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1-30 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah not some -- -- this is survey parked side home of family. Left to go to overseas and overseas trip. And put their home in charge Joseph of a cat sitter to look after they care when they came home their home was totally trash. Items were stolen extensive vandalism including holds on the wall broken furniture used condoms evidence of -- and he -- and vomit all over the house. And when this story broke. First you would think OK just people out of trouble -- -- people who orb in and out of the armed criminal justice system on don't know. Nineteen from city honors seven from -- six from contentious four from saint Joe's three from Williams at all. I mean the most is just the ones that they yeah that they know off. I had so were asking what should happen I think work criminal charges are appropriate they should be lodged. I think of restitution should be made and I think these people ought to get a handle on and on real life. You don't you don't disrespect people you'd and dead destroyed their Bob belongings like that would no repercussions just don't do. And I like to know the simplest question I could put to -- is one of the -- your kid. That went to that party what would you do Tony your kids only six or he's not in the party in new age yet no I hope not but let's hope this never happens but if it did. What kind of thoughts what kind of actions you think you would pursue. Obviously there would be a lot of talking in finding out what was going through his head off Heidi get to that. Decision to think that this would be -- -- acceptable behavior. One night in -- in that way and and I would look into what his role was and if he destroy things I would replace it. -- -- Yeah I think you absolutely have to be held responsible for a solid talked to what Tony said is correct although. I might go a little further than that regardless of if you were directly involved and and you were there I'm not sure there's any way to prove. With all the people there who did luckily broke watts over irresponsible for the entire thing as far as I'm I think it would -- I think you'd have to revisit old value system are really go because this isn't that this stuff. That happened there. Is is mob mentality. And you have to wonder if you're trying to do the best you can for your kid by sending your kid to a quality school. And getting equality education hoping that that will help them all throughout their lives something's missing when kids do this something's missing and I'd like wanna find out what is missing. And they and why if indeed they were involved with -- they didn't leave did anybody try and stop anything the investigations continuing. And we weren't there we don't know we just see the at the end result. I'd like kids are very solemn. Would stand up to other kids in a mob mentality situation. Did they leave when they saw what was happening or did they just day because ignoring it Israeli endorsing it as far as I'm concerned. What you have enough courage. Quote unquote. At the time to engage in it did you do anything to stop -- did you tell anybody. The parents came home and found that nobody. Nobody a notified anybody until that happened. They don't trio Montreal 18061692. For six 930 let's go to Mike on a cell phone banks are holding my cure on WB yen. Good lord picks her good to -- to your picture -- my call yes this is the first I've heard that. The whole situation. What I would do that it was my kid brat on the boy I gotta tell ya I would not paid for one damn dime of it I would. I guess I would pay for my -- deeply dec 24. Because -- Exactly right make sure they've paid for goods like. And he talked about you know private school in the the past you know -- I hit it perfectly honest with it. In my worse behavior I never thought of going to the -- and -- out on their property. I've never thought of having sex leaving -- condoms somewhere I never. Thought of the things people are here taking their belongings. Now with these kids I think what they should do a bumper cases -- need to -- numbers and in the buffalo new. -- should pay for everything in criminal charge he should be obliged. You get a program a short while ago slows and what about our Conchita what people -- terrorism package into a lot to spoil on. It is time. Time for restitution you are now going to repeat to you who are now going to be defaced and you know can present soccer -- -- sure that these kids are big. If these parents need to -- or. The parents -- Are there are expected I need to be as they're not there's something long and they need to pay you to see what they're. Now there are folks and they need to see what they're in the paper they are counted. IPO I feel your passion and I share your passion a Mike thank you very much I would make sure obviously. The the first people they reached out to the homeowners reach out to Wear a cap -- parents. They didn't wanna do anything all they wanted to do -- say what you don't have to Payer and it was like ninety dollars so will refund of Nevada how would that. And here's the problem. If that last caller sounded harsh. I don't judge them immediately because he he's making a legitimate point. We see what this is it's and it's disgusting. OK it's revolting. And as he described those kids as pigs he was absolutely right they were pigs. But if they learned something from this. If they rarely rarely. Two they're going right down to their soul learn something from this it's better this. Then what could've happened -- later down the road if they don't curb these kinds of appetites. I