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1-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We don't want him to Myanmar to. Each year time hourly weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WB and. All right then it's at ten minutes after news radio 930 WB it is cowardly. A Tuesday. And more women should at all in the here game. Dangerously called windshield I mean talking -- Talk about as dangerous. As wouldn't jewels and Vincent Vega knocked on the door a -- apartment. After getting of the character. And -- and -- started margin on the big Kahuna burger that's how dangerous these wind -- czar. You read the Bible -- that's how dangerous they ER. So the logical conclusion. And I realized that often the common sense and education. Do not meet in the middle. If schools were closed Tuesday because of cold weather. Logic dictates they remain closed tomorrow because of cold weather but -- Usually between now and seven as we start getting word on what's going on. But well -- you posted and I remember. An excuse my. Belting I don't know what's going on there but. You know what I was gonna blame it on the Dominican Republic. Blame everything on the Dominican Republic. Don't ever go to breathless in the Dominican Republic. It will leave you breathless. And without any appetite and without -- ability to keep your food down for about a year. But anyway well that was my experience anyway. When I was gonna say is we're having fun. With the weather. Because misery -- sport to mock itself. And we must take. Mind control over the weather. Life is what you make of it whether it's what you make of it this is called. Dangerous weeks ago. You know it's cold it's so cold that this is your chance to exercise the comedic part of your brain. Too far the funniest lines if you're just joining us the funniest line you've missed the funniest line so far has been in my opinion this is subjected. Its so called the son applied for heat. I think that's -- the sun SU and by the way. That the big glowing thing in the sky we see a couple of times a year in buffalo up my second favorite is it's so cold. President Obama is knows shall. That's a metaphor and a funny one because of about well. Now it's that twelve minutes after five news radio 930 WB MMR -- master control mr. Sherman -- -- relation to William Tecumseh Sherman John I'm always curious about such things. One of the great names in American history. Supposedly he's at war is Ali never release of those were -- at least happened documented where he said exactly those words. I can't see because the shadows. And is probably better that I -- Given what John Sherman may be doing in the next room. Thirteen minutes after five WB yeah it's called back. Let it's impacted the calls here is right. In -- buffalo rave then welcome Europe hourly pot. Dominance. As a it Syria -- real. Well -- What is it that hat trick is this is that the track back are you gonna hit with the best start with the -- you think socks. And a time out. Buildup to the best okay. Are looked over the worst. But it the so called even the Huskies are knocking on the door asking me about it. Look better let me and my neighbors have a Siberian Husky passion. I'm Bob -- but. I like that one because I have a special affinity for Siberian Huskies if I ever get a dog it's going to be a -- house. What don't we are an affinity for the monitor what they better. They're wonderful animals like coyotes without the nasty streak to lead to a life. Detroit and and not the rabies or to a prime -- Well you're talking we guy went to bat land them in the summer 2010 went -- for rabies shots. Oh boy on the big public deal -- these days are really -- solid fueled days are number two is what. Liberal progressives have their hands literally block. And all one but it always based -- -- it's it's true. That. -- -- you. Albeit Hillary's are at a order. It. -- Well play well play that has now entered the pantheon of excellent sport today Hillary's -- has to put on sweaters. -- are to put on a sweater but I you know that the I have no idea. Does it really matter. That was a long time ago. Difference does it may. -- do. That at -- What difference does it make. -- -- thanks in. Their country. Who Hillary. The word contemptible. Is that it begins to describe -- -- rational disliked for that moment. Is -- fraud in the phony. And she threw temper -- about the wives do in the White House not so much because of bill's philandering but because deep down. The real Hillary Clinton. Is a spoiled. Brat. Who I wouldn't trust him the boot of urine with directions on the bottom of. 40 showed up -- in the movie Gettysburg don't blow my lines. Alright thanks very much. -- -- It should mention. I mentioned that line. Which those of you familiar with the movie Gettysburg. That line pretty much expressed in a nutshell. The anger of the union runs fighting in Lincoln's army. To save the union at the isn't hot and it's of the commanding generals one after another. These -- guys. Were basically cannon fodder. Because the generals didn't know there asses from holes in the ground and they led their men -- water but the losses. And I've got to thank my FaceBook page today reported -- pyrite and when talking about well maybe not the show but as an aside. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about heroes. And I told you that and and folks understand something double mostly white man. I don't -- anybody -- -- pander to black people. Black people I know liberals have a hard time grasping this or progressives have a hard time grasping this. But. They're Smart people they don't need to be hawk down to you don't need the hander that black people. And I don't. Martin Luther King. This year that holiday meant more to me than ever before. And he is a complete bureau. But top he wasn't a perfect -- I know it was kind of what makes them special to me. It's kind of what makes our soldiers special to me they're not perfect men and women they don't they're not perfect -- don't like being called saints by you were anybody. -- put on pedestals they don't like that believe me they -- They do appreciate being thanked for their service. They do appreciate genuine. Hey thank you so much. They don't appreciate being made in the something they're not frankly it embarrasses the -- All right. That's what makes our soldiers special they're real people. But the -- of the union private. In the movie Gettysburg talking about the commanding generals not knowing anything about how to fight. That's why another hero about who -- think -- a lot lately. Is US grant not his real name -- real name was Hiram Ulysses grant he's the guy the fifty dollar bill you're every chance to steals from the collection plate. No laps on that one now -- not funny okay who's got a little art. I he's got a fifty dollar bill president Ulysses S. Grant again that was an assumed name. What I find most here -- About him. And you know how I talked about the educational system America socking. Because expects that all of us are born with equal abilities. It's up -- -- proposition to begin with were not. Some folks have accused of eighty some people have IQ's of 100 which is average some people have accused of 130 very bright some people have accused of genius level 14145. Or more. And I'm sorry guys it's a fact that the higher your IQ the more money you're typically economy. Now I happen to think that -- a lot of people with IIQ's or losers if they think -- too good to work. I know some of those people I -- them. I don't. But. The bottom line. Ulysses grant is a hero to me. Because it's. The only things he ever got right in his life. The only thing you are right his wife was law. With his wife his cross -- wife -- -- She supported him. She loved him she accepted him for who he wants. His father and his family school or. Ulysses grant treated them like crap like an errand boy. And along came the civil war. In this man from Galena Illinois. And about capitalizing on his West Point training. His service in the Mexican American war. And overnight this guy who was a loser. Even to his own family except his own wife. He was a total failure. Overnight president Ulysses grant. Became a national rock star general and eventually led the union army to victory. He was a loser in life. His destiny. The reason he was on this planet. Whispered back. And if you don't listen to all those people who said he was good for nothing. It's history would at a different outcome. So that's why he's one of my heroes. Let's find out about traffic right now here's Alan Harris. Yeah we're still trying to track down what -- help the sun is but sun glare be advised. And you know what else is tough to Claudia are out of your blues word and stuff and a lot of you know clean off your side windows when -- gaskins is too damn cold outside. -- were flat through your well they can screw up revision bottom -- that'd be careful. Six degrees. Minus 22 is the windshield. I will spare you all the warnings and advisories I've just gonna say dangerously. Cold windshields. Overnight this would not be at night. To go outside for a naked -- hot -- part. Is much is that appeals to me not divided does. All right let's say get back to the calls on WB -- but not before I finish what I was gonna say about Ulysses grant. Let him be an example. To you up a man who was coated out of life as a no good alcoholic. Bomb. Who became a rock star general. And one of the preeminent figures in our country's history. But the rest of the story is what. For as outstanding. A general as he wants. And despite his friendship with William Tecumseh Sherman. As a president. He -- It was the Peter principle and action. He was a great general he was a great fighter. But he was not a great politician. So the lessons to be learned are just because everybody else -- -- alcoholics scumbag loser with no future -- leave. You'll find your destiny. But the corollary -- understand. That. What you do well at one area may not translate well into another theory. Great general lousy president. There're so many metaphors in the life of Ulysses S. Grant I was honored to see his -- -- just to be closed is mortal remains. That'll be in my book as well I don't know what I'm talking about by Tom -- -- Goal and our prayers. Game happens all the time. It's not a tier GO it's the north win. It is 534 news radio 930 WB. The the atoms thinking that -- anyway. How warrior Joseph -- here he's all geared up for his sabres game tonight by the way. Idea a -- outward GOP parks. I am questioning Joseph -- gamers. Well. -- Joseph you walked home -- minimum to the arena. You know that right. -- about a mile from where you park. To be a traffic on the way out. They take the train. It all right it is 8030 my thirty start I'm thirty mobilized and used a fair. I start my third is free -- a cell phone 180616. WB -- end up folks up the media. Keep this in mind that again I'm not gonna go to a political monologue today Hillary Clinton is the most. Basically. Oysters. She and Obama get kid glove treatment. Hillary Clinton is one of the most. Angry bitter. Vindictive people in American politics. And if a conservative. Acted as Hillary. Acts in the re in real life. Believed it would be splashed all over the papers. She's not some sweet charming. Woman. She is an angry. Power grabbing -- menace. I you can quote me if you'd like many people -- -- 803 Obama at thirty. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet we are talking about. The -- Ordinarily you would say well let's get -- talk show. Were buffalo Indians. Even for those of us who lived here our entire lives maybe it's a few years earlier. It's cold outside dangerously cold wind sheer torture -- comedian like Johnny Carson used to do. It was so call back. Here's your chance to shine baby my favorite lines so far of all time on today's show is. It's so cold outside the son applied for -- I find that funny whole energy assistant program that's how cold it is. Now like this figure out what the sun is will be offset the Latin -- Are let it go do -- Darryl who's been holding out forever -- patients is much appreciated and it's so cold out that. Be allowed ministers are not common outside. The lie that's its. OK -- I don't mean to be on the hip. You're gonna have to tell me what a lot lizard is give them much are gonna have time to get the urban dictionary to look it up. Well. A ball. Yes I do. I think we're talking about certain ladies who frequent trucks up. Who earn money. The hard way. That's -- cult that is. It. Did earlier question for. And I'm all serious about there's do you guys I mean not that you would reduce toaster because you're a man. You don't have to pay for it they pay you for preacher. Just question what channel. Do you guys took up I do the other guys took up on with a lot lizards. Yeah I -- those are not eighteen. But don't just take it to another channel to make whatever arrangements that need to be made. Not a good answer -- did answer that trick question and you almost fell to answer. All right so called a lot lizards the trucker bunnies is that better. There are a lot ice ice -- like a lot lizards. In many ways. That was worthwhile -- and I'm very happy you called -- it almost sounds like you wanna say something else and I don't wanna cut you short. -- hate keep it safe and watch out for that ice scares that. As you as you well -- as a professional what you do. With this kind of cold in this get a snow you can be the best driver in the world and you get one of those icy spots in -- basically -- Oh. Gloria were. Don't you know all four wheelers not a drive better than you do that's why we cut in front review at about two which is despair between their rear bumper in your front. Yeah but don't forget of course to stop the -- plus the trailer. All it takes borrow don't know that'll but life registry of all -- Wednesday -- Football. Well yeah I mean it's like trying to turn a battleship that does not turn on a dime or is Great Lakes freighter. -- keep -- -- my friend and you make sure you stay in touch her act. Those -- you again I live in the real world I let -- planet reality. In planet reality. There are ladies. Who seek alternative way of making money. Which involves the dangerous practice. Their own bodies being sold for various purposes. Parts of their bodies -- -- purposes. And what up better clientele. Than an over the road trucker who maybe thousands of miles away from. However I would have been in this is why I believe in the legalization of prostitution. I would add it's dangerous for the woman. It's also dangerous for the man. Because. You don't wanna be in mid play Ager. And then have a 45 jammed in your head by the -- So you gotta be real careful about that. I've never done that. I mean Asian massage doesn't count never got a lot never. Know eight. Look it's culture. Asians are very. Sensual people sent to his -- You're not by in this now get a final cultural argument. I should just move on OK just be careful it's seriously guys a lot of fruit of speaker. It's -- and he needed to this market. Let's go to well up now it's it's been a sausage fest that is about to change -- -- and are coming to me now. Don't be intimidated by my gorgeous body and -- beautiful race. It's OK I'm just a human being here's Sharon in Lewiston on WB and here they -- what's up. Yes I have equal guilt here it is so cold that even -- tank filled -- excited to delay his appearance by two weeks. You know Punxsutawney Phil is just overgrown juror -- And -- -- -- They weren't you'd like. Well it now I have to tell you substance Sharon and -- did the work. I think would sharks are cute little critters. I really do they -- the way they give up on their hind legs look around and you know -- -- to us like dogs at the zoo where the prairie dogs. Are right that's it thank you for calling sure and thank you know end. Yes Punxsutawney Phil is that. Now he's the groundhog Groundhog Day that we make some Bill Murray references. That. It was gone Olmert yes. Just think of myself that was not in great humor. Okay back to the calls here's -- in Everest on WB EM a I love it when my women called me Kim you're WB and hello. Hello Tom how are you up. And I am beyond that might elect to -- years but it's so cold my America's turn to ice cream. -- That was solid all I can't -- that one that is now. With the one all the out of got a right step down if there's one thing that will always get me it's a good lactation joke. I guess this will be a lactation quotation. And for some -- out there may produce lactation quotation masturbation -- itself. Your milk has now turned