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1-29 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I intend to keep trying to win the war without congress to help stop. More tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in a movie theatres and our shopping malls or schools like -- We -- without congress. Okay now said this let's let's get this. Logically now shall wait okay. We had there's somebody posts on the on our Rosetta did you FaceBook page. The WB is so full of right wing whack job -- hours ago or not jobs whack job whack jobs right wing whack jobs. Now here's my position has been met all morning long. Is that the president repeatedly. Said what you just heard him so he used different words and the exact same thought process. That indeed he it's not gonna wait for congress or anybody else he's just gonna do it his way. Now when the country was founded it was founded with three equal branches of government the judicial. The legislative and the executive he's in the executive I like that. Of the country has has prospered with of that. He obviously wants to disregard that. Now if you think that I I -- of our listeners are right wing whack jobs because we like what the founding fathers gave us. -- to govern our country. Then I think you ought to reconsider your position now I would take a position a little more seriously. If indeed. You posted it without a picture view. Dressed in a pink -- He's dressed and they paint. Bunny suit and I'm first of all I'm really surprised that your here with a grown ups in on talking about fusion stated your -- on wobble. This is way above your head you don't understand and because you don't understand that I take great compassion. Because we try and help the downtrodden the intellectually challenged like obviously this now. Imagine I mean if you're gonna challenge to. Dress up as floor something. And a pink bunnies that doesn't look good this year. A lovely lady maybe -- can you tell in the print money so well she is and she's in serious need of paralysis because -- -- -- -- -- There if -- pick one. All that's funny. The -- -- -- and and the crest a dual all of the electronics felony of a sudden a blast. So -- I'm not looking at that directly now but I will have to check it out and if you wanna check it out just go to Iowa go to sandy beach FaceBook page. So basically. More so than the individual things he said he wanted so I just don't like that tone of I'm gonna go by myself I'm gonna go alone. And it's just not have a good way it's it's not an efficient way certainly. Did it and now some of the things that he suggests that we've we've commented I'm. Call for congress to address income inequality. As I said if it's the same job to different people doing the same job should get the same today. No no problem. I would that helpful long term unemployment find work. I'd like that I'd like to know what they propose to do that they're not doing now -- want to see the difference there expansion of job training programs like that. As a as no skills are needed. I have no problem that so next thing increase access to early childhood programs. That's one of those things that sounds good but I want. More information. If he means just pre K all of that is as a hiring servers where were hiring teachers to be babysitters. -- vessel pre K is Andrew Cuomo as a -- has an expanded pre K program. Plan for -- New York State to all that means is that your four year old. Okay -- you don't wanna bother taking care of your four year old. -- so send him or her off to pre K pretending that it's early education now. Instead we will hire teachers to become babysitters. For Euro. And so I'm very skeptical of expanding pre K and it's always been my position because nobody has ever shown. Ever ever ever ever did I say ever. That'd that they can probe. That pre K is beneficial. To a person as an adult. That it got him further than they would've gotten had they not had pre K. Pre K people standing up for -- -- a standing offer for a couple of reasons is that again assume. I'll walk away very nice very attractive man suggests they via a bar in south buffalo for MC a party without. But it went with pre K the people who stand up for pre K usually fallen to two categories. They're teachers and they want the jobs or their parents who don't wanna take care of the kids. That's what it's about pre K now that's not true for every single person obviously. If we only spoken absolute we've got nothing to say but I think that's the that's the motivating factor we have a lot of people. All right Democrats though we haven't you any of -- -- yet why don't give me a couple. This one is from Bobby says what the president is saying it's fine nobody's willing to work -- so I would do the same thing he's doing -- President Obama. -- would also like to thank him for obamacare my employer dropped me you know obamacare is much better much cheaper. Well thank you Bobby I'm ledger very very happy and a later -- will bring putting and rolled toward what Austria this is from Christie says I challenge anybody to find the words income inequality in the constitution or the bill of rights to the person for a copy -- make the same as the brain surgeon. That's all point. There are different jobs are all important we don't denigrate any job. But they're all important but they have different values. Plain and simple as he said the brain surgeon and the first important topic we love -- nice hot cup of a couple of coffee in the morning. And you appreciated if it is go and get you off to a good start. But later on if you're