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1-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. -- -- So it's -- You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. The -- of the righteous it's with that own all sides by the tees up so that's good -- Boom. It is he women about charity and good will shepherds the weak to do about it but he gets its. This keeper at the anger but lost to. And I wore us down -- that he would rate. That you. India -- to attempt to an end just broke any. -- The law. And upload. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. Okay. Yeah. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- -- assault weapon. In tight GA he is -- who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families. That's what I'm gonna do. But that happened that Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. Tough balance between -- moved him -- Myanmar to eat these greedy at 930 I like Q. You have close. I'd like a -- I don't think I'm ever gonna talk you again -- Waiting for that ball very good -- I didn't do it. I feel somehow like I'm not a priority in your life. Should I change my name to Ryan Miller does that suddenly make me -- -- number one in your book. I know exactly what happened you made the change the computer didn't take that changed after all it took the change -- I got your back joke I've got your back you know -- -- and yeah we're we're on the same page -- -- Are right it is about ten minutes at this -- I wouldn't be in the road a little bit. -- All right it is hourly WB and shall we go to -- terrific well. -- -- -- go to the drive won't get -- -- hopefully safely on one piece along with your beat the gulf let's go to Allen Harris. -- at the twelve minutes after six and against my better judgment. I sometimes Eric Hayward the Canadian way just because I try to be bi lingual. It livings -- closed the border. I did not watch. BO wannabe dictator. President Obama's state of the -- union address last night. -- Rush Limbaugh brilliantly call it because it is only accurate to describe it vastly state of the -- address. Folks when you have eight change in government. When you have a change in the constitution. Without the proper. Ratification process or a mandatory process which is produced specifically prescribed and that document. When it looked like it it tastes like get it smells like it and it walks like -- -- call what did a coup de -- And he gets a -- Because he's untouchable. And I know why he's untouchable. And anybody with a brain knows why he's untouchable K he's an uber progressive. -- he's a black liberal progressive. And he is the liberal media is wet dream. And Hillary Clinton is wet dream number two. Which is why the media will be pimp and pimping and peppering Hillary Clinton. The next couple years they are going to be makers see it as though she is the one. Well maybe Oprah Winfrey's final caller the one. Maybe she'll want to work with Hillary Clinton to make sure. It continues. Because folks. One of the things we've lord hear news. When you have a shield. Whether it be the black guy shield or the I'm a woman shield because as we know conserve at variance hate women. I've despised when united. I just can't stand there. And have no respect for their brains of electability is whatsoever because -- -- Neanderthal who drags his knuckles along the ground I walk and I know you're the same way even if you're a woman. I'm speaking very sarcastically. They understand. That some people are untouchable. Because they come from groups you cannot say anything bad about no matter how. Much -- grew up. We know what Barack Obama. We know why he has the shield Hillary Clinton will have the V word shield. Trust me folks. She will be a rock Obama with -- movie. I have no doubt she's going to be the next president. No doubt whatsoever what are the Republicans do. -- what they usually do they'll fold and act like a bunch of spineless girlie man. The Republicans remind me of -- One of my least favorite of the Shakespearean characters. You -- it. You be a little. Metaphor here in light. You've got to make a choice in life between how you handle things and I handle adversity. And I handle insults. And I'm not condone violence of course in any way shape report. OK but I'm simply drawing a parallel between how different men react. Two. Egregious assault on their families. For those who don't remember Hamlet. Was the son. Of a hot out of Hamlet. All right king Hamlet was murdered. By his own brother. -- Hamlet was killed by his own brother. Little him what. Spends the entire freaking play talking about getting revenge on his. Goal. -- he does is talked and talked and talked. It doesn't DeWitt and. He was a spineless girlie man. And I -- he's my what my least favorite Shakespearean character little Hamlet. He was definitely. Well after that anything wrong with man escaping. That he was definitely the original metro sexual. Now compare that. With Michael Corleone. In the godfather. Michael Corleone to handle the attempted murder of his father. Louise restaurant in the Bronx. You make sure somebody good plant to make gun. Goes out of what my brother coming out of there with just -- in his hand. You know Michael Corleone handle family business. -- sit there and talk about it that he -- They do nothing. Now. He did what had to -- That was a man. Unfortunately in America today we have far too many hamlets. In part to fuel Michael -- else. I realize I'm talking about fictional characters. But there are men of action and there are -- man of words. Are you endorsing violence -- no not in the least. What I'm doing is drawing an example. Between people who talk. In people who do. In my money's always going to be on the people who do. For example. The gentleman I met the other day in the unit went cafeteria. Wearing their dress blues. Of the United States marine or. Just an