahead. Am my phone cut out -- -- As far as the damages you know. If they can prove -- pictures. Who did it damage it and who still I believe which 6000 dollars that street Paul was a six OK I had them for summaries the wrong memorable ahead. That money comes their college fund -- Okay that's serious and and I'm glad you say pictures. Because they take pictures of everything. I'm surprised it wasn't posted on FaceBook. I can think at one time it was from the top calmed down all maybe a colleague at the colonel. You do that let these kids get away with cash. If they would a couple of years older they would be treated as adults and they would be facing jail time. Well if they can find -- who stole money I I hope that's prosecuted or get a fair trial but if they improve it. That's a -- theft the other is our rages Boris behavior that's bad enough but the theft is theft and I'm thinking I'd like to see that prosecuted. Well if the parent let these kids give away witness they're looking at another Justin Bieber while they are -- Doing you know and killed their stock. Until or until something happens to them Justin Bieber has handlers around them and even that he has his behavior -- like as you mentioned Justin Bieber. You know he. Got into trouble down in Florida now yesterday was back in Toronto would turn himself in. Four assault charges -- limo driver and guess school is outside the the court house screaming young girls though they didn't care that he was just involved with the DW by the fact that you been smoking dope all day because he said he was. And was recklessly driving through neighborhoods. They didn't care about that all they thought about what he's Q so when you see that mentality you know that there's not a lot of deep thinking there. Now and when he went down in Mexico he within that strip club in -- now he wouldn't even know -- after the beer and wine. He -- -- illegal -- police. -- start. -- up and he was ending he was so young is too young to drink but he ages 21 and that he's if he's I think nineteen. And obviously drugs are not legal so he's doing all the stuff. And what happens you still have screaming girls waiting former come out of the court trials. And need to landing without -- and I can think that you add in to land so forced him to grow up the back door. -- I would and wouldn't confront them and you know look like a hero coming out the front. Well I purposely I mean I I really kind of wish they were just send them back to Canada thank you very much appreciate it. -- familiar with these I've heard Rush Limbaugh talked about before -- White House. Let's -- what's the best way to describe it. Oh Weis house petitions. A forum for various issues if they get over a 100000 signatures the White House is obliged to look into not necessarily do it. -- -- -- In the let's petition. The White House to. Deport Justin Bieber has gotten over a 100000 now so they're gonna have a look at it because. If I'm not mistaken. This clown comes down here and does the stuff we're talking about if I'm not I don't think I mistaken. I think that if you blow to going to Canada and you have a DW lie that only apology and that's my understanding. Okay. I think it's right that if you have a VW rabbit punch up your driver's license or your. Registration and they see DWI you can even going to Canada. And -- he comes down here. With his bodyguards. And his little punk attitude and -- lays waste and desolation to it's whoever goes forget him Charlie. I think that would teach a good lesson. A way to play medicine hat for the tenth time scenario like that. Okay we'll be back tomorrow Beijing company under Israeli -- -- we are WB. It is beach company what if your kid was at that party. But what would you would do I think this is more than a time out. This is a go full court press because of your -- take a stand here but you're going to be forced to take a stand. It's going to be even worse than miss. This is boorish behavior it's stupidity. It's -- thinking it's it's value systems questioned. The next one could be heard could be on a slab. Overdose. DW by. If you don't take a stand here and it might be your last chance that they stand I told you what I would do. Mike you were an athlete they be benched all the electronic devices would definitely be confiscated. For a period of time to be determined. If they if they drove a car that I would have the keys of the cars cars are going anywhere. If they're going on a class trip going to the prom organic Charlie. Those -- kind of engine have to do they have to be significant to make any kind of an impact and you have to have the discussion of what the hell are you thinking. This is beyond just missed she BS behavior teen age exuberance. These are pigs this. Now let's go to Ed in block port -- you're on WBN. OK I walked in in the middle of the show them I'm not sure what's been said before you showed up. -- What should be what. He's -- and FTC's. Urine and vomit -- that you know. And called the can be tested. Yeah I don't know -- result been cleaned up or not I think they could -- you. It's actually ordered a team. Because they have found maybe. Things like -- statutory rape. And chargers. And -- who parliament here and there -- you know that kind of thing and don't want my kids -- such a party not. Interfere in what they -- owned. And it gave -- that actors especially good water and find out if I'm going to be up on or off. Deployed say they found use its unused condoms -- area. Just because -- don't mean. You know the one in and bought real quick if your door was -- -- good -- yeah I don't know -- the evidence Jane I don't know what's been taken and what. Trapped there and collections team here find out what what you can and not a commitment. Yeah and a you know. Yeah everyone on the matter what they have gone -- long for mayor Patricia. I hear a lot of glare at thank you very much a guy use condoms. Phones used condoms round when he mentioned statutory rape I'm sure some of the girls were underage. Chances are that the boys were approximately the same age so I don't know what kind of traction that would have. Because even though via the girls are under the age of consent. The very seldom prosecute that through the best of my knowledge unless there's an age gap. But we don't know that there wasn't we don't know everybody that was there but certainly a urine. -- urinating on the mattresses vomit feces. And theft. Thousands of dollars in theft and go what did the -- homeowners get one they called -- parents. Of the cab a young girl was the cats that are. They offered to forfeit her -- ninety dollars that was it. That was that meanwhile industrial strength cleaner to get rid of the stench in the files. It is is disgust me. When I saw you know there are some things what number I'm going to the paper whatever that does irritate me there are some things that anger me this was a combination. Including discussed. One that we what are we doing here what are we raising and one of the earlier -- brought up a good point. It's it's pretty common practice not a turn on -- deviancy. It as as a show fodder. Teenagers doing outrageous things trying to outdo the other one. It started with the things like being pong and all that as entertainment and this is what we're ending up with they've ever seen the world's dumbest that show. It's a decent show floor for comedy but what you'll see is. Kids doing outrageous. And dangerous things. Breaking bones teeth coming out I mean unbelievable. -- they do it for of their rope of for the error of a little bit of fame. So maybe their friends we'll see you on FaceBook or maybe he'll get on you true and gold pyro and everybody in the country will know what a moron and York. And then and that's what we're looking let's go to Dennis in north -- wanted to pressure on WB and. Good morning our you do and they say I'm fine what do you what your thoughts on this well opera Obama's senior citizen -- -- two boys. Older. But. I would. How much money was involved in the damage. And they were like fifteen students involved as well about that you're there and my son was one problem. I would have my son contribute up their fair and take money. It's saving their allowance. You know so since he was involved in the quit making plays dirty. Unhealthy unsanitary. Ike approaches the organizations such as. Read by the love what -- energized and have my son. The only. Maybe 15100. Hours of community service like let and let him do. The dirty work -- speak out boy that organization. Let my son -- the wars we built large. Once that -- is clean the tables where they serve. And I think that would be much more. What lessons learned then just. You're not here to -- give it that I am not forget our. Like that I like that don't let him actually sit I I only wish. That the parents could have taken a tour that house before order cleaned up by the homeowners so that they would see it -- why I like your attitude thank you very much. Yeah if you really think about it. -- think about you coming home. And having to clean. Someone else's BC's. From your home. And -- Think about the you're tired you're disgusted wanna go to bed but people urinated on your mattress. Think of picking up you lose condoms. I mean that is really good thing it really is and guess what when those kids -- that's how they left it. It wasn't like Iowa where he still but what are we thinking come on let's clean this up before we go out none of that because that's how they found. It's amazing it just is amazing this is the one of those teenage movies like risky business work. The parents are out of town on a desert but I have a party while the parents are there hey you know kids go to bat on this is a -- votes. This is discussing this was inhabited by pigs and unfortunately these were educated rigs and these were pigs that. Should know better than this their parents obviously care enough to give them. The best education they can have that's why they go to city owners and gardening and -- is in Saint Joseph Williams at all. And there's no excuse no matter where they went to school no matter what their station in life my date. But when you have the advantages. The supposed advantages anyway that these kids. It makes it. It makes it just is despicable maybe even more so it would be despicable manner -- get it under any circumstances. No matter where they lived or where they went to school but this shows you that there's no separation. When you get a herd mentality that no separation. So it may be a wake up call I don't care nosed don't look down at the end of your nose at any other parents' concerns you might have the same concerns if you woke up. You know it's it's not enough to go to just this was something happens in a dangerous neighborhood and say where those parents where other house where you know. As a good question in my wanna ask that. And