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1-30 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are all college region governor -- beach I'm proud to announce that Tim Weiner has made an executive decision and it's brilliant it is brilliant. You know I talk show host is either on vacation or sick you don't need you don't need a dynamic LA and you need somebody that can grab the audience you know I'm talking about not easy to find those guys Tim why is proud to announce that let's talk show and Marshawn Lynch. As you know I mean if you know Marshawn Lynch of -- was here and now he's with the Seahawks jedi jedi jedi can shut they got up in arms about you just are subject out there and he -- right on forever the Marshawn Lynch talk show and host good decision. Good decision. A little tired today I was completing and I'm online training workshop. Sent to me by intercom with cartoons. It. The 25 minutes. And I -- why should I work on something for the company for 25 minutes that's one of my honeymoon lasted. But I don't need cartoons and on a bill and a so if there's you know if there like three answers. I just started atop an answer one. And if that's correct and go back and -- to answer to at a that's trying to answer is great because none of them have none of the above and so he got it -- figure you guys -- finisher workshop training videos I had my son take -- form did you good because he's six Danny likes Khartoum is probably like that I about it about the -- all -- -- it was outstanding job a great job my past. And they showed. In the email they showed who hasn't passed yet. Marley and me. -- -- -- -- And oh we have passive yeah idea I hope by. Hope I get like a candy cane or something -- if I get it right and it's very important I'm curious now let's say. -- just let this forming very organized. Tonight. Tonight is Thursday January 30 right in Holland. Like Colin -- -- that little hardware store they have -- are stopping them from time. A one of the other girls varsity basketball players will be short break a thousand point record. -- come and see how many Hollander is breaking records left and right small school huge cards. A -- that's so Leo Holland about a city girls basketball team. They're gonna work our problem have a shot at the breaking a thousand workers right. Now they don't they don't put the the nickname on here it's just the Holland girls' varsity I mean come in and and Holland. Oh lead in -- what's known for. Tulips and -- so what your leg is at the Holland to. I would -- is driving me crazy because -- I pride myself I know we nicknames and you don't get bit rate now who don't I bet somebody in the audience knows and I had the the Holland girl's soccer team they were state champions in studio. A last -- -- David tulips and it's no they were neither and I just can't think of than that because let -- -- has several parts of the nickname goes for all the different sports right basketball football load you know whatever kind of sport you feature as -- -- not an urban varsity sports. So that's a good activity growth in Holland yeah they got a pretty good does sports program -- in the girls' basketball teams doing very well OK let's see lots of stuff going on here and I actually haven't taken money. My test. Activists that record. There. I love seriously spending point five minutes on my life he is seriously. When you're born you you don't get a little a little label that goes around your wrist as that's exactly how many did Asia before you die. And I think that it's my -- it's my one wish to spend 25 minutes taking a dumb ass test and that's exactly when -- you it's riveting I mean -- editors and I'm probably going to have to have. May be empty standing by tight and a nitro tablets of pop under my time especially how I mean I think you're gonna like you are considering how much you are involved. And social media all of a social media is my life especially Twitter it's a Twitter off. I might tweak -- I rarely our office are -- -- thankful I got my tweet might work at an Exxon. A once the dance step movement -- to retort yeah and maybe I could go more toward the end you -- picnic and oh by the way is the raiders Holland leaders for the raiders in a neutral so. Good on -- and I mean while Justin Bieber up in Toronto I don't know if you're Solomon buying resume. He waved he waved as he was in media I wish I would missile Justin Bieber turned himself -- of Toronto police that was a while Wednesday night last night. He's charged with allegedly. Hitting a limo driver several times in the back of head. There was a crush of screaming girls I know I guess -- he might have tweeted that where it was going to be. And a police said that they were looking into allegations that a member of beavers -- entourage. Assault of a limo driver was that nice limo driver of the beating double and a cool. A very very nice well I guarantee you that if a limo driver gonna solve that it wasn't by Justin Bieber -- battle plunked himself probably had one of his bodyguards to a you're never gonna see him punch it out anybody without his bodyguards. And he ought to just give it up has given up by the way anywhere -- -- happens them. He is are going back to court in March -- march 10. He left the station through a back door oh I thought he came into the bathroom window -- game. An -- earlier Wednesday pleaded not guilty of Florida's driving under the influence so this series on the -- for a press career track. -- anything else going on here's how pathetic. It is getting. Ever closer we get to the Super Bowl. The