honor to be in the same cafeteria. With men. Good looking men. With well cut but -- for orbit that would be our let's get back to the calls on that WB and here's bill in buffalo WB appeal. -- lord love a lame -- like Obama. Out or Coke and get himself out of this mess. You know he he's a community organizer. All the years. And we've got that's government money can buy lobbyists. -- country whether Democrat or Republican. And these guys if they can each other. Like a bucket off more pumped in high school he -- don't want it either country get Cohen. Every time they put out a building reporter or writer on it it. We're not gonna extend unemployment benefits if you guys don't pick -- -- -- my airport. This government is -- You know bill I honestly felt. I think I think -- -- in the larger picture either I think you pick in the two out of pepper the larger picture -- last night we had a president announced a coup d'etat. And nobody gets a -- got a Kennedy -- I get it. But the rest of the media does not understand the significance of one man. Representing one branch of government which used to be comprised of three co equal branches say. You know what whenever and wherever I can't I'm taking power. There's a word for that it's called the leadership there's another word for that. The bank. Why don't these guys -- in the older people. I just don't get there and it Cuomo couldn't say I want to I want it -- of them -- Cuomo. Of New York City. And I'm gonna talk to people like I'm reading that story. Jack -- Jack quit Jack gentle protecting him though it won't help an -- so that. In that battle but I'm not saying you don't want to do what I wanna do -- -- Q and it hit me any crap. The war powers -- -- it would. Go one step further. When we come back from the break by the way you know this is role reversal day I did not watch the State of the Union Address I want your analysis except I don't want anything positive about Obama because I don't feel like throwing up -- 168 pounds this morning we don't -- lose anymore weight so hold on for just the second okay. The hold up because you missed the preamble to the show which were quite frankly beyond brilliant let's go to traffic right now with a man who quite frankly is beyond it. Brilliant with traffic and get the -- tigers now. And remember Alan I brought extra real eleven packets and just for you thinking your voice might need them today and identity of eleven degrees right now real feel. -- in Sherron is still minus eight today. As the day goes -- well as the evening goes on a couple of flurries early in the evening otherwise partly cloudy -- overnight low eight tomorrow will be 27. But it's also going to be windy so much of -- 27 were actually in the field remains to be seen. Like yeah -- Told museum. The old -- museum was -- museum. The best preserved Egyptian -- ever was there and I don't know what happened -- that now they gave him maiden name of general seemed to not. Up online it could not find any reference to I think they just on the moment of some commoner in invented some story about it to make him seem like he was important. -- worry about these things -- night. And that makes me charmingly eccentric. Let me get back to a -- in buffalo on WB a thoughtful I don't think you heard the preamble to today's program my correctly set up the first. -- -- I don't know geared -- part in -- Lol well basically what I said was there is nothing new under the sun and what made the American experiment unique. And original in the annals of history. -- for the first time eight people decided we have the power elected officials simply. -- -- From us by our consent in elections. Now last night in -- right. Up yours to the constitution. An American president said screw you. Five and the government. And and let's just so you think it's out of frustration. Or -- -- it's -- teacher. Doesn't know how to building that president. Let me ask you something when somebody says they're -- fundamentally transform a country. How would you take his remarks. Well. Look at it's due to secure a cure or an art. Work with him. That she used such extreme. You know they aren't. It's not a question of in -- here's where you're not Psycho analyzing Obama correctly and his ilk. Okay it's not a question of insecurity it's a question of power. And seizing. Power. It's not a question of insecure like. I'm not big enough it's a question of power must be. Hours and we mustn't ever relinquish it. Because our agenda to transform America fundamentally must be realized in the -- our opportunity either shall never be a better one. What you saw last night was. Basically the constitution of the United States being used as they -- screened. Thank you very much -- magical. Although he may sit when he urinate so much -- 645 at WBE. They're ready it's nothing like a sure Tom Bauerle -- -- and -- tend to Myanmar to. 930 I like Q. You have woes. I'd like. Bonus WBE. And whenever. I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families. That's what I'm gonna do it. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. Up -- assault weapon. If I DN AE is that who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Up yours Andy you have no place in any position of power or any work close to a position of power. Of the last thing I do as a talk show host. I want this celebrate your ouster from power. And the victory of Donald Trump. And the end of your political career and well. I think it's very doable. I would know. To see the end of Hillary Clinton's political career as well. But that's discount. 