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Bieber Arrest

Jan 30, 2014|

Peter Gross of 680 News, Toronto

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pop star Justin Bieber seems seemingly getting in trouble and just about every stop he makes California. Just got through having goes straight -- the law down in Florida and always -- to some charges in his home country and Canada. Let's talk about it with our favorite international guest Peter -- Peter's worth six the news of the Toronto hey Peter. John I need to point out that every time he called me only to talk about the dysfunctional behavior can make. You a believer. Don't know I -- I expected you know where would you would -- nine year old kid -- is limited and money to buy meals for the homeless. A little. Even we continue to cost of those stories Peter. Does that make you feel better at buffalo things are going terribly flawed candidate look to who has done -- -- level. Last night. I'm watching it on TV and it's it's it's a -- I don't know why don't you release the time in the place. Did people was gonna give himself up but there were hundreds of screaming. -- -- reaching in and possible. That would not fumbling all over regional that when he got out of the car. And to really you know. French experts say what you -- vote not to ask me. We'll take a look at the beaver rap sheet. What's on it. Although there's a lot recently you know he speaks to keep peace in public. The -- name. It in -- in this note the other day. Obviously a big that his -- well. He has struck. He's been caught drinking and underage -- expired license. I think he's the sort of abandoned them -- -- one time animal activists really -- about that. Well why he turned himself in last night in Toronto. We'll probably have licenses. This compares with the help that it's in the -- -- it's like it's just another opportunity another photo op opportunity keeps her name in the news. And and coincidentally. You know he did this on the date it is related to video came out. -- in contrast to Celine Dion did Justin Bieber like curl up like down the street from Celine Dion. I am not -- the both of the submarine Sudbury area. Right Celine Dion grew up in the back Justin Bieber grew up and sort of. -- western Ontario so it's. Down the street is relative prices up and down a -- probably about 400 miles between. It looked about -- beyond as a justification -- actually actually met her manager. When it actually when she was too wild he's 26 years older than -- And they've been married for. Since 1994 I believe so she's benefited from some very strong direction on this guy like him or hate him for marrying a child like a child. This is more and what kind of a bright spot for you guys. Yeah now does the mayor -- lately. Aside from beyond being charged -- -- being sued. By. Are -- dealer. A crack and cocaine dealer could look like is that. They -- forward privilege to have beaten up in jail. And that's a law enforcement wonderful sweet story about how this cocaine dealer lived with. Was the boyfriend of the mayor's sister and accidentally shot her in the face with a -- one day. -- -- OK Peter good talking with you -- have a couple of illuminate for me Susan. Can't drop it and OK is she a letter Peter -- -- six any news in Toronto.

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