less their ideas are available OK here's an example FOX & Friends which is usually -- enjoyable show this morning. Had a little fake football field out in front of their studios and in New York okay. They had one Turkey. Dressed as a seahawk. And another Turkey dressed as a bronco and they started them on the you know on the goal line. And it was a race to see which Turkey could get to the other goal line first okay got it did you get the the concept is as high drama. Well when they let the Turkey go about turkeys go then I -- golf forward. They wanted to go anywhere now there on live television so they can't kick the Turkey obviously they can't. You know we can't show any kind of cruelty to the circuit going to be kind of the Turkey. Before they eat -- they have to be kind as other important polite not seeing that Turkey by the rare ran forward. And as they acknowledged that Turkey the Turkey would spin around and head back toward them. It was the -- may miss thing I have seen on television in a long time you know what they should've done this should put deep flyers at the starting line. It's out -- see that. That's that puts -- -- tries behind -- and I've got Mets have but the turkeys that Turkey's I don't know if you notice turkeys are perhaps. The dumbest animal on the planet. As you know yes yes turkeys will look up at this guy in a rainstorm. And -- that's right not making this up they do. They resurrecting let me just care. -- That's down with a -- -- they are mighty good eaten any wonder. They look like. -- was the first person probably some okay man. Who want that those Turkey's the way they look and said. That that's delicious. I mean really they -- look like they should be doing it. Well I got a feeling back and they -- -- anything there's -- edit they get hit with a rocket need that equipment that's a pointer over fire green -- fired. But anyway that was -- -- pop i.'s top notch entertainment on a FOX & Friends watch the big Turkey -- all you know one. I'm gonna say I'm against Agassi at Denver on no see the Seattle Turkey one. Elements Seattle 31 over the line he went over the line sideways. The other Turkey the Denver Turkey was only at about the five. Did not the five near the goal line the five near his goal line so again I'd like. Five yards in on an actual time but five yards forward. Before the the Seattle Turkey crossed the but it was I'm telling him I was on the edge in my city accuracy while it was topics he. All right well take a break and we'll be back with marble studying from mine. My idea my online test here on news -- I'm 31 -- non business. As that okay. If you wanna go to 17 is music will be back after so I don't know I was gonna a lot of snow blow my drive voice after that Saturday. But maybe I'll have an excuse not to do well you'll need to now now that you and I can rival. A you know I know because I had an extra panel. Put in my garage door for height when I had the homer remember -- had a Hummer. The -- roof rack even in the its lowest position. Cleared my garage door by like an eighth of an inch. And what would happen is if there was snow right in front of a garage door. It would hit the garage doors like you're gonna have that so for awhile I was shoveling the tracks where the wheels would gul. Right front or garage -- So it got your come down the mountain down to bound to pavement level and then drive and I say I can't service. So I called garage door guy. And they came out of put another panel all the way across so I don't -- -- now I got a letter to pile up all winner I wanted to. And that would be a -- be pretty -- yesterday though what was. A little. I was surprised as I was driving home. In which was 1230 right around there. I noticed it was starting this -- fines no and then as I'm driving by a couple of places in open fields. It was like -- and then later in the day they close the skyway. And the driving to Brad how was that when you guys went down a slippery going home Ferraro for me not to mention the wind does kick in all especially if you're not and their buildings and we're eucharist Yang wasn't the accumulation really wasn't all that bad -- -- a lot of -- -- meritocracy and then I'm watching I'm watching the the video from Atlanta and that was -- -- I mean did you see that and now hold thousands of people who abandoned their cars. Now want him back but they don't know where they are heard John Susan doing a CBS story about that today. So not only did you have to abandon your car and get a find your way home I gotta find your car. And -- -- this -- -- wanted to cars -- thousands of people because they just weren't used to it. And wc cars in the on ramps off ramps to the wrong way it was a it was a nightmare. -- -- Super Bowl coming up on a couple of days. What do you think we haven't done our picks what do you think Tony who is going to emerge territories now don't as the Turkey. Bold thing that they use today on. On the FOX & Friends show cause I don't think that -- any validity the bills. The bills make -- wanna show business. -- that no yuck I I think this is going to be good game. But I'm leaning towards Denver at one point -- thought while no was gonna touch Seattle but their offense really hasn't been. Too -- too great outside of Marshawn Lynch and anti I just think maybe Denver has too much in my field who have. Let's RC are saying Denver -- is saying I'll say Denver to -- defense wins championships is an old cliche doesn't really seem to hold true in today's NFL would -- today is NFL's all about scoring in the -- about. High scoring offense leaving