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1-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- So it takes. It take you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the righteous if this thing on all sides -- in equities so it's -- -- Boom. It is T Foreman. Of charity and good will shepherds the weak -- to -- -- part. He is. This keeper and there. But lost to. And the rebels out of you -- -- That. -- -- -- -- OK. Law. Up. No one ponds with an assault rifle knowing that. -- His ball club. If you've got health care already then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with -- but it happened. The strong silent. That was a maverick. On the hourly Wimbledon -- tend to Myanmar to. 930 I like Q. You have -- news. Item like a bonus WB EN. That's a pretty much call perfection mr. -- well the answer well done. It is hourly ten minutes after six at least I used to -- whether it and there's radio 930 WBZ. And all right guys get a hole. Think if it is the if your listener thanks a lot for being here at -- wanna find out more about the boot who you're listening. But not I have a FaceBook page. It's FaceBook dot com and you went against that and its Tom dot hourly. Tom spell. The usual way dot. And then I just felt -- While others -- all life is an easy. But it's Boller as in Jack power from the show 24. Yen. Power is in the show Tony or just -- LE at the end power leak that's the name hourly. In German these little former Borough president. And giant pain -- the answer I think that's the Mary membership -- a all right anyway were here three until seven New York time everyday lives you can listen all on land. Or you can check out our podcasts. Which we hear now look to keep in mind is we have some conspiracy theorists out there and that's fine. Seriously. It'd be skeptical. Now I don't. I don't want to believe what I what I say without looking up yourself. Seriously why would they do that I'd be just as bad as Obama or Clinton. I try. To present the truth. I try. Were very cops true. Usually the truth and the truth shall set you free. Now there -- like screw up. If I do you should now I don't get offended by that. I mean a lot of that depends the way in which you tell -- sometimes people like gangbusters in my initial responses. -- -- -- -- I can accommodate but you about but I prefer that we just do you know in a cool way. The response the but five. That's right. It was cool what are we said bill Jackson Paul -- amounts are. So up anyway if you're new listeners thanks a lot of hope you're -- -- -- hearing and if you are a pay what. I have no problem with the show being heard by people in the Baja California. South Dakota North Dakota Florida. Washington State Canada wherever you can help make this show a worldwide phenomenon and it ought to -- It should be. Because are very few people who do this for a living were as good as I am. -- ought to be given go to for thirty years. And I don't say that the -- a cocky jerk. Even though I am not look if you can't be good it's on them and confident at something after thirty years you've got a business owner. You know I got into the discussion. And this is not about me please understand it's not a top -- diatribe on me this is about life in general. This will also be part of my book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. The whole concept of ego. And the negative. Connotation -- hats. Needs to be addressed. Because ladies and gentlemen I said this to a doctor yesterday. We had a great conversation and I were talking about. Talking about fame. And celebrity. And ego. And I told her that. One of the things -- said or was that what I started out I thought that money it was the be all and end all in life. You know you got the role actually got the portion you got the how'd you get all. Those stupid trappings of success and that was life. -- -- to its. It -- -- it's -- place. Everything is nice. Let's say what the ultimate. The ultimate. Meaning the ultimate value of life. Addict or two. Number one is peace of mind. And a sense of contentment and a sense -- contributed something. Three times. That's number one. Number two. The sense that in some way you've made positive. Impact in peoples' lives. Those are the important things. The rest of it's just material stuff that run tests. If you need additional details. Please consult George Harrison's song within you without you side -- one sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band. So up. Those are some of the guiding principles. Of the program. Another guiding principle is we have and the shallow. After realized that my mental. Humor is about the age of twelfth. If your guy in Italy apart joked I'm -- -- Sorry I'm a -- women are not allowed to tell part jokes because women know nothing about it. The hotter you are the less you know about that. Hot women do not have guests we've established that that's scientific fact. I know that Mythbusters attempted. To demolish that. But that was a fraudulent Mythbusters episode just you know. Women do not have -- Drew story to effect. Our right now. It is so called. That's our topic today would you have some fun. And again if you're new listeners. This is not like the Limbaugh show it's not like the -- -- Hannity show. And please understand I love Rush Limbaugh I love Sean Hannity I love Glenn Beck. I love all of my conservative or conservative area and colleagues in this business and the last thing we need to -- with each other. That stupid it's counterproductive. -- before. One of the issues that we've got to address as conservatives and conservative -- -- this. Week must adhere to a higher