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Trump Visit Preview

Jan 30, 2014|

Michael Caputo; Pt II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Republican Party strategist Michael who put those in studio with missiles warning we're talking about Donald Trump a possible run for governor. And we're wondering what Trump's gonna say tomorrow night everybody isn't like mr. -- worthy you know told us a little while ago. He probably won't make any pronouncements tomorrow running. The talk about you know. It was shortcomings of governor Andrew cool things like that we'll -- issued around mastery and Ellen no you hold him in high regard. What is supposed rob mastery -- is thinking about what's on his mind it was a psyche being affected by all of this attention focused on Donald Trump. Well. I'm sure it's it's disappointing for mr. -- you know he's a very successful politician in his own right there on Westchester. He won for county executive down there. In a two to one Democrat counties are very similar situation ours here and you're coming. You know he he is out there hitting the hustings he's he's on the campaign trail and he's not -- -- down but the fact is. Mr. trumpets in this race there's no oxygen left for him and he'll have to get down. Michael the idea of trump for governor seems to be gaining traction. But not just you're -- in buffalo -- America's. Yeah yeah I we are just got in from Washington. Just before I came to the studio practically feels like but I was there for the state of the union and where I was sitting. -- there were people behind me talking about trump running for governor in new York and then the next morning. And I was in about the Willard Hotel right next to the capital. And at the table next to me in the breakfast nook and there are people talking about -- governor and both times -- want to raise my and it's a I know all about that but I just wanted to listen in and they all think he's not gonna do it but they're very interested to see that he's stepping up to try and solve problems and -- in New York. If Donald Trump we're sitting where you are right now and I said mr. trump. Let's talk about common core learning standards. Let's talk about the Moreland commission. Let's talk about how the farm bill Washington is going to affect Western New York farmers will mr. trump know what I'm talking about. -- -- I seriously doubt that. I seriously doubt that I think that you know he spent so much time putting your multibillion dollar deals in Brazil in Miami and all and in Washington and he's. His career has been all about development but he is very Smart on general policy issues. He's taking a look at these very specific issues and if he runs for governor there is going to be a learning curve. I just from what I understand mr. trump his -- resort -- it's a vertical -- knows things. He's very quick are on the uptake will understand things very quickly. And the as the basic understanding of what makes things work let's not forget. He's a business man and he knows that in order to increase profits you have to cut spending and he understands that the biggest problem in New York is our spending.

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