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1-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. -- -- Let's. -- It take you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous if if that phone call for its part in equities so it's -- -- -- That is he Wimbledon pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak during the value to our but he -- and it's. This keeper and there. But lost to. And I wore us down upon the -- with great. India hold to attempt to that and just broke any. And the law. It up -- No one -- with an assault rifle. Know what. It's okay. -- -- His ball club. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right term -- -- Perot assault weapon. -- tight GA he is got who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. But that happened that. Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. Tough -- and brilliant move ten Myanmar to beat these greedy and dirty I like you. You have close. Like a -- Wow I I marvel at the greatness of -- of Bieber on a regular basis. -- marvel at the stunning competence of newcomer John Sherman on the hourly basis while Bettman welcomed the show job. We're gonna get back into a programming year I just keep were in line votes one were revived as we move along. Well actually it's one word with a little bash keeping it. Role play. Community admitted. Right now though. Let's play the role of being patient drivers without dropping F bombs on the -- IV or as you approach this guy way. I usually drop a multiplicity. Of extremely creative F bombs in my own personal variations thereof on my drive home here's Alan Harris. All right gang and heads up a couple of flurries early in the evening otherwise partly cloudy -- overnight -- eight right now eleven degrees the real feel is that minus eight. And that take your premiums so glad that that my friend told me dude you don't wanna take the united work today you'd be much better off that future. And I said thanks for the heads up the morning workers and attacks. Thank you. If it. It's eleven degrees real feel is -- All right ladies and gentlemen. Don't you understand what is happening. Do you get. Let's try I don't believe the threads together because. Today I. I want your analysis of what I refused to watch last night. Well say some of the intellectual. Look I understand the point in as well taken -- -- well intentioned but so is my approach to others. I don't need the touch a flame and no I'm gonna goober. I also don't need to listen to President Obama. In order to know that the man is a serial liar who cannot be taken at his words and frankly. Is a dictator. Wannabe. I don't need to listen to him to know from went through -- where he columns. I called this man in 2008. I saw right through him. And of course was called. He stressed as was sandy beach as we Sean Hannity. And Rush Limbaugh and anybody who dared stand in the way of history. Of our president actually he's biracial. I love the black rock the white part of him is the part I can't stand. But folks. Last night in combination with what governor almost a couple weeks ago. Absolute meaning and proof. Probative value to the statements of that wonderful Irish singer. Who. Definitely has some issues but most great entertainers do. Her name is chained O'Connor actually she played recently I think at the rip in -- wonder I really would like to better. No I did not think it was cool that she wrote that the picture of the poll. But I always find forgiveness in my heart even -- -- Catholic should O'Connor. Without even realizing you're saying very -- that the twenty years ago. Palin he. Okay. Through their own words. They are exposing. Themselves first of all ladies and gentlemen Andrew Cuomo. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right term IE. -- Perot assault weapon. At tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. And frankly folks the most disgusting words I think I've ever ever uttered. By an American president. In my lifetime and I was born during the final months of the John F. Kennedy presidency. An American president goes. In front of congress. And basically cents. That the constitution. Of the United States which calls were three distinct co equal branches of government will not stand on his watch. And whenever I can take stuff without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's on the -- To expand. Opportunities. For more American families. That is they -- rather. Shall we say -- whose statement. It's a rather Fuzzy statement. Because. A politician can always justify. What it means to expand opportunities for more American families. That statement means exactly Richard. -- I want your interpretation of what happened last. Rush Limbaugh. He's such an evil man of course he called it exactly what it once. The state of the -- CEO UP. Basically -- we saw last night was -- publicly announced coup d'etat. Against. Our constitution. Nothing less than that was on display. Yet most of the media refuses to acknowledge it as such why. Because the president used that magical word. Families. Expand opportunities. For more. American families. Expand opportunities that you were opportunities. I want your analysis of what happened last night. I was busy watching that new cover to the NHL who has no reputation whatsoever as being a play -- score or pastor. Mr. Ovechkin are still fully. Sneak his way around many Buffalo Sabres and somehow managed to. Elude an -- powered defense. And our back checking offense. Dignity. You tell me what you heard last night. What I heard last night was the constitution of the United States. Being -- fouled. By a man who is nothing but a two bit petty wannabe dictator. And I called him that in 2008. Folks I can see through these people. Like most people see through glass I have a gift. Call it intuition. I have a gift. Through his own words he has been exposed for exactly who and what he is. And folks if you think Hillary Clinton. Isn't being touted. As the heir apparent because she won't follow the same road you. Are sadly mistaken. You're thing is that they might have to change the state of the union to the vagina monologues but I think that titles already been taken. 