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1-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You had to battle group. It. -- -- It take you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous if if that phone call for. Tees up so that's good cue. Boom. It is T want the -- of charity and good window -- the week to -- about it. But he is. -- at. A loss to. And the rebels out of you would rate. That. Holes look out. Well. Look. It up well. No one ponds with an assault rifle no. -- If you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with -- when that happened. The strong silent. That was a -- Tom -- Wimbledon Bhutan Myanmar to. 930. And IQ. You have -- I'd like a bonus WBE and. It's okay. That cracked me up when Visio. Well I actually it. -- The snow is everywhere and it's it's they'll call up so is that ice each hole. To learn a little German every day earlier in the program. Anyway. I -- sings silent night holy night in German. Rest assured if you've got major traffic issues. Obviously keep you posted I have a feeling. I've got a success for these things I've got intuition. That today's commute is going to it's not hotline others. And me to where its own wind. Impact. Friend of -- -- like I'm don't take -- tonight to come to work out. 'cause I know how you get on the tonight. I know how you get on the tonight in the wintertime. I know you become the tonight in the wintertime with the snow is swooping over the road and people are driving like a bunch of patents. And I said thank you for saving my blood pressure. Which ordinarily like 120 over seven. Which I've always found to be the most -- thing about my health. You'd think I'd be the guy at a high blood pressure in the family my -- imperfect. Is the -- -- perfect. I'd like you -- anyway. -- lot like says the man who news Tanzania. And curly and anyway. It's bad out there. After this error please don't get your arm I'm trying to make -- I'm gonna self fulfilling prophecy but I would belong in around here long enough to know. Win the -- feels like it's gonna hit the fan so just keep what whether I open -- Even a guy with. I don't know how many millions of miles well -- -- 1000 miles without a -- cause accident I have been through but. -- I. 29. On the drivable not to. What it's gonna do -- blow. Eagle by the -- the in between the 990 me history you might as -- be driving in Antarctica studying global warming before the Russian and Chinese have become the helicopter to pick you up off of the -- night. So -- just -- about. Now I know the top market it is a streak like scares at some other. Road information. That it's not downs. But I'm just telling -- I just have a real feeling that today could be out Mongolian cluster. Dance. Of monumental proportions so will be here for in case. I hope it doesn't. Hogan era but I've just got that feeling. -- got a feeling at the feeling and yet. Aaliyah Aaliyah. So am I thought would play a little. I don't Wednesday and it's mid week. Which the Germans call me to walk by the way means it -- German. One of similar -- by the way in which German. But. I thought that we have role playing great today. You guys like little role playing every now and again. Joseph Alameda private role playing our John Sherman loved role playing where you think it is get a job but in Albany now. All right we're we're gonna play little role playing today. I intentionally did not -- president Obama's speech last night I was riveted. By Buffalo Sabres Washington Capitals. And gosh that Alex Ovechkin -- He is really good isn't it. I mean the fact that nobody's ever heard of the fact that Alex Ovechkin can not only shoot but it won all of the -- We're he's got from Tyler Myers he bought where he's got -- -- -- etched in kids on places. Because I heard them before last. And the fact that it was left wide open up your engines really -- speeches spell. This felt. Come on guys you ever heard about American right and apparently the sabres have a bigger because -- left himself. He was -- by himself I am a Friday night. Lately anyway. -- Hey look I got to admit I'm an ounce of it and then I don't care if you guys -- -- me -- I love Alex Ovechkin sorry I do. I I played I heat in a -- I -- I. Within a quote from team America we. I believe this encapsulates my feelings Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals you're free -- object if you -- deal. But -- Sidney Crosby. I like -- he was on TV a couple of times last night to during the ads I don't know if you mention -- did you notice that. But unlike Sidney Crosby when it comes Alex Ovechkin and IQ. You have loans. Night. But that it what kind of amusing watching him still -- play the sabres as the cat would play with a -- last night. It. It would -- -- it but. They'll try to watch the dictator I did not watched -- last -- on the I'm you're going too far. Now folks. I know my history. I'm sick and tired idiots who have no clue. That there are certain -- hurdles of the human condition. Because they think that life began in 1978. When they -- -- They think that the world started in 1952. When they left the war. Nothing ever happened before and for which we can -- a great lessons of history. I think that it's -- -- -- couple of nephews uncles put them in the Tower of London and had -- murder. So he could have absolute power and despotism over an island nation called. Sector -- Think it's fantasy. -- that police are not not everybody in the world is nice. That there really is you -- -- I didn't go to four years or even medical school to be called mr. in Europe they don't. We'll leave that there was evil before Austin Powers. And doctor evil. In my ears. They think that evil what is apple would you were born. Would you give it to your quick and heads people especially those who read -- Bible. OJ -- professed Christians when Joseph learned. Your damn fence. There is nothing -- under the sun. Now that's an age expression. The latins also had a similar -- the Romans of a big big friend and roommate biggest Dick. The Romans had as similar expressions there is nothing new -- under the sun. Ladies and gentlemen nothing. In the words of Barenaked Ladies it's all been done before. What -- trying to get to hear folks. And again this of these thoughts are going to be in my book. