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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>1-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

1-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- So. You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the -- and its effect on all sides by the tees up so it's good -- Home. It is T Wimbledon pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak during the about it but he is. -- -- at. A loss to. And the rebels out of he would rate. Holds -- looked up to. Us. -- The law. -- No one ponds with an assault rifle. -- me. It's fifty. You like your current insurance you keep that insurance. Period end -- story that happened to. Gary -- Is strong silent. That was an American. Should accurate off. It personally. -- net via highly entertaining brilliant baggage he'll be here. After controlled Johnny Sherman hockey player he is the calls -- any duties or call straighter and that my neighbor. He's my emergency arrived at work on his emergency right at work. Yeah anyway. Like he. Argued that it. Anyway it is our hourly and majority of -- thirty WB hey you uttered a state of the union. Speech free zone today. I'm not talking about it while I'm not talking about it. Hey because. Nobody cares about states of the union. Ladies and gentlemen I've been doing this a long time. And lest you think where now it's because president top black man. -- it's because well actually like I love the black part of Barack I can't stand the light program. But. In terms of presidential state of the union even when Ronald Reagan was president ladies and gentlemen. I was on the here after this in speeches. Swat nobody call nobody here. -- on WB -- -- -- it's Tuesday. We got -- but as far as hawking about it. And -- about it. It really is a zero win thing. On last year rush to law -- somebody who is primarily a political Euro which I am not. -- your listeners that the show personal welcome glad that you witness and what you'll find yours we cover a lot of ground. Sometimes we are just you know you know what the walls serious. Sometimes we quietly firebrand. Political. Sometimes. Were extremely immature and sometimes. Where we are like we focus on the entertainment's. I'm not a political talk Euro as I'm concerned that -- Different listeners. And I've started using that phrase. Because I got tired of being this categorized as a conservative. No disrespect my fellow conservatives. Are a large movement. We don't agree with each other everything let me give me a perfect example that's a bit of a preamble here. Rus Thompson I love Ross Thompson I think Ross is a great patriot. -- are never going to agree on homosexual marriage he is currently against. I believe in it. Are right. Does that mean that I think Ross is evil. Does it mean he thinks I evil now it's an issue upon which we have disagreements. Rush does not hate. Homosexuals. Just because he's not now with almost actual matter. And -- Terry and to me and I feel like I should say it is that you want today. On conservative from the -- You know the life by elite unit of alike that -- and apologized for an at all it's -- -- And I think it's not the most refreshing thing in the world is -- not have something over your head where somebody could say. Pictures of view in Jamaica. Has my response would be can I -- So anyway -- 0330. Start at 31806. Wants XWB yeah -- a conservative area and by the way. Where is that a problem right now is very important dimension. I welcome liberals to my program. Because I had an epiphany a few weeks ago. When you stop having a Pippen isn't like you might as we'll check out. There is a classic strain of American liberalism. Which in the context of our times. Is more conservative. Then liberal. Bear -- great American liberals who were patriots. Who stormed the beaches of Normandy who fought in the Pacific theater. Who fought in the Tet offensive. Who were in Korea and everywhere else they believed in the basic tenants of being an American our constitution. Three co equal branches of government. People like the health plunged my creed. And if you don't know of what -- speak go to my FaceBook page scroll down a -- and you'll find out so I welcome liberty loving American liberals. Because that's part of being a conservative area. Is enjoying liberty not just for yourself but for other people. And I know that some of these ideas. Are out of the box thinking. And you know what we need more out of the box thinking. Don't ever call me Republican shill. Because I I couldn't be anything further from the from that -- will well. And don't call -- a Democrat -- because that's just plain laughable. So anyway welcome to the new listeners to -- thirty plus your listeners I feel your love and a daily basis thank -- now we're having some fun -- talking about. -- all weather. Which is no fun when you're not dressed for. I don't like wearing big thick gloves. Because they play Havoc with my cell phone dialing when I'm driving. Cell. -- my texting suffers greatly when I'm driving with a lot so. Anyway the point -- It's cold outside best lines so far it's so cold that -- son applied for heat assistance that was the final call of the first hour. I loved that one. Now we're also talking about. We're also talking about the galloping fraud going through your -- Interestingly I -- as healthy as an ox. I had that cold. It did not go into my chest that lasted as I told you what a couple of days that it was all for the most part. Some argue however have this bronchitis like they wanna. In -- half thousand people like personally no sound like Doc Holliday in the movie tombstone or Doc Holliday in the movie why it -- Take your pick. He was it to Burke -- man died -- slow painful debt. Not nearly as glamorous by the way is portrayed dead in Hollywood but Hollywood -- Hollywood it's Hollywood. But some -- the stomach thing going through your family. I