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1-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However backwards Beijing coming up sandy beach and are asking why New Yorkers have emerging population if you saw a survey. You'd see the top five states for gaining population in the top five states were losing population. We -- number three in the top five states losing population. Also the population we're losing is being supplanted. Mainly. By people who are coming here from another country. A we do is see it -- -- every once and always talk about the buffalo schools because there's a lot of stuff students there that don't speak English and they're from other countries have no problem with the people from other countries I'm just looking at this. A dollars and sense wise. 3181000. People came here from other countries between April 1 2010 and when I say here I mean New York. April 1 when he tenth and July 1 when he thirteen. 328000. People left here to go to other parts of the country so. 101400. People net. Have left but that's not the whole story the story is the people who have laughed. Are probably were probably contributors here who got tired of contributing for everybody else. People pay high taxes high property taxes the cost of everything the surcharges the charges the -- People come here from another country. Let's just take a wild guess this is strictly anecdotal of course. But they're not his establishes the people who laughed. So they're gonna need more public support than the people who have left to we're tired of paying for so it's -- combination that you can think of and it's not going to get any better as the population shrinks and higher percentages. Or on social programs in New York State the higher the taxes are going to be Andrew Cuomo has already said that if your a are conservative vote what he would describe as. You know maybe a little too radical for his days but if you're conservative maybe or not that welcome here who. When's the last time you heard a governor talked like that so this is what we are. So I want you to tell me if you're going to stay here why were hemorrhaging population and they give me a good and bad. Either a good or a bad or a good and a bad. Bad of the politics in New York State is my first choice on New York State is an example. And on the good side I will say this without question people. Ivo I've I've go left of buffalo three different times and come back because I enjoy the people. And I enjoy the community I don't enjoy the government here at all. But I do enjoy the people and that's I think that's the number one attraction to me for being in New York State are the people. Definitely not -- the alleged leaders that we have here let's go to our Gary in Boston -- on WB yen. Morgan Stanley -- -- not guaranteed. Consider this a war sandy. I'm gonna stay here I'm not gonna leave if I do. It only might it might be for honor 83 and have days in Florida or something you know okay -- citizenship down there I guess so you have to do it right. Think about it ever as Rush Limbaugh after he left he says they have audited him. Every single year. And he has to prove that he did not earn any money in New York State I mean that's the kind of payback you get to if you if you dare defy them. Pride I think I think off foot soldiers that -- hurt and what we have to do here's sandy. And perhaps even not put put inserts in the pace favor. Stating what what is bill Norris would -- walks -- -- scalpel oh yeah -- amendment you know and we should concentrate on. You know getting the word out because well much people can also people are busy with life and they don't have time to really studies. -- got just a thank you just mentioned there have a dramatic impact. On everybody in the state the tribe or amendment certainly does. As good as you mentioned wakes scaffolding law I mean at some of these things are just unheard of where we're the only state that has little a similar law. Sure if it would get changed their residency lot -- I guess what you usually before you know people can comment this statement just have a baby you know take the medical. Money and in go back to wherever they came from there's no regulation. And we offer the instate tuition to illegal. Immigrants illegal and give them a cheaper rate. Right if we have like -- like that sort of like a general you have to have a map. Yes they're home early -- conquer strategy now you go and do it just like the civil rights minorities start. Let people know -- you see you know these sooner or later gonna gain momentum and then these politicians. They're gonna listen -- believe me. What are the problems we have is because a lot of this against a dictated from downstate especially New York City. And they kind of dominate the legislative process here that where -- like -- and the worst of the worst. Because we're paying for but we don't get much benefit from -- up here there's more benefit from a -- well hang in there Gary keep the faith thank you. It's a kind of thing where if you're going to retire. Who would retire here. Outside of -- people considerations. May -- you have children that are here. Maybe your parents are here -- -- it wouldn't be retiring after parents -- about. I think about like that is -- people might be a good reason to stay but that would be the only thing. Because when you're on your retirement income. Every dollar counts. And in New York State the way they spend every every time they get a chance they're gonna take another dollar you'll that's just the way because that's the way they think. And meanwhile the people who have -- earned their pensions here. Teachers whatever often don't stay here. Because who you know we're good enough to earn the pensions here and get the benefits here but they sure as hell don't wanna spend the money