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1-28 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I feel like the guy I am a bondage commercial my glasses just broke. This their their children on an angle I stuffed the man behind my headset to try and straightened out but my nose and my headset and not a perfectly aligned. The you know whatever you call this part the arm that goes over your left a year right but I haven't in my right hand that's not a good that's not a good thing that happened. And Doug Kendall -- She sandy is too hard to tell aidid's -- the -- vote. Ronald gonna go watching -- has more -- removed body -- a biopsy. Oh my goodness boy like Google Felix's. But I -- only need him for one more alive commercial Mets -- them throwing them away I'm back at the this is a -- nineteen dollars just went on the adrenaline -- that -- nine years. I don't quarterbacks irregular money and I think you already got your money I think that'll and I have to buy new glasses -- every 23 years because brave girl living moments of -- I'm very careful of myself and usually holds up pretty well. This aside and let the hell here wrote let's break now right in the middle Michelle and I can Hamilton has let us -- are you saying that they broker in the break. The other broker in the break it was a break broke. Into a circus I'm trying to stop this time -- All my -- at video right I don't got post this could click on the web based or not but there's unfazed by. Each he's -- hook up our remember the gore it is what I had glasses that actually actually Bhutto both leaders -- you don't want -- please -- -- -- -- That camera why you do not post this. Anyway it is a region governor can Hamilton has joined us and we're asking the question why is a New York hemorrhaging population. And are you staying here for those of you came in late. The of the story. That's that I've been using. Doesn't tell the whole story the story simply says 3191000. People from other countries. Between April 1 when he tan and July 1 when he -- Came here. To New York State but 328000. People left New York State to go to other states. So we're getting more people coming from foreign lands into New York people and new Yorker leaving third biggest migration of all the fifty states so this is bad because it's got to put even more of a squeeze on the taxpayers. And I'd like to know from you. Hawaii where hemorrhaging population. Ken Hamilton give me your thoughts your resident you know -- have been looking at this for. Many many many many years this is one of the things that most intrigued me. You know the demographics the anthropological demographics of the State of New York. And what callers none of the callers have been wrong and you haven't been wrong we have looked at it completely enough. The reason that we get so many immigrants coming into New York State is not the coming to New York State. They're coming into New York City because they believe New York City to be a beacon of opportunity. And so and talking to outgoing assemblywoman Francine though -- some years ago. She explained the benefits parts of it. Is that when people move into New York City into the stated so we tend to place there amongst their own cultures. Which means that communities grow big enough to elect their own senators. And their own assembly people who go to Albany. Requesting the same benefits that were given people in the sixties and seventies which puts a tremendous trade. On New York's resources because these people have the power of the vote and they have to do with the other New Yorkers speak of this legislation passed you were right. New York City is the reason why we have so many of the problems that we have but they provide a lot of opportunities the part that we have not let that. Is that when these people. Our second and third generation -- become fully americanized. And they request all of the benefits that anybody else in -- state gets. The same benefits. That cost taxes to go -- and the more conservative and people and the people were actually making the money and they're not all conservatives. They move south and then we have those are moving south for job opportunity -- who are mostly liberals. Then what happens is they displaced people in those areas. Depressing their job market forcing those at the bottom. To have to leave the state and go someplace where they can get benefits so they come to New York State. They come from Michigan they come from Alabama they come from other places that welcome by -- them there they're more car actually are absolutely. And so when you start to look at that you start to see this turning a population. And what happens there is that. In many cases because New York State a -- liberal. All you have to do is arrive in New York State particularly like discuss this with the social services director in Niagara county. Arrive in New York State and you almost get help instantly. All you have to do is establish a residency. And the state has to prove within 45 days where they're not qualified -- they can't follow you and ask you. And many of these people come up to New York. The other benefit cards and and go back down Alabama because these things are all electronic Loveland and so we are losing money that way to a but here is you know New York State. Is a very old stay in one of the original thirteen colonies. But we're still pretending that we're brand new we're -- like we're in our twenty's so to speak and I think was Benjamin's Israeli who says it. That if that twenty you're not liberal but you don't have the heart. And -- at forty you're not conservative -- you don't have a mind in his room and -- in New York State is acting as though you know we're still on our twenties. And what's happening is we're pushing people bounce out there will be some equalization. Sometime in the next generation -- -- Because the people who were leaving New York who are liberals looking for these opportunities. And the unsustainability. Of what we're trying to do in New York State. These people going south. Are going with all of the liberal attitudes that they had and Florida is in danger of becoming a blue state. When that happens and they start