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1-29 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And whenever I can take steps. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do it. Yes I think if you count up how many times he is as a personal pronoun you'd be amazed because that's all Obama's about it's about me. It's about high high myself while I will do this I will do that. And I'm thinking that -- From that seemed to be -- The general thread running through his -- a State of the Union Address is that he's not gonna wait for anybody's gonna do it himself. And disregard the way this country is supposed to be run with the the three branches of government. I also thought that if you are Republican. And here in the house earlier in the senate and you see -- the way he's acting OK you don't like it. But you know what he's trying to do but you're a Democrat. And his party. OK you are a member of the same party. And you say it doesn't need you either and it doesn't really care about what your thoughts are anything like that he's just gonna do it wants a bill by executive order. You don't call in a congressional committee and have them decide what you gonna put into the executive order he's decided to as this -- you know general. And it's one thing bidding of the opposition party but how would you feel being a butt boy to somebody in your own party. I mean that's what they're doing. They have any respect for themselves I don't get that at all. We're seeing is some some Democrats now occasionally criticize the president because it was a lame duck. But there were asking did you did you watch it -- what do you think about -- him going it alone are you OK with that. He said he has a you know what it averages a Panama and a telephone and he's gonna do it by himself. What a joke I mean what a joke let's go to frank and I don't want to frank you're on WB yen. You don't -- -- I don't think. I've despite the president more than I care. There's and in. And there are no residents -- Iraqi police say that I didn't like. Our -- charter. Where you were presidential. -- this did this guy is presidential in every sense of the word. I think despite some -- is done everything possible. To bring this great city -- that they did the presidency even more so Latin. You bring up a good point you bring up a good point there are presidents in our party and out of our party that sometimes we agree with sometimes we don't. But he seems to wannabe cowboy he seems -- want it it's his way or the highway and I don't think he has any respect for the government or the way it's set up. Absolutely no respect for the government. You know he's got that this report accused of the government you know a legislative judicial and executive. And -- Aretha why we have these days throughout practice law also. Each other he's not -- dictate. Now last I checked on his inauguration. -- -- put a crown on his head today and give him a sector. I think he thinks of himself -- imperialistic terms I think he thinks of himself as a king instead of a president. A lot of that country. Especially you know that -- the dumbing -- America apart it's that Betty. Dumbing down of America people seem to think that. If they don't get away that they report that it now they'll look at important -- they want. Slocum. And you can just like everybody else. I think the stroke of luck -- sorry you it don't work at Egypt and negotiate. A compromise. That's why it's opened the -- accept. It just walked in there. And document. Everything automatically. Well look. How he rammed obamacare down everybody's throat okay he he blackmailed some legislators he bribed others. As this is that we got to have has got to have -- and and its peoples and so we have the reader to see what's in -- blah blah -- And of the rollout has been a disaster. The costs have been are going to be an absolute disaster because they did exactly what you just said they just rammed it through would -- thoughtful decision making process and because of that then it's almost like put anything out on the road and then we'll do our research and development once it's on the road -- broken down. You -- unfortunately there's generations of young people and some older people can get through this man and unfortunately. There next generation. -- -- generation their vote for this full partner -- K are there repercussions are authority to all because. Once he got a popular. We're going to be there are going to be paying for -- for generations that prompt. And here's what I'm concerned about I haven't gotten to it yet but one of the things is is immigration reform although he scaled that down because he has to. A way and that's -- that's the cavalry you know remember the old westerns where there -- people will be in trouble and suddenly here comes the cavalry to save them. The illegal immigrants -- the cavalry for this guy because it if he can get the kind of reform and I use that term loosely. That would lead. Two. To have the ability to vote for illegal immigrants. Then it's all over because they will always owe it to him and his party. And they'll vote in whatever they want and the party will be done. Oh absolutely. Absolutely agree -- is still a very -- its beaches. Are there are are absolutely useless because lectures -- You know they wait for him to walk and then the one out of it by the flaps you know are real estate did. They do everything by like fireworks parity out the other idea that there were certain president -- -- It's a dog and pony show and at least with some other presidents you know what party -- -- But it wasn't as partisan now it is -- it's a campaign speech it's as basic webcam page. -- quarter lack of and a game show's studio exactly. Protect the ball it's predictable. Here. Are. As a people at. -- Who. There now. -- exactly accurate in its effort. Exactly you know