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1-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- about it. Kick. It -- you twenty Iraq seventeen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is T Wimbledon pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak during the about it but he gets its. -- -- Oh loss to. And the rebels. Hope that he would rate. -- -- -- -- -- -- The law. -- No one ponds with an assault rifle -- -- -- -- -- If you go out there. And you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with -- but I happened to. -- A strong silent. That was an American you're listening to the. News radio 930 WB EN. Due to understand that every country in the world is in danger how is it my responsibility to do something. Because my cannot. Beat them on the power to -- -- now and hey that's quite a voice you've got there do you ever think about doing radio serving up food for the mind what's on your mind today and give us a hot spoonful of your opinion -- -- it's all about ratings baby we do all the and its local. I recognize that voice anywhere -- Tom -- link does one impressive my. And some sort of cold -- news radio 930 as we say in the radio business if you put that on the radio people will listen -- -- And we spent four hours talking of the biggest union. What is -- called the state of the cool address. I heard Sean Hannity last night 730. About 735730. Years ago. Talking about the fact that -- you guys. All sometimes. I amaze even myself that I see is that common where national guys. Sean Hannity talked about the what are -- talking about so many words was the post constitutional republic. In other words rule by executive. Order. -- the response -- threes -- This thing. And co equal branches of government according to a constitution. Not that that means a freak and think anybody anymore but that's what we're supposed. -- this -- co equal branches of government. It was repression -- on talking about him. Last night. And a basically. Calling it you know what this government might be got to believe that was the word he used. Limbaugh says government Michael. But of course. They're clearly on it now we have a lot of things we're gonna get into this morning -- my door actually. At -- -- all the older home you've got right. -- I can honestly tell you that might or needs to be reunion not -- edge but it's. Because it's a perfect. These doors warm aid when America that showed mr. That those stories were made. When people actually took pride in what they did for. When people actually. And what -- stop was -- I mean solid core doors not exactly. Most people put up to. However as a Holmes settles you'll notice that the little things he doesn't go into the hole. It does not stay sharp. So I've got to figure out -- to a lot in the door properly with the hole after almost 100 years of all standing before itself. And -- before. Or Texas for which one yet it's going to be one of us. Which are doing for tax purposes. And also purposes but not being a hypocrite I can feed the beast. Why wouldn't wanna beat the -- So anyway that's that. -- wanna -- You don't want to go. Now owe money. Yeah right sure and well -- pocket and paid cash if my coach Sherman -- that that's what he's gonna parent. Anyway. It's called out. A lot of that one of the best things about my whole it's insulated. It is insulated like you wouldn't believe. You know -- belt before I let my home this morning. And when I return open the door. It will still be there waiting for that's how well insulated it is an even in this despite that it was job they did with the installation. I I actually felt cold. Last night anybody else inside under a blanket yeah I've felt caught. Via thermometer outside as opposed to thermometer inside which were really do very little things outside temperature. It was I think one or 2 degrees and -- o'clock at night and I -- OMG I'm just going to sleep forget this. But. It I want you guys that give -- your committee comedic skills shot. Your comedic skills a shot it's cold outside that. Now I've always enjoyed being the first person ever every year to say these words. It's been -- tradition of mine for many years. You know it's not the -- guys it's the humidity. Thank you -- now become the first person in 24 team he used that line thank you very much oh wait there's another line. I'll be the first person -- 2014 to say this in Western New York. Well. You're really use -- Thank you thank you very much all right then thank you are right so. Get your shot its so called out that. -- the old standard jokes. For example. It's old outside I saw a liberal with -- and that somebody else's pockets. Now in his own pockets are screwed that up it's so old that it -- memorizing. It's so cold outside that want. But I like that it's so cold outside that one that's one of my things -- hit it. But there's the weather is is better. Now I was talking to a player for acumen the year that. And companies of it's going to be even colder tomorrow right. Today is going to be Miami number wait a big fan of Miami the grill to Obey the grill in Jamaica. My all time favorite place in the whole wide universe at least a certain part of were arrive on my church mission trips are -- replaced him. But they grill today is -- seem like big real at children's compared to what's coming up tomorrow. Because that tomorrow's high of is going to be. Fourteen degrees but I guess the wind is gonna be more in my reading this correctly so it's going to be even colder if if I've got this straight. The overnight low tonight to. The real -- temperatures overnight tonight will be fifteen to 25 below zero. And then tomorrow it's going to be windy. And fourteen they have not yet forecast the windshield but you gotta figure it was going to be fourteen as the