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Trump Trip Takes Center Stage Friday

Jan 30, 2014|

Jimmy Vielkind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guest on the WB in my line is -- feel kind is a reporter with capital New York -- good morning. -- Big event in buffalo tomorrow night a sold out event for GOP fund raiser. With special guest Donald Trump is this event on your radar in Albany. Hillary and and is wondering what are not ultra is going to execute actually run for governor. And and of course Donald Trump where he called it would Albany area radio station yesterday sort of to an optic I'm thinking problem for political and try to and in. He and with equivalent the other and he says there see -- -- see any cards are we seeing crunch. You didn't see any urgency that's so early in the matter. And so we will have to see of course the other potential Republican candidate for governor is Westchester and that -- -- you know. There's Serena and do all the things that people who are running for governor on either democratic -- Republican side Duke's. Traveling the state scored in the party chicken dinners Q is that we can conference of the Conservative Party in Albany. Control during none of these things that fundraising buffalo is the first trip. Who was most interest in what was what trumps that RadioShack yesterday she says door library the award to a rather -- no runs for governor I'm not -- about -- -- Then should you didn't think rather extreme though would wherein you can use this guy. So. It's been there for a certain that a person's candidacy trump will walk away and know that there are lots of Republicans remains skeptical that trump was serious about this at all. Well we'll all that's said is that likely then -- that one Donald Trump takes to the podium tomorrow night. He'll probably just repeat the same stuff you just mentioned and if he doesn't mention any of that stuff that just likely be an attack on Governor Cuomo. Well I think you can probably that a little bit will be a cut -- Governor Cuomo. I think that you probably talk about how -- -- state. He'll probably talk about what you'd like police -- the wrong direction an excuse to president. Immediately offered his ideas for changing their direction. Lol what you expected -- pronouncement. One way or the other and of course we could beat -- goes wrong but that's what he indicated earlier this week. A time frame are we looking at least when would he need to decide by. Well that's an interesting question. If you remember -- -- -- turned Governor Cuomo -- not declared his candidacy until I believe Mary. The parties in this they have books or old nominating conventions in late day. I don't enrolled Republicans and I could interpret social orbit for arguments they went through that Donald Trump is -- and -- new York Republican voters. Hewitt. And theoretically if you can be nominated he can be placed onto that ticket in the primary. The same way that our approach this if you could forward that require -- was in twenty and if he was not nominated -- -- circulate petitions. And there you have -- volunteers source you have to. Establishing organization of people to go around they can gather a bunch of petition. To put him on the ballot. Then you're looking at a process through shoot in July. And over -- with financial -- that's not what you Roberta you're out of the mr. trump which is harder. Bunch of people to do that -- he go to actually have a lot of time. The other question his fundraising which together except that he has let it be willing to spend on the campaign. Not necessarily an issue. -- nice to talk to you this morning thank you for checking in with us. Ordered a worker that's Jimmy feel kind of reporter with capital New York.