mean you're talking about drunk driving you're talking about overdoses and drugs you're talking about burglary because money was stolen. -- I think it does say in this article but as a Rickles like 3000 -- Things were stolen. And totally defaced so as bad as this is and it is awful. If they don't change their ways it could be worse. So this would be a hard lesson it be inexpensive lesson. But some hard and expensive lessons are worth it. Some guys get away is that a program well there's the book called off while. Boy if you're ever gonna use tough love this will be the time to use this is not a time for a slap on the wrist -- Johnny. I'm I'm I'm glad you're not as bad policy you only urinated. OK Johnny that's better you know your friend defecated. I mean there's you can't accept any level of this as OK by your kids or youthful exuberance. That this is punk behavior. And believe me if you'll stop it now it's not gonna stop itself. And it's obviously you're gay in nod nod street gang but it's mob. Mentality. You see somebody doing something outrageous suddenly you're doing something that you never thought -- do and it catches and and nobody stood up to stop and you didn't find out about it over homeowner's -- this is disgusting. Will be back after this is a shocking story it truly is and when you think that but does the schools that these are kids came from. Are not teaching them these kind of value systems I guarantee you that word if they get them. Was it just because as mob mentality is that why they got a and as I said of awards if for my kid. I would have to start right at -- to ground zero with a value system. Talk very very heavy value systems -- Because if they -- these might be the catechism on the cost of everything in the value of nothing. And that's the point of -- don't have basic respect for other people basic respect for their property. And things like they'll kind of a person are you. -- -- it doesn't matter -- aware -- where your -- you're -- come from. The bottom line is you don't have what it takes and so I could see where the schools would get I am really alarmed by this and there there were active in this are reaching out. To the alumni and truly parents of the students and two others. Trying to get to the bottom of the or nineteen kids from city on seven from garden six from finishes -- from Saint Joseph three point Williams well. Miss 39 kids right there those are the ones that they know up 39 kids that are bigger spouses about that when you're here. Items stolen including I think 3000 bucks. Extensive vandalism holds on the wall broken furniture. Used condoms evidence of urine feces and vomit. Now in the parents came back. Not only the shock of seeing the condition of your house your house are your memories. You put that picture there for a reason. Remind -- something special. And you come and -- your your house is set up its view it's an extension of view you would feel sold violated. That's the whole point I don't care if these were high school kids or org are you know a gang from overseas the bottom line is. It's not acceptable at any level and it's more than an incident it's a question about the whole value system. Let's go to it can on a cell phone Kenya on WB yen. Or click here eight point three agree feels like. -- line exactly right. That was the party we think well under crazy parties. Parties. Hitler -- it hard but now. -- Ridiculous subject yet to. It. Shows where to go out and drink in. Oil import duties in the Torre thing and doing this net. That is. Who big kids these days -- one up the other one your mop and -- -- -- art that experts becomes. A lot people had 30 dollars shipping in the house. What may actually young girls who watch church that someone may be on the app but -- the -- -- street and by. What would not have regret and I want when -- have -- young teenage girl. Why she might yet. Are. We put so blame other people. First thought in this article it did not mention of -- guys are called the first article mentioned that and and I'm sure that the money was not on the -- it was probably hidden away safely where they thought no one would even see it I -- Phillies -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in it and -- goes -- it you know what you've got to restrict oil it was -- -- exactly what I'm gonna wait writing on the wall you it will do you know you know. And that's what happened to -- Did you get vertically appearance or blame you know -- -- in -- in -- -- trying to find out exactly what's -- about -- that many kids. It's going to be an impossible task because once it's gonna put the blame -- marketed -- probably archived so if you were at that party. You're pretty much full part I mean 81 person that set the quarter. But he was sitting out and beat you on the -- up equity CI express it's for somebody. They're going to be there. Just. Well I think I think Daniel hit it right on the nose because there are shows like world's dumbest of which they show. Our kids -- links. They had the music injuring their spines or whatever and you're right everybody wants to be -- everybody wants to fit -- everybody wants that twenty seconds of video -- -- -- on YouTube I think I can you hit it on the nose thank you. Everybody wants to fit and then there's a show that I watch. Call world's dumbest and it doesn't all involve kids is just dumb things that are on video OK and a lot of them are exactly what can just said. You know kids sliding off the roof on a lawn chair and breaking their necks and stuff like that and -- kids actually with teeth missing and blood coming out average just. They do stupid things don't assume that