level. We need. Must be willing to have a bigger tent. -- we must be willing to say like for example. The best example give. -- Thompson is a great conservative leader in this area -- New York. Russ and I agree probably about 70%. Of stuff. And more socially liver teens then -- I'm never gonna see Rus Thompson -- -- to. He's not gonna judge me for go to Hedo to. -- -- But he respects me I respect them. We're never gonna agree on everything but he's an honest man and I respect the hell out. And I think that's one of the reasons why we and why we get along so well we're both honest people we don't hold back we tell like idiots. And at the end of the day were met. We do have a disagreement we talk about sometimes it takes a year -- how he's talking about it sell up. I also welcome this program great American liberals. There's no reason why were running this is a Promos are just seems appropriate that talk about there's. There's no reason why classic American liberals. Who believe in our constitution. If our separation of powers in our story. Co equal branches of government there's no reason why you can't be part of our. Umbrella. Up patriotic. Americans. Because anybody who thinks it was just conservatives. Or libertarians. Concerned that the Iranians who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Is clueless. And without perspective. All Americans. And I welcome those liberals. Who were still Americans however much we may disagree on specific issues we're gonna agree. On the founding principles of this country. I love it when Democrats call and when liberal when great American liberals call my show and say I'm on the Democrat I'm a liberal. They proud owner of firearms and a proud supporter of the Second Amendment. That really turned me around. On some of my my viewpoints. And I learn a lot from you guys. And I learn a lot of funny stuff to -- were talking about pictures we're talking about it is so cold that. Now I have been remiss I got calls coming -- but before I go there. A John Reid might based posts but I have I get. A part of its coal is -- -- But it's a good eight. It's so cold that flash years. Well they're simply describing themselves. -- since it's so cold I just -- somebody's car with my -- Oh. That's very nice very nice indeed. I love what actually since it's so cold out I turned on my shower and it's followed for twenty minutes. -- Speaking of brilliance we turn to traffic and Alan Harris. And what it -- give me your quick all right I can go into warnings and advisories not a out. Bottom line all you need to know from from me dangerously. Cold wind chills. Drafts are according to. June. The car and go on threw away without anything less than three quarters of -- -- Bring your cellphone charger is up it's up -- about cellphones. The colder it is outside. The more the cold socks your battery. Not that that's a bad thing but when you are in the process of trying to make an emergency call and -- Jews that can be an issue. Bring yourself own -- portable one for the car if you don't have one by one it's a good investment. Even though you change cell phones in the years one of its major bacon once used as well but aggravation. So -- and have gloves. I don't like clubs. Like the text as they drive at seventy and the gloves get in the way. 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB and that was ironic humor not intended to beat cancer. Let's go to. Randy and all that read -- so call that. And it's so cold that I put the -- of freedom and a plot. Well played sir I'd gotten up a little left thank you. I have my -- great shall enjoy your evening. I certainly -- thank you here's Fred -- Lancaster on WB and it's so cold that. If I'm up to its so called. It's so cold that the penguins are migrating north. -- Our delight that I like that. The point being of course the penguins are South Pole. That bout we just make that clear to people. -- they're so Warrick. Yeah -- got a major were up and I athlete after a series of them like that I'm thinking to myself wait that I just walk into a trap. It took that. Merit thanks very much by the way very good chance that you vehicle. Go to the Niagara Falls at the aquarium of the examples. I know. Penguins look like cute little emperors with tuxedos. Guys. If you wanna talk about. Extramarital. Machines. That pomp and spew. Fluid. Penguins have got to beat that dirty birds on the planet. They're like pigeons with tuxedos. Except worse. Well. Serious that's all they. Are. They're cute to look at for awhile. They realize that. What's yeah. Aren't it is not like like teenagers -- -- party. The news for you know. Were referring to a story from last week. About teenagers who destroyed home in buffalo 644 Israel thirty WB -- Tom Bauerle Wimbledon more tend to Myanmar to. 930 I like Q. You have -- news. Item like a bonus yeah. 630 by. Live news radio -- -- W. UB BN net. -- Joseph bears in thrall Jon Sharon if -- called her and I love it when Sean Hannity last night showed -- finally -- up by 7 o'clock tonight WB and we'll also be hearing the president's state of the -- union propaganda. For those who want listened to a serial liar. Will be airing the serial lighter coming up at 9 o'clock tonight. The man would note true it's back in the base with a two by four. And that's a metaphor by the way that's not a threat it's simply a metaphor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. The man is a lying there. Sack of crap. The white part of him -- the black part is awesome the white part is it -- -- So for those who want to listen somebody lied you will be airing. And president date back coming up at -- o'clock but -- good thing about African -- talking about various. And I got to tell -- Sean knows his constitution. And folks. This government. Our founding fathers. We're acutely aware of the dangers of people like Obama. Who believe that there ought to be the case. That they ought to be dictators. He is on record as saying I wish it'd have to deal with congress passed up Al a lot of democracy. Republic actually -- -- in Kenya. Three. This state -- equal branches of government. And that President Obama. Who was never released one iota of anything he's ever done at the high class schools. He entered including your -- whether or not he got preferential treatment as a foreign student. -- We don't know what he did at Harvard. He won't releases transcripts. Yet we're supposed to believe that he's a brilliant man. He's Smart I cannot take that away he's not a dumb man I'm not calling him down. Bet that the black part of Smart the white part of -- But his quest to be at victors. Is so transparent. And I've seen through him for how many years. And in the immortal words of -- O'Connor. That great conservative. Oh wait a minute now that liberal. Through their own words. They will be Expos. And whether it's Andrew Cuomo or Barack Obama. Sooner or later. They reveal themselves in their own words. You pretend to be a you're really be. He kept his dictatorial. Tendencies on the down well. Now they're coming out of the closet. All that's not an inference of anything other than his dictatorial. Tendencies. But I love short handed these. -- last night about the three separate and distinct and co equal branches of government. Rush Limbaugh calls it the state of the cool. Which is exactly what you call -- what do you call. -- an eight president decides. There he is the be all and end all of federal authority through executive. Orders executive orders executive action. Well that's another term altogether. But. It's for other folks these are frightening times. Not so much because of the fact that we have people like this president. And people like under normal in Hillary Clinton. But the acquiescence. Of the mainstream media and it's hypocrisy. Has been on display for anybody with the eyes to see. And one of the most telling examples of it. Was in the local rag. Otherwise known as the Buffalo News. Which as far as I'm concerned if you listen to this show your medical drop your subscription. As many of you have. -- I've heard. I have fired just what Sean Hannity has spies everywhere apartment Atlantic have got why. It about that going -- -- evil German ports. But the Buffalo News. He's in jail. When it comes to the Second Amendment of the constitution. They believe it is even that and the lights shaped his legitimate. They think it's just and he. Just screw people out of their rights. Of the Second Amendment. But the minute they found out. That Eric Holder. And his Justice Department put the word justice in your quotes. We're starting to target journalists. And the First Amendment freedom of speech freedom of the press. In terms of religion the establishment clause then the Buffalo News. Of course being journalists. They call for his resignation. So let's just get their -- receive straighter. You go after the Second Amendment. You're a hero. In the eyes of the editorial board there. You go after the First Amendment. Then they care. Bunch of phony fraud intellectually this honest. People. And I do send positive energy either way. That the scales of stupidity shall fall from their eyes. And that they shall know the truth and the truth shall set peppery. Doubtful as to the efficacy of said positive vibes but to -- to their level would do the producers. It is -- hourly it is so called out that. My friend Dave says he saw an Amish guy buying an electric blanket. Well played Dave will play it. All right 803 on -- thirty is the phone number 8030 thirty start I have thirty on the cell phone and 10616. WB. The end. Let me real simply -- real quickly -- get back -- on the FaceBook comments on this I'm gonna -- -- fast break and -- got to come back with enough time to take some more calls and remember folks just for the sake of history I'm the first person -- 2014. To make two comments. Number one it's not the heat it's the humidity. I'm number one in 2014 to say that number two I'm number one to say. Boy. Sure could use some -- Thank you thank you like to be the crowd just a little bit. Well off they know what will this figure other calls them. When we get back from -- you know there was gonna happen my water bottle on. It's so cold out that. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB -- -- choice one. To open lines for the first time since I came on the year and everybody has been simply fabulous. That's an expression I've learned from my here and gauge day. And it JJ on the show for a segment that that would be a rise. Portal riot. Because I love him. I know I'm ashamed to admit that. When a dating but I love the -- he's his own he's his own man. Andy the stereotype. Are right 643 WB. At voters don't be quick break is that what it takes a mark halls dangerously cold wind chills folks -- being given to the warnings watches and advisories and everything else or any denial. If you're gonna pretend like you're going to idea. You gotta pretend like you're going to -- Arctic cat this study global warming except you get stuck in ice that's how you got to address. The job. -- you look like Gary -- were driving a windowless van with three puppies signs outside. In -- hurry to get the game. You need to take all night. -- -- -- -- You work you know -- I like the picture of my people. All