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about by Tom -- -- Everett figured out that the held -- great title for. So many of you have no clue. What a real world is all about so many of you have absolutely. No idea what realities. You spend your lives and leave it to me. To be the guy or one of one of a few people to look at history and say. This kind of stuff has happened before. And oddly enough it's happened in some of your lifetimes. And -- we want our very way of pretending. Good triumphs because good will -- It doesn't always happen that way. There is essentially. Since Adam and eve -- wanna talk biblically -- typically. Where you believe that all can call it that's fine. Evil has always existed there have always been evil people. Who want control over you believe the rules don't apply to them. That they can go to Euro what they wanted you to -- no matter what the rules of the law books. And those people. Some sociologists call them the dominant 5% of the population they know a lot of following the rest of the 95% of office. And it amazes me. That but he thinks that these certain concept do you think the mongols. Decided. Well George nice. Corporate and religion. Our friends in Bucharest. This time a year. Now. The -- -- alleged plot her. Because they want it everything for themselves. Why do you think the Roman empire group. Because the Romans just were good people. Who went about the world to symbolize that which by the way is when word civilization is a few waves city's east. You know it actually it was in view would be -- but. The Romans went out into the world to conquer. This subject -- the world. Just -- today on this planet folks. There are people who worked voters there were 101000 dollars notes who won a subject you. They may not speak Latin. -- may not speak Mongolia. But today are evil they are less in the existing control and Dominique. You your family and your posterity. Now I imagine it's role playing great today our safety award by the way it will be not banana. Because there's just -- -- our safety words available early show. Is conservative area. That's -- safety word on the show. We're gonna do some role play. Because I taught my boss this -- and not by -- excuse. Because he's a Smart guy he sees through my BF. IE bought it. I intentionally did not watch. The president's state of the -- union. Or as Rush Limbaugh rightfully calls at the state of the -- speech last night. Ladies and gentlemen I am not using hyperbole. When I tell you what you saw last night. Was nothing but an end to America as we know. At all the urgency because he's black. First person says that I wanna be Samuel L. Jackson and I wanna say it's. Time. That's all -- wanna. Political dissent object -- -- the first person who says I'm only saying this because he's black. Because then I'm gonna turn the tables I'm gonna go Samuel L. Jackson on new. British black. That's what I'm going to be all right. Excuse is -- I I carry zero white guilt and I carry zero racial hatred. You listen to the show long enough you know that I -- that Obama because he's a tyrant. And he's a wanna -- dictator and I -- at all all for the exact same reason last I checked he's a white man. I don't draw distinctions between pirates based on race. Pirates come in all sizes all shapes all colors and with all kinds of my statues. There's a little German corporal and also the brother for stuff like Austrian. Or German word -- Who I decided it was gonna take over Germany. And eliminate a certain group of people because he didn't think they had any business that his country. Sound familiar. I've ever governors and something very similar. Couple weeks ago. And had he been a Republican he would have been written out of town on a regular set to a mental hospital. And -- -- what I heard. Was abhorrent to the spirit of America acquired one excerpt that's all I needed here but our role playing day today. Well we'll get into it I wanna bill I -- teach you a little bit all right right now you're on my talk show -- there's dripping wax on your body and -- she's a little more coming up next segment WB. All what part of that is all our. What part of that is such an in on. Eligible concept of fab. Every talking to The American Legion and now buffalo next month and that's one of the points that I'm gonna raise and get a raise repeatedly. Where those men who fought to defend our freedom. Freedom is not. Nor has it ever again. The natural condition of most human beings who ever lived on this planet. Then natural condition of the billions and billions of people. Who have lived and died yes even before -- entered the world and all of your glory. The natural. Tendency. Of governments and tyrants is to subject gay people. So -- so as to denied them the ability to put up resistance to their power. That is nature that is darwinism. That's what happens when the five dominant percent of the population. Realizes. That the 95% of the sheep can be. Indoctrinated. And dominated and bone. And they don't even know how badly they're being ball. The page. Folks I know that maybe I think sociology is a