high and it's going to be windy. Not brisk but Whitney we're looking colder -- so logically any school the closed today because of the weather ought to be close tomorrow. Because the weather and our command after exactly districts closed because hey I don't wake up that early beat. I don't have kids of that age in school anymore -- important life like it was. All those years ago even though might be important your life when schools closed down. Gaza was -- and school obviously the big. But I command all the school districts that shut down today even. Hurry you did and were being you know -- a few others but I'm kind of a big deal I you know this -- I -- stop watching it for -- will be. I don't you know this. Now valued on the I should not go Ron Burgundy way. Because you know it's gonna happen you're writes I think the teleprompter on the set and then I'm going to be Ron Burgundy trying to come back for the comeback right. You know that's gonna happen okay. So anyway folks it's called. And I hope you're dealing OK we got people calling and damaged but there's one thing and another place a while ago how many have you an invite all my audience I don't my audience I know you guys better than you know yourself -- That's a rather presumptuous statement. Not really because I planted bugs and everyone of your homes. Basically it's reversed based -- Every time anybody comes to my page I'm able to electronically get into your hole. I shouldn't say actors are so you can believe that this regard them haven't won. But. Here's the deal. What is galloping cried right now in your whole. A very dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago we have small pockets. The entire family and I'm not gonna going to graphic detail of this. Family Guy episode. Where they drank a whole bunch of the syrup to make you throw up. Anybody remember that OK and then Lois -- that. So. That family was stricken with a gastrointestinal. Bug which generally is 24 hour bug. Very dear friend of mine white kids all of -- Out in my family in my immediate circle of friends. You know what it is this year take a while guests. All right you don't care welfare because it might affect you it's that the AM. It's the -- -- thing it's the hacking and the coughing thing that's going around so if I don't my audience many news in the movie tombstone. With Val Kilmer. Before -- more -- like 4000 pounds. And I I wish the best for Val Kilmer as I know that the guys -- pots in his life. But he can turn that around nothing's permanent -- can become a better person all that jazz but I think he's held an actor. But Val Kilmer played Doc Holliday in the movie -- to. Any portrayed Doc Holliday who -- a man with severe lung issues tuberculosis. Which back then there was no Huber for tuberculosis is there there was not even a treatment for. There was anybody that's their little anti inflammatory. To control swelling of a lot to issue. I mean this guy Doc Holliday in real life the last five years of his wife were living hell. I don't know if you are known anybody would lung cancer. It's a hell of a way to go. I could tell you a million things I would rather do -- by -- -- cancer but then they probably. Not be happy if I said that. Beat guys that it's awful. And tuberculosis back then. Wives. Just a horrible horrible disease. But I feel every time I walk into any any place where actually no people. That there is this weird long thing wanna. I know at least half a dozen people I can name off the top of my -- who sound just like Val Kilmer in tombstone as Doc Holliday. Without the tuberculosis. It's like everybody in Western New York is hacking it up every single minute of every single back. Fortunately it hasn't hit me I got that cold a few weeks ago I generally don't get just schools might start down into the chest but I -- it off. So now you know it's just old you know the sign this thing which is a perpetual thing for -- investment not a big deal. But what is the galloping crud going through your whole -- Sherman anything in your house and he galloping crud. I you don't have a little kids at your house you got that to your advantage Joseph Bieber you actually you don't have kids in your house. You know gets nailed the stuff schoolteachers. Schoolteachers -- did the orbital slot league little kids all day long. They bring everything home to their own families because there's just no getting away from. Think about it aren't. Some calls on I've got some calls. It's so cold out that give -- your jokes hopefully they'll be original. And hopefully they'll be -- Usually when -- called joke as a man it refers to certain parts of my anatomy -- in my kidneys. And not descending they're from until about July. That's how cold it is you can keep it cleaner to be much fun here the guy. Out of state of the union speech now I'm not talking about the state of the union speech it's a bunch of crap. The president has proven himself a serial liar anything he says he cannot be taken at his word why bother. I'd rather watch pro wrestling that's real. Here's Gary and Everest on WB MI Europe WB and you're welcome to the programs -- Gary are -- on the radio with big. I can't hear Gary can you hear Gary. Very -- security and turn your radio off my -- I'm ready up real quick it is definitely a little well it okay here's my joke real quick. But only ready it's so cold outside icicles are moving to Florida. Nice nice OK that's good our original nice good plain fun you thought that yourself. Our largest -- radio still on but it was a funny joke it's so cold that the radio that the icicles are moving to Florida. All right good anybody see that picture that means it's going around the Internet welcome to Florida the sunshine state and there's -- this -- all around. Are -- similar picture I took