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More On Trump Visit

Jan 30, 2014|

Nick Langworthy & Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WBM live line now unwelcome -- -- where they -- chairman of the Erie county Republican Party and a good morning. You get more answers and by the way I'm Michael approvals also in the studio with a -- and he'll probably chime in with a question to. That we're all wondering who -- Donald Trump is gonna say. During his featured speech tomorrow night before Erie county Republicans and invited guest -- your big Republican fund raiser. Do you have given us a clue hand. Of what trump might say. Well I think he's gonna talk about the -- New York State be committed. I'm not so sure he's gonna make a declaration Kennedy's seat but. I know from my conversation with -- east. Very frustrated that the -- they inability of the governor to approve tiger fracking and create jobs upstate -- understand the fact that we have. Really suffered upstate much worse than anywhere else in the country in that we need jobs now more than ever and and tiger cranking it -- solution that you know the governor with a stroke of the pen could create thousands of jobs good paying jobs. Right now. Nick give our listeners an idea how big this fund raiser is tomorrow night could the speed potentially the biggest fund raiser that Erie county Republicans have ever had. I -- you know I don't like you -- absolute terms but I IE I don't think they can hesitate to you get here this is going to be the largest and most. Well attended event that this committee ever had. We have. Literally a couple dozen tickets last. You know we're gonna have over 600 people tell the course on Friday night. On -- know this is Michael. This whole thing came together in record time to -- -- you take a couple of months for one of these things ago. You know you we do about fighting events a year in and you needed to clean up good and we put this together. So. You know from the day that we announced it to work to game -- -- You know we're really excited and got an excellent staff the Republican committee is worked very hard on this and there's just it's such a level that these -- of people around community that maybe it never attended a political function or fund raiser before. But they -- hero mr. trumpet -- traders. Eight you know just a lot of positive entered your rounds of. Do you think you're gonna have a hard time or an easy time selling Donald Trump to the electorate -- them -- them. As that goes on our web -- on WB and dot com this morning 80%. Of the folks who have clicked on people don't think that Trump's gonna run but John that means Andrew Cuomo sitting in his office clicking. No no no no no. I I mean there's one minute. Just to make a decision whether or not describes that run that mr. trump and and you know I I think you could see and I think it's you know he's been -- unclear message just by. Other people live Condit heel marks Friday night that there's a lot of that they use for candidacy. You know bidders there's no one I can remember. You know where we could. Packed a room like this in in short order. You know to talk about potential candidate Ian and I think it dead. You know should help him make his decisions he's got a lot of a lot of things going on in life I think the political support would be -- for him. Should -- want to move forward with this this candidacy. And I think that we're gonna you know -- really -- He donate a lot of people have said that the trumpets all hype and clearly his celebrity. Is helping selling tickets for this fund raiser are using his popularity is that a factor here regardless of whether he runs. -- -- It's you know it it would be silly to say that it's not about you know people wanting to see him in in here from him and you know the timing of our event is based on you know when he was available comma period. It -- it was -- You know he east is certainly a guy that is have been able to. Sell a lot of products over the years you know telling a television show telling you don't brilliance. You know the comprehend this is is very popular. And I think it could translate politics just as easily be translated to this. If Donald Trump says he is going to be a candidate are you ready do endorse them. I think I'm -- endorse any candidate until they declare in another -- -- the year county Republican committee so Italy -- You know process this is his first visit upstate and mean you know we visited him in his office in Manhattan but you know east. I'm gonna meet several accounting -- -- your buffalo several of them are coming to. To the event and -- we're looking forward to that but you know he has seen a candidate before we talked about it -- You know on it though you did seem to be an early supporter rob mastery now. Has that changed. I -- I again have not endorsed a candidate because no candidate can declare. You know were were the first stop usually you know we've kind of become the -- -- in terms of Republican politics we're the first stop on the man. People come -- first. I'm I've been helpful rob mystery illness she -- -- candidate you know I'll be helpful mr. trump this he seems very candidate then once -- candidate she declares you're in if you will talk about -- You know make -- -- that people are sometimes a little bit confused me I'm a big supporter of mr. trumpeting the -- -- spending a lot of time trying to talk him into -- I think rob mastering it would be incredible governor. So it's it's not about about beating down progress renew it's about finding the best candidate. And it's my obligation as chairman of the party. Ten is an upstate political leader is to help our party -- the best possible candidate that we -- to go defeat in her Cuomo on November that it took this result. And really an -- it boils down to a lot of things but also money. I mean Andrew Cuomo's -- approaching forty million dollars and and the good thing is well I was in a mr. Trump's office I found 47 million dollars in his couch. -- good to talk to you this morning will be in touch and good luck tomorrow night thank you for joining us. -- -- chairman of the Erie county Republican Party Michael -- will be with those through the in the clock hour.

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