have my own individual stomach. Coldly microbe. Highly unpleasant all right let's. Shelling -- the -- -- -- -- not. A 167 -- The nice thing is people saying. Boston right. All right let's take -- back to the calls it's all about that. My favorite so far again -- son applied for heat assistance I also liked what my emailers that it's so cold out. That Al Gore is second guessing himself. Obviously a full a fallacious statement. I like using the word fallacious. Sounds like something it isn't. Let's go to Scott Ian Wilson on WBM Scott welcome to the -- ratio good afternoon give us your best comedic efforts here. Hey Karen thank you very much a judgment call on the show you make you laugh hysterically -- written a military announced that. There are so called out that the damn cockroach in the bank fire hydrant. Oh yeah now I've heard that once or twice before. That you know they have the chiseled the dog off the fire hydrant do you have do you have another one. No merit aren't Arab -- primary it. Some old boy and yeah Aaron told you about on -- be able. Well you know I thought it was new to you the year ago it was new and that happens with a lot to some old joke goes right by me because I never heard of duty which studio hey I -- -- question. Real quick question. You said your filled up with the -- This kind of weather men and you're doing okay with -- Our Gunnar yeah are well prepared you're too good we're. Flop and on our shoulders squared up and we don't have enough. Oil -- in -- -- around but. Yeah relatively little -- -- bulk up their dornin you know. Swapping and you're out there doing it I don't know that we're talking about the same subject. But I am glad you know -- -- Coulter yeah analog out of fuel folders court Britain. We -- -- -- palm oil prayer not magnetic tutors. Or meet the welder to keep more. And ally here in just being a wise -- in twelve years old Dutch. And I I cared little -- -- Cuomo. -- a stolen out there love to talk to the bottom bureau. No one needs twelve bullets to killer -- or ten below ocular -- Already here to let you do all of the guy. Not one song with and that's right well -- yeah. It's like yeah. Blue man. His ball club. Now that is unhinged. Let's go through. Rod. And beautiful. Oh actually -- -- break -- on Iran and we have to find out about traffic because Alan Harris is chomping at the bit which it believes -- equestrian carriage term -- what's up. Actually would be chanting at the bit at the look that up. Sorry it's a little bit of lost Americana like dial telephones and a telephone it's. All right AccuWeather what do you want you want the all right folks. How I say this gently. Flick called. And if you want the official definition of freaking cold. National Weather Service says. That. We are looking at a wind chill warning that is going to be in effect until 10 AM on Wednesday. Depending on where you are gonna kick it at different times. I don't see -- need to go into this county by county is part of the warnings and the advisories. Everything is at WB -- dot com basically you have to know is the windshields are going to be worse tonight than they were last night. So dressed according. Can you imagine working through weight or -- in this weather. I don't know how you -- ladies keep your fingers warm. Amid an overture you know you're generally chop off the tip your gloves. Keep your fingers warm up the count change. I was about that last night. I think about you people moves in the jobs -- Sox six degrees above minus 21 with the real -- temperature let's go back to the calls now it's robbed him Clarence rob sorry about the -- -- I'm gonna give myself the yellow flag without. Not a problem thank you were pulled into the Tom I'm from the real peace stop South Africa originally him when it got cold there. It got cold -- -- you look -- my Google will bolt out of your body and. Well let's say Pretoria my friend. Now are believed the original expression -- freeze the balls -- -- brass monkeys and I've heard so many different explanations of that which all sound apocryphal to me like nobody knows where it came from doctors would call it radio at that we don't know what that. Fidelity is or where it came from but it's a funny expression. What role that kept right it would sure. Well the last thing we wanted users turn you into a cape on. I all right thank you very much tape on a great word. Our folks for 23 it is ready at 930 WB -- if you're just joining us now we have a couple of things on the agenda we're having some fun today. Because it's called that I think we only the way. They were the oldest colts. And yesterday we talked about actually getting outside and enjoying. The cold weather as long as you were dressed appropriately for. And today we're coming haven't -- -- it's so cold outside. That. Now. Sometimes. If you ever think that I'm Smart. Here's where I want you to check your belief in me. Guess who has to go out tonight before driving hole to put new Schwarz. In the reservoir. Your humble host who should have done it in broad day. Coming up on 424. At news radio 930 WB and it's hourly news is next. I'm sorry. Much. -- somebody else. Please to. -- side here. Almost on the Melbourne musical ever -- -- that it is for a thirty foreign news radio 930 WB the end. Actually wanted to play pogo. But that I realized that that would be more from me that for you and decided to go with you instead of myself. Did you pleasure instead of myself -- just the way I am anyway 8030930. Start on their. I didn't mean it that way it. -- is it everything I say -- You guys look at me like I was going the the way of can -- presence would actually I was going the way of virginal innocence -- Hi -- -- with you Monday through Friday on the year from three until seven missed her. Joseph beavers master control and mr. Three good -- Johnny sure John Sherman the occupy Robert what it though. Is our call your 28. Not number