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Trump Visit Preview

Jan 30, 2014|

Michael Caputo; Pt I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael Kapono of the Republican strategist is in studio with us this one -- great to have you here thanks for having me. Donald Trump does the state GOP clear party formally thank. Well things have changed since we first went to mr. trump with the idea of running for governor. At that time though it's party chair was it was -- that was an absolute impediment he was telling people who mr. trump would never run. To not taken seriously he is sense but ended up. And we understand that there are many county chairs in the state trying to clear path for him to comment. This is really moving quite quickly as well. -- you know Donald Trump this is a big deal of diversity should also big television star and you know sometimes. I'm not gonna -- it it goes to your head but you know it has an overwhelming impact on your psyche of the -- you think. Now Andrew Cuomo on a daily basis travels all over New York State he's here he's there because of flood. He comes up with -- -- who came to buffalo with his big grandiose ideas about those big development -- buffalo. You know high tech stuff is Donald Trump ready to dual. Well absolutely I think he's big he's demonstrated by coming all the way to buffalo on his own steam this is not something that the Republican party's paying for. He's our he's making telephone calls to our county chairs and and by the way you know Andrew Cuomo didn't come anywhere near buffalo for three years he's only come into us right now. With taxpayer money in his hands because as these were voting for governor this -- that's the only reason he's through with. Let's not get lost in the abstract but here's the thing. And Donald Trump is a different kind of candidate he's a transformed it came as you said he's got global name identification. His brand is known all this is -- wide as Russia and China. It takes a guy like that to beat a guy like -- -- have to if you look at. The names of the people who signed up for the Republican. Our event on Friday their names you don't recognize people we've never seen it fundraisers before some of them Democrats. He's got crossover appeal. He's he's very widely known and nobody from an average back -- is gonna beat him -- What does he say tomorrow night. Like I keep everybody interest -- well I'll tell you it's. He's keenly. Keenly aware that he's that he people say he's played Hamlet more than Richard Burton when it comes to politics. He's keenly aware that very sensitive to a bit crazy in notes to him it's kind of an insult or injury you're always flirting and you're never going on a date. But here there I think tomorrow night during we've talked a lot about it -- he's gonna talk about buffalo is gonna talk about Andrew Cuomo if you talk about the need for a strong unified party to get to get behind a candidate who can win. And mr. trump is in my opinion the only candidate who can win here on this microphone I told you. Not even state senator Jesus H Christ could be Andrew Cuomo and then. Dear David DiPietro from the assembly gave me the idea and I went to mr. trump. And that's where we are where we are today things have changed. But a lot of people need to be conventional point this out our web Paula WB and outcome. Right now 80% of the folks who clicked on our polls say they don't think he's gonna run. And and I think that's. A solid opinion because he hasn't run before the remember him mr. trump has never declared for public office. He's never run for office she's only expressed interest. And I think a person of his stature who by the way has now what I've seen the inside of his personal life and his business went. I would never run for public office he has the greatest wife in the world he has an incredible family. He deserves as much time -- he wants to take to do is to take a look at a public office and decide whether he's gonna give all of that up. For the people of New York State.

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