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1-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EN. -- -- -- So. You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the tees up so opens at Q. School. It is T Wimbledon pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak due to -- value. But he used and it's. This keeper and the anger but lost to. And it doubles down on the -- with great. India hold to attempt to that and just broke any. And law -- And upload it. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. Blue man. His ball club. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- -- assault weapon. In tight GA he is that who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. But it happened that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. Balance between -- moved him from Myanmar to eat these greedy at 930 I like Q. You have close. I'd like a loaded. -- Hourly on his radio my ability WB. And it. Certainly obviously Obama lover and network Obama lover free zone today nothing positive about this man. I cannot. Other than saying he's a great dad. I just realized that -- call Hitler like ball -- His favorite creature like other than capable on the was on his dog -- -- -- by the way eventually killed has -- cyanide before he -- -- -- on decided to enter. -- together. And she -- in your. With the Germans who worked for peace. And click. Let the German your German American kind of all right let's find out about traffic right now not a lot of humor that are -- the -- votes. I -- play up top here's Alan Harris. And again -- we're still look at that eleven degrees minus eight whip the review appeal temperature. I agree with him impeached and excellent. Real field. Somehow I kind of feel like my friend DJ with them as -- real field and out of the wind chill. Now by the way your homosexual listeners don't get upset with me. Because we got into a discussion on Saturday Oilers are gauging my hair dye and he what he's corresponding with some of his other homosexual friends you'll say oh my god that is so gay. At some of them actually ride him for that you shouldn't say that you -- all people and he basically tells what I say go blank like. It appears that that's why he's my friend gauge it. Got to get him that is against got there got there because he gets it you know what I mean. Just because ever since we -- -- a -- that does not. A -- believe me stage the bigger guy is they fly outs and prancing homosexual. And he's proud of it and he's also got guns any tips and he's a hell of a shot and he's a true American. See these -- people on my stuff at. Real Americans. And I love it anyway. You know is that on your side folks your president. And he talks a good -- Actually the more you listen to them. The more you realize how utterly -- crappy. And the more -- realize. That I hate in this country. That's not talk from people who listen to the buy -- show. Or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or mark will -- -- Michael Savage. Laura Ingraham. The hate in this country comes from the Communists. All I'm sorry they call themselves progressives. Now. And liberals. And the new place of honor in my whole my radio all. Says this every day this week. There are those of you war liberals. -- still Americans and you get -- respect the constitution. And I respect that and I hope that you give me that -- -- would never gonna agree on everything else could -- don't agree on everything. But if you love the constitution. He got a lot of friends on our side. You really do. Now. Let us go back to the call outlets here what are president. You. Who is that this is the money shot. Last night from the president's state of the union this is all you need to know about this man and is this day. For the constitution of the United States and when he said what a fun change America what else did you think -- that. This is what he meant the constitution. Doesn't mean it's. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. That was for president last night and it ought to be removed from office for saying that. The most empathetic Alter the constitution statement ever made by any president since Abraham Lincoln. Top Abraham Lincoln. -- -- -- Abraham Lincoln. Was the greatest use your upper up individual rights against the government and due process in this country's history. If you know you're Lincoln. You understand. That he. Who by the way it was an attorney. Violated more civil rights during the civil war. -- any president up until Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who put (%expletive) Well that's what we used to call them Japanese Americans in internment camps. In the immortal words of George Carlin. You got no stake in -- rights and let us not forget this comes on the heels of governor of almost hate speech. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right somebody. -- -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Folks. A soft through these people before they were elected. And in one of the greatest herds of irony I can -- The liberal Irish folk singer -- O'Connor. Speaking truth. Many years ago. -- -- Okay. Turn your own words. You explored yourself. And fundamentally transform America. Anybody who killed the same eat the implications of that statement and where it would go. I submit to you. What I read earlier from Louisiana studies which also by the way was popularized at least the theories and the -- the united by. The Barenaked Ladies it's all been done before. Let's get back to the calls on WB and here's Jeremy when my all time favorite names. Not in buffalo WB and Jeremy its role reversal day please analyze the speech for me did you did you watch it did you listen to it or like your humble host you simply saying attention to the real intent of this speech where it's -- which was a coup -- Germany. German I can't hear a word you're saying man. Our I apologize on. I am calling because I listen to your show very frequently. And sometimes they agree with the things that you're talking about and sometimes they don't -- This topic is so strong that I hate it felt like I had to call it. -- This there's so many things that it has shown that would coming. Since Obama. Even began his run for presidency and I knew from the beginning -- act. People voting for Obama solely for the fact that he's African American and -- the wrong thing to do people voted for him without even telling. What his views -- and what -- wanted to do with America. Now America. Is heading into some sort of an economic. Depression much like the Great Depression why is why I'm Hitler wrote to power. -- -- Took that and made it the people we commit a bit he could pretty much pretty a man who did what he wanted. Actually you you know I'll continue with -- Jeremy. Obviously you're an educated man and most importantly we agree on this topic which is fundamental why I would keep you want longer. But keep something in my -- The treaty of that's -- Also was -- direct cause of World War II. Because it basically put the Germans in a no win situation and made a guy like Hitler. In the -- -- it in to have -- it's going to happen. -- from team America world police don't go anywhere on WB and let's find out what's going on with traffic. And your friend of mine that bird seat Alan Harris. -- say we give Alan Harris even more work today. If you see any traffic jams and I say -- -- I don't mean editors disabled vehicle on Rex important not a lot of no I mean big stuff that's causing may -- And I don't for mayhem. But we should know about it our traffic command is 8030321. 8030321. Traffic command to report major accidents. And I got a feeling ballots. It's still snowing just up and blowing just enough where I'm surprised to be in the screwed up yet beyond all recognition. It's eleven degrees minus eight is the wind -- -- field. And I have permission from gauge -- to say that real feel just sounds. I should say windshield from -- All right here is -- -- -- my official. Gay. Monitor of the show. We have lesbian monitors that. They've been laugh and for me for years okay let's get back to the calls and it is Jeremy in buffalo Jeremy the -- talking about the -- How Hitler was able to take power in that a very very weak Germany post World War I which we are forced to pay ridiculous reparations. To the victorious out allies and as a result had to devalue its currency so they can be paid often fake money. Sound familiar. Yes and in and also sounds very familiar is that. Today. You eat the public here many many stories about how the police are becoming more and not more brutal toward the production. Recently I -- on FaceBook and -- seeing multiple video come out the one in particular where the police. In public. Making -- -- public spectacle of it. -- They're -- they're they're -- became corrupt or in one case I feel man given a car accident and had been launched from his car. -- eight officers ran out to -- kicking him. And beating him while he was unconscious it sounds to me a lot like the good apple. -- Soviet Union and. Actually. Bigger shop well when I was -- Soviet Union and the KG in the Ian Davey. -- -- I understand what you -- saying and I'm just gonna get back to one statement freedom is not the natural. Condition of human beings freedom has to be fought for and earned by every generation. This is your destiny Jeremy you must follow the torch was picked up the torch I'm fifty years old can't do this forever you've got to follow connect. I I have been saying that. Q Mike Stanley friends everyone and everyone always. I gotta -- -- I'd I'd Joseph says he's gonna turn me into cape on and believe and he says that my voice -- problem. Very well. Where do I begin. My father was a relentlessly self improving below true -- from Belgium that they're great narcolepsy and the potential for thuggery. My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named -- with webbed feet. My father would woman and she would drink. It would make outrageous claims like invented that question. Sometimes she would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that -- the genius possess in the insane amendment. My childhood -- but. Summers in Rangoon -- lessons. In the spring we make meet and match. When I was incidents I was placed in her lap back and beaten three expertise standard. Here. At the age of -- I received my first crack. The age of fourteen as a rush to name their loved Richard is to appreciate my testicles. They're ready it's nothing like a shortened script and it's -- taking questions from. You know we have to stop. Chances. -- He's. I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it. In other words folks IA and staging a coup d'etat. And you can't touch me it does this because I'm black. That's what I get out of office. Now I love the black part of Obama did that detest the white part. Folks I just wanna have a lot of -- About what is in the cards. -- You do know that already Hillary Clinton is being positioned as it's her turn. She deserves it she's should be the next president. And