here. When it's over -- go somewhere else and usually Florida. Florida's about surpass us as the number three most populous state were about to go down another notch. And I think it's -- I keep hemorrhaging people because it doesn't make any census here Chris Chris Johnson a couple more from FaceBook -- this is from -- she says I'm staying here for now because my son is here and fortunately most of my family is already moved to Florida because of the taxes and the weather. Oh yeah out you know it's funny because the taxes would be a big issue certainly. The weather a lot of people even though where bitching about it now because it's called them occasionally we can't get to where we have to because it's snowing. Lot of people do prefer the four seasons. I worked in -- Texas. Which had a moderate climate -- worked in San Francisco which had a moderate climate and neither time. Did I considered that the biggest reason I was there on New York certainly we -- like the change of seasons really do. But the taxes. That's a big big deal you know when I'm finding out it's a big deal. For the first time in my life. I just paid off my mortgage never happen because I've never been employs one of the but I did Gary send you an idea. Did a refi -- several years ago and it's paid the last easy monthly installments gone but now I have to set aside my own tax money. A. People are the bank collected it and then they senate and then I got a receipt. A -- receipt that's on my taxes on my farm that was that. But it was not money in my hands it was abstract -- -- I mean I looked at in biz but I wasn't all that money guess what I have to do now. I have to hold the money. And the more money I have to hold your hand over to those leaving weasels. Of the less happy I'm going to be that's the bottom line and I think as I said years ago where you wanna change government and Ari. Have everybody paid in cash. Everybody paid in cash say you get paid every second Friday. Every second Friday it has a gauntlet line OK they give you know your cash money at the beginning of the line. Then you go to the federal guys and give him his money then you go to mistake I give her her money then you go to this of this person this person this person this person. And actually take that money out of your hand and handed to somebody. I think it's a whole different ball game. Then not even missing it well you missed it but you don't see. Because you're not handling albeit from ball. Take a break we'll be back what more we wanna know are you staying here. You are you gonna retire here. Maybe maybe it is a special job for you here that's the reason the statement you have people here that will be a reason the state. It's a beautiful state no question about that but man. But again the politics and the taxes in New York -- the other -- a night. Mayor -- New York this is part of I love New York. Well I love new your. TV. Top five states gaining population. Top five states losing population. New Yorker of course was on the wrong survey again. We're losing population that we were in the top five. Number three. There's only two states that are losing more than they went that way our percentage wise on that -- I had so you wonder why why is New York hemorrhaging population. And then you see it's the worst kind of hemorrhage. Because we're getting people moving into New York State from other countries. But the people -- leaving New York State are going to other states. That means there there are sick of paying whatever they have to pay up here and they're going to states that go like Texas and like Florida that have no state tax. So that they instantly gain us some money and their wallet while people coming in May be entry level workers or maybe haven't gotten to release certainly the same taxable stages the people. Have you got 3181000. Coming in from other countries and 328000. Leaving. That's more than just a negative 101400. That is a joke by a quality of club. Financial resources. That is going to be overwhelming. So as more more social programs are our -- funded. To pay for the people were coming in from other countries. And fewer people paying for them it goes up for everybody you don't have to be an economist the figure this out. And why are you staying my yard drop my main reason so far has been people I think the people of Western New York especially are great. Very comfortable here are some of the bad on the bad Leslie politicians of course New York safe and taxes. Those would be my top my top story. Let's go -- was stand in Rochester stander on WBN. I advise -- what's on your mind today. First of all you're not alone I know we'll few people that -- that left new York and came back for various reasons. Okay now that unusual. What we're talking about here is being legal patient population. Three quarters of the United States have population were located in late night stage in the northeast -- is being leadership -- to bring. Well for the immigrant. Now when I support action hockey. I gotta gotta be meaty enough. What General Electric in Toledo. And had it about three months. -- -- -- They didn't like me I didn't like them all right well let's talk about who -- grand American Nazi Party and talk about -- -- -- on the front lawn. -- -- -- -- -- again there and gave it a lot and I hit area. Opportunities like San Diego Houston. And after that experience you know what we sit tight here and we're glad we did we're glad we did. I don't have to take my house -- honestly didn't hurt me to get to the chandelier currently waiting for an earthquake in election and get out of bed -- here. Whether well I found what people talk about it but very few people would make a decision. I'm moving -- weather alone when I mentioned Texas and Florida one of the big financial reasons of course is no state tax so. Whenever