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Still Bitter Cold; Relief In Sight

Jan 29, 2014|

Meteorologist Tom Paone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A -- -- to the airport weather station where National Weather Service meteorologist Tom -- to stand by the talk those Tom good morning good morning. In 2:0 out there this morning minus twenty wind chill schools are closing worry about where we were yesterday morning at the time and. They're procuring again the main the main problem right now is just a continuation of the effect that we care of these. Breezy windy conditions that are really continue crossing proportional Western New York especially downwind of lake area so it's combination of the near zero and slightly. Blows -- temperatures and winds -- -- up almost a thirty miles per hour which is creating these bitterly dangerous dangerously cold wind chills. Is this -- time are we going to climb out of this after today. Yeah we're gonna see some improvement mean he's the only problem is those tempers will be moderating a little bit maybe two of the teams they but the only problem is -- and hasn't really gusty winds. Maybe up to 35 for about pro -- throughout the afternoon and so. You know even those -- will be moderating slowly over to have a very definite -- in the air and that people continuing to for -- this evening. And temperatures overnight stable kind of holds steady and then what if you start anymore to tomorrow will will -- -- the more of an improvement. A high temperatures in the upper twenties. And again the winds will still be a little bit of a gusty side. But when you start getting into the upper twenties but with some -- that'll help a little bit. There's a -- completely covered -- -- remote part. Are you guys -- of the National Weather Service -- about his weary covering the circle spells we are reporting on the. Yeah I think so you know it this if -- -- these cases where -- -- oftentimes when you get cold temperatures like this. If you -- Associated with you know clear sky is. And relatively light wind but we've just but in this this pattern really for really the past couple weeks we've had. No the wind accompanying. The good cold temperatures of the and that's where you could be the the -- issue is what the dangerous wind chills. Tennis history one of the longest stretches where -- the Los freezing for consecutive days. Well. It it seemed that way but we can't because he's in the past where we've had. You know good month to six weeks -- below freezing -- below freezing temperatures I think a lot of it too is you know we have remember we had to. Unseasonably. -- mile winners the previous two years. And you know people -- country and we have short memories we we have -- you know realize that the last two -- really the operation this is really much closer. What would you know identified the typical winner in Western New York. Tom good to talk -- and as always thank you very much we're very grateful. National Weather Service meteorologist Tom pale little buffalo where poor weather station.