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1-29 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now own all on his -- company I'm sandy beach you know what that damage yesterday and I've got good news and bad news. The good news as I have no middle cavities again the bad news is. I have no no cavities. Because now I can't get a night. I didn't while they might have. I don't have a -- -- allowed -- -- sugar you're about to one. Yes yes I'm always happy when I got my teeth clean look at a gleaming they are you -- sunglasses and alerted the airport as planes take off or land anywhere near our complex if I'm smiling it's -- to divert their flight pattern you know on target about the path may be -- may be changing so I went and and got my idea teeth cleaned and inspected and that's good but I do not need any dental work. For at least another six months so that's good that I complete my round of medical. Things that I do on a regular basis old. I'm mom kind of OK for several months that's good nose. Now let's see what's going on. Big go big Super Bowl yesterday was of course. Yesterday was media day which is a nightmare. Okay because media Davis who -- got a lot of people get credentials. That don't usually cover football and stuff like that. But they get credentials and they go there and they ask asinine questions while before any of the questions Marshawn Lynch you remember him. You do have your annual over on his way home from a a chippewa street that night but anyway Marchand dry season. Did not talk to the president was fine 50000 dollars okay. So -- it was threatening now he's not even Aaron -- to. Two meeting today. And the -- also Olivia now it's gonna be another 50000 dollars a 100000 dollars so what happens. He goes and he's there -- 66. Minutes six minutes and twenty seconds to be exact. And that's it. And -- was being addictive oppressed as the as he usually is and they said well he's fulfilled his obligation now that six minute and twenty seconds. -- the bottom line is why he's got running -- why would want argument. And he's not exactly you know Patrick Henry. He had he's not a silver tongue or later he's just a guy who's gonna run in the -- line with the football. And run homer view be able. I don't recall was that adverse to the press when he was in town. Well he was in trouble locked -- as I get a lot of times and FT police. Had to be called to New Jersey airport because he would walk through the airport was headphones on seeing in her yelling. Really loud in the it would have to come in to you know to please stop it or he would show up and events stoned out of his mind. He used to bring is on boost the restaurants yeah remember that you know -- did -- -- -- -- -- while I was there I think embed media stuff might actually started because of all the problems you hear hear from an ounce steak and debate about so he is six and a half minutes and that he runs and the Deion Sanders as he left. And apparently he has enough respect for -- That deal on just casually asked them a few things in the answer. But that was it I've been -- I've been a press day. When the bills were up in a Minnesota for the super ball. Believe me believe there's a lot of them voters there and that this is their big deal and they -- Gold he questioned the funniest story I've heard on media day was when a couple of the Oakland Raiders disguise themselves as media. At which who's that was one of home and they're going around asking questions with. Akron government -- -- the raiders were playing in New Orleans in the super ball. Because stopped for a of by the police and a was charged with whatever is charged with but the second charge was he was carrying a sword Wear them. I mean -- on its sword before -- before the big game. So that that happened there are got a couple of other supermarkets and we can actually say Super Bowl. Because we're not selling anything. In conjunction with the Super -- If you or even having a Super Bowl pizza of discount 10% for Super Bowls and it. You would have to say big game discount Kazaa a so you. That's that's the way it is that's just the way it works okay. So what's hot for the super smacked down are you ready this is a service USA today I got here let's say 123. -- the top six things that people eat during the super -- Chicken wings and pizza of course you say wings and fades away is an aggressive policy idea. And chips are okay and Tony wings and its. Own number one and number true Tony nailed that and you said dips and chips. All crew whereas all I'm sorry -- not on the list I am I get to -- because what these things on the list. And chips I would think want to be on the list but they're not just don't tell me salads on the list now the year ago. Here's the percentage of increase in orders last Super Bowl okay wings. Top on the list a 113%. More than the year before. So wings as number one pizza which I assume would be 12 was number two with 27%. More than the year before then go to -- And now I don't like this but I would ever guess that hey -- Obama -- and let's get. Pulled pork. CIA Mano -- pulled pork. But is that a top of the mind when you think he's super -- -- -- and pulled pork or maybe because it's a pigskin. So they figure where we're using the -- -- For the football -- eat the rest of it sure you know why not you know it's kind of like using up our natural resources -- port number three. On number four c'mon you gotta be kidding me. Veggie burgers -- That. As the number of our number five chicken tenders. With 60%. And numbers -- Coke now it's home their target about Coca-Cola I would hope it's -- -- as -- Plus 10%. But there again I'm thinking bit soft drinks. Boy drinking booze or soft drinks is one of the true right over is nobody's gonna whip out some sun tea or anything