you look at your paycheck whatever the state has taken out. That would go right to your bottom line which is very beneficial. And plus I live in the state of Texas things are cheaper than they are in the state in New York in every aspect that I ever saw so I think a lot of financial reasons go to those states rather than whether -- -- he's saying about whether. I'll take this weather over some of the other things you mentioned many times Stan. Well you know yeah I couldn't really go to inside city but once you left there you -- in Alabama. I mean forget it and -- the people what doll and haven't I act and we couldn't pick where different -- completely. It depends on. It depends on on your personality or whatever when I went to Texas. I I really enjoyed the independent spirit -- -- and plus I had a horse down there and I felt comfortable. The weather could be a little severe at times but I like the people of Texas and enjoyed my time there. But if you did vote for instance if you didn't adapt. I can see it would be a change and in attitude and lifestyle whatever and and that's where it is where you go thank you thank you very much. When I went through Wisconsin I arrived with a Harley-Davidson. In Milwaukee which make sure god instantly. Plus I was on an oldie station nice combination with -- in oldies and I've really enjoyed the people there because the people there are very similar to the people here. And the taxes are not extremely low in Wisconsin but they seem to be more McCann who state. Then and then we are. Although and we slow when they try to oust the governor didn't quite work out that way that -- -- out there looking at possible tax relief because of the surplus that that the governor governor turned that around turned around. -- -- big time. But the -- -- I've. Right and there. In Wisconsin. In light that there are a lot but I've always had a soft spot in my heart. Four buffalo. And that's the reason I was an -- there was my love affair with KB either got me here in the first place that's never subsided. And once you're here you know people and they know you and it's very comfortable. Except it's really funny. That a Georgia opened a check it -- I could put mighty escrow money in the checking accounts and Nugent now. And the man opening the -- you know for me the assistant manager first of all so as I said like five words he -- -- was organized voice which -- but then he says to me. Do you have any direct deposits. You like the setup. -- Obviously doesn't know my ranting about direct deposit. And I didn't I didn't go over all play I just said no it's pass on direct deposits thank you very much. It will be back tomorrow would be to -- to guess who shows up today and Hamilton and I'll say this I'm still in New York despite the fact that Ken Hamilton was. OK I mean that's the main reason to look at other states. Like Connecticut he doesn't or Connecticut is we'll be back activists. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. New DN callus now it's 8030930. Cell calls are free it's. There are told free -- 1806169236. It's got Jamal Iran and it is a -- governor I'm sandy bay -- don't forget you can call 803093018061692. -- six -- 930 you can also go to FaceBook impose something there and just say this I hope I don't get into trouble. But. I'd like to thank you for only the -- on FaceBook. I mean though I you know sometimes -- you barely bring myself to reading all the compliments in the flowery attributes to me and it's been many many years now and you've always supported me through thick. I haven't had any thin and buffalo and don't intend to also thank you very much and I really want you know I -- all. And I -- came to work ready ready to go so that's it. Despite the fact that I was exhausted. I'm just I'm here for. OK got it a tribunal ball -- without a TV that's -- you have a baby and a picture of your daughter. Is on our eyes on your FaceBook yes and that she's adorable and she's taking her first. Apps yes she's getting into Joaquin and she is his stick in to everything here's the problems on the you should think about Tony should take your first steps in their toward Pennsylvania to -- -- -- Melodramatic in New York is not a long term proposition for her look at what and I wish I can remember if you politician -- ones from taxes. Have to offer a -- succumb to help me now you don't want welcome in New York will take you I think it was repairing and it was the governor have might have been into the governor's saying that if they don't launch in New York will be happy to have you down here. So we're asking. Why is a New York hemorrhaging population. And are you staying I think most people -- -- Are safe for personal reasons such as they have family here. Maybe ever if a good job okay you're still gonna pay a lot in taxes with a good job. But it's it's it's a reason I guess Tuesday if you couldn't duplicate that job and another state. But what we're seeing as more people are leaving then are coming and and the people by by 101400. Margin. In the last survey of coming here from other countries. And their leaving here for other states. So the people leaving here many many retirees or on pensions were taking the their pensions went -- to Texas and Florida and states like that. Meanwhile we have come of people coming in from other countries many of them needing more social services than we're providing now that's the worst combination. Because every time that happens your taxes go up. And every time there's a deficit in some funding for some kind of program. Your taxes go up again so it's it's not a bright long term outlook. Just picture this picture a bar anywhere you have -- its full bar. Where half of the patrons. By all the drinks yup and the most patrons we believe what happens to the -- exactly -- patrons who campaign