8030938. Start I'm 3180616. WB yet hey we ran ads for it on this radio station on anybody come back at me and they say that the B word is bad. I could use a lot of other words believe me but I chose the high road. Let's go to Tom in Amherst on WB Ian Tom it's role reversal time. I did not watch this speech all I needed that was that one money shot in on -- you analyze it for me. I watched about ten minutes seven it was almost sick to my stomach what we have here it's heretical takeover of the United States. And what we have here is beginning its actions and you've got the merger able corporate powers if your vote doesn't mean anything anymore. It's what the corporation what the politicians can you for the corporation and vice Versa. It's -- Hillary Clinton is concerned. He's on -- I think we're in trouble now it's it's set up -- I you know on -- out by the Canadian citizenship. Why what like Canada where do we go see America America was the beacon of all a bit the same thought. I had the same thought because -- know what's coming to this country and it's not going to be pretty. Yeah we can't Google -- -- you know -- You know what you get here you know it's a Shelby it's a used car you know Ali politicians. And you know the worst part about it is they are out there an apparent clap and oh yeah hey hey hey now that's an area -- the -- -- servant or edit it and toured the -- act. And then it becomes you know -- -- our -- and will applaud that our guys you know -- -- material like on the other side. Don't get out of -- entanglement you would have had to do tend to -- And by the way -- also add. That for a guy who pinched the minimum wage for burger flippers nothing wrong with flipping burgers my friends nothing wrong with that but when you can when you compare. What our American soldiers earn an hourly. If you wanna talk about minimum wages. Uncle Sam is the biggest Ebenezer Scrooge in the face of the planet when it comes to those who were willing to die for their country. Ponder that. Sure but don't spend -- spent 101000 dollars per for a toilet seat for the -- up. Well is there ever toilet seats and welcome here. All right thank you gotta go do thanks for the call our folks drive safely out there because we've got to amber at the trouble spots and he eager to tell us all about him as a man who's going to be your hero today Allen Harris Allen. Actually on the biggest problem is people try to get to the south -- that's my personal black hole despite the Western New York native. And resident is like the north towns and ski country I can navigate their blindfolded you ahead in that. Hamburg and I basically you know hello Google. So -- you're gonna have to be my hero today -- object. All right thank you to eleven degrees -- real feel is a minus eight tomorrow were going to be up to 27 degrees jas jas -- -- right it is our -- WB EN. We're doing role reversal usually the talk show host comes on the radio and says. This is what I saw and hybrid Ted you've got to think today you can call a lack of being prepared. But it really isn't this was all done intentionally. But ever not prepared well least be honest enough to tell yet I'm not prepared. I did this intentionally. All I needed to -- last night. Was the way in which President Obama revealed his true discussed with America and with the republic for which he is supposed to -- He wants to be a dictator. Not a president. And one part of three co equal branches of government. And it nauseated Samie. And I don't care if he's a black -- half white man I don't care -- African some -- Doesn't matter I don't care about race. I care about the size of one man now that's the important thing let's go to let Tony cellphone WVU know laugh on that one guys non. All right the -- thing get a little old I'll try better let's go to let Tony on a cellphone at WBU I Tony. And well first of all I hope you're being facetious I can certainly take a joke that if I were not mentally clear and fit to work there wouldn't be year. Well I think a lot of your time. -- troopers present on the radio it's. Here and undertake. Are you good -- don't call again track is number we're not gonna put money here sir what you said. All I can say is this or just watch your words. You need to watch which -- that you were responsible for your words. And you better be able back up what you just said. The page. It is 424. At WB Ian. They're really have to go here again. Also -- Davis. Now I won't I will let my you know what. Shakespeare once said the truth have a quiet voice. And my dad and my dignity class and balls have spoken for themselves. And Tony. Be a man next time you see me for 24. Okay. All my Coca well I still hate you just in case Mike's my feeling post and that. My daughter I was in Syria -- from my daughter my ex wife one of my family members voted in tears in his inaugural guys guys loved Michael Caputo. But in hourly land it's kind of like orwellian. If I call somebody and able it means alone in -- I mean. Yeah it is is that what they go to our -- anyway well ladies and gentlemen just a phone call somebody and I wanna share. And I just a few minutes -- bearing interest in article economic FaceBook page from the Drudge Report. Which. May have some routes. To certain events now before I go there wanna share with you -- money quote. This is the money quote. From the president's. State of the Union Address last night. Everything you need to know about this guy. And his agenda to fundamentally. Transform. America. Maybe illustrated in this one. Simple. Yet. Even comment. And let's hear at this is the president of the United States. Eight document double serial liar. This is a man whose words worth listening to you because. His words and his deeds are at quite frankly. Polar opposites of each of the philosophical antiquities. Of one another moment for you thank you Shakespeare OK here it is folks your president. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna -- Doesn't work that way. Doesn't work that way if you're not in the United States of America. Given the choice Mr. President between James Madison Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin. And. All of our founding fathers who gathered intellect. In those rooms in Philadelphia and elsewhere. To draft. The most unique document in the historic. And it in the history. In terms of a citizens' relationship with his government. -- you know. Mr. Obama you are a community. Organizer. Pip -- In fairness to assert your great father. I've heard that from my sources in the White House. And he's a great there that's not -- yes. He's a wonderful father and I get ball marks that I'll always. Let's get back to the phones on that WB yet your analysis. Of what happened last night with the president's speech and folks when you put everything that the context here. Sooner or later two plus two has got equal for. Just a couple of weeks ago New York's governor Andrew Cuomo. And that's something you talk about defiant. Governors of the solved during desegregation. You talk about George Wallace. And hours -- or both all of us. You talk about people like that being -- Then you'll listen to the governor of the State of New York. Describing. Political conservatives. And if this doesn't make you sick. You need to check your stomach at the door. Or go to the Dominican Republic's you can at least have a reason to be sick. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right term IE. -- -- assault weapon. -- tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Then last night. Anderson were we do the role reversal your comments on the speech I could not watch. I've found it much more entertaining and frankly much more enlightening and actually kind of a metaphor for President Obama and how he's weaved his way into American power. Watching Alex Ovechkin. Suddenly. Disappear. In front of the Buffalo Sabres like they never heard of Alex Ovechkin before or his ability to be a playmaker. This is what your president had to say. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Just beyond words I wanna hear from the Obama leverage today by the way. No Obama levers -- done if you're Obama lover you're not a freedom -- and the story. Here is Kathy in Niagara county you call -- shields and you can wind him Europe WBM night. I -- That my hypocrisy only goes so far and I also couldn't personally listen don't all right listen to conservative radio Bob -- And I was amazed when he. Said I heard a sound clip of him that appealing to business owners to. Do all they can that help that country and give their employees -- races too late already broken their backs with the obamacare. Is that taxes. I personally have floods Wyoming county and moved in Dyer county I was. Yeah excuse me I -- timeout timeout what kind of drugs were you taking and can I get -- Al Bridget from Wyoming county -- county some of the finest people of the world live in Wyoming county. Is that they do but definitely not energy policy of our wonderful governor and Obama which put -- -- 450 foot wind -- 21 -- within a mile and a half of my farm. I found that intolerable they're a tax and -- break in the backs of a lot of Wyoming county people are fleeing. It it -- you know what that was -- useless policy that is heard a lot of people. I have mixed feelings on wind turbines. To be honest with you. IA and actually against for acting. Right and I -- I'm also against what the wind turbines do. Wonder place in two called proximity to people's houses where they actually physically impact them. And they're noisy and there's that many but you have to sit for a while and and you know have a conversation where we could give -- some document and information at any -- You know what I I you don't have to convince me I believe -- but hey nothing says good morning like it -- eagle on your doorstep are not Darko or all of the local it workers I just I like your voice and it like -- Your by viciousness and I do not mean that and made that chauvinistic so don't go anywhere. On WB US economy sensitive to people -- and how they might take were nicer. Complaints that I was overly missile solicitous toward that mr. Bennett the other day from board of regents and I felt they deserve my respect in my explanation for why have been adamant that but -- Let's go to traffic right now man who truly knows the meaning of the word putts if he's got to work with the everyday -- Allen and worst -- Allen and actress. And AccuWeather please be careful driving even. After evident to work I knew it was going to be tough. Even in the -- I stayed up to nine -- like yet the that no not for me not today. It is eight degrees. No it's eleven degrees the real feel is minus eight. Couple of flurries this evening otherwise partly cloudy and cold eight tomorrow and yeah. Yeah 27 degrees. And the downside is that will be brisk so point seven agrees with -- -- the wind she'll probably would be. -- that it. -- -- It 03 on the thirtieth W be able to go back to can't -- it wherever Obama lover free zone. If you wanna talk great the speech was a great president call Ed Schultz and our sister station I have no use. He's not all that's right that's -- -- that's right call Leslie Marshall. Now. Call somebody who gives a flying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- might make your your WB are so we've established that you flat lightly county to the pristine politics free Niagara county please don't make me laugh. And how goes it goes the. I I guess I'm just millions Summers said I'm enjoying that. The freedom from the wind turbines over my head. All the way to the government open but you just love that giant. It would not -- so what's it. Buffalo airport on the thirty mile -- it's right there a statement like. Alex and local. News relate. So why are you so they're the reason for your call your comments on. Is that it is that the president. Well he's not my president but makes me sick to my stomach and I'm hoping that people will wake up enjoying. Conservatives like grand pollen not you know support our constitution. And I kudos to you -- Could -- comments that you make about you know founding fathers and for people that need to be reminded. This is my destiny that's why I'm here this of this is why that was conceived despite the best efforts to block by conception. And it was against Tennessee. But I broke through it and -- -- thank you thank you very much you would have thought that involve extra that would ended up taller but that's just windows. I'm glad you called -- thank -- Every yeah I don't wanna hear anything good about President Obama today because I cannot say anything good about a man whose American values are not American values they're Communist values their totalitarian values in this country sir the president is not the king he's not the dictator. He is part of government he's the executive part of that -- the legislative branch and the judicial branch three co equal branches of government and the only reason you guys have any power is because we the people like to borrow that power not because you were some intrinsically. Superior person. In fact. Most of you are our in theory yours. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it. Appearing one -- to invoke speaker as the gravity. The severity. And the well the totality. Of what he said. Represent. Some of the most -- words ever uttered by a so called American. President. What he said last night basically was up yours constitution. It's all about me Barack Hussein Obama. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. I can imagine a Republican president say that you may. And George Bush saying that mentioned Ronald Reagan saying that they -- bedroom forced to resign. We've got a governor of New York who basically has declared conservatives. Persona non -- And a president who says constitution. What African constitution. And the world keeps -- spent. And you'll but he seems to clear. Except a few others. Let's find out about traffic Welker back at home safe and sound and mother nature seems to be going through a change of life he's pissed off for some. Here's Alan Harris. You -- -- if you. More time likened to the weather first. Well. The -- you know it's a bad traffic they went eight. We're doing trafford birds every ten minutes and be when the music bed underneath Allen runs out. I mean that's a bad drought we might wanna add to the traffic bad guys making note that we -- a production liner note that we better make a longer trip that for days like -- I'm not laughing at eulogized. Anyway accurate that you joke. Even if you're wearing a Mets out that. Eleven degrees right now minus eight is the real feel tonight a couple of flurries in the evening otherwise partly cloudy and cold and that the overnight low eight tomorrow 27 degrees. With some sun and then building clouds sun. On the Google SUN. Google -- talk about. Well. This case. All right. Your analysis of what the president had to say last night I intentionally did not watch it I didn't have to. I've known what this guy was about since 2008. And I'll still never ever being at that a certain place in Cheektowaga master rooms. And it's a young girl young lady walks up to me. Do you have a -- Barack Obama. And I -- radar number one. How much time India had number two I don't talk politics when I'm out that never ends well. It'll thrill my thirtieth WB yeah I'm not taking any pro Obama calls today. I don't have it in me yeah I'm sorry I'm sorry I think the man is a tyrant wannabe. I think he is a dictator wannabe. And I think when he said last night ought to result -- his immediate removal from office. He took it all folks to support the damn constitution. Nobody said last night in the constitutionally mandated state of the union is antithetical to everything. Which America. Stands for what should stay. Let's get back to the calls on WB yen were they pro Obama free zone. The rest of the media can get out of of -- in front of them all they want I am not I'm the anti Obama. Because of course on the vile racist who doesn't like black people. Let's go to love down here is -- Snead and Hammerstein WB eons the -- I don't come I just wanna make a comment regarding Obama's speech and his previous track record. That this individual and a -- -- -- -- because the economy and that he doesn't deserve any respect or any cooperation. Of the presidency of the United States nor will he receive any of the from me. -- this is one case weren't. Well let's put it this. What is an American supposed to do. When the president basically stages a one man coup d'etat. In broad daylight on national TV. Are we supposed to sit here and take it. At what point two people who have other sources of power shall we say say no. Know our constitution is in danger our republic is in danger and since nobody else is acting we need to one at that time come. It has the thought now seen at the start now we have the thought of grassroots effort. The way this person is removed from office because he had shown over the course of time. Not only would his actions and his speeches but just going around the country well everybody else. Played -- -- puts you might point to -- point five unemployed people are wrapped its ground in okay what do we do it time has come to do something. He needed to be removed from office. He needs to resign he needs to be impeached and convicted and removed yet don't go on national TV and basically amounts -- code date hop in this country. And remain unscathed. Unless of course you're Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because she has the -- defense rated ago. The first woman president or simply a nation of misogynist. Thank your political. Mark my words folks I called Obama in 20 wait I called Hillary presidency now. Go ahead and -- I've got the track record.

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