I've -- mr. so and so up there hasn't go ahead and they would show a headless person of their. Rhetoric airwaves have had legislation. It's unfair that some people in this country have ahead and others don't have ahead so I'm saying let's move forward and is it is -- ahead factory that we're gonna build will provide jobs thank you very much. I mean that's what it's it's all that. They bring in its expected the end for Bob Barker to come out and say yep we sure to have your pets spayed or neutered. In medical. Own and you know it's it's it's a joke if it's a joke is what it is. But what I especially don't like more than any of the individual. Things. That he mentioned in some of these individual things and actually for no problem because I think they're good ideas some of the mom not big time. But what I dislike the most about it total disregard total lack of respect for the country. And that's what it is we have a constitution for a reason and as far as I'm concerned the founding fathers -- a hell of a lot more about this country then. Then this man knows now and if he was a constitutional law professor. God help us what it was teaching when he was in the classroom unless he's changed dramatically since he left. Because of that I'm gonna go alone in the hell would congress then how would even members of my own party it's me Barack Obama. Mister mister no idea who god help -- when he leaves office -- amassed the cleanup will be back after. Well I don't my own. To slash bureaucracy and streamline the permitting process for key projects so we can get more construction workers on the job as best as possible. Did I say or -- I listened to via State of the Union Address last night by the present the answer is no. And it wasn't just because it's this president I don't like state of the union addresses their dogs and pony show that's exactly what they are. But I certainly have the information about it. Idea and in front of me and it isn't the usual spectacle. Disappoints me greatly and his hard line. During a during his a speech John how basically. The -- with everybody else we're gonna do it my way because I have. A telephone an up and I have the executive authority to push some of these things through on my own. And I'm thinking and that is not weigh in the way this country was set up is not the way it's designed to run. But this is the way he wants -- -- and as I said before if you're in the opposition party. At least you're OK I don't like it is programs -- I don't like his approach -- where in the opposition party -- can understand Matt you don't like it understand it if you -- his. Party go. Above but boy it would have to be just sit there and go look yeah well that's the best I've heard yup yup yup. All through it what units were made like gets opened over. I have to work more welcome their brain surgeons make more money than I am Michael it's then -- -- those on a hot summer day. Just ahead. It's just. Asinine and that's what goes on you've got the bobbing heads yeah this year is may I touch the hem of your garment. This -- a second rate president. A second -- president. And god help us if we get immigration reform that leads to a state because when you get to amnesty. Organic Charlie it is all over Justin Bieber and I will go to Canada. Why -- rejected a month again reformers ago but that's I mean that's what it. So if -- his party. Do you feel. Do you feel your in his part elected not to some liberals and -- you feel like you're used. Isn't that isn't that what it's all about. Let me see using somebody for your own personal purposes and then discarding them a call prostitution. -- -- you like a -- You have any self respect. Was the last time you stood up and pointed animus that he's wrong. You ever do that I've done a lot of Republican president -- I do a lot. When's the last time you did it. But boy. Aren't as photo load a Don and Pennsylvania we'll find out what my dear lifelong friend has on his mind on your WB again. I don't we're okay where you're up watching these state of the union last I've done. I was watching it at the beginning and then my white. Started to get six so I had to turn it off that mysteriously this sickness. Pop pop pop pop it was Obama. I unit unit of a shot through a curious of of Obama ism. If -- do use the same a disrespect for the country that I see would this president because it overshadows the individual things he wants the -- Absolutely I see a lot of disrespect. It's been out -- since he was in office. And the thing about and that you'll need to earn your show. Is that if you listen to Obama when he was US -- he actually -- over again. -- President Bush is doing exactly what he intends on doing going forward by overstepping -- executive authority. And net bypassing congress is executive orders to be honest with a -- He does is he challenges anybody he does that and then challenges you with a recess appointments remember all of those recess appointments he made. He just did them anyway. And then they went to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court says you can't do that that congress has the rights and no one there in session when they're not. But that's the way he operates I'm gonna do it the way I'm gonna do it and if you don't like -- challenge me and a lot of people won't challenge him certainly his own party doesn't challenge them. And though unfortunately we don't have the majority in congress. Absolutely when you when you -- must believe it second rate president. I think you were being -- to want. I mean the difference are Jimmy Carter was totally inept. But it didn't he didn't try and read do government. I he had some -- plans and programs that we didn't like of the economy wasn't very good he was weaker trying to get our hostages back. But you didn't dislike him a because he was trying to dismantle the government. His