like that. So there as wings pizza. -- pork veggie burgers chicken tenders -- We salads and salad is not on the list but I would assume that the list went much further it's a good salad would be on the probable all this is exciting did you see that touchdown. Let's dig into a salad more greens. Thank you very much. -- Cuba who more. I don't -- that this is WB well that's all coming up Sunday in case you didn't know -- just landed here from another planet. And we'd just mentioned what kind of foods people will be eating during the super -- Now there's also another survey that says what would you give up to go to the Super Bowl. OK first of all the Super Bowl is not always a great football it's a great spectacle sometimes it's a good game wide right. But sometimes it's the dog and I've I've I've watched who rebels what is your board because there's not much going on. But people are willing to go -- and they're willing to give up a lot of stuff. The number one thing that people are willing to give up his vacation 23% while Stan vacation time maybe you wanna go to in this case New York. It's called -- well but you know vacation time go to the Super Bowl odds of some other things are gonna understand that second import. Work responsibility. 21%. So all of that -- Our Greg and -- of them they've been they've been down at us all we haven't come. That's. They got good states because we carry two bills I'm sure they have really fabulous -- and that's that's. Explain rest of the year but look at what else do we have wedding of a close friend or family member 20%. 1% say that they would skip a close family member or friend's wedding to go to the Super Bowl would you guys that I'd skip it is -- what he called -- I'd give him even if there wasn't a game audio you know weddings are for the most part -- pretty rough idea had. I'd skip a warning for Boston got weddings are it I don't but when I was a kid all my -- got married and we will had to go to weddings. And luckily my cousin David and I ate the roles bug be -- -- yet because -- children. But beyond that now I know it's not an -- and all -- -- is your daughter or your son getting married. It's usually pretty boring and then of course you get in through. That bit of the bride and groom in the wedding party take off for wedding pictures. And that kind of -- -- you just want they receptionist arts and you can eat. And an emotional bushel bushel cake in your face. And then thereof for the honeymoon and that's that now I just get it over to get out of isn't tied twentieth is that how you broke your pants on your -- and so he did the they have adjustable pans. We're waiting for Tony to arrive seated there ready for the ceremony. And he wasn't there and -- on the word came down just like the Jimmy Cagney movie. Where he's in. And then he goes crazy remember that -- is the word got around that Tony had broken his pants. And I'm thinking shouldn't say that anonymous on how he broke his fans so. That the little adjustment thing what your -- -- fallen down had you not been able to adjust that -- object. While that's obviously good so he was he was late and a and that's that but that 20% say. A wedding of a close family member or friend. They would skip that the goalless -- Oh man this next 119%. It was skip the funeral of a loved one. To go to the Super Bowl. All I can't night and no I could skip the wedding -- couldn't skip Fiona. God that. That is that's lol yeah that's really bad that is really well especially if you show up in the funeral of your face painted. Or somebody's at the funeral with a -- and then there waiting for the person criminal defense. Steve's of course the role to talk well that's that's a loved one it says a lot -- OK it's a little ones so maybe it's a relative maybe -- -- -- it's somebody and that's familial love I mean there's always another Super Bowl. You could here's what you don't invest in the hole enough -- Monday. I hit back at. What it's like you act exactly. -- -- 15%. OK first off vacation yeah. You've got to go to the civil. Important work responsibility maybe maybe not depends on what kind of workers you're 21%. Wedding of a close family member or friend 20% funeral while 119%. Of people would skip. Those to go to the Super Bowl but the last one. The birth of a child. 15%. Said they would skip the birth of a child to go to the Super -- if it's your -- I mean maybe if it's your neighbor's kid or something in your out of town on business. But your own kid. I can't see now -- the only way I would miss that is if I was actually lean in the dean -- ya know and there have been players remember a couple of years ago. -- one of alignment. One of the teams. They've been excused him just before the Super Bowl when he went home they had the baby and he came back right -- I don't remember what was but. So that's that so of people are really into the super ball and we wish you all the best also wishing the best to remove bullets -- from Jeffs. It's his birthday. The governor early -- they present a broken pipe it's I'll make me sick when I saw that I love chefs. And love -- a great guy and allowed his father it's very nice people. And and fabulous -- and when probably a TV stations and it was Jones who showed that when they were cleaning up and anger and correcting the problem they have all the -- with chairs up on the tables. Oh man. But of course my ego didn't get involved I kept thinking I hope Mike Pritchard but now know why I would. -- -- It just shows that was on today -- John's excellent. From North Carolina. And though he -- reporter the original noise they live reporter there for him he was talking about how down in the south and not really ready for McConnell whether we have. Set out all showdown when I went to Dallas the program WBA pig. When they -- got to remember -- by BP it's a big deal covers 32 states. And the idea -- a helicopter a stagecoach you have every toy in the world. And when I went and the manager briefed me. He said yes in case of a case of bad weather we have a blue team and a red team. And they said the -- red team are made up of employees. For every aspect on the air production and engineering. Traffic. People answer the phone in turns everything. So you'll the first if there is one the first one to bring in the red team and then if the next day things are still going back to bring him to -- -- -- -- red -- Everybody on stand by and I and the man who pushes the button okay. So I -- 1 morning I woke up I was there earlier short time I woke up. So little mixed precipitation out the next thing you know the managers colony which team you're calling out. That wasn't going to call on all we have to. Okay call up red team so we called the -- like an inch of snow mixed precipitation the call up a whole -- Everybody comes and everybody comes and it's like Armageddon it's like -- because they have no plows. They have a few salters that's about it. And it's nothing like here just absolutely nothing but I had all like a -- because these people are serious. And I was there either. Collapse. I was this article I've thought it was really funny and the manager thought it was funny too -- because he's from buffalo. He was sales manager KB. At once more punished. And so he was the manager down there. So here at the manager and program director who lived through buffalo winters looking outside it's something that if we had that you look out the window -- up. Okay. -- -- -- That was that it was all the old ball -- the wall around their because were people -- and out as you know calling yeah because first Alter big really don't get a chance to drive in -- that much. If they go further north up and oklahomans that there's more snow but there isn't that much in doubtful worth. They've got an occasionally maybe once -- twice a year Max and does so that's what it was but everybody drive slow me is accidents it's like. One she'll survive buffalo winters you can take in Amman. As opposed to when I won Milwaukee morning ma'am my first day on the job blizzard. A blizzard on my first morning I was at the hotel and I got on the interstate the wrong way. I was face I was going south instead of north but I got there and time off fifteen minutes before my show. And all was well after that -- when we come back. It's my way or the highway yeah that's our president. Barack Obama. Who decides what the however constitution. Now what they way the government set up I'm the president. It may might Penn gave me my phone I'm gonna do it my way. And we'll talk about that if you watched the State of the Union Address of last night went on general life. But if you -- was gonna go over parts of that on -- I'm thirty. Libya. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news -- just use WBE. I don't ever ever -- governor of that image a lot of those days where you just get nostalgic. I had a day yesterday after I got home from the -- I just dead. And I I went -- have a media room has a lot of cool stuff minute -- and I just started going through photos. Because you're thinking about things that you've done in the past -- whatever. And like -- Really cool picture of me all time. Who last time it was in town now on the stage thanked me for. For a bat out of hell we're responsible for getting it to the next plateau very nice of him him off. Have -- a picture of me and Gene Simmons from kiss when he visited my office whatever. In I was looking through all this stuff and thinking you know how fortunate I've been to me always people and I thank you -- -- my favorite picture though is probably the picture of me without. To receive that -- All I've ever brought it and I've always in Toronto. And the label that are I know the present labels are remember. I said hey hey why don't we send a limo which they did. A limo for you and Jon Summers they come up and see how about in Toronto. Because that we had gone -- to -- Bob -- open Toronto. And so we went up there and MB of -- and an -- -- or beautiful I mean no question especially blog. She had skim like you didn't think was real effect but the here's a picture of me would Obama and I'm think it misses at the time the biggest. The big is bad -- -- world and there are I am and then I went to the next picture and it's me and my sister with the BAG's. You know and there we are just we're gonna -- my sister went crazy when Barry came over and extended his hand and said. I am very like she didn't know right there was where and it's over so now. I and I went through that and it was I just don't have enough time to go through wall but I think got out of all the pictures the one with -- problem is. Perhaps the closest and I meant every enemy -- post I suppose on Libya because I should because I've got all this stuff. Sitting around and you know it's it's -- every once in awhile to revisit it especially on a gloomy. A lousy winter days sure you kind of say okay this is exciting these were days when the sun was shining so maybe I'll do that that's great thank you were much. I'm now here we go hall on let's go live is State of the Union Address that I watch it of course not. I hate the State of the Union Address not just because it was Obama's state of the union I hate any State of the Union Address 'cause they are so phony. They they wait for the applause lines first of all the first thing you see. Is there are some people who gets. Who get there like hours and hours and hours ahead so they'll be sitting on the idol. So that when the president walks down they let -- and the president of the United States. And everybody has an orgasm may get crazy guy