because they rule book. Like they could almost be an adult that they think -- -- adult because you're not gonna do that because you understand the stupidity of it. But when somebody wants to pay a lot my moment in the sun that. You know about fifteen minutes of fame when maybe my video local viral maybe some people see how stupid I am. And when he said you know being on the wall deprecating here. Those kinds of things that happened when one person tries to outdo the other person. You know years ago when they start with -- would be even before jackass. When they would try to duplicate movie stunts by laying lengthwise in the road and having vehicles drive over them. Now are you telling me any normal rational logical. Your kid is gonna think that by themselves it's a school I saw them he's. Don't assume that there are smarter as an adult. The smartest kid is probably not a Smart is the dumbest adult simply because they have no autograph switch. I had no idea of the consequences of their action they think they're involved they think there invulnerable nothing's ever going to happen and as Superman has super girl and that's the way it is. And indeed this is what you get but as I said this is the place to address if your kid is in there. Is part of that this is the place to draw the line as bad as businesses. It could be if if it's not checked and not corrected. It could be much worse than this. You're talking about getting that call from -- as your kid just -- Okay dead come and identify him or you gonna get a call it and say that yeah how. Drunk driving had gone dead. All right so if you think this is bad it could get worse. If you get a lot worse and it and it probably will get worse unless you draw the line in the sand for of this one. I think you have to and at the the sense of violation. That the poorer homeowners must have had when they came home. I mean -- here they care enough about their cat to make sure you have a cats that are because a lot of times. If you want to board your animal lot of animals don't like to leave their own environment. And who -- it could be an elderly cat whatever they think enough to have somebody come in and take care of their cat may come home and everything's destroyed. And knowing the behavior here is not mentioned in either of the stories that I've seen. I don't know if the cat disappeared in other words usually. When there are people in the house and I used to -- hide this dollar something like that. -- this kind of mad Max beyond thunder dome party. They probably at a -- probably -- dollars my gas. But it just disgusting. It's just disgusting and I can understand why the schools are really upset about it this is that what they teach. Did they teach better than -- and this is what they're they're getting at least with these people nineteen from city honors seven from garden. Six from amnesia -- four from saint Joe's three from Williams bill so you gotta make sure there of if you wanted your kid to get the best education you forget. -- a better schools the most. That's the kind of trouble where -- and if we don't get the stuff straightened out right away they should make full restitution. If their criminal charges that are applicable they should be they should be lodged. And that's the name of that zone no slaps on the wrist for this. Because you'll slapped the wrist this time next time you might be identifying the most -- will be back with more would be to -- hang in there. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. In the senate Ted article Terry Conner is a well known no defense attorney and trial lawyers said it's possible some of the students could face criminal. Penalties criminal mischief is probably going to be the one most likely in the investigation and I'm thinking that's not enough. It's there has to be other. Things that may be the -- mischief is what's throwing me on. I don't consider. Defecation in someone's house says. -- Use condoms mischief. Feces vomit your and this year. Broken broken furniture holes in the walls mischief and theft of money mentioned. No I think it's more than that then they have the find out who did watch and get to the bottom of it and I think of retribution. Certainly in any damages should be paid for. I think there should be a community service to the nth degree and I have some other ideas. But it's important it is to draw the line this one demands that you draw a line by. Otherwise you're going to be making tougher decisions on the road. Let's go through. About Paul in Amherst Paul you're on WB yen. It's. Prime blog give me your thoughts on the book at two point one being if I was the father. One of these kids. The first thing I would do is make sure advocate truck. I don't wanna know exactly did and what kind of drugs. You know my son or daughter was using at that time. -- and possibly get them in -- some sort of drug rehabilitation. Or alcohol counseling because using drug -- in Q you know horrible situation. That's good I -- I like that yes. The second when I have is that I am a graduate of saint Joe's. Year 2000. And yeah I remember going 200. RG. Back in the day my brother also a graduate saint -- and never ever ever in my life -- I remember. Doing anything to this type of sort. Did we have some fun and maybe drink underage here and there or smoke a cigarette or some that of course but. I I remember specifically. You know even up until police opened. Cleanup after party was done the next morning. So the parents wouldn't find out you know it's it's almost like these can just wanted to make a nuisance for. You know the girl was much in the capsule -- caused destruction and how -- -- just