gonna have your brain worked on you need a higher skill level you need somebody who is actually gone through. Medical school and advanced training you know I'm talking about -- the same with a rocket scientist and other -- Different jobs that either generate different kinds of revenue or bring goods and services. Or -- our road bad good benefit to mankind like doctors and things like that. Generate more money but there's more training involved there's more -- debt student debt involved. They they've gone further than the people doing the lesser jobs that don't pay as much so when you talk about income inequality. People take the shortcut. Oh. To all people doing the same job they're not earning the same well that's wrong and I agree with that that's wrong. But he's trying to get it as as close to level as possible with the jobs of varying. Value and that doesn't work it doesn't work he did at the same title which -- something. -- programming radio stations for seventeen years. There's some people and radio station doing the same job as another person in the same radio station make different amounts of money why well because they have experience they generate ratings they generate revenue. And awe and the -- through the good well through radio station so just because you have even the same job. They have different values and remember the fewer people public can do what you do assuming what you -- was needed. The more money you're gonna make the more people like him do what you do the last money gonna make that's not an economics course is not hard to figure it out. So but he tries to make it sound like how unfair America is. That the brain surgeon makes much more than the person who says the one paper or plastic will be back after this. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. -- you know Tony have a good point during the break two breaks ago when you said that. The sometimes of people who post like the guy and the bunny suit the posted similar right wing nut jobs. Didn't I didn't post any. Counter arguments. They just said that they don't like our position. While my position as I'd like for the constitution in the way and as I like the three forms of government these three equal arms of government. I don't like when one tries to -- tries to a rough house the other two out of existence okay. Well if this guy thinks that that's a radical position. Does he really favor. It doesn't really favor the position that we shouldn't have three equal arms of government. If it's at least say. Is it now I think to be more efficient if we just had a president and it was like a dictator. And -- whatever he said goes. We don't need to Supreme Court how would that constitutional. And and we don't need congress that how the people's representatives sent to Washington to reflect their wishes as well one guy. To make up his mind. As to where we should go what we should -- if he believes that's. The balls to say yet. But they don't they don't Wallach and go is put you down because you liked the country set up. The way it was like that set up even today and some people obviously don't. -- are that people like that have never ever read the constitution in the first place. You know and you noticed when somebody that backs Barack Obama which is the laughed. Will come out of COU right wingers this and that is with the name calling this. The only thing -- mentioned will give me an example all I. I care now I can finally afford their insurance. Well that's just shifted their -- -- focuses on how does it affect me that meet them Al Franken. -- -- the other two branches of government under the bus. Because he got some thing. That he one -- one person I'm right that's what it is. It's not you know it's a member of a three musketeers it's it's one for all all for one with him it's just. All about him. And forget everybody else forget the fact that it it's it's doing a number of people use to have full time jobs are part time jobs. Doesn't matter he got his and that's all accounts and that's the mindset and that's what this president feeds. This president means. I can give you something. Well what about the other view screw them you'll get it. Well what happens next time when I'll be the other people screw you -- but they don't have and it's it's what's under the door today give me something how and that's and I found that the people. Who oh try to defend the president usually don't do it on any kind of substance they don't have any. What they'll do is they'll blame that on George Bush for ourselves safe while social Republicans once voted back in 1972. So you guys are all wet. You really can't say anything because someone in your party. Voted them down I would I would challenge and I wish we -- some way we could prove that I would love to bring back JFK today. Vote for a lot of reasons but -- for this purpose I'd love to have him back today. A look at the positions of the two parties and Telus which party he would join. That would be very interest thing. That's not what your country can do for you as which you can do for your country when's the last time you heard anybody offering to do something for their country. Except the military people. -- there -- there and we have to remember that at all times usually it's what's in it for me. And who's going and next a lot of people battling for awhile let's go to Dan Angela Roy Daniel on WBM thanks for holding. Thank you very much for Egypt's there are -- complete. And really felt that well. You do not have arguments. In this paper so we certainly think that they -- that insult you know