jump up and down this is like the best thing -- -- all right. And now he comes down and all of these. Suck jobs who have been you know standing in line for hours to get in there so they can get and I'll see they all reach out. And they touch the hem of his garment. And he smiles at them and I used to like it when them a Clinton did it because Clinton was one of those pointers. And Hillary still does that. -- walk into a room and as she's walking to the podium whatever show. -- -- god -- point you hear what a surprise. Vice president old -- okay if I didn't hear it here and they reach out needs of man I hate all that. And then the speech itself. The speech itself. Is just full of applause lines and they -- four in case -- missed that. In case you miss the fact that your hands are supposed to be doing this. They'll just wait and stare you down and and it's just. It's a dog and pony show and as I said -- like George Bush's. A state of the union anymore and I like Obama so this is not a political thing it's just that. Just a general thought and I see our early morning news came there was conversation about whether. Michael -- I think it was it was they were talking. Whether these State of the Union Address is kind of well outlived its usefulness. As is so partisan now it's all partisan it's it's just like a campaign's major except it's called the State of the Union Address. It's not like the old days where people would actually learn things we knew basically all of the important stuff that was gonna come out. But the a couple of days before they release that. So there's no surprise his -- element of surprise. They pack the big pack the aisles with. Well wishers who can hardly wait to touch your hand and give -- -- high five or would this president may be a fist bump. All how cool is -- like I get the president of Perez. -- And then they -- the audience with people. Who relate to of the things they're talking about. Okay so if they're talking about funding this program they'll be somebody sitting up in the gallery. Who represents. What that program is all about. And they'll have some feel good thing. They'll have some people and they -- who have miraculous stories itself. And it's great you know if you're if you're doing a soap opera but. As far as political theater and it sucks and I don't watch it and I don't listen to it I know what's in it and I knew what was going to be where he said it. And so we're gonna go over some of the things that are and it first follow -- go to the WB and though the web -- and tell -- Tony if you will. I think they asked the question. How important was whether it's him or -- crashed -- -- I saw you looking at the screen that's -- I -- Chris so the very web poll asked more questions allowed were still loading -- -- -- -- a -- quick hold on I'm loading. The regardless of who occupies the Oval Office the column for do you think the State of the Union Address is how important now I don't think it's important at all anymore but go ahead now we have to wait -- always loading it. We're going we're going in real time I don't hire -- are very important 7%. That's at seven out of a hundred people think it's very important or somewhat important 22%. That I you're at 29%. You know have any kind of interest at all and not important 71%. That's exactly right because they see everyone and as we know the information ahead of time. We know it's a big campaign rally especially this. The past few -- Barack Obama. A lesson his fifth one if this reform studio. I'll be glad when the last one jumps up. But anyway so this is a little different in respect that. The president used to teach. Constitutional law. And I find that I have amazing. Because it has it has no respect for our -- we have congress. That is the legislators. We have the Supreme Court they decide where what is a what is constitutional what is in the -- of the executive branch. Which is the president and the and the president seems to think that the other two branches don't exist. That if he doesn't get what he wants he -- turn around it so by some way shape or form. Let -- use recess appointments and go bitch slapped by the Supreme Court on some almost. He will use them executive orders coming from the president some of them stick. Some of them are important. And he'll just do anything he wants to do and his attitude is limited I wanna do. And if you don't like it you can try and override it. Change the law do something because he talks about the sense and spirit of cooperation personal sentenced her cooperation Washington now they're prior plans simply as a or come back we've we've got here is a quotes. We're gonna go over some of them and then some of the things that he would like to see done before he says demos. And it's time ago. And and we'll do that though for -- this morning if you have any interest in and my guess -- you might not because I don't have much interest -- but I think it's important enough for us the least given a shot will be back with more on news -- and I thirty WB yeah. And I intend to keep trying to win that war without congress to help stop. More tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theatres and our shopping malls or schools like San Diego. I couldn't figure out today there are a lot of schools that handled two hour delay. You know on Monday could of understood that because there was a storm coming through that was on its way to somewhere else. And the storm got easier with -- last a couple of hours of the morning. But -- this was called in the morning it was -- two hours what are but they delayed for two hours and I I just don't know why and maybe that's something to do with the test that was schedule. I would just seemed a little goofy. Anyway we're talking about the president's State of the Union