voting themselves the benefits because of all of the people from New York who have gone down there. Then they're gonna have many of the same issues that we have here and forced the population back after looking at 23 generations -- And well saddened and very comprehensive and add to the fact that one of the biggest things on the agenda for Obama and maybe for the next president depends on who that person -- day. -- is immigration reform. It's easy enough now and they're gonna make it even easier we want legalized. Immigration certainly we are welcome back. But the illegals. Guy getting a blanket amnesty. Or is anything of that ilk will. Accelerate the process -- -- just talking about right now -- it will more than just accelerated to change the culture and the problem has. Is that the American culture is that Dominic culture in the world. When you look around everyone is emulating. Americans. And I've noticed amongst my second and third generation immigrant friends who have come to the United States. Their kids are so americanized this almost pathetic you know we keep worrying about a major cultural shift. While it probably won't happen the cultural shift that we're looking at. Is that people are coming in who -- who has strong -- -- work ethnic ethics for this. Strong ethnic and check -- the knicks who have strong work ethics that coming -- of athletics -- You know once came -- they were major contributors because they asked for nothing except for the opportunity to do for themselves. They're kids they're asking you know -- begin again. Yeah I don't know exactly are its government math doesn't work diplomats dozens not work work for New York stated in his network exactly. I'll take. It. As -- beyond -- dynasty or something -- this. It's. These -- level we think it's my nose that's out of Tokyo and on sandy you're such a level headed person -- car. Heart failure anything's not Lebanon thank you very much yes I'm a sandy. Eight an -- -- now come and now gimme a break. Eyeglasses broken I'm doing the best they can keep close them. We'll be back what -- Beijing company and management and a third of Libya it is -- company can Hamilton is whether this or asking why New York is hemorrhaging population. The and the five top states for losing population we are number three. -- so we're about to be displaced by Florida as the third most populous state to and are you staying here. If you are it's probably because they'll vote -- a family reasons or maybe you have a good job and and you don't mind paying what you have to pay contribute to live here. But if not it makes a lot of sense to go somewhere else if you're retiring. Or eulogy for job and I just like an -- status is so so what what two states are ahead of them so I don't have that in -- Amir saw that on television they had the I I look for now those graphs and things I was look for new York and as there was -- on New York three. It it kind of -- my eyes bugged out Lego Bugs Bunny cartoon on springs you know Erin is because I always look for New York. That's not part of this new Newsday story that I amusing now. There are two others that lost more population than we have. I mean look at the situation. In and some other states to it's not Rosa California the basically has them hasn't has for some time now. Huge financial problems they have so many natural attractions people go to no matter what almost -- but wouldn't -- it's tougher and tougher and with Andrew Cuomo. Talking about. Conservatives. Yeah he's an extreme conservatives. And he may have meant just candidacies. And and and political outlook by party but you know in his heart and in his mind he's thinking. He doesn't need us and he's gonna go on without us and that's dollars to there was somebody thinks like that they've they've played him you know tell. Orange is an example probably what's gonna happen in New York State for many many years Californians who were better healed and able to leave the state. Moved to states like Oregon and Washington on the demise of the people can Oregon and Washington. And -- Washington Oregon so much like California. That it won't be long before they start to feel the same -- as the California fails. -- make public proclamations of come here and enjoy the social benefits a state like Texas for instance. When I was down there are found that yeah they have social benefits through but they're not overwhelmingly attractive there are a safety net they understand you may need to -- but they don't want to get too comfortable. And they make that quite clear and that's the reason. The that they are where they are and New Yorkers where New York is let's go to Joseph and if you Joseph you're on WBM -- Hamilton and sandy beach original. Morning good morning and it morning -- show I love your show and I am the first time caller on the line. Respect about many here listeners so but the great topic -- -- to -- this situation. I have my teacher who just retired. Now unlike other teachers who don't thirty years 35 years in the system -- -- twelve years in the in the New York State teachers systems so. Yes I've been union member. But to make a long story short I rested my house in Florida for march. And that's just for you know temporarily and I have to realistic agents working for me and I'm gonna go in March and may not even come back. Well wow well we we don't want to lose you as a as a resident certainly am I don't listener to bug. Yeah I mean Florida I think we're losing a lot of our population of Florida because it is they have offers an easier kind of living and no there's no state tax -- -- makes a lot easier for. Makes little air and for people like myself and the jobs are a little bit more available if you want to more part time things like bad. But it's -- share something with you as far as may be something union -- -- a bit this year. You know an analyst -- you mentioned it to you've been. You know the union representative now and with the union. Well as a member of the New York State teachers' union again I've only been a teacher for twelve years since so I've got up just a little tiny pension. But the so that they would send me from like the New York State's teachers. Being a