and it is that that that -- -- and I. Appreciated that. They have been so it was predictable. And doesn't think he's -- that he thinks he's king drew and he thinks he's kidding and I truly. Not completely convinced but he will try to run it yet a lot of people -- -- great well look -- and I support Manuel. Look at. Bloomberg. You have Bloomberg an idea. Well you know yet if that's a point where amnesty was involved with the immigration reform. Then anything goes and that's that that's the scary part to me because right now it may not be ideal but it's a hell of a lot better than if amnesty today -- because that will never ever win another election. I don't look at that point I didn't really get that -- -- quick -- or are critical hours. Where it is let's wearing the addition to try to get. The black person they get an original and yeah I don't want to be president she wants to be queen. Because I'm driving at is that absurd -- -- clean sheets you know Obama do it. So it's gonna debate on. Yeah add -- -- stock and do it at one of our employees here who said that he and his family were kind of discussing Hillary and the way it was phrased. We think it's her turn to be president that that's pretty sad. Okay thank you thank you are telling appreciated. Yeah ha it's her turn all always plays well what I'm afraid of the thing that frightens me the most is amnesty for illegal immigration. If that's what they would call reform. It's over. It is all or if that happens and here's the scary part. You know immigration reform to some level. Has bipartisan. Support. Blood because they both are -- enough both parties both major parties are picking up to think that. Wow if I get my name on something. These people coming into the country here who are here illegally and we won't deport about world. Willow will make them. Able to vote are going to remember me in my party we're gonna do well. Forget that Charlie most of them will migrate to the Democrat party. That's the way it would be and then elections -- funeral just as. The next presidential election. In New York State. What what difference does it make what we go to the polls and vote it's going to the democratic nominee. Don't waste your time thinking it's not and that's the scary part. They already have in in some secret tunnel somewhere they've already got New York checked off under the democratic column because there's no danger -- -- -- -- New York. And unfortunately that could spread through much of the country. If if we get to the amnesty portion work. Illegals are laughable and that's dollars to a but that that's the that's the final stand the final frontier. I totally agree with that pretty scary it is because we have. You know self serving politicians don't think they care let's keep things the way the. And though though that's -- -- gonna get theirs before they get out. The pensioners and -- -- bears before they get out of New York State. Blood though how about the rest of us. How about the rest of us yacht the Italians a little right one of its. Okay we'll take a break -- of more with the Beijing company's. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Summer. Require congressional action. And I'm eager to work well. But America does not stand still and neither will lie. That's as disclaimer he's eager to work -- you know -- talk is cheap President Obama. And you know you can you can talk the talk original article markets as simple as that. It's his way or the highway he has no interest but think about India in in the pass those of five years. In office they go how many times though he moved to kind of reach out and it didn't work doesn't work. And he said that some of the quotes. During the course of his speech. But I'll act on my own so we can streamline the process. Quote so -- I intend to keep trying with or without our congress. Quote three some require congressional action nominee eager to work with -- I'll do when you just heard. A but it won't since the only -- lie and it's full of references like that. Whereas. If you if you wanna be part of this process you've just got to get on board with what I'm promoting that set -- on talk about old dissension or voting or. Our compromise. Or anything -- he's all knowing you can tell from the first five years what a fabulous job he's done. That we should this certainly put our faith tournament say suspend the Supreme Court and suspend congress has not made. And that's that's his mindset right there so I'm asking. Are you okay -- that because I'm not. And that transcends. The individual things he wants the individual things you can you can debate some are better than others some are not workable some are workable depending on the value of -- what you think they are. But I don't think. We should be. Just trampling. On the constitution which is what this says and you know. It's amazing how quickly people willing to throw something away if it doesn't suit their argument at -- moments. -- moments. Okay. Just says I gave away my entire. A baseball card collection in a moment of weakness. To a friend of mine who lived in the neighborhood for a package of cupcakes okay a package of hostess cupcakes. At it seem like a good idea at that time. But now go America thinking about it it wasn't a good idea. So if you -- getting anything from this president you know willing to throw away anything for it. Including the constitution. I'm in realty. Really do you care not about the broader broad spectrum of of of your neighbors your friends relatives or whatever. -- to me it's not just about give me something and I don't care