twenty. Not to be confused with four to number twenty is. Just got a tattoo. I'm told he showed me. All right by the way I think free. And and John I told -- -- -- in gang watch -- listen. Because told this before. I have to think that would -- charismatic bits of eccentric char. Is the fact that I go against the grain I didn't by Michael Jackson's thriller CD until about fifteen years after it was hit. I have to be the type guy. So there -- four in the -- where everyone is getting tattoos. I am Friday. Not that I judged yet to lose I just enjoyed being for all be the only person at the nursing home without it at that. Think about -- Prisoners. Our export 35 news radio 930 WB yet it's called. So far the lion of the day it's so called the son applied for heat. Home energy assistance program those -- view do not live -- of social services as a courier. Out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New crew actually. It's about wanting people to succeed themselves. And what you create a generation of its government slaves. You take away people's incentive. To better themselves. And -- diminished chances of happiness at like true happiness and true contentment by making a contribution. That's what you take away that's what that's what the progressives. Will never ever understand. That conservative areas we don't hide it in fact we are honored. Where -- might be too far but we understand the need. -- every now and again people go through tough times played by the -- things happen snowball. In the hand in the short term I've got no problem with that the problem what that. I mean someone more conservative friends think that on the -- over on this but I just think it's the decent thing to do. Where I ran into the problem years when people play the social services are like you and -- Play our employment and career card when social services becomes a reader. In the way of life instead of short term. Pick me up for a got the problem. All and by the way I want to congratulate the government for the big drug -- they pulled off. I have a solution to the war on drugs stop it stop it now. In America we have a right to be stupid. -- all -- my listeners wanna go home tonight and fire operable or to a few lines or whatever they wanna do in the privacy of the Euro of their own home it is not a the government -- business. And it's not the government's business how much salt you have a your food how much state you how much red meat you easy. So you take things -- you have to extend -- what we allow the government to do to us to its logical conclusion. Will -- the war on drugs not your business is not a legal issue it's a medical issue. All right the medical widget that's between an individual and his or her position. If they have an addiction to a substance you work on the addiction. And is anybody really think. That would with hundreds of millions of drug dollars at stake in Western New York. That today's -- means. Anything. All it means is there a way for -- -- economy. It's theater all it is is law enforcement theater. Star. What's the definition of insanity I don't even pocket insult your intelligence -- even finishing this statement. Moreover. You give an inch they'll take a mile. You know we went from the era of my goodness you presented joint Europe fell. Two you have so all but your state you could -- a felon. It's government's -- this you get behind the week though if you're a menace to others then it's a problem. But. Drugs should be legalized. This war on drugs it's stupid all it does is make corrupt cops corrupt officials. And unfortunately. Makes a lot of people in the so called legit world. A lot of money. Watch Serpico again just watch Serpico. And you'll understand. You know some people I'm convinced live on planet on reality. They're really good. Some people live in a world that I don't even know. I live in reality land some people haven't fantasy land. I choose to accept reality for what it is people it perfect. I always laugh. Drug things is announced because. -- At one game I see ads for. Which of course the 1920s. Well Johnny or OT -- Paul network. -- little too much boardwalk empire past few days. All right extinguish. But I'm pretty sure it's the -- James Woods newspapers or is so called out that. 8030930. Joseph what time would you like me to break you're now in charge of migrants. Okay thank you -- need it and been frozen for thirty freaking years. RA here it that's what seems like outside buffalo right now right. I hit one simple requests. To have sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their four events. Sharks. We have seen that -- The intemperate. Been watching too which Austin Powers lately to. Only to -- you go. With -- Completely. In congress references to those movies here's Mike in Derry and don't worry Joe's already on the sound I say it he's not a here is up Mike in -- right no it it's cold as you guys are away from like hey guess what it's colder away from the lake. And my Mormon you'd. It was it was two of my house at about 11 o'clock as -- screw it and done. -- trip -- Well you know that Hillary. Well temperatures in the mirror may be warmer than they. Yeah yeah. -- are used -- bombs. Yeah that's all the alongside me post so well on the same page a gauntlet the Second Amendment right. -- long live all the amendments and longer of the constitution of the United States especially the first ten amendments. Which are our bill of rights our protection against people like Obama. And his ilk who wish to govern by fiat. And unilaterally taking power from what should be an equal. Call equal three branch government system designed by the founding fathers if anybody wants to tell me that Barack Obama we've never seen that -- transcript from this man. If anybody wants to tell me he's smarter than Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin James Madison. Feel free. Here Hillary I got one more