stupid thing to study. And I got to tell you interpret career -- it probably -- the best way to get a great pay and job as your older. But sociology 101. And criminology 101. So much wisdom. In those studies technologies so much wisdom. In studying criminal history Craig little. The game. So much wisdom if only you will care to -- About them than natural state. Our humanity. Our profits up with my doctor the other day. I got a -- great discussion of something that brought up here on the year. Must -- hierarchy of needs. That the first -- we all have is to survive. We need shelter water food. We need clothing especially in weather like this. Then you start worrying about the other things you've got your basic building blocks of human survival and that of the top apparently. What you've achieved. The Rolex. Once you've achieved the Corvette. Which you've achieved Spaulding lake guess what. There's something else you want you noted is it's respect. It's bet though that Italian. From other people. And you know folks the godfather. I thought that it's very close to being a perfect movie. Casablanca is appropriate move. -- one is pretty damn close to being a perfect movie. And you have missed that it's toward the end of the movie -- right but there's this very poignant scene at the end. Where Michael Corleone. Talking who's father beat. You don't you don't want it after a lifetime of power after a lifetime or call the shots and pull the strings. What Vito Corleone you most wanted for his family. And for his son was respect don't respect. That's what are you most want it. And that's what most human beings at the top of that pyramid once you've covered the basics of life that's what people want. Is respect. Now. Too many of you get too distracted. To weasel. By the bread and circuses mentality. That we have engendered -- in this country an upset before. Bet there is nothing wrong with entertainment. Entertainment is. Up beautiful thing. Which is why. All one of those guys will come on the error. And I will do a beautiful RIP Rick grass get that pot she obituary for a man like Pete Seeger. Who was a very well intentioned Americans. We saw the world in different ways but I know his heart was in the right place and I know he put his money where his mouth ones. I can see good in people who see the world in different ways Paul Newman was another one the great American -- Politically. Obviously were different as night -- day. But Paul Newman was a man and he was a man because his Newman's food line. Year after year after year donated -- zillions of dollars security. He -- kept the money himself he didn't. So. Here's the point. I'm going to expound upon expand upon as we move along that it by the way we're -- traffic every ten minutes because as I expected various places are -- like the skyway the -- -- Freaking masses and it wouldn't surprise -- the 290 goes element handbag before two more either but folks I need to give you a history -- This is why am -- here senate beautiful he received email from one of the most influential people in my life. -- hole. Who is my social studies teacher. At Ben Franklin. And men who instilled in the early. The ideas of what it meant to be an American. Into this dale -- and gentlemen I've no idea whether rate is conservative or liberal. And he want to. All I know is that re poll taught me. What being an American is all about between re a hole in my grandfather. I think that they were put in my life. So that I could share some wisdom with you. Right now we don't have wisdom we have words of wall and warning. From -- of terrorists or trafford reporter all alum in the immortal words of Scooby Doo and his gang what role. -- got out of you and others but the up awful public schools just enough that they closed today. All right let's get back to where I'm going because all of this is leading to appoint folks I know. In this business. And Roger Waters would agree with me you pink Floyd's name and his goal like that player. We can learn a lot for many disciplines and entertainment. By the way including Roger Waters and Floyd played tickets but sometimes a preamble is necessary. The natural. Existence of humanity. And the billions who lived before you has been one of struggling to scrape by a subsistence living. While the 5% of the dominant population took everything for themselves. -- That is that is nature. And natural tendency of governments. Throughout the course of human history has not. Benevolent and then deficits torrid populations. But rather of control. And despotism. And power over. They believe for the most part power belongs in our hands and does not he -- Does not -- for the people. It governs. That's what made America. Different. That is what -- the United States and our sacred constitution. The most important governmental document ever written. That is why our founding fathers. God of nature the creator. Put those people in the same time in the same room for a reason. -- Was to show the world. That all of humanity. All of us are born. With certain rights. Which come not from government. Which we have. Simply. As an entitlement being born. And all power in our country is supposed to come from the people. And the people who. Are in charge of the country -- executives or judges or as legislators the only power they have is the power we allowed them. Now I'm gonna hold that thought. I mentioned we're doing role playing today. Are you still feeling the hot wax on your body good is -- keep dripping into the can't take much longer. I'm gonna take your phone calls on our role reversal may remember mistake the word is conservative area and not banana. You say banana and I'm gonna go Samuel L. Jackson