goes out of business and that's exactly right. And that's the kind of thing we're looking here we want -- name good and bad things about New York as far as I'm concerned about things are the politicians. New York safe and taxes a good thing that people and the geography of New York is a beautiful state. There really -- I love the Adirondacks. Of the southern tier is just a beautiful state unfortunately. We've got a government that that doesn't deserve as beautiful state is this. And that's the name of that -- Let's go through. Whose next and human -- -- time and one of them would be Walt in width via -- and we feel Walt. -- -- Why you're here because they have two wonderful senators argued all your. The pro life group and that's. Because we have to these people at Washington before -- You'll have Schumer and either Angelo program can play they're wonderful. -- You don't like it that way apparently what do you want them to do well Gillibrand seasonal -- -- is -- a note at the beach -- birdies and that's. Well I'll tell you it's like most people it's the I do I could move tomorrow. Well because otherwise would leave the great kids. Yeah it's tough when you have family it's tough to -- but boy it doesn't make much sense to retire American's -- Malaysia. I hear I just wonder. Borrowers you should -- should be in Wisconsin bill because. Scott Walker had a surplus of 900 million dollars. And he's gonna return it to the people. -- turned it right around the turn right around after they tried to -- unions try to get him out of office that didn't work and he turned the state around and it's a nice that it's -- it's very similar to a Milwaukee very similar awful. Yeah. A million people. Fund the petitions. To would try to get him out of the out of state and they felt a look at what he's doing for the -- exactly your face civil -- -- Very much okay John thank you who have thank you very much that John has family here it's -- -- family not much question about that seat. It's it's it was me I left home to go to radio school right after high school. And so my first job was in Virginia. And I worked in eleven states. And had strangely enough eleven houses which the first -- -- -- -- out because as remote obviously don't have a house in five years. But that's that but I've found that I I really enjoyed the people. Of Wisconsin a lot really did very nice very nice people ones that I had. Interaction with the especially around Milwaukee. In a lot of promotional stuff there and did very well. And I also love Texas the Texas was great. I I would not go to Florida I can tell you that I have a system that was in Florida that's fine for her but wouldn't be fun for me I. I would not it's I don't like no bugs -- I don't like tropical. At all so I can I can do without that but certainly the attraction of maybe going to Texas would no state income tax. And it has some severe weather or no question about that. But that would be organized its because their attitude their attitude toward the federal government is leave us alone we can run on Wednesday. And I love that. And that does not quite our attitude here in New York let's go to John in buffalo John -- on WBN. -- I. You know like you were talking earlier about how he did Democrat to -- New York State. I was saying -- New York -- and -- in the Democrats are in charge so what conclusion you wanna drop. Well they believe they're sure they have -- now what her fifty years from 1958. Told 2000 today. Republicans controlled assembly. In this tournament in New York State. So. And I'm -- and but Republicans from New York where exactly Tea Party. Republicans but I think -- particular political speech you guys who plays hard way. And so they -- Indian players these -- do you. Yet he got a great show they're okay guy does a good job. -- page you can talk about talking to the average citizen and here he's talking to extreme right wing politicians. Exactly like Scott Walker. Who who took away all of unions. Typically broke detectors you didn't Wisconsin. To. That they can't negotiate anymore. Well look as far as I'm concerned if you if you if you find that any group was getting short shrift and tax dollars feel free right reject them. I mean I just don't wanna participate in every giveaway that New York State that feels comfortable -- thank you very much. -- -- back hey this is an open offer any time you think any group of people all is not getting enough right on the personal -- Personal Jack says this is for me John this is for -- done here take kid in jar head diligent well that. But I don't feel I should be roped in to financing everybody that comes into the state. Okay and he gets worse and worse every time as I said every time a moving van heads out of this state your taxes go up. Plain and simple and if you can't read this. That 3181000. People moved here between April 1 2010 in July 1 when there and 3181000. People from other countries moved into New York. And 328000. People from here laughed. Is that hard to figure out I don't think so it's pretty easy to figure out. Pretty easy to figure out because of people coming in and are going to be at the same economical economic level as the people leaving. And so what does that mean they're not going to a -- as much as the people leaving. -- for the social programs they're going to take more out of the social programs and so what happens you end up upside down it doesn't work. And that's the big story here. Everybody was focusing on the fact that New York State was losing population and an and they car. There's almost going outside I say today are. An embassy who we are because I don't feel it imparts -- New York State. -- -- buffalo -- buffalo -- state and unto itself allow buffalo all of Western New York but I'm no fan. Of Albany I'm I'm no fan -- the rest of the state. As