in Bisbee Arizona. Which smell all over the place in Bisbee Arizona giants sign the side of the -- welcome to Bisbee holt of the world's best climate. Like I came from buffalo. Frogs now. Are here is Kevin and polls on WB and Kevin and agree with your best shot. Page comic book -- that it's colder than the moderately large ship. Mean. Alone. Own. You know -- so anyways I get ahead with his call -- my bosses in the next room are there -- a decided that the higher rule of the high road. Yeah exactly exactly I was gonna make now I can't go there right now. Yep that you good did call out wait for to get up and leave but I can't use the line thank you. Its its so called -- it's like a mother in law's kids alone. All right it is at 325 at news radio 930 WB and thought we had a little -- of fun today but also mixed with some serious stuff. I mean serious like threatening serious but what is the galloping crud going through your counsel. What is it exactly tell boasted in my in my circle of friends and it's the ones that. Everybody you know is an act and a packet not productive -- just -- -- -- caught. Other people now have the flow. The only thing wrong with days it's stupid and Michael Roll from the Dominican Republic which still refuses to give. Albeit ago. Like agent Harris in The Sopranos. Ever when he got back from Afghanistan at the temple are over three. And a I will never ever in my life go back to the Dominican Republic -- how hot the webinar will never go back there. 326. At WB yen as suddenly Joseph has made reservations were coach Rio. I know you. You've -- now. I'll look at that moment here in buffalo schools and I was gonna go somewhere else but that is the man my doubts and the rest is history it's 33430. Yen partly it's coal. It's coal that is your chance to be -- Make me laugh. And also let me know what galloping crud is winding through your family of people you know. So far so good with the gastrointestinal. Stuff. Except my mystery Mike -- Which thank god is not contagious but. Most of the people why -- except myself of this long. I've never heard so many people acting. It's like being seriously it's like being a flight from Charlotte the awful low in January. Up. Everybody everywhere it -- that's what my -- sounds like. All right. Let's get back to the calls on WBM. Did you enjoy that that fake -- my existed thank you. It with a -- is turn your head of the left please call. Is it wrong to be excited that here is a city on WB -- eyes and he. You got to speak up about half step it. Cindy hello. Guys can you hear very well -- like a distant echo for me. -- -- -- Oh. Okay lol from me but. Go ahead what is it. It is no holes. And we had to earn -- keep our collection for firewood and we only got to court. I own and. Did you make that up. OK I have to tell that's brilliant. -- -- it has to ratings. That's very well done that -- that's certainly welcome but please tell me. That you did not burn either -- rich country gentleman or I'm trying to think of the name of the one my my nephew just bought. White Malcolm White eagle I forget what it is but anyway it's a beautiful I won't even touch it it's so beautiful I limited -- -- -- near. I have to tell you the tickets are like that we would need to burn. Our parents are -- -- and tiny -- when he apps. Well let me just say one thing in my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who is -- -- or grad who is rocket. He's rock -- house in Texas they all started with Mike Bender telecast. Use a tough guy in school. But he's a great guy. I can still visit in the state of taxes you are correct. Rights. And yes. Oranges or that they. Everybody came out on just one little bug. That would acting rock. But I could there be other variables other than the oranges you know you gotta think out of the box on this that's one variable oranges are there others perhaps -- genetic predisposition to such ailments perhaps your -- cleanliness and hygiene your use of Clorox wipes. I'll whatever -- you gotta claim what's happened. All right you clean with with the -- -- I don't count calculator I love you Cindy. -- -- You're right I love island which he said about the guitars we got to -- funny. Was -- the white falcon. Who's next on WB EM oh it's a topic so let's go to Pendleton personal home sandy beach John your WB channel. Well there. Well you know I saw the Chinese at a local culture out. Advertising. It shouldn't choke hold their career going five dollar in loans. Have a good day. Yeah. Somewhere there others of -- They'll try to sort that one. Here is less. Apt. Doll I want do you know what it was a perfect mix of high -- and -- folks if you realize that was Shakespearean. As I've often told you Shakespeare wrote to place partner or shall we say he wrote two versions of each played it. One for the masses and the other for the educated people. Whenever he used high pollute the language he would generally then take it down a notch so the rest of folks -- understand what it was say. Making the green one red. Here is. That's from bet here is Rick in buffalo on WG. The EN hello. Yeah I'd like to see the weather is so old and we should stick to its costly and I want nothing to with that. It reminds you -- first -- I mean. How old. And bought this shrieking Africa might fairly. Making up so I'll -- it works public. Is my brother in law. Are dude this sounds like -- I should give you more time what's up with the family tree it's obvious -- nuts and fruits. Or. I was gonna say maybe it's bark is worse and -- -- Yen sister talk about the letter all the words all of that is -- -- people all hope. We have this kind of weather that some people are complaining. Eight this it's too hot 92 degrees the weather. -- Iberia but we're human beings by nature we're we're geared as humans to