did did you kid come home and tell you anything about this. And if so what did you do about it is this the first -- heard about it when you picked up the Buffalo Bills on the -- party haven't 127. Right after it was made public. Did you ask. How did your kid come home that night. A what condition -- your kid in. Obviously with a kind of things we're talking about -- talk about not only sex we're talking about drugs we're talking about alcohol. And a total. Tell me that kids in that condition how did they get from that house to your house. Probably drove or somebody drove them what condition were they -- Is lot of good questions to ask because there are a lot of good answers I say I congratulate these schools were being. Active in this situation saying this isn't what we teach we got to get to the bottom -- will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and that -- -- now an 80309. During cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I assure that there's all kinds of video picture out of pictures out regarding this party. Some of it was probably posted in -- when they realize what it was and I'm sure it's on a lot of phones. If you get their phones. If your kid it was at that party maybe they're saving those pictures but they're go to the pictures section or the video section of the kids phone and you'll see. What's going on there but on this was more than vandalism. This was more than boorish behavior this is this is a challenge to the value system. Of love the family not just a kid that did -- of the -- Family -- they come from. Because businesses quite disturbing our Chris we haven't used any FaceBook yet -- give me a double. Is this is from Janet she says my kid who paid for damages and to help with the cleanup and also realized that I failed as a parent teach my child basic moral and personal responsibility. For Janet Jenna seems like a very level headed the personal of the polls like the idea. But sometimes you do the best you can and you -- you're you're really working hard to get your kids straight. About what you have to realize that nobody wants that really he service. But many times their peers have much more influence on -- -- -- as much as you gave birth of -- you're raising -- You brought into the doctor with -- ear infection but they listen to their peers more than they listen to you. That's just the way -- -- I know some buzz some parents like to believe that they have a special pipeline to their kid. And let's hope that that's the those thoughts are true but when they get that herd mentality. They see somebody doing something outrageous and thing I can do something even more outrageous all your teaching goes on the drawing another please this -- from Kristen she says I would one make my can apologize in person to assist the Stanley -- repairs. Three take away all cellphones -- -- as a video games for -- no more sports and five grounded after school you're going to be home every day I like that I like that that sounds good debate. Let's go to Paul next day in Niagara Falls off thank you for your patients are on WB again. Tyson and he and I just wanted to let you know I'm really glad you waited to make you move to mornings after retired secretary -- Up up a grade I'm glad you're enjoying it what's gonna. You know -- and about that this subject no matter what school kids go to values are instilled by the family home. And -- if you are looking at school will -- to reinforce those good values. I'm a retired teacher and I took my boo and several years ago to play at a basketball game between Niagara falls high and saint Joe's at the delegates there and Arizona. Pretty rowdy group about a hundred kids from saint -- that started out cheering for their guys and there's no problem what that. But then they started to pick on. Niagara Falls cheerleaders do insurers like hit the streets girl who's your daddy. And we have -- -- And it got the girls just crying. And I was I was really steamed out on the guys who lose I don't I have no idea if you had a connection with the school Leodis -- -- -- Sitting there those kids and I can these kids be lit room with what directions -- -- and and the guys -- other kids you know it that they are and that's part of why I wrote a letter to the the principle at saint -- About the behavior and -- got a letter back saying basically thanks for telling us what what happened I don't know always being followed up from that but it doesn't matter what school they go to. Your right to be alarmed and the only reason I've mentioned the schools is because you would think that parents who might have to do a little bit more to. It is -- get their kids to a different school might take even. More of an active role and other kids are being brought up when you're right it can be any school at any time. The boy thank you basketball thank you very much yeah when -- saying that. -- because. Those kids go to those schools I mean it's there it would have been shocker would have been disgusting. We would have had the exact same conversation about what schools they went to a but because there are higher expectations. When one more more at least obvious effort of shelling out the extra money. And what's necessary for that may be an extra job or or Google's working your way yeah with a second job or besides the people naturally have more money. To be able -- some of those schools are very expensive. So you would think if you're gonna do