on the safety word is can service your. Traffic is coming up by the way any major traffic Mongolian clustered dances you be sure to -- traffic commanded 8030321. I just have a bad feeling about today's commute I hope -- wrong. On WB. -- -- -- Its hourly. As a good Segway actually hourly for my friends at the buffalo dental group look it is refreshing to -- manly men like Jim Kelly. Not our engineer but the former Buffalo Bills court -- NFL player talking about the fact that people like dental pain. As I was here when Jim Kelly started as a rookie. You know what people got so he noted in the keyed the Corvette somebody gave them. And that it watch Jim Kelly develop into a real western new Yorker and he'd be loving person in this area. And Jim Kelly. He got banged up more. Then you're old port did and that demolition derby pull string game okay. He doesn't like dental work more than I do and he is a manly man. I must tell you that dental pain drive in the apple wall. I would rather have a hundred Spinal Tap -- bar punctures. Then go through one simple -- can now serious. That opening to me you might as well just to. Well bureaucrats in the casino with Joseph Pesci in the guy trying to. Give up the names of the guys who shot up -- a remote joint I'd rather go through that and most Apple's stuff. That's why I'm glad I discovered the buffalo dental group. Why not only do they have state of the art technology but they know what he used it in most importantly they have never forgotten that the people on who they are working our human beings who feel pain. And they'll take the time you need to view of a pleasant experience. I give you permission I'll -- my hip bout with doctor Bernie US doctor Bernie about what a pussycat and we dental pain. And he'll tell you that it takes all the time I need to do the same for you. -- buffalo dental group doctor -- doctor -- and everybody their magnificent people. You call 63412346341234. -- buffalo dental group. Dot com -- on their patient hourly sent -- my kids go there by ex wife goes there. So many ex girlfriends go there that at some point there's going to be some serious gossip in that office. 350 will have traffic every ten minutes because -- Virginia it is going to be that bad out there and here is Allan Harris whose voice may were up by the end of the day -- fear not I brought extra real lemon mix for your water today just for your voice my friend. All right -- thanks resilient and of course it's cold outside and not only do you have to worry about the bitterly cold wind chills right now but you got to be concerned about driving because I know that this snow in and of itself is no big deal. But its so called out to salt I mean -- you know the holder well it is it's it's yucky. It's absolutely -- I almost bowled over a Chinese student walk at UB -- Flint road coming into work today. I made the irony of that I think they have to go limp to port thing. Ratios -- well she is walking around flip because the sidewalks weren't show I don't even think our sidewalks there. Which is that they show and I have to tell if I don't wanna see everybody these kids get hurt whether there were Indiana. You know there are guests in western new York and we got to make sure that we take care. It is a 352. At news radio 930 WB EN. Alright folks up less than one. And this is going to be one of the things about my upcoming book which I'm working on I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Lesson one from human history freedom. Is not something that comes naturally it's something for which you must fight. And I can't wait to talk. I cannot wait to talk to our veterans and for every -- I don't usually do public speeches. I make exceptions for veterans. Because without veterans I wouldn't be here neither would you. I love our veteran community I don't just say that I live. Now. Freedom must always be fought. I've established in the previous. -- My talk show for what it is today were gonna do role reversal. I've established that then natural tendency of most governments. Is to subject citizens. Documented historical. Fact not hysterical that not. Fact. But historical. Fact. And that is what makes our country. The way it was founded. A rarity in a shining beacon of hope for the oppressed. I don't mean the people who just can't get better jobs in particular fruit. I mean that truly oppressed whose governments would just as soon sticker cattle -- in the rectum as of them as citizens of their countries. Now there's a great line in the Bible in fact there are more than one great lines in the Bible. And before somebody starts and other hourly -- conveniently being a journal where it's conveniently being a Christian. I know I've said this before and I'll say it again. I believe very deeply in god the creator. I don't know which religion has it right I never will now but I believe in the creator I do not believe that this is the chance of carbon. I don't believe it never will but. Beautiful line in -- at. Which was actually later it's a priest after an -- rates on border naked ladies. Please yes it is. The things that have been. Is that. Which Shelby. And that which is Don is that. Which shall be done. And there is no new thing under the sun. I deconstruct that if I have the time but just remember for now. There is no new thing under this sun and for those of you for whom the Bible is turn off. Now all of relevance is this preamble to what we're gonna get into today. I will -- who. Know more coming up but for. We'll seal the deal and take calls. On WB yen. Get ready for some of the finest hours you'll ever have. A picture of them together. With me --

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