bitch. Unhappiness seems to be the natural course of the human mind. -- -- most certainly are. All right you know sir I I like few we've never met but I like the way you think. But the whole family thing dude you got a call back at some point we gotta talk. Now as far as your ex wife is concerned you've heard my diatribe on my ex wife right. On many occasions OK apparently -- not reached that point where you can be best friends again. -- A Little League I'm gonna allow you to wallow in your bitterness which sounds like it may be deserved. -- my friend thank your. I I certainly well unfortunately I actually don't that's when I divorce happened anyway it is at 341 news radio 930 WB he had paycheck. Where were you guys go with that 8030 my thirties and 3180616. WBM. Joseph just viewed in the next room. Now I've I've done my. That's -- that will be held show. Ex wives ex husband's you couldn't stand when you're married to -- if somehow you become best friends what a great show. It's Valentine's show. You know I think being developed that they show pre nuptial agreements. Seriously. Now. I mean chances of my getting married again. Are going to do it again and you've accumulated some assets pre nup pre nup pre nup freaked out freed up freed up. Get a freaking pre nup. I don't care how much she says she loves you I don't care what a prince he says is get a pre nup. I'm not a lawyer. But I know let's put it this way I'm out of butcher either but I know a ball when I see one. You know I would be remiss by the way of writing that note the passing of an American music legend yes I know he always took the left of left but I don't wanna hear any bitching about my playing a little bit this song to those -- you go to up Bruce Springsteen concert you think he's a conservative. I think that we all owe a debt of gratitude. We do. In terms of American folk music. Two a man first song ever repeat figures it's Pete -- -- no relation to Bob by the way the first song I ever heard him -- Was something from the depression era. It was called a dollar bill don't plywood used. It's pretty simple -- dollar build upon what it used to buy what it used to it actually got them. But there's another song that I think you might hurt perhaps. A different take on from a different group. To the real thing and returns. There is a season. -- And end of time name and do everything her. Moaned. We figured that night -- time to leave barn at times and I -- time from Atlanta time duty. At times and show times we feel good time to. -- day. Pete Seeger 94 years old and because conservatives really do care about people even people who are politically antithetical to them. We can appreciate great performers at least I can. And that -- we -- -- in pot she rest in peace Pete Seeger. All the other version of that song. Which will come up shortly. It is at 349 news radio 930 W. The heat and that would be the group with Roger would win GO ideal -- Whitman grainy sunglasses. And Roger Gwynn of the berths. Ladies and gentle little trivia for -- Roger Gwynn and the birds even influence The Beatles how to light on this. Look at videos of the birds in the 1960s BYRDS. The birds. And the sunglasses. Then watch The Beatles video of this song rain. You think Roger rig which didn't play a role in The Beatles. You don't familiar to music anyway here's the other version of that song is -- from Pete -- That is what 812 steak restaurant Rick barker sounded like back in the 1960s. So anyway -- figured just a major influence in American music and I know for many viewers just the company pegged that. -- -- demands that Andy made a great contribution to our culture and -- and forget. -- throwback to the calls its so called it's your chance to be a comedian. It's so -- bad. Person has no factual basis in reality because. Alarming people over environmental nonsense. Is big business. If the earth did actually go through climate change we would not have the Great Lakes formed by glaciers melting. Back then if somebody's at the poll after Celtic if appoint a poll went down to about the equator. Now we've got the Great Lakes as a result of what mother nature ducts. -- let's get back to the calls on WB and the don't you learn so many new things on this program. Presented and humorous way yet with a great deal of wisdom and aghast that I think you do. I learn as much from you guys. Here's Neal and beautiful forest building New York -- talk to me better. Good afternoon sir it's. So called I held my sheets -- that part of their daughter and. Now I think I'd sure all is well for my guess right now. But it shouldn't you know I will always have the mind of -- twelve year old and I will always appreciate flatulence joke from a man never woman thank you. All right good -- here. The old Joseph ago no I don't wanna go into the old joke because that might crosses the line to FCC actionable territory. Obama that would be an actor Corey function and we get the FCC here greatly by that. Let's go to Iowa Rickie Lee in Niagara Falls on WB Rickie Lee -- them. Out. -- sure it's local hopeful -- that I heard that early this morning. It was reported by the news. It's the -- has applied for people systems. Brilliant brilliant. Sent me this material for me to use without credit. Well. Look. It -- snail mail or telepathy because I'm one of those thoughtful and I don't have a computer. I orders for the next person to tell me it's when he fourteen you don't have a computer and you don't do email. -- I'm gonna lose why. All right OK I mean look my dad started computers is like 697. Years old I think it added I'm it was life. Thanks very much glad you called great limelight of the day so far so called that the son applied for -- assistants well played 355 at WB.

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