that. Chances are you you're going to be more active in a lot of areas of your kids. Yeah but they still get crazy and we hear stories doesn't torture our skin. You know of course where winning is spelled the what they did that poured -- Are you out in my -- Meyer ya from seeing his name correctly or not saying private schools were All Saints of public schools are -- we're not saying that at all. But what we are saying is. So you know it's it's just a clue a key rule nautical but it -- that may be. They're more active in their kid's life because they they see the value of education is Hillary's brought up is gonna commit to a class warfare or anything like that. Because you don't have to have money to have class and sometimes you can have all the money in the world and not have any class so that bill goes through things and not mutually. Read they're not respectable which get those wrong word and not mutually exclusive tournaments. And at the same time you have kids that are doing amazing things at the high school level. I've told the story many times that of the sweet home kids that wrote a letter they were getting ready to play Burt -- for the state championship. And football and that culture -- -- on fighting cancer and it was very serious. In this school -- host who embodies sweet home sent to giant letter just before the championship game. We are with you you know we're praying for your son. It all that you have then sends chills a piece buying earlier it is to -- -- heart felt they came. For those schools and how many other teams that do cancer awareness and you aware paint can. And well -- -- look at video wasn't that long ago or saw on one of the local TV channels some high school kids getting their heads shaved for Roswell park. I mean this this is wonderful stuff and and you know what one other principles. In this story said something like that that they their students -- a lot of public service and they show concern and it doesn't match what happened at the party. So what I'm saying that every kid. -- going through a certain phase is going to act like an animal and then I'll going to be conscientious and angels. It varies it goes back and forth it's just that when something like this happens it's such a shocker. To find that out. Let's face it. I think or is lasts. For an aggregate this I was reading the paper wasn't Tuesday morning. And the night before. There was a drive by shooting. In buffalo and the person died. And I made a mental note that I -- I didn't hear it on any television station I bet it was -- on our radio station and it barely made this much -- in the paper okay. This much. If it happened on main street and Williams bill. OK at the same time it would have been a major story. So what happens this week could be we've become accustomed. OK something bad happening while it's going to be in a bad section of town or maybe a bad town. But when it happens. Out of the ordinary. And it's it's it's extraordinary that this sort of event would happen no matter what those kids went to school it just weeks outage and you say where's the value system. So as I said before. -- money doesn't equate to class. I mean there are people who have money that have no class. There are people who have no money that exude class got nothing to do it's it's what's between the -- is what's in your heart. And if you don't have that you don't have -- no matter what no matter where you live orchard at the bank. We'll take a break we'll be back well bore what region company newsreader and I'm very WB yet. Let's go to Al next in Hamburg now thanks for holding Iran WB again. -- and I think this is an approach from wrong direction OK. -- accomplished through broker. Almost twenty years. Oh we've dealt with pretty -- as many many times. It would -- -- -- that this is not the pro investigation. You can find out from these families and children speaker who was involved. They get all the names aren't. All the children I think should be sent to court. Of -- court or -- adults without court. It doesn't mean there -- regular criminal record what abuses so be held responsible good. Independent order will come if you actually dug. From what -- -- -- to go to his restitution. Community service eventually -- what can start. I don't think this basically schools responsible. As -- users -- a group of parents and kids. But he should be held by the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This happens to every school system and every community. And that's -- many communities have set up the courts to do things like that. Not give these kids to criminal record but it -- to make them be responsible for directions. Well that's a key whether your kid or adult a risk of personal responsibility for -- -- I think the reason we're so shocked. Is because it seemed like it was so out of the Norman so user you may have seen it because you were involved closer. Then the rest of us would be but then go visit the schools they came from we were just has shown that. Those probably wouldn't come from those schools but that's an assumption -- maybe we -- nominated. -- shouldn't make too because it -- be any school you know. It's really. Disgraced these things happen but I'll -- anymore it is those so victims -- file a police report initially. Yeah I don't know please report initially. Our -- ball which certain there were the harassment by. Now in your experience Al do you think you go zone a couple