a better receivers I really like the Seahawks receivers and offense either I think their cornerback is very good but you know they're they're receiving corps is nowhere near as -- numbers. I remember for a reason I loved ever and I hate Seattle I don't take Seattle for a reason it's -- sport today. In -- that we -- were -- allowed certain amount and I think all you need is is hot hand and it wasn't supposed to be much. I heard I Manning saying that unless the winds got up around twenties because poisonous stadium. If there must go up around 25 miles an hour if they're less than that it doesn't really affect the ball that much. And so if you have if the win and the weather do not dictate something different if it's a decent playing surface indecent though with the wins. I'm going win but I gotta go Peyton Manning that's the way it is I see Archie Manning his father. Says that he didn't know what Omaha meant oh win. When he first -- out well first at all a hop preceded Peyton Manning it was in the it was in the vocabulary of the team before -- even got there. And you know that Iowa said hey that's why I'm here. I'm -- sports guys you think you know everything did you know I did not. He doesn't matter it doesn't matter because it was just the -- get injured all the time. When I played rugby for UNLV we had -- -- pro wins you know there'd be set plays called throwing. And we did it with playing cards so we would have a foreign cars would be. The actual play and so I -- ace of spades anything after bad. Was the play psychic come out there -- two diamonds. That nothing -- no -- -- like an ace of spades van. Placed into what I do the most people in the world watches game if I were Peyton Manning and keep in mind when quarterbacks are barking -- stuff. You always understand. -- and a lot of it's a fake like this tonight. It's rude things that the line so you know things -- where the announcers got one. That we really hit it right and they it would start to a texting and -- ended -- tweeting video released. You imagine that that would be fun now. And yeah -- was already come out and said. That if all high stakes what if of Peyton Manning signs a deal would Omaha steaks because Omaha steaks and we'd like to talk to a that -- an -- upon that because they don't you know how to capitalize. As as part of a commercial venture in the game I would agree with that yeah because otherwise will be -- -- and got sick and expect to live in that. -- But I think it. Typical big and it really got to like that it -- man. The Sonics got to read -- and be. Back tomorrow would be aging governor hang in there. -- George Noory over 91 -- five news radio 9:30 AM. WB yen. Backward region governor of sandy beach just before. We -- rock and -- what our favorite people in buffalo. It is a jacket walker from general for and you say she's posting an open question on her rep when that are FaceBook account and FaceBook she says. Look -- input from a FaceBook friends from nowhere about a phrase we're from but -- are friends so you are yes and I'm sure trusted friends or gore ahead. And it's -- she's looking for our FaceBook friends who are current news consumers. In news writers she has two things have changed a lot the last five years. Do you think the phrase. -- the shaft is appropriate for news copy. Oh I think absolutely I think that horse left the barn a long time ago. Because I mean even it's even in music. She got the gold mine I got the shaft Jerry reed remember that I I mean. There have been saying somebody got shafted is pretty common. Pretty common speak. And you know what's amazing is that channel four is CBS okay. Look at their 01 of their top rated shows forward ten or twelve years as a Two and a Half Men. Just watch one episode and this is over -- you know regular it is not a cable is really a terrestrial television. Watch the language onto announcement at it was a number one show for like a decade. And that'll tell you that shaft is like really no problem at all. Actually decide with her she finds it vulgar. To be used there's a god after yet to be used in news copy I I don't think it it's April while I think first of all -- you know I think there's a certain decorum within a news community that's fine. But I don't I don't because baldor. I have to say somebody a shaft and I think it's common use English what do you think Chris -- biggest avenues to the only reason I thinking it's vulgar now is because she's asking about it. Well it is -- you know Jackie is a very lovely woman she really yes and she's a sweetheart. And so maybe maybe she holds the language to a higher standard -- her viewers would. And that's you know no matter -- you you're doing your bit and then the people make their decisions as to where you fit in. I don't think anybody is going to watch -- channel four news cast. And watch Jackie walker with the class that she has which is obvious. You know if she said those on -- shafted. Or got the shaft no resembled his -- if they I mean anybody under a hundred. That would go to -- would surprise me so yeah it's the same thing -- that there are certain things that. As the language changes. I mean the word suck. This sucks because -- that that long ago but now it's common -- I mean it is really common and it's not offensive it's not -- -- it's not vial. It's some some words change or Alter their meeting through the course of time. And I think things summit leadership that is pretty common. Pretty common stuff it wouldn't bother me. But maybe yeah maybe maybe it would bother somebody I don't -- -- -- so we hope Jackie