I have very little about that in fact she will be president -- she is gonna get deferential proper Rachel presidential treatment. As president Barack Hussein Obama. Now I still have my own personal expense GO. Have monks employed. In the basement here. Because. I believe that part of being go to America and being a conservative Terry and is -- positive vibes and positive energy toward one's enemies. In the hopes that these scales in justice. And malignancy shall fall from their eyes that they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them for. The monks are still edit in our basement. Day after day hour after hour shift after shift. They work. Alone. And cloistered. In a very dark. In very very sedate surroundings. No luxuries. No forced our accommodations. Not even a Dell -- -- ego. -- -- monks they wouldn't be imprisoned any. It got back but this is what they do all that. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end. -- Earl as it occurs where I work -- -- a freeze on today. I have to tell you I have no patience whatsoever. For anybody. Who's gonna tell me a wonderful man years. Because he's nothing but a two bit petty dictator wanna be and a story. When he said what he said last night. I wanna play is something history changed. Those were pivotal. Remarks. And ex -- remarks. Spain's. Worthy of a cheap hotel in Tucson. On the American fabric of freedom. And unlike. The sheets in Tucson bleach. Antivirus agents probably won't work. Let's go to love Chris and Orchard Park on WB interest. So what's going on -- I I don't know where to I don't know what is certain says it was new for the whole time. -- -- some of global voice by the way sort -- and night to decide every time. It is very existence -- a terrorist. Within reason of course. Yeah absolutely absolutely and in real quick. Even those happened. Quite a while ago in the show I've I've blown away by some people's ignorance. The got a cult of the world view breaks ago. All -- not even bring him up Shakespeare in Richard the second said the truth -- -- quiet rest and that is the high road I've chosen to take. And I shall be vindicated. And I I know you will and looking forward to gonna play out I suspect -- don't look forward to it. But to my mind because ignored that. If they hurt well things from a news sources -- and respect they pretty much anything than what they want here. It would look into it it was it doesn't count but they -- something. You know about an individual. And they assume that it ought to be an accurate so anyway. On the on the speech last night I I think you know I think the biggest thing that really got me going about it is when you talk about -- -- the federal minimum wage. I don't even know I was wrong. Situated which -- all the borrowing and I was going supporters. I can be in favor reason federal minimum wage when the full facts obamacare haven't even been realized yet. Shall small businesses and large businesses don't even know the -- Aspect of how it gonna back down in regards to them for a minute and laying people law to do now talking about raising the federal level wage. Own men and women in uniform don't even come close to making minimum wage for putting their arson is on the line every day for the rest of us for God's sake. And it was my privilege to shake two hands of proud United States Marines and their dress blues the other day in the you'll -- cafeteria. And I think there -- kind of surprise coming from such a long haired hippie like individual and by the way one of the guys knew exactly where was he was very grateful I set on behalf of all of my listeners we all. Want to thank you. Now hold -- for just a moment because apron if you're gonna raise the minimum wage let's start with the people who put their hands on the line every day hold on let's go to traffic right now hours -- Monumental. Traffic issues all the monumental ones not the minor ones you know is caller WB in traffic command at 80303218030321. AccuWeather a couple of flurries early this evening. As opposed to. Late in the evening which was great Paul Simon and at a very Latin says sound to it in the 1970s my -- days in the heaved in with in the music seeped in through. Partly cloudy and cold overnight low -- I do that radio karaoke thing. In Iran Dobson you will never get out of my head it's eleven degrees minus eight whip the wind show. Very manly windshield. Let us go back to. Where's my -- they hang up Chris Orchard Park -- where's my men. Our Chris in Orchard Park and -- well if I was right. I did it go Chris you're -- with a WP yet again the finish and thoughts. Yeah well I mean I I don't. Drop me I'm on a number of -- -- -- Republicans -- and not you know vote for Obama either taxable thanks Adam Porter is what is actual. In actual Bernanke there in the delivery speech what good it did not or accept -- the art which you can -- -- is that I'm not on the ignore the constitution and it. Of course that I'm telling you all around all of look at that means and the civil rights constitutional Russell. I don't take that -- What you know there are a lot of things he said that would be fine but I don't -- -- that the thing. It's a big so good. But I don't believe him and to reach out and communicate and but you keep hearing problem senator after senator and congressman after congressman who are on the right saying that he won't talk to -- So liberal line. You know why Obama and the progressive Communist lie and lie and lie. Because and Rush Limbaugh has done the -- for years I see