programs -- -- to our liking but would this guy would this president seems like if he had his way. He would dissolve congress and dissolve the idea Supreme Court and get on -- as a present as they -- kicking. Absolutely I mean that's like he said -- -- did not have an agenda that destroyed this country and I I honestly. Believe that Obama does and that's that that's -- dangers and and a terrible. And you know when he does. What he does is he gets on the side of things that bug that seem favorable. Like you mentioned women's rights a lot last night and that what he tries to do is use them as a poison pill to anybody that opposes him. Because it's it's like being in favor of of orphans and then. But in order to help them you've got to do something awful. And then he says well hey I'm just trying to help the orphans it's the same thing here he -- aligns himself. With the things that are almost unassailable who doesn't want women's rights long -- Women's rights but he he positions you as if you don't like his program you don't like women's rights and it's not as Bacharach. Positioning. Very very of the battle for your mind Trout robberies wrote a book about it years ago it was about positioning it in radio -- but it's the same thing when you position your opponent. Then they have to they have to spend all of their time. Denying or trying to get out of where you position them while you're moving forward I mean it's not a new premise but he uses that all the time thanks Don thanks for calling. And one more thing and the part about. -- getting on him in employers to pay there employees more money. You know it came across to me like a blind man sitting on a sidewalk with a ten candidates and be honest with you start of that crap. Well what he tries to do is all of these things that sound grand. All affect the economy. And the very things he tries the champions sometimes like job OK tech jobs the obamacare is doing now lot of people who used to have full time jobs now have part time jobs why because it's one of the ways around things in obamacare. The unintended consequences. He doesn't seem to care much about that. He doesn't think much down the road it's just once they -- right in front of me can I get it pushed through can I ram it through congress and then we'll try and fix that later thanks Don thank you very much. I would take a break we'll be back -- more we wanna know did you did you see you or did you listen. To the State of the Union Address and we'd like your opinion with his thoughts about. I'm gonna go my way come hell or high water and I don't care of your Republican and I don't care you're. A Democrat is gonna go my way I I found it to be very distasteful view will be back after. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WB yen that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine very spiritual free line is 1806169236. Summer. Require congressional action. And I'm eager to work with -- all of. But America does not stand still and neither will -- Okay what he's saying that's another example of it. Is he's not going to wait for congress -- -- and they could care less about the Supreme Court what do they have to do -- forget says that McCourt. He's just gonna go ahead because that's the kind of guy he has proposed -- That was personal responsibility. Personal responsibility. At a commercial in the last stops that it it tells you than if you have a student loan. We can help you we can help remove the burden. Of paying it back. Look here's the deal. Somebody lend you money and sign a piece of paper you pay it back that's all restored it's not you know let me in my outside the paper that I'll screw you out of it. Where's the personal responsibility. We're in a period in our history now in America where everybody says. I don't know anybody anything no matter who gave me any thing no matter who let me anything I don't have to pay back. It's me I hope are poor or many -- them downtrodden. I mean please. You wonder what got us into the situation it's that mindset. Of -- give me something far enough thing that started before he even took office. Would it goes to women in Detroit who said they were gonna get some Obama money. And the reporters said where's he gonna get a he's gonna get it from his stash. And there was a big long line you know what and why there was big long line because there was a rumor that everybody that was in that line was going to get money from Obama. So that's what that's what you've come to now we're all waiting for Obama to give us something for nothing. Okay and that's the sucker bet that -- right now so while he sits there saying he's gonna do this is gonna do that he's gonna do that. It's all gonna end up in a big go Ponzi scheme basically that's what it is. You have fewer -- fewer people paying for more and more people. And it's upside downs gonna stay upside down. Some of the things that he wants I have no problem -- at all for instance. Expansion of job training programs that's excellent I love that I love the idea just make sure we're training people for jobs that exist. We're training people for jobs that are just now and will exist in the future let's not train them for jobs that are are not you can get now. But because that's important I have no problem at all would -- would that the preparation of helping somebody get on their feet all four. The dead beats sitting on their ass waiting for the government to bail them out. Are not exactly my kind of thinking. And that's where we that's where where let's go to who share in north I don't want to share your NW VN. I am sure I don't know -- I -- -- -- but -- probably. Out. And wrap my speech -- him kicking in a -- in my. Having a hissy fit you know they always called -- the bully pulpit but we have a bully at the bully pulpit in your eyes right. It even my kids I was around him. I would give