what value do I think give America something and we all game. -- a couple of more from FaceBook and and I'll go back to the calls we were full of bank. This is for a guy he says I was troubled by the part of the speech on the minimum wage -- accompanied must pay employees tent and an hour is going to hurt businesses Obama as always divisive and it's not helping. Yeah -- and then what will find out is some things will cost jobs -- a somethings will cause companies -- goal overseas. Anytime we use are raising the cost them vote. Doing business here. Whether it's government employee or private employee some things are capable of going overseas mark of course. And so the cost of things go op. That what happens the costs -- things go up and the people you're trying to help quote unquote can -- the things that they want and anyway. So it's it's there's no free lunch. There is no free lunch if you're employers is mandated to give you two dollar and something -- and -- more rays which is what this represents. If your employer passes those costs along to the public of with a private employer. That there's a chance that maybe that job albeit there or the job will be there but it's in Malaysia. And you'll complain about it in the unions a bitch about it nobody bitches when they get the extra but then they bitch when the job is gone so you talk about short sighted. Oh -- -- doesn't that -- I got two dollar and 83 cents an hour raise that's a good with the bad noses I don't of the job anymore. The the company moved. The company went out of -- talk to the people use the worker Bethlehem steel and tellem and and discuss it with -- -- -- probably tell you. Perhaps -- long range outlook would have been better than the short term goal. One more Chris misses from Loretta she says when congress does absolutely nothing as the president's job to take the bull by the horns and override them there's nothing wrong -- Obama's attitude and now takes all let's go through again oh yeah oh you're on WB yen. Gil thanks for holding what you have for us regarding is a is speech. -- -- -- We are a threat. To. Apple OK what what. Well I think what -- write -- -- out of each -- And start on the -- Well we. Are the boat is well. -- -- -- And the bad and the and I certainly am in favor of of giving the tools needed for you to get better at your job or to learn about a new job but I'm not in favor of just handing out the money because that doesn't do anybody any good. You know what do you want to refer about Obama are about local. Angle who don't -- more but wouldn't recruit well. Yeah you know and that there -- well know your age. -- Get this out to a caller. -- would that would -- but we're on the portable. So they'll agree it's -- is -- we all. Went straight a bit about Obama. Well. I'll shoot it or you don't got to -- Now. He wouldn't say if it weren't. On the highway now. Well you're right about automobile apart keep in mind that Obama's candidacy was had -- flattened out there wasn't going anywhere Oprah Winfrey announced that. On this certain three day weekend it was a holiday weekend she would make. -- three personal appearances with him. To try and boost his candidacy and all the national press was there -- have they really got Quincy Oprah. But she got his candidacy rolling and that was the end of that and that's why and a president. Yeah are so proud earned his second term though like. All there was going to work. We also want to let it all -- let regularly on the all over the particularly note to. OK -- either black or apple America driven it well you don't think that there are out now it was there years. That is what all the care. Apollo Apollo I feel like only do you go toward a little boy used to follow what is up. Beyond the -- you could say on here if you're a kid you can stay on your parents. Insurance or your twenties sex are gonna have my living in -- in the basement forever that's that's the way it goes well I agree. I'm good I'm glad I'm glad that you held on because it was a pleasure talking to you thank you very much. Are you are all pro there treasury caller I don't remember specifically that his camp -- really flattened out. And then she because Oprah doesn't usually get that political. And -- -- she's an entertainer and wants to keep -- as as an examiner very successful woman obviously. And then all of a sudden because they came to see really came to the open. And -- okay this is an interesting guy exit visas are lower this and that it's it began to get momentum there and that's one Hillary Clinton started to lose momentum and then. Almost before the finish line it changed where he was fading at the lines like a horse race. Coming down from the top of the stretch. And he began to fade as she began to to catch what would she catch of the finish line the answer is no she came up short. And that's why some people are thinking well. This next election it's Hillary's term. Well well well well. -- of Bill Clinton that Malaysia to turn I don't either we'll be back after this. Wherever and whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it. It is -- governor we're talking about the president's State of the Union Address I did not watch it not because it's him. It's because it's the State of the Union Address I'd I didn't watch George Bush's. I solved all wanted to to a Bill Clinton's. I just don't like the state of the union format I just don't it's it's. It's too artificial there's all kinds of applause lines built in one side stands up the opposites on their hands it's. People stand of people wait for hours to get an ideal