horrible. And -- -- Joe's -- to take pride in the fact that you graduated from -- you don't you don't want somebody else screwing it up on the road I mean there's a reason. That it did your parents -- yourself made the extra effort to get through a good school like that and that it's a shame to have a besmirched by something like this. Well absolutely seeing it means. You know the one thing that that stood out to me is that -- are seeing -- guys drink it -- geniuses guys that don't -- Yeah -- Well let's say -- C -- say -- six contagious now they don't identify whether men -- women there but that that was the breakdown I like your thinking and obviously. -- take it seriously as the rest of us do thank you thank you very much. He's a drug testing right away absolutely. I think that's a good idea also call. You know the odds -- just sitting down and having an intellectual discussion. We have somebody who participated in something like that you have to do that but don't column that being enough to tell you something. Here's what I would if I send my kid to a to any of these schools even able wasn't any of these schools any school at all but I'm just saying. For sake of our argument. I would kids understand one thing when you take something away from them that they that they -- -- something away from them look forward to. If my daughter were involved with -- and you're planning to go to the prom no problem. If my son or daughter was an athlete I'd venture. Got that now I know some of you all hope we do that think about it like this. Would you rather bench your kid who might be a star athlete and boys or girls sports doesn't matter which one. And have them learn a valuable lesson. Or is that game too important and later on you find their wrapped around a tree because there either. The DW lie or they're overdose though with drugs I mean what's more important in the long run so. My daughter wouldn't go to the prom my kids either sex wouldn't be playing sports. Believe me if either -- had a car it would be parked in the garage or in the driveway for a while. These kind of things that have an impact. These kind of things that they remember. And he you know for those of you who think that might be a little harsh. I only wish that the house had been capped. In the exact same conditions. At the -- homeowners found that when they went in and every kid. Brought their parents to walk through the house to see. -- walk through. Yeah see the feces. Smelled your NC holes in the law. Have a walk through it and then tell me grounding your kid for. For awhile as an athlete. Cutting out the problem. Maybe a class trip things like that that you considered so important what the -- more important -- this this is -- character builder believe me far more important than any of the things that I mentioned so far. This is the kind of thing I'd be thinking about is not a go to your -- have a time out. Oh yeah got a cellphone by the way you don't have one for awhile pubic enemy. Got that look at that. Yeah you ride that. Sorry I give me your iPad your iPod out that that to hear it will be statements -- in my care will be under lock and key you'll get him back when I think it's time for you. So that set you gotta do those kinds of things. And all of the things that I mentioned so far. Don't even. Amount to anything compared to the the thought process of what they did to that house. In so that might be a lesson while lower and analysts and that should be. Considered. Are we come back got a full banker calls and takes immoral or going to break them utterly. On news radio 930 we are WB it's -- company. Targeted guys Chris and Tony they're both said the same thing. That in their party in days -- -- bands of the does have good parties but they would never even consider. Doing anything like this. So I think a lot of it has to do -- what the caller said. The the public media vote doing goofy things you're you know your time on FaceBook hoping you go viral doing stupid things that go beyond television. The punk generation turned out to be the -- And of course in my generation in a party's -- and we never did that simply because we're afraid the British would commentators back -- England. And sell up Paul Revere our members think Paul get up in the tower they may be coming in on talk about who left the party early. It went down as -- putting and I don't know hours and took off. But that. I'm not much of a party guy so I haven't been through. A lot of parties because I don't like parties but IE cannot come I cannot fathom. The amount of disrespect. Metros. You know for all of this talk about street cred and in respect and all that how could you respect anybody that did that. You just look at elements in this stupid some brain dead to me. In the -- there's no accounting for what happens when mob mentality takes over and simple. Let's go to move. I'm not mistaken it should be Linda -- the -- -- on WB. Britain it if -- won't keep it you know -- a lot of -- Might is right the first college he hit everything had to hack it as an Italian. He hated this and I you know -- yum. And get. They need to be known I think taxable and they need to be world public schools. I came apart -- a lot of people did and it's a wonderful place -- and people get their opinions as -- McCain be in -- city. They should be thrown in jail and me. I think the -- -- -- out well. If if they can prove who you know if they improve who did the theft. I think that that should be that should be actionable. Others restitution for sure there should be other things a bit that are acceptable within within what the law says and did I only wish. That every parent