him from all the military. Each and act -- I'm at a. Yeah there's there's a word we use about that children know we usually applied to children it's called petulant and I think he's a petulant kind of person. I think he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. And that he has no understanding that other people in the room don't agree with him at all times and he doesn't like -- -- -- that that's why you go ahead on his own. You keep that they are not easily. Are going to help. You -- so he came up horrible as a bully Cheri thank you thank you very much. I have a look like this okay. It is a bully pulpit no question about it how much has he actually convinced. Congress to do and convince the people it was a good idea. I'm not saying what he's pushed through was convincing because it wasn't look at obamacare that was who she said that was a bully deal. Where is if you wanted something maybe we could trade for your vote. There are member Mary land Oregon and Louisiana she got so whatever she got was a big payoff for her bowl which was a key vote. And they either play hardball. You're not going to get something if you're against that or you will get somebody of euphoric. And then they pushed through absolute disaster. Of bill became a long was dealing with -- now. And it's gonna get worse and worse and worse that's called obamacare. But that's so that's the MO that's the modus operandi of the way this guy operates trying to convince anybody. He just tries to bully and I'm glad she used the word because that's what he -- that's what he has and it's funny because in a time in our history where were so concerned about bullying. -- usually that means in the schoolyard not in the White House. And I Marie. In Cheektowaga Maria on WB yen. Well helmets and the -- I don't think he should that they didn't -- that being in the why else in the first place that allowed him to round. When Miette you know and then he wouldn't give them any proof that he was stem that it has been. But he had no -- -- knowing that you guys -- he has no he had very little resume his resume it was very thin. People fellow -- with the thought that we are so forward now in this country that we can elect our first black president unfortunately there for the wrong blog for a. -- -- -- -- And that he -- that -- -- -- have Supreme Court never should never pronounce him to run in the first place should that. Well the day he eventually or whose state of Hawaii eventually produce the vs -- -- I've not I don't wanna get in and have a weeds with the birth thing but what I'm saying is. He didn't have a resume then and there was a reason for any guess what -- president are not two terms or not he still doesn't have a resonate thank you -- measurements. If you wanna judges I said there are either -- other presidents who. Have been disappointing to save a lot as they've always like Jimmy Carter. But it's not the same feeling as Jimmy Carter. A Jimmy Carter. You know dude did things from his heart he wanted to on the go a certain way. He was not a good manager and not being a good manager he wasn't a good president OK but you know that he really believed in what he's doing. This president is totally agenda -- He has as the best. Way I've ever described him is he used to be a college professor. I can see him and the other college professors in the coffee break -- Saying you know if I ever became president here's what I do. To make America the way I'd like to Syria and he did become president that's what he's trying to do. So this isn't about one program. This is it about one idea this is about it over overlook of how the government should operate. And it shouldn't operate by one guy one branch domineering the other true. The Republicans should fight it and -- of the Democrats should grow -- a set. And gain a little respect and push back when you think it's appropriate instead of just being black boys for this guy will be back with more would be each and company. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Some of the highlights on the State of the Union Address he called for congress to address income inequality. And we we address that briefly. There are I believe in total income equality if if two people doing the same job. Whether it's a man or woman or -- -- a white man and a black woman or an immigrant are I don't care if you're doing the same job. As the person standing next to you it should be the same plain and simple. But not all jobs have the same value that's the problem. And many people. Go through great hardship to get the education necessary to get the training necessary. -- to get. Run up. I experience -- maybe a smaller -- market or whatever to be able to earn the more money that comes with a higher responsibility. So those are never going to be equal because they have different values. But it's easy to say everybody should learn the same amount of money if you're Castro and -- well -- are here in China aren't but not here. We we all contribute different things for different reasons and have different values and that you have to understand he is. Expansion and job training program look like that I like that a lot to a train them for jobs that will be there or are they are now and I'm very much in favor of it. Helpful long term unemployed. To find work. Now I don't know exactly what's being done now but I'd like him to explain the difference between what's being done now and what he would propose to do. Because that it's all and they it's all in the details. Are there are their training programs that are not being utilized now because they couldn't be funded that would be beneficial. That might produce dividends if if we found funding for the the kind of answers you have to get from a president in order to support him. Some things are obviously big strokes summer smaller but let me tell you this his approval