Address. I bet not many people aren't talking about it except the a political types who talk about politics every single day. But they -- just not -- the disturbing. Part of the address. Is nothing new we've known about this for some time and it's not about any individual thing that he wants although both through a couple of things. I would my thoughts on them but the whole point that he does not seem to have any respect. For the way our government is set up. There's a reason there's checks and balances there's a reason we have congress as a reason we have the executive branch and there's a reason we have the judicial branch. And the reason is it's a balance of provides America with a balance. He does not care he's just going full tilt -- ahead and in the last cut that you heard Tony play before we went to break. He always loads up the of the positive sides of something it without even mentioning. The the negatives. Or be trampling on somebody's rights or the cost or anything like that it's just he's. He sets it up only -- one side does not balance that at all at Ferraro former constitutional law professor. Or teacher I'm not sure -- performance or not. It's it's it tells you something we've had problems with him in the past -- -- the recess appointments of Supreme Court said -- what he did was illegal. And that now he's going to flexes muscle and that's what all the headlines say okay headline above one of those Obama tells congress he just won't wait. -- President uses state of the union to flex authority in tackling economic disparity. In some are other quotes here. Those of the top I've never done better but average wages have barely budged in the image quality. Has deepened upward mobility installed and that's about one of the programs he wants about the disparity in in wages. But the other point is some other things that he wants you may think have merit -- I think have merit but the way he's going about. Trying to get them does not have merit as far as I'm concerned. There are times when you have for our powers that they should be used. Judiciously. They should be use sparingly when you have to. Walk softly and carry a big stick okay he doesn't care walks -- wants the world and though he's Barack Obama yeah hole. He's the greatest thing since sliced bread when he's been a disaster I think the president. So. We're going to be playing those highlights during the course as long as -- target mothers -- it but here are some of the things that he wants. And weaken our kind of address the briefly. He's going for congress to address income inequality. -- -- let me just say this about that. If you have a man and a woman standing next to each other doing the same job they should get the same page in the same benefits got that. If you have a minority and somebody who's not a minority standing side by side. Doing the same job should get the same pay him a question about any of that but that is what he's talking about. There -- as I've said before. All jobs are important there are no unimportant jobs because that we take the puzzle of America. There are some pieces of that puzzle which are very important to the good and welfare and security. Of our nation there are some that are important to our frame of mind whatever and everybody contributes their part but some jobs simply are worth more money. Then others they they contribute more and they contribute to the bottom line more. And those jobs might require require more education or the ability and willingness to move from one state to another. To get those jobs as you get into the lower paying jobs. Of the the the age old the more people assuming the job is needed -- The more people can do what you do the less money economy. The few people that can do what you can do assuming it's needed. The more money you're gonna make it doesn't take a genius to figure that out but -- income equality. Let's say who has income. This no no income disparity who has done -- -- about Communist countries. Where is it here's Roger gonna make here's what you got to make this is we're gonna live there immensely in the that yeah there's an apartment opening up in fifteen years and you inhabitants it's. You know 800 square feet and that's basically it but in America's a little different here. We've always had a disparity in an income because of contributions. And preparations made. To get into the workforce may be your going the extra mile by going to college behavior holding a job -- going to college so that you can. Even or go to graduate school. Now as you go through the job ranks and you have more particular skills you'll probably going to make more money. Then somebody who was who was not gonna take in the same -- -- or they didn't. Make the sacrifices you did and and the president doesn't kind of acknowledged that. He just sees that this person's making that in this vs making that why is it it's unfair. Who have that's not my that's not my view of how America works. America rewards those who contribute. And -- and unfortunately weren't they -- cycle now. Where they want a reward everybody equally whether you're -- contributor or not whether you just invent the cure for cancer -- you're sitting on your ass watching television. As far as the president's concern it's unfair that you know sitting on your ass and not making the same money. As somebody. Who has made a great contribution to their community or to the country. And that's a problem and I might have with this president that's just one thing -- bounce over the agenda we're gonna ask you hope. Obama says he's got to go it alone he'll bypass congress are you okay what -- Is is that the way you were -- that our government works as and the way it was thought a news radio I'm thirty W via.

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