conservative. I absolutely hated that material I used to get this stuff in the mail. In New York State teacher and stuff like that and it would tell us how look how great Hillary was. What Obama is and please vote for them you know we if you wanna keep your jobs. And and I got so angry that I wrote a letter to the New York State teachers please -- adults don't tell me -- would vote foremost let me make that decision myself. You have an independent minded you know who else gets that that that information I do if it goes under my door and I see it and and I saw how easy -- kind of propaganda that goes out there. I'm glad you're an independent guy -- Joseph always appreciated that. And -- here's -- you're young you're a schoolteacher with a New York State my unit New York to nine's New York State united teachers rate. You guys are the ones -- -- to be teaching kids critical thought things like this and -- -- union feels it necessary to teach you. And I and that's that's kind of an irony for me to say we're taking away your critical thought even though we wanted to teach kids something critically. Absolutely and and you think about but what does that do to the pastoral you know he'll use it to your you know that's the system. Andy and system's broken I mean we know that the system's broken something needs to be done. But oh lead US a couple of a couple of words that some of the two main reasons that I'm leaving our two to work may have heard of Cuomo and. 00 yes yes absolutely. I'll throw a New York say for me to write thank you I I hope you don't leave but it you do Joseph we wish you all the best. At much of the time allies they care. Yeah I get the New York. NY SUGI get that publications under my door and I look at it. I really do and it is it is propaganda no question and it's just exactly the way he described it. -- it would like to hear from you why is New York hemorrhaging population and there's a reason for. And you know every once in awhile to come up with some public relations thing of how good it is and how easy it is to do business in New York. And every once in awhile they put a little carrot out there how you might get a tax abatement or. Or this a benefit of that benefit they have to do because they understand they're not really competitive this is not a business friendly state hasn't been for a long time. Bill what there will drain the last drop of blood out here you'll think that your idea of party would Dracula and Dracula -- They'll hang upside down to your money falls on your wallet -- that and then they'll kick out of the state if you don't believe vote what Cuomo believes that's the way it works and if you don't like New York say it's too bad too bad well I say too bad for them. We are losing population. And the population we're losing a little ones paying the bills now. As we're gaining population from people who are probably most of them are not going to be in a position. Two make the same contributions as those who were leaving. Not a formula for long term success. We'll be back with more with Beijing government can Hamilton enemies and -- -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now 803. Having their cell calls are free it's darn angry or toll free line is 1806169236. -- Hamilton is with us and always enjoyed -- Hamilton and this is just the tip of the iceberg if you don't know all of -- Hamilton because he's a writer and a good one. Everything he's ever road show me. That he's a written is excellent and and good during the last call he was composing his next column and just totally ignoring the radio show. And he doesn't really care about you he just cares about his readers. Sandler. Sandy you draws so much out of me that I don't -- seemingly be calling attention -- every issue. I -- all. I saw other genius that -- can have a than just overflowing onto the paper as you were writing down words of genius but I you know -- This and I talked to you about this for a second funny actually -- -- only start to look at population loss in the United States Maine. Maine has lost a greater percentage of people than any other state in the union. They are down by zero according to the Boston Globe right there down by zero point 01%. In one year they have lost in this they have lost a net of 199. People. Idea makes a nice that I -- -- from New England for message chooses Maine's beautiful state. If you like -- there and it's as good as again -- I like Coca. Vermont better than -- in bill because of the Rolling Hills and things Maine as the seacoast demand accounts of is nice very nice but I prefer. Why it's new kids. New Hampshire Vermont name. And Rhode Island messenger and attend to other states in the union are the only Hawaii and I'm on some of its Hawaii into other states in the union. Are the only states in the union to which had not been yet -- -- and I'm looking forward to any road trip the -- sometime in the near. -- was beautiful it really doesn't feel like you'll like it and it's every state annoying was different. That's the case nut not to have a note to -- merlot. I can tell you that Connecticut I mean there is is not like Massachusetts not while I'm like remain well I've been a reminder of Boston and contrary to your ability -- -- -- -- -- Connecticut that's been a great deal of time and Connecticut are real talk from an open and feel I used to work in Hartford. And I used to those. Limbaugh's than let's go to Kevin and Reynolds and -- Enron and strike out Kevin. What's happening with -- Kevin what -- what about this exodus from from New York State. Exodus and maybe you know -- It -- -- their content. There'll be people even you know who we outburst at night the all achievable -- -- certain week. And they don't have the foresight to to it is wrong to it -- is gonna happen. So remember before governor meters irresponsible statement himself what was that -- Okay being good -- to rupture somewhere like that. That's right he said if it -- -- that Salo would take the governor Russians as the gunman before. Exactly so we know what the -- price. Because it'll read -- -- and there -- those people but the unfortunate situation is that we go now. By -- arms and feet and people