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North Carolina Socked By Snow

Jan 29, 2014|

WPTF Reporter Josh Zach

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    Wed, 22 Oct 2014

    With the New York governor debate is tonight in buffalo joining us on the WB and lifeline Camelot that with the New York Daily News he's the Albany bureau chief Ken good morning. Good morning set the stage for us what you think we're in for tonight with this. Hook I think we're gonna see a little bit of fireworks perhaps it's not going to be. As good as the one on one debate we've got to two main candidates Governor Cuomo and Republican run that story you know but we also have. My the party candidates at the insistence of the governor of Green Party candidate Howard Hawkins and libertarian. Michael McDermott which I defy you to find some of them even heard of Michael Mick and. Can what you expected and to be the main issue tonight. Do you think it might be the way the governor dealt with a Moreland commission or fracking or what do you think. I think it's going to be all of that I think yeah this is the shot barrage that's still Leno he's hit Cuomo. On the economy he says Cuomo on the moral and commission and the handling of the leak. Subsequent investigation by the federal of the US attorney. Hydro fracking obviously is the big issue so I think depending on who's talking Sally Hawkins is gonna hit the governor. I'm. I don't backing because Hawkins as opposed to whether he says that you know you can take up the fact of the governor's. Office apparently pushed for changes in the study that was done about Hydro fracking. Absolutely you know cut the truth Q parties got it on the attack. Against the governor of the first kind of well you know they'll be in the same Blake got together but on the other hand. He's got to show who he is and what he's gonna do you have to put out an affirmative. Affirmative platform of the don't. Are as Governor Cuomo he's right now according to Siena holding a twenty point lead here over history in Graham. Governor global got to do is make no mistakes he he can't pull up he can't look like he's forty can't look like. He's. And your beliefs and stage he's gonna have to. Talk about his record which I'm sure he's gonna do and contrast to himself that he's been doing. With the rob actually know who he calls an ultra conservative. The debate being from buffalo I am pretty sure he's also gonna talk about. The buffalo billions something my best to win those criticized and all the new construction going on. And I can you mentioned a hallway Hawkins and we'll stand on the Hydro fracking. What do you suppose is minor candidates. Might say otherwise you know we know that they're going to be asked to. Respond to specific issues but there's always a chance they're gonna pump their own agenda. Little by helicopter in the big thing is Hydro fracking I think that's going to be is his big point. And the reality is about how he Hawkins lucky poles with 9% that's. Hawkins has the potential to do more damage to Cuomo's. Ultimate result then even after Reno at school I was consistently polling at about 33% which is really the normal Republican kind of should turn out that the base Republican support. But the government wanted to be more international purposes and also he wanted to probably top the father who got about 64%. When he ran for reelection in 86. But you'll have to Hawkins gets 910%. 8%. That drags the governor down just don't have a big win over west Toledo but it dragged for governor into the mid to low fifties and that's something he doesn't want. So they could actually play spoiler in a way. While spoiler to the point that the governor you know don't get the margin or the percentage of victory you want to certainly. We all polls show he's up by at least 20% in debt so we'll have a big wins but it may not be so hyper when he wants. This is the only debate of the season. Yeah rather Bruno has been pushing that issue he has wanted a series of regional one on one debate. He also what I had wanted at least one televise a televised one on one debate the governor refused he had offered up doing ache. One on one radio debates prior to ask enough good noted that. You would think he would have taken a given his word is in the polls and how far is and fundraising. And taken it in the bill passed and governor brewer. NAFTA and the one on one televised debate but he duty said he wouldn't do the one on the radio. Ken thanks for joining us this morning appreciate it. Bureau aren't that's Ken Lovett he's the Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If the named Josh sic sounds familiar it should he's John's son born and raised here in Western New York. Josh is a reporter at WB TF radio in Charlotte, North Carolina Josh good morning. It probably actually a rally cancer and up and I had Charlotte I guess Allen had me thinking Charlotte anyway we're hearing nightmare stories after this rare blast of snow sleet and -- What's the story there how much now. Well first of all we're still North Carolina and it's not a nightmare we encourage everybody from the buffalo area and New York State to come on down it's it's beautiful sunny -- it's eighteen degrees here. You know -- go to the beach to the area. No and in fact I'm glad you brought that up I just got off the phone with the gentleman named Sam walker who writes for the outer banks voice dot com. I had a really interesting talk with him about the storm that they receive because they started getting bad water before we did over on coast a lot part of the state. They -- about. Two to four inches of sleet and freezing rain yesterday afternoon which is now underneath another one to four inches of snow depending on where they are. So they've gotten extreme ice pack and launch underneath. Pottery -- themselves. That is probably in my opinion the worst conditions I've heard about all morning since I've been that the stations and about Korean. -- now what's your forecast is does it get better is a silliness for awhile. The forecast is that we -- gonna be remain below freezing through tomorrow the governor has issued a state of emergency for the stated that yesterday in order to mobilize necessary resources sent to put the National Guard on standby. The reason they're doing that is because. Wake county where we are only has about fifty trucks that -- but. Spreads salt -- and try to -- snow removal. It's kind of funny to look at the -- here right now you know what it looks like at midnight on Christmas Eve and Christmas -- go to midnight mass here oh no one's out that's what looks like right now. Of people have been running -- the stores to buy milk bread eggs and things like that schools close. Schools are closed yesterday. Schools were operating unto our delays some of them were dismissing early and in some schools opted not to have classes at all. Now the Raleigh area in the wake county public schools. They probably could have gone to school because we didn't get a single wait until the sun went down between you know 53630. Yesterday. And even then we can start accumulating any real snow until after 8 o'clock. You know you got to confirm -- John said that the staff at the radio station was. Put up at a hotel last night. That's correct -- sent a text message and I had to pick one of those guys up this morning it's funny story but we have a Holiday Inn express. Over break down the street near the corner we've kind of like a business -- I like where you guys are and -- morning crews stayed over there and one of our program directors very he's here now and I picked up our morning anchor this morning. And I tried my blazer four wheel drive the one and hadn't -- way back -- And. He was careful. The driver and I'm driving like it's nothing because to me it is nothing and the real cars -- -- Rosa wasn't too worried about any anything like that but. He was white -- and that he was leaving the lobby. There is about to police hang around. But ten or twelve months Raleigh PD cruisers sitting there and he said Ali and I got to ride -- not driving they -- a -- guy that's picking up to know how to drivers now. And then and again I think handle. There's there's there's they got circuit Baird Riley -- like. I ended up giving a lot. The tutorial on how to do it don't I think we got to the parking lot here work. -- -- but hey that's great well I know we're kind of chuckling but. I am and a lot of places in the deep south it's it's a really tough situation Josh we appreciate hearing that story from you. One more thing -- telling about -- Walker of the outer banks he told me that people that are out there were more terrified of receiving this a little bit of snow. And of the hurricane. And that surprised. Because I what you can reverse I can rather deal with snowstorm that hurt and when -- amounts to -- group -- former house. And I absolutely ambler where was he on one. Hey -- take care OK and thanks for checking and. Well they'll try to keep everybody grounded. It just -- At WB TF radio in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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