right it 030530 starlet 3180616. WBZ. End. -- some reciprocity involved in that -- which you worked very hard that. Well it's 7 o'clock start. And their. How -- it till seven bullet. And it's a picnic and it all right let's get back to the calls -- WB EN and by the -- case it'll say this again thanks for great show today it was a fun -- show. Who's fought -- with enough political -- and commentary to make it socially redeeming. What other quick things I want to mention is. Talked about the death of legendary folk singer -- -- -- -- His influence cannot be underestimated. At an interesting story that played Roger would win in the birds version of turn turn turn. And there's a time when Roger or a program. And the birds today satirical song about being a Christian. They say. And get an abrupt turnaround after doing that my. Mocking song of christianity -- who became a born again Christian. -- -- I've met Roger he's one of the nicest guys in show business -- a few times. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and the here is Paul Ian Wilson Paul it's cold out brat. -- -- It's so cold out than -- forward from Toronto quit whining. Foul ball ball ball off of that's just. I wanna laugh I really do but. I -- I think we should all some positive energy and or prayers is way that would or whatever demons he has within him. Easy it will work out -- -- I mean. I can't. -- well I know but the man has issues and I -- -- addresses them before he keels over. All right and you know what I appreciate the humor therein. But I also wish the best for the mayors and anybody who has a problem -- drug abuse which I don't believe should be a crime I think it's a medical issues. And I know you do argue here that your voice thank you very much of about 650 winter. Whether went there with dangerous wind -- dressed if your goal of the game. Me standing outside of the trade away from the tree and you know the Colbert is the longer takes straight to get their right to back the white. Are right here is Delores. In Hamburg. On WB and Dolores it's so cold out -- I am out hitting nice -- late I involve boys. With metal. Coffee cans filled with candles. They X windup flashlight and may have just. For their car. Well that that's practical that's not even humorous. Well yes it is because your humor is coming back they may try enemy. But they took them. On the ball don't sell it. Oh. Yeah and you know why can't I don't think so called outside when I get he'd kick out of who is coming to buffalo and I hearing it everywhere. You know what we all -- Thank you very much actually scientifically you know that those with a better sense of humor and laugh more actually have more satisfying lives and live longer. True fact. -- the Internet. Culture. Here is. I want to run it's so cold that. Its so called out when I -- and -- way to work this morning I saw a dog trying to jump start another dog. And and yeah. But they finally get over the hump that's the question. It was so cold eyes sought to dogs doing the human style. I'm -- that thanks for the call. -- I didn't make didn't make the fur fly there. There is. See the the leader gets in the show. You guys get all we ever brewer too and suddenly your lights and just YouTube this instantly bid this joking comes out. Here's Jeter and Williams -- WB AT and James sir you're on hello. It's so cold out I had to bring in my branch monkey. It was a unit correct. And your brass monkey was singing soprano. And then our height 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB and here's Jeff Jones board on WB and Jeff hello. I don't count. I got -- important. It's so cold out there and Hillary can't build smuggle it might. -- and bill took advantage of it knowing that Hillary's -- there would serve as an additional well. -- thank you very much that was probably mean and nasty. And I really don't care. It is 653 news radio 930 WB -- By the way. Has got a funny when you. Every chance that our system via presidential protective Secret Service detail books. The people actually there's a book was written about this -- it's exactly telling tales that its goal. Barack Obama. These a genuinely good dad. Gonna say something nice about the -- and I'll say that he's a great dad. Hillary Clinton. Is not this week and -- Princess of propriety. She presents herself as -- The bush is all acts. And and it goes it goes back forget the name of the book. But if you look at up outline. Just look up Secret Service agent talks about presidential families and it'll come the ultra a look at -- ago. Here is Charles in Obama. On WB -- Charles hello. Go to. I don't want to say it's so cold out Dead -- Proverbial switch with the code Brett. The -- converted. -- -- -- I told -- at the later did its right we've fallen now to inverted Naples is that we're we're going with the show now. Good I'm happy to hear that happy were on the same page. Are alias they get a quickie from fort Erie the first time that's been done here's door on WBE -- BI. Hello how you so Caldwell back. Well how pulled out there at our own words they're being frozen in time. All of that is. You know what that's deeper that -- thing and you know. Yet and you know how how deep that noise and that's gonna stay with -- might. Thank you very much. All right. Well folks I cannot believe four hours have gone by hopefully there is fun for you as they were for me. Thanks to you for another great show spread the word about the program. Joseph -- thanks for great job master control John German or call screener it is hourly. Or words and principles. Know. Yourself. Yeah.

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