except our answer. Starts off tonight all right -- are at the shaft without last stormed Arabia. A couple of she sure as diabolical but the older. About post cold hit. That -- -- -- -- I've made it and our people where she could address. Call Carol Johnson should tell aren't sure do you hear from Carol much. I haven't heard from colonel IE chat with her briefly after the Red Sox won the World Series is -- -- she was congressional years she was and choose your athlete in tears yes. -- -- walker is one class act. One of the nicest people one of the nicest people on the planet let alone you know broadcasting. Okay. Here's a story -- when I read it ID the first I was dismayed. And I don't get -- made that often. And secondly I was disgusted. And since that I've I've changed more to discussed at first and dismayed second aren't. And you heard I think and will -- had a goal over the king James version of this in the rescue your opinion on a couple of aspects -- a couple of -- going on vacation. And they were leaving the country. And so a -- decided to hire cats that are somebody delivered come in and and look after the cats vote like most of us do. Most of us either have a friend or relative or neighbor whatever and this was a young woman that they hired as the cats that are. Now one thing you're always concerned about. Is you wanna make sure that not only the cats in good shape when he got home but your houses negotiate when your home while it turned out the cat was probably -- the house wasn't. And and not only did big cat sitter so kind of arrange for a house party in the house. Brought you know brought in friends to go to a house party. The house of the house but it was more than just trash yeah it was it was disgraceful. The behavior of the kids or this party now first of all we've all seen a million. Movies you know like risky business would Tom Cruise where. People around town and they have a party there and -- kids at your left of the -- -- and look there's a little ring -- on the table. The body can have a party well mom and that are there. This wasn't that. This was disgusting it was vial. Items were stolen. It does not say in this article this is -- and tan from about one of those. But I think in the original article that idea I also have it was like 3000 dollars or so money was stolen. Items were stolen extensive vandalism included holes in walls. Broken furniture. Fuel used condoms. Evidence of you -- on the bed feces. And bomb that. Okay. And so this is more than just kids being kids you know what I mean they're kicking up there -- -- these kids have a tough. This is disgusting this was done by animals. And hear it now now next -- gonna jump to a conclusion that you'd be wrong to jump to. -- -- was there while these are troublemaker kids these are kids oh I have a bad bringing these are kids that are deprived and so now none of that. These kids went to city honors. To contagious. And ardent. To saint -- to the best schools we have. And and so does the surprise aspect is how much of blow a beast mode these kids were and two quotes a Marshawn Lynch. Beast mode obviously. There was booze and drugs involved and an open sex with use condoms there. But had no respect for anything or anybody. Now I don't like you I'm not a party guy but if I were a party guy and I were invited to someone's home how could you do that. The fact that they open their doors and allowed you to come in and have a party and enjoy yourself to do that in the house. Is so disrespectful. So about sweethearts. The little darlings. Of that orbiter that didn't go to city honors in confucius and Darden and saint -- and their parents probably are shocked about this is the rest of us are. What are we gonna do them. Well both schools. The private schools have a little bit more leeway than the public schools and they're being proactive about that while this proactive it's already happened but they're being active about this. About getting to the bottom of this. And bidders and questions as to whipping get enough information. I should criminal charges be brought absolutely. There's no question about it criminal charges should be brought. Especially with the theft of 3000 bucks. And those kinds of things not to mention the other disgusting things that went on and we're gonna ask your opinion. As to what if your kid was one of those kids that wasn't the party. And I know I know what you -- right now. It could be in my head -- would never do that against one. The kids that did it I'm sure their parents are saying the same thing now but the wrong. Iran their kids did do. And when we come back toggle over in more detail on news radio 930 this is W via. Outrageous that's the only way I can look at it and you talk about this is an about you know. Immature behavior. This isn't about the fact that they're young kids have at a good time this is a bug disgusting beasts. That's what it's all about anybody that would -- for Kate and somebody else's house. Anybody else that would -- use condoms urinate on the mattresses punch holes in the wall steal money I mean please I don't wanna hear me. Anybody standing up and and that chalking this up to you to where you. This isn't about youth this is about something totally different standard hands article in the buffalo knows. And they come from the best schools schools we have aware of these kids came from. And so the usual rituals of their troublemakers they're deprived of Bob Bob Bob Bob block none of that happened. They deserve a big user of kids of of advancement kids of a means. And this is the way they treat other people and other people's property amazing to me. Said -- article as I said the principal and administrator is a city honors the nation's. Know -- academy and saint Joe's collegiate institute have sent letters to parents and alumni in response to the students that went there there -- not all of them certainly. Participation. In a wild party two days after Christmas. December 27. Leaving a park site home robbed and trashed. School leaders said they were concerned and disturbed by the incident. They're cooperating with police as they should several schools has said they're taking actions. To hold these students accountable good good good. All four high achieving high schools stated of the behavior. The exhibited by those kids who attended the unauthorized house party did not exemplified the value of their schools and that is so true. I mean you go to a good school because hopefully you'll learn you'll have the right environment you'll be around other people that want to learn. You'll hold well hopefully have winners though you know as as classmates. And it helps UN in -- life that helps your life later on but if this is what it is. -- The city honors principles said nineteen current students and seven recent grads that city honors have been identified as participants. Our faculty and I are disturbed by the as I was disturbed as your by this event. It's difficult to reconcile the young people describe our local media with the children we interact with -- every day and misses the point. Everybody thinks that they know kids you know no kids until kids have a chance to do things when you know watch. Okay. Most kids will do the right thing some kids -- the wrong thing but this and this is so far over the top. Because this is apparent behavior. This isn't taught by their parents nor their school systems. Last week police reported that seven other students from ardent six frum -- the issues. Four from saint Joe's and three from Williams realized school okay. The tenacious and -- send messages nearly identical. Out that I just read TO. We are concerned about the behavior of these young people. Regardless of their -- this is unacceptable. Right on absolutely. Items were stolen extensive vandalism included holes in the wall broken furniture used condoms. Evidence of your -- The -- and vomit. The incident reported. Oh last week but homers said they were unable to settle the matter with the so when they came home and dishonest they had to be dismayed. They contacted the parents of the cat sitter in the Paris you know a while ago. Just give back the money that the cat -- was supposed to make it was in ninety bucks. You -- you've got to be kidding you have to be kidding. The city honors principles said Wednesday. That he said he lengthy note to parents alumni and other school supporters in an effort to be is open and direct about it as possible. The school has identified students and is reviewing information provided by the police. The public school is more limited -- the private schools in regard to discipline. Right now we're doing everything the law allows us to do. Buffalo trial lawyer Terry Connors said it's possible some of the students could face criminal penalties absolutely. Nation. Especially the ones with the theft I mean all of them should the cause damage should have some kind of penalty. But the especially with the theft criminal mischief is probably going to be the most likely. That's not like mischief TO. Modano shift to me is your break a vase mischief to me is you know news a year -- -- media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's what they said he could debate. The principal from city office of many of his students do community work. And when he's confronted by this kind of behavior he sees the two images don't match up and he's right sister nor rain McCarrick. It's funny we have a person named Morey McCormick campuses nor rain McCarrick. Who formally ran a child psychology clinic in Niagara Falls and as they licensed social worker and school counselor said it appears likely alcohol and drugs. Played a role in the student's house party behavior. You thank. Well well well. Really. The last place I would that haven't. I'm thinking at all for too many tofu sandwiches or something but alcohol and drugs. That's that's what we're not professional counselors while we're not mountains. The first thing you want to find out is what substances are abusing she said. In general it would have to be more than alcohol in order to generally dis inhibit such a wide range of out of control behavior. Well obviously it was our own you don't have to be a genius to figure that one out. So subtly these parents who. You know they're they're doing so what they can they get their kids off to a good start by providing them with a good education. Goes all down the -- in that moment. Think about it like that if I were the -- -- father. And they contacted me united and I met -- these people I would be first of all I would be terrified. That my daughter was involved with something like that and I would do everything possible for restitution. Instead they offered the agreed to refund the money the cats that are would have made ninety dollars. -- -- I think the parents should press for criminal prosecution were applicable. I think they should so anybody that isn't willing to pay for the damages their little darlings. Committed some asking what if your kid was at that party. What would you say what would you do I'd like to hear from UH 03093018061626. -- 930.

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