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Falls View Is Spectacular

Jan 29, 2014|

Angela Berti; Niagara Falls State Parks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line is Angela birdie she's a Niagara Falls state park spokesperson. The reserve talking Angelo this morning is she is right in the middle of the scene that is absolutely beautiful especially when the weather gets this cold Ahmanson's Wendy. I've missed settles down on those trees -- all nighter falls. Angela if you could a few words describe what Niagara Falls looks like. It looks like a frozen beautiful tundra. It's it's. Stunning and breathtaking and literally and beautiful to look at him sitting here looking on our wonderful charity ambassadors to just Cayman. Bundled from head to tell but it it's really worth coming to try to -- Our visitor numbers up this winner Angela. You know it's hard to -- visitor numbers at this time here we don't have a lot of our attractions but I think. We've seen a lot more foot traffic coming into the -- just because of all the attention that her beautiful fall -- in getting. Both here locally and around the world. Lots of people logos of Niagara Falls on good days with the cameras but about. Who's going to be a lot of people entering the photo contests with some of these I see pictures. So there's you know I think when they get a -- and in sample of that last week or two weeks ago when. Aggregate that -- and -- came in -- stunning photos of prospect point that went viral around the world now. We certainly encourage local folks to come and take advantage of this beautiful photo op. The premier. Are you getting a lot of attention camera from around the world. We -- on that last burst of cold couple weeks ago he imagine pictures. -- picked up I think -- -- Iranian news Irish times was running at. Neck and National Geographic picked it up. So that's huge for us. You know not in terms of putting magnate fault and tap people's minds for their summer vacations but China records and -- -- and. You know we know that it's a pretty windy at the falls especially between me around here. How should people dress and be prepared if they do decide to visible falls on the day like today. You really do need to bundle up even more than if you're just running penal from McCarron it mr. it is extremely windy here today and you get -- it's freezing -- hair and it's it's. Definitely it's different climate than it is anywhere else the last New York. We encourage you to cover your major -- every six people out. Exposed flesh really should be covered and you know you don't need to stay here a long time but it's you know. Is just about judgment and a go go back to Carol and it's cold. Worst of espionage point. Right now about the community that falls at prospect point we do work very hard to keep that open and faulted -- safe. I'm a lot of the other areas of the park we do have to close that. Intrepid. After work hard to try to keep -- open audition -- that we can't keep up amateur complaint. Good island is open for lockers. -- look around what I am but if you wanted to kind of run any get a good let -- we would encourage all over the past a point. Now I've pressed that point that you be approach walking and a lot of nice right. It's pretty -- I think you guys say it all the time well both of our network in minutes that holds the lead again encourage proper footwear and just using your best judgment but yeah that's part of the fund to its gonna navigating that conditions. Do you make an attempt to keep track of the number of visitors every day. Packet that it it's hard to gauge its -- the gate and during the summer because the as a free place to answer that no gate -- you know we do about China. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even a bit more of the challenges because there. After the little bit shorter than and it won't peak seasons. You know we can have people who can -- out of the park. Angela you must know that years ago they let people. Walk out and then ice and the finals yet it is at her feet and two and think about today. I think we all fantasize about the opportunity to have that chance setting them up against -- for -- in the pictures look like the people were having a blast but. You know it just wouldn't work. Yeah and it did lead to a tragedy. Back and back in the early part of the the past century to -- nice to talk with a nice chatting with you thanks very much. Second we have a program on Saturday from one for the iceberg of Niagara people -- -- to right size to -- 516 for more information that the tour were going to be leading here at the park on Saturday. Focus on on the website to him that we're hit her backhand angle and I default page OK thank you Angela. Angela -- in Niagara Falls state park spokesperson.