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Super Bowl Weather

Jan 30, 2014|

WCBS Reporter Peter Gross

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Super Bowl Sunday is coming Peter Haskell is a reporter at WCBS 880 in New York City covering many of the events leading up to the super -- morning Peter. You know hollow threats of a snowed in Super Bowl and it's going to be relatively Bonnie all things considered. Well you really can't just came a week ago we had about a foot and a half it's now -- their -- -- I wanna panic but everywhere within -- outlook we get notre super ball. And then we have been bitter whether it's 18 degrees this morning. How with a windchill was single -- plot right. But the forecast for Sunday it actually our merger -- above average high temperatures in the mid forties. I came permit should be mid to upper thirties and no precipitation so very very average. Peculiar Times Square has all decked out -- -- giant. -- bought -- run there where all the smoke coming from this. What they they've brought it is targeted as an event that they talk about a lot of other places bail out but basically it's -- -- that's only usually Jordan convention center. But the big convention center here in the city chat with an old pop. So they decided to take thirteen blocks urged. A blog way to go right through times where Erica Herald Square remained seated and basically turned into a football and Korean. Including the bargain right that you keep your -- he could -- -- Super Bowl trophy and the -- snow mixed in there. What's the attendance like. Is this biggest -- help for. Well yesterday was the first gay and I suspect -- we. We can't it's going to bring the huge crowd there were people there yesterday it's very this year there are a lot of opera building errands because it arms where. It's not part of -- -- -- so there's always a lot of people there but you can expect over the weekend what it's not quite as it you'll probably be how. There's New Jersey still feeling a little love socially. Wounded now of all the attention focused on we are actually. Well that's been the case from the beginning you know it's revolt you'd think -- MetLife stadium which is in the how -- Rutherford. And the mayor there had released -- from beginning -- we're just not getting any respect. He was told that it would at least -- patterns. Indicating that the ball would hear. Bigger that we here but literally here involve frankly and didn't get Akron to the -- people's now I hear somebody ever truly be mayors are so that. Although we learned recently that the mayor was offered tickets of the game -- the -- of the Indianapolis call. There is an effort being made. To make sure that the NFL doesn't regret its decision having a Super Bowl out outdoors and they in the northeast. Yeah I grew -- I think the NFL knew what it was getting into the weather practical wetsuit and up. I don't what -- Fiat deal because some people probably would have a pretty cold there with a little situation. What it has done the appellate accusing one. It has generated a tremendous amount of attention beyond what he threw the ball normally get for the everybody talking about whether that's number one. Particulates in New York City which is that. You know the corporate capital of the country and they are somewhat -- being done in the NFL. Is making how much money. All the corporate connection it's hard to see apple regret it. -- -- you know talking about security we are a good chunk of the stadium parking lots at MetLife are gonna be off limits you can't park there. Right. You're fewer than half the parking spaces they would normally out so. They're calling -- its first -- -- -- your report on in the downtown area like -- New Orleans where but it can walk. And that means people taking out. Brain. But is that -- pay for treatment but Saddam into regular. Are trying to stop there were people take it you purity -- to do that. And there are going to be running boxes and -- places. My suspicion is going to be a major inconvenience -- ticket -- and looking up they feel about it after the it gets the game it's your long it takes. Harry it's a very interesting Peter we thank you for joining us this morning. Peter Haskell it's a reporter at WCBS 880 in New York.

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