won't. -- -- and you know what Wall Street and it's -- then shouldn't cheer. Of this trip it's bad. We don't know. The other problem is though Kevin -- we have -- next presidential election. You won't even see the candidates in New Yorkers -- -- -- -- that we're we're already pay for a lot of paid for absolutely they can already put an MD in the democratic. Hopper already so where we're not even part of the equation can -- ask your question you. You weren't born in New York State. Yes I can tell by your excellent. Now what brought you to New York State and what is keeping you here. It was to that your smoke due -- -- I. Know that originally from years so I -- You know we were in order. -- in -- or like 43 years or so which are the numbers -- Apple's street. But when they origin -- -- we came here -- all of these you know Haitian you know even Christmas sort. I just smoked this. Year in what's in you you'll you know sure where I stress -- then you you'll. Yeah right got the people here are nice that you feel comfortable here you know how to get around you know -- golf there's comfort level here it's hard of -- debate in and other people are friendly. And Western New York we're not particularly polite. But we're very very friendly and there's a difference. I can get back very -- you why you haven't had a good girl who have been in the end in in in Brooklyn or queens or in places like that ignored problems and yeah it sure -- certainly years ago or not. And I just eleven hey Kevin Islip on long guy and I don't run count on the island and an officer and author. And lawyer Kevin and Ed I'm glad you're here to fight and I'll stay here as long as I can and though when I leave all I'll turn over my guns video and OK and we can pick up. Bags and bags are good -- our -- You know you don't wanna just give off but it's obvious from Cuomo's attitude -- all I find it arrogant. I find it overbearing. I find him arrogant and overbearing. Forum and it screwed up more amenities event have been the positive side of his life he knows what he's got a good spot -- this a good spot because. The New York populace. Overwhelmingly will vote for the democratic candidate and he knows that Sony is. -- acting too far out of his character his grandmother. And grandfather operated the store. -- is dead became successful and became the governor he has so far removed from his grandparents because of the life and his parents gave. That he does have this imperialistic attitude as many people in that type of the situation path. But I do remember his dad saying we key bank left Albany and moved to Cleveland. Good now -- get more office space in downtown just amazing -- -- unite not understanding the impact office space for why. For what for him to just. And if you just want a lot of empty office space stay in office long enough and all we have. He's mad Max beyond thundered known I would take a break we'll be back -- -- company it is region governor of sandy beach -- Hamilton as well let's. We're talking about the fact that from Newsday article I'm working now with the New York State is losing more population than they're gaining. And they ones that they're losing our people who have been productive basically here who wanna take thereof. Maybe their pensions maybe their retirement funds and go to a state that's less expensive to eleven which would be almost any of them. And meanwhile we're gaining our population coming yen 3181000. People between. April 1 when he ten and July 1 when entertain. Are from overseas. They're not from another state we're not gaining any money from other states we're getting in from overseas. And we're always have an open invitation for illegal. Immigration there. Bloomberg's that are from those steps is that they all come on over here from Arizona you don't feel comfortable we have a better -- We have better health care here or whatever so that's what we're going. And Cuomo I think tipped his hand when he talked about the conservatives. And the way the state is set up now he does not see the state setting up any differently because he loves it the way it is right now. And so we're asking why are we losing population Chris we have a lot of entries today on FaceBook once -- couple. This is from Michael he says I just left New York after 53 years I felt like I was paddling up river and only going backwards. This thing needs to get rid of every politician just start over unless that happens I won't be back. Well I agree -- -- -- necessary because every once in awhile you'll have a moment of clarity you say why -- here. -- for what reason. One of -- getting in exchange for one of my giving. And although we like the people here and we like the four seasons and I don't think whether drugs meant many people out I think. The whole government to taxation structure. And the whole attitude of. The state governments -- drugs let us go back quiet. We say we hate the government and we loved the people and I think that. That government works really really well in New York State where there democracy works really really well in New York State. Because it is the people that we love. That he -- the politicians. That we don't -- And that if we need to do everything we need to get the people to understand that we are the cause of the factor of all of our own demise. And but you'll have to wonder because we got into it merely at the end of the last segment. When do we have more choices. Another words right now where we're trying to big Donald Trump to please run for governor. If he decides not to Iran about how are we going to put up nobody has the name of anybody that they think could. Have a chance against him and even trump is behind him in preliminary polls if you have that choice. It is such you know they -- -- -- race New York State is -- ball racists texts not -- illegally it's fixed because of the way they've managed to by voters generation after generation so we're not even -- in the presidential election what's the point and even going to vote in the presidential election so -- how do we get things changed -- we don't really have a say. When we reached the bottom and the people that are still here recognize the fact that we're at the