of callers have mentioned this before. A lot of the TV shows or whatever have kids doing punk things and trying to outdo each other. I'll try to get on the Internet trying to get on FaceBook does that have anything to do -- this kind of like mob. Bob. -- kind of deal. It enhances sit but the fact that their music -- for twenty years. I think -- every community parties or a parent storm applications. And it just so big presence. I'd -- to remember in the seventies yeah eighties and -- parties -- to -- people. But with feces and your and then and condoms and all that sort of stuff. Alone here. Yeah a lit bit simpler for twenty years and have usually been the victim of complaint. The palatial prediction of every vote to -- -- this deadly -- -- because it would give but since -- run. Of the people of the district -- out basically. While you're ahead of the curve on because of your experience. From us we're glad you told us about that kind of puts it in more perspective but obviously not a great thing to do also in your experience. That they generally feel any kind of remorse when their individual away from the -- Well they feel something that they have to gather on accurate and it to do community service. You know that they feel so okay we are -- -- -- -- -- from a pay up at least it's an -- to have any repercussions. -- -- -- change or activities. I hear what you're saying -- hey thanks we really appreciate your insight thank you very much. Let's see about though whose animals some people in the oil on them. Let's go to Tom in Hamburg Tom here on W via. The bar and sandy hello it's. I reserves they took -- clear whether these kids they can order I think named mark. There's doubt there are afraid of teachers police. Army. You know -- -- almost fourteen became popular in school you can't -- -- -- more bad. Or gripped about it not consumers against a wall. This time out for the last thirty years is doing nothing look we got. -- rescue like I did I I could look at a different site assets 36. And he still for it -- In the barbaric gap timeout is not helping for the last thirty years. I know what you say I know -- thing about them knowing the law we've certainly done shows on that or they can quote the law more than you can. And we've seen it yet you know I we've also seen that. And they're taught in school now obviously a lot of things it's on school our are legitimate and for good reason. But as sometimes they they do feel like they are nothing can happen to them because of this of their place in society. Why aren't they it demands published in the paper that would put embarrassed about a family especially at. Degree to -- you girls Martin. Well there I'm sure there juvenile and Minnesota is a question of of land a juveniles names can be printed so that probably has an armed with a. They're old enough to do the crime or whatever. Publishers. All right thank you very much this year aspect. I've always been a big believer in that our forefathers started women. You were bad behavior you're going to stocks. Now it's Donna the end of the circle and from Alamo City Hall -- still have that today to pick. And I guess more people argue -- bent out of shape when they think that those society and and his punishment shame someone. For what reason I don't know to me I mean it's beneficial because that might serve a purpose it -- not physical it's it's mental. And I think I think it would be effective in some cases well. What's their story I think we did -- show on this were mother. The kid stole or something made out for what it would assign that I stole yet and if people get all while you know you shouldn't do that got me on that was bad. Mother dead dugout the I think it was a daughter she just stole -- something from the mother stole. And then there she made the daughter Wear a sign saying I stole whatever one's twenty dollars from my mother. And the community was outraged and why their outrage is beyond me I think that's a lesson well learned. Obviously. A lot of people would like to raise their kids in a bubble. Where nothing bad. Ever happens and they don't see anything bad they don't know anything that they don't hear anything that. You're living in in in fairyland if you if you think that's gonna happen. I its best just like it why do you get an inoculation. You get a little sample of the disease so that when you get the disease later if helps the body awarded off. If you yet that a proper punishment. At an early enough age it'll it'll save you -- heartbreak waiter one Euro on a slab and your parents have to come and identify you and in this case these these kids were acting like pigs. Excellent -- this is the place to draw the line in the sand absolutely. If if your kids an athlete. A bench him or her. If they planned a trip. Canceled the trip to they have a car park the car. Do they have electronic devices impound the electronic devices. The things that you have to do are -- small thing now but they -- payoff big dividends if you don't wanna do if you just turn your head. And his sale -- here will pay our fair share and that's dead. Somewhere down the line you're gonna have to face heartbreak. Much worse than this and this was disgusting because it was committed by your little darlings who turned out to be. -- -- We'll see you tomorrow at nine under Israeli and I'm starting W -- How much they never have to move his views.

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