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State of the Union Recap

Jan 29, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The president last night delivered his fifth state of the union speech. To congress and to the country and let's talk about it now with Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech pretty morning -- What did you take away from the speech. If you can remember one thing about the speed five and even forty years now it's not going to be anything but the president himself that. -- what Republicans said afterward. And these circuit first as Cleveland's -- probably want the most emotional. Of men and stated the unions for many many years in this soldier with Turks and who has been beauty. About him that everyone in the entire chamber isn't. A resounding here and that law ground -- It's the eightieth in itself -- find it didn't -- nervous system what a great on the. Well you know getting back to show all the promises them some of those well -- they use the word threat to move the president made last night. Telling congress America does not stand still not out of a lie he said he would use executive privilege to get some of those agenda. Back on track. But Republicans. Several months ago so that there were going to try to work to be. A more chemical will party they were going to work with the president this isn't happening as the days. He hit it probably isn't -- -- what people -- accurate -- the second but technically the president says he was very very aggressive he was saying what. Accounts and their. That was the year that was lost 2014. It is going to be here action. Congress you do not help -- congress if you're not going to be part of the solution then you are the problem I'm gonna use exactly the powers. In order to -- Michael now what was lacking job. The Republicans that perhaps rightly criticized or -- work that this speech was very happy at rhetoric it was very light on the -- so wasn't clear from the heat itself. The -- union addresses are supposed to get considered but you're there and help the policy but really what it's clear exactly how it was being used is how. Dave is the sale of the union speech is relevant as it once was. You're -- -- you know I -- it allows the president has set an agenda but that's how. I think the president if he was successful in anything was able could be cut back up what existing area though where Republicans and Democrats -- -- the present -- -- It -- Republican rebuttal it at some commonality was on the issue of immigration. If I can make one prediction cent this year there's going to be single. -- is at an all right issues that don't live on both the democratic side on the Republican side it will be immigration -- will be some compromise hammered out. Support package and that both sides are indicating that there is going to be an issue with Huckabee drops are going to be about here limit our commonalities is going to be immigration reform. You know going back to the serviceman. Heralded last night for ten deployments to Afghanistan and in the Middle East. You know 123. Deployments. But ten is something wrong with this picture David. And in the present that's going to be eluding feared that take it -- -- back here senator that there was thank you get talked I hit. To a significant degree about a block about Afghanistan about those wars -- -- branding the winding down but still we have. Major issues in Afghanistan the explorer. And -- all around the world Syria being one of them that the it's effectively took Apatow are in having military involvement. Point is that it was in the country whether Republican or Democrat. It was going to be a huge issue going for determining whether the United States is going to take military action. When something bad happens in the world and material in question right now but the presence in indicate but that's going to be a conversation. That it's going to be dealt with. In a much more serious way and sobering way perhaps today and not that it was done in the past although many Republicans feel that. Everything that we have gone up until this point in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hasn't it been the right thing and it's a hard thing. -- thanks for joining us this morning. Are you -- your home from the -- billion with your wife and eighty town. -- and -- welcome home it's Dave Leventhal he's a senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington.