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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Chris Collins: Reaction To SOTU

Chris Collins: Reaction To SOTU

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Congressman Chris Collins is on the WBM. Live line now with reaction to last night's State of the Union Address by the president. Congressman good morning thank you for being so patient while we went through all -- school closings. Well I'd Yonhap TV which you -- so winter in buffalo this year that's. Sure -- you're right you know you're mentioning your response to the president's state of the union that we need to work on immigration reform -- a couple of years ago congressman. Republicans wouldn't even talk about. Reforming immigration the president last night so he would push for immigration. Overhaul laws now are Republicans trying to take over with their own immigration rules. Well John it it is an important issue for the United States especially in the district I represent all of the dairy farmers. Having a legal workforce. Is critical for them through in many cases expand their arms and create more jobs. We just need to have. A meeting of the minds. Especially concerning. Legal work status which is what Republicans. Are in favor of those illegal immigrants -- into the country. Illegally. Verses their presidents being at least in the past you and then talking about a pathway to citizenship. -- in the news is the differences and I think. Republicans have come a long way over the last couple of years. Now acknowledge. Legal work -- something that would be good for the immigrants it would be good for those industries especially of this series armored. In desperate need of a a legal workforce. And you know good for the country so you know I'll remain. Somewhat optimistic. That that we get -- done -- as I mentioned earlier. Are you disappointed that the tone of the president. Was was so political. In. Oh. Of working with congress. But rather that told was working around. The only pick up -- -- he said he would act on his own wherever and whenever he can. What away with what was he setting us up for this year. Well are I'm afraid that that. Oh. It is. Will Wear my optimism fades away and in. It's after ways that you begin a conversation with someone that you really want to resolve differences where. And -- radar to -- here he's increasing minimum wage. Ten dollars and ten cents or federal contractors. Doing business with the federal government that's gonna are. A number of jobs and it's not gonna be good for those industries are good for the economy and is that I'm I'm just very concerned that it was a political speech we heard and he was trying to rile up what you might call it stage. As opposed to doing what the American public -- which is working with congress to you know resolve some significant issues this year. We'll certainly sounds like we're heading for a thing but more gridlock. In the next session of congress just like last year. Well is that the good news is we got the two year budget passed which took away. This you know is that the most toxic parts of that sequester especially in the Department of Defense. But yet it also kept in place boasts 92% of the savings that we have. Realized through these sequester -- And today I'm gonna be very optimistic we will ask a bipartisan farm bill. Another issue very critical to the 27 congressional district. And you know those -- two big wins and put it but I am also. Concerned with the -- in the present requests by about where we can go further. Congressman callebs thank you for being so patient thanks for joining us this morning we're very grateful. That. Nice to talk with you congressman Chris columns.

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