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Trump Visit Preview

Jan 30, 2014|

Michael Caputo; Pt III

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Republican strategist Michael Capuano has been with us all this -- and talking about the big trust fund raiser buffalo tomorrow night. Michael this appearance in buffalo tomorrow tell us some of the things that might be under the radar that we would be interested in like the fact that you're picking them up. Well there are several of us who've been involved in this from the very beginning myself David DP true some of -- -- -- Rochester maturities coming. Our assemblyman DiPietro was in Britain is before I was she's a woman asked me to go make the meeting -- -- David will be there I'm sure and it will be here that's tradition of the the through local chairman -- them at the airport. And so would be of little welcoming party into singing thing is he initially was coming in on his a jet that he owns. That is the fastest. A private jet that is available on the market. I think it's called a a constellation but in the at the last minute yesterday they decided to swap that out for the big famous. Trump 757. Which is considered the most luxurious. Private aircraft in the world and I've been a few it is luxurious it's amazing but in addition to that he's going to be meeting with Arnold Barton. -- while he's here Darnell Barton was the bus driver who saved that young lady who intended to harm herself when an FTA bus driver. Mr. trump had. Rewarded him for his heroism when it when it happened and they're getting a chance to actually meet and talk. Which will be very interesting I think is my I've talked to mr. Barton a couple times of -- phone organized the meeting is a very sharp guy he actually took that money mr. Thompson 101000 dollars. And put him into a charity. An amazing person will be interest in DC to two amazing guys me. Michael you know we know a lot of big name Republicans are going to be there tomorrow night to hear and meet Donald Trump have you seen the attendees. The list. Are there any glaring. Omissions like people you'd expect to attend. But they aren't coming and why. They might not becoming. Well -- others to become in my mind requirements in the list that from personal people are from the Republican Party are telling me that their. A lot of the names unless they don't recognize which is great which means -- bring a whole new set of people in the party events. Which is great for the Republican Party and I think that speaks to what -- trump candidacy will do by bringing people across our Al who never voted before. But also -- Carl Paladino is not going to be there he has his once a year vacation. And he was gonna cancel it but he said you know what I need this and he's he's gone off on his Super Bowl weekend vacation. But they've met and they -- -- they they like each other a lot of business it is -- -- -- but we want and we do see is that Ed Cox the chairman of the Republican Party out of Albany. Is going to be there and mr. trump has been saying quite publicly that mr. Cox is blocking him from running about a -- and -- in little dynamic going there. Yeah now will he go right to Salvatore is or will there be any other steps. Well other different levels of this fund raiser and and nick is set it up sort of all over it Salvatore mr. trump was actually. This is something he laid on at the last minute on the schedule -- were able to get two and a half hours of his time. That's a great thing for the Republican party of Erie county and I think really what nick said is very true. Arm he's going to be looking how enthusiastic this -- is he's going to be looking at how many people are outside holding signs and not because he expects it. But we need to give him the kind of uplifting. Enthusiasm that buffalo is known for him I remember the that the Paladino speeches -- -- that's where we're we're so uplifting. The crowds restore lifting. We he needs that he needs -- that the right kind of exposure I think they'll help push him over the edge to run for governor to advertise something he's seriously considering this this is not a joke. You know we eleven times you'll have to admit that Michael that both Republicans and Democrats and conservatives. Are looking for candidates who will spend their own money so the money that's going to be collected. Tomorrow night. What's going to be used for. While this is something that Adam typically -- the parties that for candidacies will embassies to help other candidates who were. Just getting into politics run for office and helping incumbents. Raise a little bit more money they donated around the campus he's. It's important for the operations the party that we are the most effective Republican Party mix parties the most effective Republican Party in the state. And that takes a little funding as well that's going to be real -- are remarkable tape tomorrow. Yeah and and trump has already indicated that if he does run. He would spend money -- he said thirty to fifty million dollars which. Will be the worst news Andrew Cuomo has ever gotten in his wife because he's never had a -- agrees it's like he's never really had a possible make money. He just last week had a fundraiser in Hollywood where where -- government they say he made almost a million dollars if Donald Trump gets sent. Andrew Cuomo is gonna have to have 25 or thirty more of those Hollywood fundraisers to even catch up to me I'm Andrew -- to even capture to Donald Trump. It's going to be amazing position to put Andrew Cuomo when it's gonna throw more into his heels and it -- of a situation where he's never been before. Michael in great TV in this morning my severe thank them and appreciate the insight that's Republican strategist Michael Caputo.

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