no reason to steal his work without attribution but the point news. Bipartisanship. Means the conservatives. I'm sorry there are so few of them office the Republicans. Pour out the few values they have left. And become just like Democrats even more that's what it means. On planet reality. Yeah well I mean you're what the point that you've been making sprinkling. Throughout the show here in there about. Hillary is it is frightening because it is indeed it is. It continue it point by you and the fact that. I don't know why didn't think it is what you're right they're gonna use the woman's appeal -- and they're gonna use the same way that you that the minority appeal to compensate. People -- Hillary. Obviously he -- this little girl might edit it all I hear that. And if you criticize Hillary Clinton. Basically she has the she has the V word shield. It was the only good thing I could see at least Obama doing opted not I feel like he realizes there's a lot of people like -- that are better approach Second Amendment and he definitely lost very quickly over that aspect of the last night in relief. Talk about what we -- made clear prior that he wants to do with that that's such a. Well where at what either there's a reason to because he's already in the hopes that wherever and whenever he can he will bypass the legislative process and simply change our world change our laws with a stroke the so there's no reason for. A -- you have to understand that and that's how these people operate these people you mean an act Veba. -- I mean tyrants and tyrants come and all stripes and by the way to the person who sent -- an -- on email about Bush's. I'd like your somewhere else but I will never vote for bush again never. If that hole was running again who wins against George Bush or any portion I'd vote for the double I don't trust the bush is either. I mean they've got more class than the obamas but fundamentally the American. We party -- would just like that didn't and we don't need another Clinton neither is it that acquaintances also work which should be having people enrolled in an opposite so. Specific. Yeah we should've started that with the Kennedys. Most of them could actually drive okay thanks for wearing out too soon thanks for the call 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB and remember Mary -- compact he -- Yes Mitt Romney wanted binders filled with women Ted Kennedy killed a woman got off -- for. All the traffic that traffic it was even tough for me drive and then Thursday up to import Chinese student almost bought it she didn't even know it yet ear buds on them where I was driving safely and I still almost lost it in the G-8. All -- -- -- weak and he is a killer. Let's go to traffic right now here is Allan Harris. Keep going. Chug chug chug charred judge -- you got up to Cleveland drive commodity on. Good I'm glad. My friend -- a day like this you take is much time as you need every time you go on the year because we exist to serve the motoring public and I know you take great pride -- that and as you know. I don't think I've ever heard anybody do. Major traffic situations as well as you do when the Pope -- the fan in a variety of locations -- -- wells that are left lanes closed by -- you know what that means. It means everything in back is now going to be a Mongolian cluster dance to. A further Mongolian clustered dance all right now we're got to keep your till 730 tonight at this school year. Good guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- via our thanks Alan Harris sent by the -- weather wise we're looking at eleven agrees the real feel is minus eight right now deep he's gonna have the latest headlines for you coming up by derivatives it's an expert would be -- pocket Tom pocket. And that again all the majors stuff. If you don't hear -- mention it. You know we always like your help with the major stuff especially like this we don't do all graphical all the time that -- likeness. -- I I knew I was gonna the first thing -- that when I got earlier today I just have a bad feeling about the afternoon commute. Based on the fact that it was like it was well do as government worker thereabouts I knew it was going to be with this -- -- -- well. So our traffic hotline 8030321. By the way while I have a moment. Something very important I -- reference don't near unplugged is nearly enough -- what you wanna do. Which yourself fall on. Well with your kids cellphone they bring it out when you bring about the launcher dinner. Put it where the sun don't shine. That's what I usually do with my kids whenever we go out to direct element -- the cellphone -- their thumbs moving. Via cellphone world disappeared on comparable place because it paid them and hated watching text. And such a mean. But the important thing here with yourself all issues there are three words I want you to keep in mind you're gonna have to -- three different texts to us at WB yeah. News. Traffic. Weather. Just remember those worst news traffic and weather. Text those words -- 3930. 393. You'll send three different text. One that says. Whether what that says news one that says traffic and that every time we get a major situation. You will know what's happening as it is happening -- has said before that saved my bacon and a number of occasions in the night president Obama's single handedly got bin Laden. The reason I do about it was the WB and textile workers I was busy watching or old time movies on television on WB.

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