bottom. It will take -- significant emotional event in order for them to change their minds about who they are electing to govern how well we ever really. It's the bottom because here's the deal we've talked about this extensively during the presidential campaign. With 48%. Paying no federal tax. Then you go to them say well is it okay if we raise taxes federal oh sure I have because doesn't affect them. Although the one who are who are the the the recipients of the largesse of the generosity of this government are. Trying to change they're never going to bail out the fact that that debit card gets a re loaded every month. They like the fact they like -- the way it is and and you know it's gonna and when they run out of people pay for one hand we're running out of. People you increase the minimum wage you give these kids greater greater initial job pays. But you don't increase the amount of those are seniors on fixed income who have been demanding all of these benefits all of while you watched. You watch we're close to a political revolution. And it might -- again it might still be a generational way. But it has to happen as fast as well I was. You know we would want it to happen it would be better but you get to a point is you know it's like it's like Billy Jack. The population of New Yorkers like village at these guys now OK he's -- he's good he'll push remote but that's okay. Brother take it easier to push below that mark and then you push him that one inch too far and he goes nuts and I think that's basically. What we have through what we have to have a New York State before anything changes we're gonna have to get -- policy it's this we're not gonna do it anymore. And I don't see that happening too many people -- too comfortable. I see I don't see it happening immediate. But I believe in the survivability. Of this state a significant change and -- big significant change in something. Will change everything. Well here's the problem -- IE I believe that the state will survive despite its management. But the problem is as the states about to go down what happens the lifeline goes out to the federal government. On -- because the federal government's never know what the state of new York and that's not gonna happen. All right so it's it's if they don't have enough of deep pockets of the state they can go to deep pockets in the federal government largesse. And because there are a lot of states that actually run a good it's a productive state for their population they're gonna have to rescue us -- -- And they are going to be red states there's no doubt about it these are going to be red states and after. But again and I've said this I've -- this in the past that because of New York's. Unionized high wages and I'm not against union both you and I have been parts of unions sure. Are part of some unions. Because of our high union wages paid the bulk of the money that the federal government gets is from New York. And so without New York being prosperous they have no money. We're we're. Rescind the -- lead tied. Together -- run around them on it. Did you get that word you have a fortune cookies and Perry got an ever wasn't while he wants is education here in my -- I just want the -- member -- radio school. And there you know why would they trapped location and I. Look at the five dollar and worried we wanted to grow the Bihac. Chris never hit double -- FaceBook is desist from Mikey says over regulation and over taxation -- opportunity in this state. I think most people stay here because their family ties when -- changes and family's loss of a factor people migrate to other areas that he is exactly right and that's exactly right -- that ties our personal. Add -- look at students when students come up to Western New York from downstate Long Island in the city or whatever. They love it appears like it yeah I love it up there -- they enjoy and apparently get their diploma and they go away. Lost a lot of them don't but many many to many of them do -- because there's no opportunities here for their -- -- so that's the point when these people are leaving New York State when we have via goes. A negative number like that there's a reason why they're leaving if they were comfortable here. They would stay here what changes is bigger circumstances. Say they were earning a living here say as a teacher okay. And they reached the retirement age first thought was the last time you heard a group of teachers together or not discussing retirement. This I mean really seriously let's get serious then -- abilities to is that they have to do I well I know -- if you go to any immediate things where there's all radio and TV people. There anyway -- our retirement the target by Davis coming up what's going on there are -- agree with that the other thing you know that's what everybody is talking about. Politics is a government in my retirement and talk about curriculum artists or anything else. And the education system is what's training the kids who become the voters who ask for more and more. Our school system in Niagara Falls is in the bottom 4%. Of all upstate schools from Westchester up. And our superintendent. Is asking for an extension on her contract. She wants negotiate. Out to the press. Every doctor brown McCall and went -- to argue about the root beer and -- and -- we have our own doctor rough. Yeah out -- ballpoint and and look -- -- Education for instance are you telling me we really need all of those individual districts with the individual superintendent Terry and I -- what we have nine districts 2151000. People we were in Sydney as single city we wouldn't be the size of Syracuse and you try and get to our town and a balanced emerging new can't do you can't let. This state is going to have to implode before it grows again and there's money in Albany to make that happen we just don't wanna take advantage of and it takes -- back to the point. It's the people who were electing the politicians are the problems are that about wraps it up and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine news radio I'm thirty WB yeah. The local movie which they never has to these these.

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