to ice cream yes. All ready then I enjoy that. Very much -- go all right I was going to go into my lady met -- quote in what she said about her apps and her baby. But it's such a -- statement from lady Macbeth. It reminds me too much of Hillary Clinton. -- All right I'll open up in my FaceBook -- now Barrett thanks. Great call thank you thank you are right any time he can work lactation in the show always appreciated. The self are about a meter I need to break 544 news radio. I need to break and probably can. Mean if you are based on news radio 930 WB Ian Joseph gamers master control John Germany is or are coltart you Borchardt. They're gonna show you -- in working there all right. Are you part of the team -- ushered out. All right whose center. Who's the center on the senator all right who's got rightwing. Joseph beaver right -- So are you left layer of -- German out of well left leg. The facts are we're gonna need a left Winger but I think my -- -- -- -- has that covered that you're well placed you know it makes a kick ass -- Which yet this year -- -- WB yeah. -- can't stand -- wanna put the wrong posed in the wrong part of my FaceBook page. I've got Val Kilmer undermine demonic possession thing from the blaze. Sorry about that mr. Kilmer you're listening I mean you know disrespect. And I really don't. Anyway folks if you didn't hear of as somewhat of an American musical legend it. Has died in his sleep long by the way after a buffalo appearances it was Pete Seeger the -- might not ring a bell but some of his music -- Leave us. To the real thing I'm concerned. There is a season. You're in. And end -- name and do everything it's on the other. And another group called the birds had a big hit with. David permanently behind the -- Crosby -- harmony in the background right now with lull. Any traffic years there have Beers elevator. And AccuWeather I'm gonna make it short and sweet. All right. Dangerous -- all the wind chills. Dangerously. Cold all right. You go outside without clubs for and it's your fingers. Feel that tipped for about twenty minutes. I've got excellent circulation. Went out for five free at last night I come. I don't feel -- In fact I think he fell off. It wasn't wearing bathing suit that would be highly. And then -- become -- progressive. All right let's get back the calls on WB EM and -- -- through. I say that in good humor as an American that was not hate filled to settle on the here's John and Boston on W. I'm trying to raise the level of American political discourse folks if you haven't noticed that. There is. John WB yeah out. -- -- -- -- best -- because that worked best. The best until it hit its so called Soledad how has ordered a bigger -- And number motives. It's called that the Korean dictator Kim Yong bong is being seen as a warm hearted guy. Write a letter that's a letter right there. Actually a Jong. You know whatever I hear any thing I think of team America world police and the song -- by his father. As a puppet of course about being lonely. But our so called out that key in my jewel and it'll says that won't work that Kim Jong ill is seen as a warm hearted guy. A -- that borders on brilliant I wish I -- give your prize but radio like the old days now if I keep you apprised we'd have to get your Social Security number. A track you down and that of course take DNA from view in order to make that work. So all you're gonna have to be content with is my respect which really mean all that much. -- on it on -- one. Years. Ago one more and it appalled and I regret selling might participate -- down comforter. You should've stopped with the other wondered. -- always stop with your best parent I learned that from sandy beach once you've made the sale don't talk past. Are still levees broke that protocol. All right. Are now that's that's an age is a master of company and I learned that from him a long time ago. Don't speak past the sale and don't ever say I'll always do your best stuff and they get -- states. You want it 56 joke. Where you always want to -- that I'm quite flattered by that back to the calls on WB and a better be careful all of that like for Dennis average. It's a mutually consent they know what we have it in writing when I expressed my love for Joseph and Joseph expresses his for me we have a contract. And I do. -- I'm proud that that is every Jackson friend of mine and if you don't like that that's too bad. He's a human being he's fallible. And if anybody who's perfect would like to step up I'd love to know what it's like to be in your world there's not a hell of a long way from perfection. Here is dirt in Cheektowaga and WB and hello Dirk. And I'm -- excellent. Syria like it's good to be sure we do that. Vocal that side ordered Hillary Clinton and be right. Poll. Well I guess it kind of depends on whether we're talking. Which way she. I can't even better right now I'm sorry I gotta stop myself because it would be judgmental and actually you know what. Her personal life is not my business it is off bounds it's out of bounds I'm not going there anymore. That's my knee repaired it all right thank you very much that -- not my business. Michael the only thing I'll say about Hillary. Is that. I'm sick and tired of seeing her paint that -- portrayed in the media as some. Saying -- Mother Teresa like figure. Deserving of recompense for being married to Bill Clinton. Dude if I -- Clinton. I was very. I'd be pretty much hit everything that you get. Just a personality. On WB Ian evidently.

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