understandable social services I don't know that crosses the line now. Probably if you have asked the question I just as you move on here's a crowd in the light of frivolous today. Yeah. Amen brother long -- our constitution. Thank you. -- right and it was again such an honor for me yesterday to meet a couple of United States Marines in our cafeteria here at the you know and complex. Those are -- Well and if they were -- and I would say they were women in the highest regard. Let's go to Bob Dole on a cell phone bill it. It is Cole in Western New York -- It is focal western art fair while hoping their myrtle all of our well being punished. -- biggest kid -- the current governor -- -- -- -- amen brother amen thank you. I regret that I will have the kind of day I deserve serve which is a good day and you deserve one too we all deserve a good day. But I want to remember something in life. This'll be in my book coming up which is called I don't know what the hell up about. You and only you can determine. Your happiness or lack thereof in life. Life is like being in the middle of Lake Erie in a -- The -- they're gonna blow as they well. You have to decide. Where do you want policies. Or whether you wanna headed to warm or whether you wanted to zigzag you need to decide that. Only you can decide whether you're gonna stay afloat. Amidst the softening of the wins and the school and the spray which will overtake you -- matter what. Some people rise to the occasion. And stay afloat. And find their destination. Others go down. And others just wander aimlessly. You ought to be the captain of your own ship which is called your life. That's coming up in my upcoming book I don't know what the hell up talking about by Tom Bauer. On WB yeah. It's coming up on -- the good news radio on I thirty WB and that wind chill is ridiculous outside please dress accordingly. Else -- worry about all the deer and the wildlife outside in -- -- say. Suck to be. Here's Alan -- must suck to be that he's kind of work with the everyday L. Alan you are the best man I gotta tell you when we're in the pulpit the fan of the two united with a giant pothole you were Johnny on the spot. And nobody does it better so well balanced -- well done. AccuWeather from my WB and they. Sperry all the various watches and warnings and stuff okay basically consider it outside dangerously cold windshield if you can hear my voice in the seven counties in Western New York all right. Dangerous windshields which by the way logically would mean. Any school closed today ought to be closed tomorrow. Because this it'd be any safer for kids outside tomorrow then -- is today. -- -- It is 70. Seven degrees our -- rather blasphemy seven degrees minus eighteen is the real the -- temperatures. It is -- it's poke -- that were like thing about today. And some might say this is frivolous and -- ideas that work earlier but what. William Shakespeare's. I'd ever Shakespeare but I hope to meet him in the imperial world at some point. He once said misery makes sport to mock itself. Basically. It gets back to that whole motion of you were -- the your old captain on the ship of your life. And when you're freezing your -- off sometimes making fun of it can help misery makes sport to -- itself. And I got to. It's called out that it's so cold. Back to the calls you would be comedians poets and get this message best work -- -- bettors. Don't be intimidated by. My hot this. I'm still an okay guy. Here is jury in Hamburg on WB yeah Niger. I. I I I -- so cold dead Obama knows returned to normal. Okay second favorite line of the day is so far close to that he won that. Not quite there nonetheless that was a genuine -- fought. -- -- -- I don't know -- -- pilots and other people who know airplanes. Well I can fly -- -- on the committee about what that. How important. It was so cold that the cover up my people to. We have that I yet RA has the all important. PI TOT. Thank you very much that are. All right by the way crosswind landings suck. You know why they -- and I still can't -- Take a little -- take full practice Kamal. What like ten years ten years all right thank you. -- So my great shortcomings like one of -- but my inability to properly and then airplanes in airplanes across win I just can't do it. I guess it would help if I tried the runway length license that width wise it's all all right what -- want me out of your joint. 56 are. Let's go to Jack on Grand Island jets on Jack it's so cold that. It's cold out -- old York State's gonna raise your taxes. If there there's got to be something else covered with that you can't just there's got to be -- you got to hit -- with a punch line. What -- state benefit portion. Let's just let's work on this just a little bit -- that just a little bit about its so called out. That even Andrew Cole Cole would welcome conservatives. To cover his body to keep -- war. Now that's not the best but we're getting closer. Like. All right well we're entitled to. A bigger part answer. Well. Thank you very much. I -- judge joked that is just too -- Arctic so it's so cold that Obama is knows sure it. All men can appreciate that. You thought things of the -- talk radio it's -- again. Apparently never -- sign failed. He's -- and our latest ethnic. Double standard. -- the funniest line efforts so far was in the first -- final call about one year ago wondered one hour ago. It's so cold outside the son applied for -- assistants. That is funny. That's just don't even bet that even need any work at the perfect joke right they're the perfect joke. It's like Casablanca the perfect will be the father comes close. Maybe just a little bit too long with -- really wasn't anything extraneous. -- -- -- Start at 3180616. WBZ. And hourly. And welcome to program unequaled Tuesday windshield watches and advisories and warnings -- laws to bottom line dress warm.

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