seats that when the president is in the house comes in. They can they can give Romo you know him five -- fist bump or more touches Jack Tenner ridiculous. There really is and and while. Meanwhile there are some things in here that there should be discussed. But the overall approach of I don't need an you know I'll be Evan or William but it did not willing to work -- -- I'll go it alone. Differences of opinion don't mean anything to him. He would thinks of himself as royalty as the king instead of the president. The three equal branches of government. Will laugh at that I'll go around this one. Which is the legislative. I'll take my chances with the with the judicial. But I am I'm the executive branch I am the president and I have a -- And I have a phone. We should -- the the phone to call a press conference -- -- I'm stepping down because I can do his job. Plain and simple let's go to Chris. In buffalo pressure on WBM. Progress. Heavy crap they don't look at how and the -- may -- -- -- in mind that we he has to act show. President stated you. The point now. That we you were countless prior to about no I don't. Now and if you didn't see the Republican backed Kathy Rodgers play at night. How Tony says we have done that you say we have fashion they did it would sort of questions George Bush okay and a because some people say some of the stuff was in his last State of the Union Address. And then a speechwriter for bush says part of his speech last night was plagiarized from a bush reached. Go I go -- no I did not see the of their reply. I would try -- is I didn't take a look at issue was very good atmosphere practice. Okay. -- defend what this president has. Is this a place where we're supposed to see opportunities. And pull ourselves together as a nation. This was just a pure political speech and it drives us further apart. I did that they actually left this speech can't tell you I I -- I just can't do anymore. No I can't. I really I can't even listen to a market thank you -- -- garage. The union -- and everybody's gathered here -- we got here -- what we -- here's -- we'd like to -- let's get together let's move -- Kind of a speech at all. It was Andy boob. You don't know what's good for the country do and this joke you think your car. -- -- congressmen and congresswomen. If it's accurate equal branch the mine don't you understand. I'm Barack Obama don't you see this crown on May have look at the jewels and I mean it really does he think he's the king. Because that's the impression you got as I said he's arrogant without ability that's not bad combination. You -- ability and I use the examples of World War II general's. General George -- for instance if you have. The ability you can become arrogant and get away without. But if you don't just arrogance along doesn't cut it once chastised the Supreme Court anti there was there was center in -- -- -- yes they were sitting right in front of up and remember one of the justices. Mild didn't say it out -- mild but their people relive. Not true remember that. One thing that he -- and so the bottom line is this this is the stock in trade this president. The last time you think he brought us together. He's always use class warfare and things like that to drive us apart and most speech last night didn't bring anybody together. It drives you further apart from him that's remind everybody would be is a community or you know -- if you organizer. You're looking up in the book -- probably just means troublemaker. -- man promise there is going to be trouble unless this sort of thing happens and that sort of thing happens and -- acquiescence as much like Jesse Jackson light. The same kind of thing or just he would come into a company and now we see some problems here unless of course you're willing to make large donation to my favorite charity witches Jesse Jackson. And so it's the same thing. I would like a president who brought us together like a president to give us that a chance to work together. With his. His attitude who wants to work to be rebuffed visible flown. If you don't -- them and that's basically. What you yeah. OK let's go to try to get the of people in the longest Rickie -- in Niagara Falls or on W via. -- -- out and you're you're Ricky I'm sending us as they. Are. I am. I'm sixty at least sixteen and -- -- I was born in 1945. I would end of -- the boot camp when I was eighteen Wheeler on the podium and got out of them and now. Well it's about sitting in a daughter quote children have a pair. And watched TV and that was when it came over the middle to Walter Cronkite president Kennedy had been -- right. And we waited -- eventually was dead but George just found out without a word the place was dead shadow. Yeah walked up wonderful wonderful ways. Showing no it does what's more the -- benevolent dictatorship -- who put their appeal on your neck out. Do -- -- -- -- okay that's benevolence. And actual fiscal years and he doesn't totally lie okay he's a master. She knows. That you probably knows about all her. He -- the margins he -- me he -- -- corners I know what you're talking about have -- blatant Rivet head on of people picking up right -- but those people like the Elmer Gantry types who -- the -- I I -- -- -- originally I'd like to stay -- with the longer but it's -- to say -- but before I -- -- thank -- for wearing the uniform we appreciate it very much which we have more time. We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under his radio and I'm -- we are WB. Which they never have to -- -- peace.

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