rating is down around 42%. But if it gets down to 1%. If it gets to. Send in America that supports Barack Obama. It will -- John from buffalo and here he is hello John. Good afternoon or morning it is a loss actually watched the speed and your. It was excellent speech. He's he's -- great -- and you know you are actually kind of feel bad of this woman the Republicans dragged out to do to counter speech. I can room. Well she's not the president so let's stick with the president. Well just due to watch the comparison that would be like but in my commonalities. Play. Well give me an example of what's what's -- -- what got you all excited about the president's speech. You know I think you get a good job overall I think and I disagree with a lot of what the pundits and about it it even economist and senior like practically hear what they're saying about it like you wonder. Either one of them watched -- King's Speech. How they're reacting to it but you know I think he did -- job of being that the Republicans that would not doing -- -- and I think you know appointment of David needed to get the pulse. Probably the State of the Union Address is supposed to be. Although it's always had some partisanship Bennett it's supposed to be here is where we are here is what we like to go it's not the goal isn't supposed to be to beat up big Republicans as -- to the country involving moving forward. Just to try to get them to do anything to do something you know the only -- -- -- I think they call -- -- forty laws last year. To restrict abortion limits but mainly if he did bring it up to pick two point re fighting with -- animal -- So basically -- ask you this because I wanna get into the broad strokes. Don't you feel when when his whole agenda last night was the -- around congress or around anybody to get or he has ago now obviously Republicans understand they don't like get -- -- the opposition party. What is your party if you are congressman or if you were a senator and a Democrat and a supporter of Obama how would you like here that he just doesn't need you won't even care about what you feel it's it's -- -- highway. Ninety kept reaching out to Alter his speech he kept in attempting to bring -- Legislation. With you know if you have ideas and instead of voting to repeal obamacare over and over again which is gonna happen for at least the next three years or he's in office they give ideas depicted pleased. Okay John here here here here -- get a couple of quick quotes John John John John. Here's quote number one but I'll act on my own so we can streamline the construction process get more workers on the job it's quote too. I intend to keep trying window without congress to help tragedies being averted -- number three -- require congressional action on the go to work with you but America won't stand still and neither will lie and that's it -- -- speech is for all of that stuff it is I don't need anybody number rock Obama. You're you're picking out little part of the speech before you every time. Apart if that doesn't. John. What oil -- released by the White House before the speech even -- what is this is their agenda. It's move forward come hell or high water and it doesn't matter if you're in my party -- out of my party I'm Barack Obama. Don't feel like a -- boys standing back and his guys supporting. You know you're in the stuff alive. -- I -- I -- -- right John John let me -- John let me tell you why -- but -- because it's very appropriate. That is your station in life there are people who aspire to greatness there are people who are happy being -- but -- you -- -- -- -- be my -- I don't thank you. Not -- not in my job description if you don't mine -- in that. In that week and I can do without you I'm going around you don't care if you wanna come in that's fine as long as you go by my. The president does this. What kind of the president is this you know the fact that he's an -- has been widely accepted that this is not my original thought. But the effect is when you are in -- an arrogance. -- two things that don't go well together you know. I mean not is some warlords who generals. Where we're very arrogant but they had the ability to back it up a general Patton okay. Yeah he was arrogant it's I can get it done. -- he had the ability to back -- -- this guy this president. This alleged president. Is arrogant with nothing to back it up that's the point. You know I I talk about our country now everybody has an attitude. You used to have to earn an attitude. What what would get you into its okay for me to have an attitude. Maybe you're talented maybe you're good looking maybe your rich. Maybe a baby you helped people who really need your open your you do it generously there's a lot of reasons that you -- and an attitude. But he didn't earn an attitude he hasn't done anything to earn an attitude. He screwed up almost everything he's touched. He's got the country in the wrong direction. And now he just doesn't seem to think that those founding fathers knew much about how to run a country. When they set up an -- in this. The Arab city of the founding fathers to have a Supreme Court as an equal branch to have a congress as an equal branch of legislators. And then to have the president wanted to understand that. I'm the equal higher than the other equals. That's what it's about so it's not whether -- like this program of that program or this funding or that funding or whatever. The people he points out in the audience. It's about what the -- country. The way it is supposed to be run with checks and balances. With some kind of equilibrium. Is that is some guy. Crack in the weapons saying hey it's my way or the highway I don't like that I wouldn't like it if he was qualified. I sure as hell don't like it because he has. Will be back -- more would be in.

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