636. News radio 930 WBM. Hourly with you on the radio Joseph -- master control Johnny Sherman is our call screener number twenty. In your programs and -- starting. Right Winger now defense. We went through yesterday well he's he can play a variety of positions basically when it comes to the hockey roster challenge German he knows the Kama sutra. Here's Chris on WBE MR -- were doing role reversal. On the -- show today and usually it's the talk show host who analyzes and that has the acolytes responded today I am New York acolytes. As long as you're not gonna say anything good about this fraud. -- not even a product out there exactly what is gonna go. People need to wake up this guy who this person this idiot in that they are an idiot that's a better future. Yeah Ali that's the thing he's -- Smart. And that's what drives me not it's like Hitler was a genius he capital but it evil genius. Right this guy it's part of the player. You know that -- economy is gonna collapse began here in the back nine to twelve months. The election on -- Unit in the part I'm doing one particular thing. I don't know the congress. -- Can do before the congress to get them back and -- Like active and any stories I know wait but it'll. On the mark or come out of the woodwork they need all. Their market. You know there -- obviously. All. And while -- unit and pilloried by doing -- -- there. You know what Joseph you know serve that's an excellent point Joseph we we need to write a note to -- level Maria addressed it to my wife. I'm sorry I'm not married never will be again. We need at Hillary Clinton and her utter disrespect. For our men who gave their lives at Ben Ghazi. And what likes guys that I. And of course this administration's hiding the survivors. So they can't tell the truth about what an absolute disaster. And what a treasonous man. Was in control of what happened at Ben Ghazi. We -- people. -- stop being scared and a mile and I'll everything. He got you got okay here's the question. How many courageous people left in America. While not a lot to Mir space that's why we're in the shape weren't. But I want you to be honest you realize. -- you read it you just got through telling me. The marxists. Are coming out of the woodwork. And I agree with you you could not be more spot up. And I have cited example after example -- chained O'Connor in a brilliant twist of irony -- O'Connor. Through their own words they will be exposed. And through their own words this so called lovers of people the so called. Crowd. This so called the respect everybody route through their own words they are showing. The emptiness. Of their claims that the conservatives. Are that eight people the conservative area and they hate mongers. Known known known known known known no. They're Communist progressives are filled with hate and disdain people like you and people like me we're filled with -- love for our fellow citizens even the misguided ones. I have a challenged the mr. trump so it looked right into a property manager and a builder of -- Their state is to be rebuilt at a speed of them take that opportunity now I don't care what he's done in here sitting. And all the got. As it is Tibetans and will be got. The blog don't Cuomo won't rip them shrugged and take all their money. So the challenge here is what exactly. Become governor. And try to bridge the states and here's the ball all that and a big airport. I holed that Donald Trump is not simply stroking us and stroking us in stroking yours and that's saying just before. All -- -- -- up. I hope -- of play that game. I don't. It is probably the white person -- ability Wyatt. And he knows what goes into brother or the first America really at this point. Think -- -- -- crew. And really there's something major and jury -- ball. Although I'm Shelley the over scrap the moment of the NC. Well you really need to take a little luck Ameritrade if I don't do this now what -- got worse my family -- at that. They weren't -- city going to be imported. -- if you're Donald Trump if you don't really give it. To -- -- about New York State because you can move off you can move off the Montenegro and be very very welcome but I withdrew money -- the that -- to break. A great run to traffic normally -- You give me that look Joseph and I've learned that that look means I may be turned into a female at the rusty blade and a modern type of -- But -- Donald Trump for himself. He can do and live wherever he wants to do and or whatever it wants to do where -- to -- if I'm Donald Trump. Know you're being felt paranoid. I'm if I'm Donald Trump you know it -- right now. I'm making sure that my my helicopters my private jets might elevators are all under 24/7 -- Well I look at it this -- in America votes when he went don't -- financial what you're able at night there's anyone bankrupt. He stuck around and he lied to rebuild it I think he's person there that challenges. And that's so far the biggest challenge you've ever had in the wind. At their view the management work. -- they all -- -- and I'll put up his number and that -- -- if you really papers and I was -- And a real person that really liked the dolphins take challenges. This is that. Well there is I have to agree with something I think I think Michael proto said this but I hate to put words in Michael's mouth. Although I really don't mind because he met Neil young's idle mind is quote Mike Caputo. But my point being that. I can't think of any body else who canned beats Andrew Cuomo. And if there's one thing that I want to see so badly before -- leave this state. Which will be soon it will be the demise of Andrew Cuomo's political career. I area what dominant but no more things that I'm gonna do it here and now it guys while we're only a state like. But everybody -- just stay and are instead of running. Running for the Carolina running back -- I love this state. All. It -- it it's not running because I won't disclose my purse. If I might finish don't call me a coward dude is those are fighting words pomp and -- career. Just moving to an income tax free state gives me enough money extra every year to buy a new very high end sports it's a very. Good business decision staying here is stupid for. It's -- dumb decision. That would be. I beg your -- It is -- Libya itself. Asia enemy prisoners on their between while -- -- but do. -- -- -- Bob livers are very dear friend of -- he's -- great -- Guys break but we'll get -- -- people and you know people -- just the wake up we cannot delegate our lives. -- and what. Our our market wire these people anymore people living it up and get involved and I know people are busy and all their economies box. People are working Arafat turned derived by you know what none of it won't matter -- lot -- people get involved. -- but not don't. I understand it and please understand. With the tech. -- we have today we -- all the citizens of the world. And I will spend just enough time in an income tax free state. To increase my bottom line and enough time in buffalo to still be connected. Physically to buffalo all party had some preliminary conversations about his company understands companies in stroke real cool would it. But you know I just from a business perspective I'm -- it's stupid for me -- -- -- I'm losing a lot of money. I understand. Look at that there I bet -- -- and the camera and I wouldn't say -- but -- block anybody besides that couldn't carry it out. I do -- I I do too but. Let's put it this way when one looks at one's financial picture increasing by a certain percentage -- a certain dollar amount simply by re located. It's rather stunning. You're free your -- some -- see how much money more money you would have at the end of the month if you didn't pay New York State income taxes. We're obviously going to Baghdad that. Download what goes on and I've hired -- him. I mean I just I just didn't want to misinterpret my business decision. As Colin Peek because that because I've -- quite frankly for many many reasons I think our proven I'd bet. And like you I have bones over the past few weeks. Don't misinterpret what the body are proud to make it a point. I got -- I didn't mean to be -- violate I overreacted and I'm sorry dude I knew you and your. Argument Huggins then it's cheaper. I'm madly Harlem and have us. -- -- They comment from back I have CNN. Was in the Barack Obama like every sides. While you forgot one important statement. Cut cut cut cut its -- I pretty much got them on thank you very much. A few. If our younger man I'd say that listening to Barack Obama is like six in that I've cited very hard. Yeah and its eye is 4651. All right guys. You know I was actually gonna do it is earlier but anybody -- up in traffic right now I've got three minutes basic. So there's anybody's stuck in traffic and it is becoming a major pain in the -- and to drive home if you wanna get through to me. I start -- thirty is a free call start at 930. But I suggest you pick up the phone now and do it. -- trying to call the cellphone right now is talk of so called. United and commissioners yesterday but -- these days -- it's heating gloves what I drive home. And it makes it almost impossible to text when I'm driving so I got to -- peel off with my mouth and then text on driving him. Basically pray for the best. I don't really do that I'm stating that just to make a point for the rested. And myself. The there's not a single text message where cell work telephone call in the world. That is so important. That -- were putting you pedestrians other drivers passengers at its. Okay. Unless of -- -- called me that it's okay all right here's Wendy in parts unknown -- -- no not on South Park when the stating it's ago. -- I I am I'm sorry it's no. All good heavens tell me about South Park which -- become the new expressway of choice. I I I want my first choice you know they stupidly thought they get to get off of 190. On elm. We're on an -- creep up Ohio street. But -- -- out -- black rock bottom out all right after all over the bridge. That you don't you don't know that you didn't think am I going the other way it is moderately traffic but not people. You turning around on a LIR and -- fall. I am at fort -- Your mirrors right. Now. A no more I don't want you to trouble. Where. It. But I heard it. It's -- nine simply. OK but it is taking you now if you started work at 4:30 this morning presuming you did which do twelve. And I did not I don't work 830 or thirty I left. Or Terry. All my years and I have to go to Q2. Another pretty mild sell. Yet it is not -- here I don't at a restaurant obsolete and it. -- -- Maybe stop them and I grabbed some jobless rate go homered you've hungry hungry animals husband and children at home wondering where you are in weather we're having a clear. Yet now now I call them tell them I don't believe me it doesn't. The -- -- that yet but you know I don't I don't know. Well you don't want. Wendy I don't know how much you listen to my show but I and I came on the air today for singer said wars -- -- -- feeling today is going to be one of those PG days to get home. Unfortunately in my press -- and it's an intuition a gain proved correct. Yeah eight here earlier and and when you shout out to be a pain in the you know I yes. -- -- You digger the F bombs eye drops in times and I like the vary by F bombs and throw different words either before or after them just to spice things up and keep my own vernacular interest in the myself. Well pretty I think the most important ever -- but not really in my et -- yeah. But that I get out any other out there eventually but I just want to shout out to do it. You're safely in my dear all right thank you so much for calling give your best of the spam. All right hey guys -- still got silly topics a lot of coverage I have that chance that -- lately. I wanna think you'll be ever master control I'd like to thank John Sherman I anyway guys that. Thanks for another great job and there's anything you ever need. This is they viewed through some Digi times in life -- -- word. No yourself.

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