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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Brian Higgins: Reaction to SOTU

Brian Higgins: Reaction to SOTU

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's got more congressional reaction out of the president's state of the union message last night and his agenda. From buffalo congressman Brian Higgins congressman good morning and thank you for joining us. The president's warning to congress last month the that they don't want to help them and work together. He's going to go it alone and in some cases use the executive orders. To something like this lead you to believe that we're in for more gridlock some Republicans are likely to oppose this. Well -- can revoke the popularly experience. An executive order do you have any preference vote Democrat Republican ticket -- -- -- congress can't get. But what makes you think congressman that this is going -- will just lead to more. Well -- -- cart path. And they get much worse than -- right now. That the matter is that a predator with specifically -- because. Anything really that he. You know typically. Programs as opposed to them and nothing is done -- he spoke more broad strokes that dramatically. Well you know straight. The city's strong because of the strength in the -- -- people. And he added that it would beat her Afghanistan veterans. -- who has you know leave there with his family last night you know so American businesses -- really be in debt because because congress. Congressman the president -- going to be a breakthrough year for America. Where do you think we will see some action -- share. Well I think because he greater growth in the economy working and walking in you know -- it's almost somewhat and he. -- Hopefully you provide some clarity and certainty. And you know that the blast with which can hope for because he'd better economic growth -- -- -- in the past -- -- -- -- years. I think that's a good thing I think and manufacturing is becoming much more competitive. On the global stage because. You know manufacturing capital and lingering differences in. In were becoming energy MacArthur that's a big big deal. But again I think that really a tricky issue. American businesses American. And humility here and and because you know a -- paper go. We're just about out of time -- a good feeling. After the speech last night or you're still a little skeptical. Well Google. They're very functional even you know I figured you know I Democrats and Republicans could get together and doing -- transportation bill. We need to be re going over it encourages you mentioned you know we dealt. Both in pretty significant in Iraq not America so I think we need to under the American economy and infrastructure is one area. We're Democrat and Republican have agreed that it it can conduct we can create shots and short term. Well help American businesses become more. -- there because of the infrastructure equipment that we need. Congressman good to hear from you this morning thank you. In buffalo congressman Brian Higgins.

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