of those kids have taken a tour that house and in the original article the homeowners said they had to use industrial strength cleaner -- in order to get rid of the smell. Imagine how how you feel mayor Linda if you locked in her home which are so you know you love so much -- it have been destroyed like that. They indeed they need principled he I don't want he'd be like I told you before they have I have not eating -- four years but I can't show. That they don't quite -- kids and that. -- We're gonna have got to go under killing themselves first I may be somebody else yeah. They need to -- the prison system. Walking. In the critters bit stagnant program I -- seen me. Well Heidi I would you target about they do have a thing called boot camp but -- usually they usually use that for more violent offenders this was a gross misconduct I don't know if they have if they -- or not thank you. -- -- thank you for the theft for sure that's actionable if they improve food food on the rest of it. Restitution. For sure. Absolutely. Community service I don't know how much -- community service gonna do. But if it's if it if they feel that we're doing any good do it. But the point is this this is a mob mentality thing. One person sees somebody doing something outrageous -- trying to do them just like caller to a three callers ago says and especially at at that age. The they see things in the movies they see things on television where. The heroes of the movies and the people featured on the television shows are all doing outrageous things. And television is just getting worse -- -- that kind of stuff. I don't wanna sound like you know somebody on the all watched Roger I know I'm not one of those people. But I do think -- a lot of programming they're so desperate for programming now they'll put anything on television. And because of that is see a lot of his job these junk shows. That it's certainly don't do anything to improve. Your -- mental capacity and I think him anyways diminishes. Let's go to -- Marietta in the Hamburg one of my favorite call measure on WBM area. Well that certainly the infrequent color right thing and that's absolutely. Insist they'll war ally you can get. Some kind at that subject that would get you really really -- and -- I get. I can imagine. What I would I can't imagine what I would do with those kids. Because I think it goes. Far beyond normal behavior you know the only excuse nothing excuses. And it's just disgusted. I just don't know where to start I really don't. I would deprived them of liquor I would have a law handled under. -- hard on them. I really would. Oh I think it has -- if you are caring parent. You would be very hard on him because this is not the time to say well it's youthful exuberance here that others were doing it we understand and and so we get none of this is not the time for that this is -- time to draw the line in this. Right and then never see -- events in Marietta. How how violate did you feel after you walked in the door. -- I can't imagine the behavior of those two people who live there walking in to their house yeah. And they're looking around like well what happened here. And meg and they said the smell was almost unbearable. And so you know your house is an extension of yourself. Your whole history is in your house house decorated what pitchers are on the wall and I think that these drugs these pigs. Destroyed it is beyond me Mary thanks don't don't wait so often -- all. -- well liked. Yeah that's the kind of thing. -- as well as I do what's involved -- your house how it's decorated. Might be a picture Novo over relative you lost maybe your mom your dad pictures of kids. There's different things though on cabinets and whatever. It and when you get to your house that's where your comfort level is the highest. And you've spent a lot of time a lot of effort this is park side nice area a nice area and the thing that there were at least 39 kids in there. Destroying your house. But to repeat some of the things that were done. Items were stolen in this article doesn't say in the first article I think it's -- 3000 dollars. Extensive vandalism included holes in the wall broken furniture. Used condoms. Evidence of urine. The evidence is that they urinated on mattresses. Feces. Biomet. And news Visio home owners. Obviously. We're shocked when they walked in. One of the things they did is to contact the -- -- parents and ask for restitution. And they cats and his parents said that they -- be willing to forfeit the fees that their daughter was going to. Charge to look after the cats which I think was like nine dollars. Imagine that. Imagine what that says about those parents. At that point I would have gone over to have a cat -- parents. And dragged him over to the house. And made -- some ballot. And if that wasn't enough. Maybe in this perhaps wouldn't be the wise this thing do the same punishment you'd do two way puppy. That reminds them that that's not a good idea -- something doing their nose. In on talking about except the poppy as an excuse -- -- -- these were adults. Disgusting. Just disgusting. The kids that did that pigs that's the only way to describe it. So no matter how you dress it up that's -- way it is and that's the reason these schools are upset so. This isn't what they teach in those schools hopefully those schools give you an advantage. That you might not have. And mrs. this is the kind of payback they get by having their names -- -- that acts like this. Nineteen from city honors seven from garden six from confucius. Far from saint Joe's and three from -- we'll be back after.

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