far as their ability to get things done because they have more numbers of people what we do. -- the President Clinton will take a break will be back after a big -- big -- we've been while waiting and watching. To see what they former -- rockers right across street from our office park here on a sweet home in maple. I'll what they were going to do -- that building and we saw building activity but it was secret nobody quite knew what it was going to be but now I -- the cats out. Bag yeah shy guy Sean from our sister station -- Posted on FaceBook and scored behind -- on the east all that's great of Ken Hamilton will be happy to hear that. Because last Friday was outlook and brownies is always it's always put your -- he would try laser all the right places -- was -- -- -- -- I don't oh seriously look for hot season Niagara Falls couldn't find. But it looks Ronnie is on there can't find it look for money when it was in the navy in he found a couple of and a I'm in San Diego last -- unease or in abundance in San Diego NASA he's looking for on Sundays and all the right places are right though let's say. Mr. Johnson mr. Chris Johnson get a couple more post things on FaceBook please this one comes -- Cheryl she says career opportunities in new -- few and far between taxes we do by the weather's bad too I don't home in Phoenix now. Tankers are half as much there I still do miss buffalo. -- -- This bubble every time I left it even even though I was in there is that I liked I still miss buffalo what I miss I didn't miss Andrew Cuomo or whoever was governor of the times certainly in mrs. But I did miss the people and there's a certain comfort when when you've been at a community as long as I've been here. That did you know a lot of people lot of people know you very comfortable I need to get some and I -- call -- need to go somewhere to get something accomplished I know -- ago. And then there's something good about that sometimes like when I lived in San Francisco. I like Sam's has a beautiful place and I liked like to working and a huge market like that but them. Felt kind of like just another person isolated doing a job put -- you feel like you're part of the community here and I like that really do it's it's a big plus. But believe me that does not extend to Albany. OK who's been holding. Line one this is David Lancaster behavior on WB yeah. -- bankrolling what do you have for us that day. Thank you very much for talking about this I mean my wife and my daughter we actually visited three different states and you and and were seriously considering mom moving to an -- outplayed the State's that we visited. On the pedestal like under I've been to Wisconsin. From Milwaukee all we have to Green Bay beautiful and it's slice you know. That's like someone that we visited while we're at our our -- right on the ocean error but mean. Very nice go right across on the ferry over to Nova Scotia going -- Been -- -- closer -- -- you know -- and that dirt are place we'd like movies on the Gulf Coast and Alabama. OK so I've I've been to lot of three because I'm from new England and and -- to Wisconsin and Alabama yup I did if you're if you're like the climate and the and the people down there mechanized that depends on what you want. That work it and we're we're very fortunate that we bought me in my quite a job where. That no matter what we move you -- would definitely get a job in the same field so we're very fortunate that. You know we're moving off. Would -- got away from my daughter armed. She's fifteen now ones you want to go up ecology was actually part of mumbled an out of state ourselves -- don't think -- a -- court -- -- same way. A lot of apparently spread out anyway. The other thing -- was. If they even if it didn't work out there are so cute thing you know we can quit her job easily. Armed with your New York State. They're expecting a ball or redirect an air ball in my life and refusing to agree -- keep air causes it way. But I want to move out we want to move -- basically it's due to the taxes. Always registered the it's. It's suffocating and -- despite the fact I mean is good people here. And and though most people that are here like it here. But it comes to a point where they drive you out I mean I think they're driving a lot of the people on the state right now. -- they are in you know. -- to -- state acted it is you know -- -- where you call an underwater. Off you know and I've been addicted to water and one of the major things people that live here in buffalo in the surrounding areas. You know you're sitting on one of those seven wonders of the world. And not many places in unites states have there are people come from China. All just the -- Niagara Falls in Nina would say yeah you've seen it once you know it is seen in the million. -- -- -- Jack and Jennifer Lopez's sitting on one of the -- wonders of the world through every time she takes its share op -- now let me tell us about Wisconsin humane now first of all there is if you like water there's a lot of lakes in Wisconsin Wisconsin is a big hunting and fishing state and also added depends on what you -- They have over 25000. Miles of snowmobile trails all groomed and mark so if you if you if you like those kinds of things. That's this should be a serious considerations -- great state. They're all gorgeous and and just a quick -- the Tony. -- not to blink because before he knows that his kid going to be like moving out of my house. How would like to be how would you like to be the prom date to pick up Samantha and Tony comes in the door. -- I told my wife she's seen -- in little argument missiles that about how. My daughter not going to be. Eating into they're not your -- -- excellent so the Google out of in the neighborhoods and I'm -- and I put my foot down. Should think some -- thing on -- hitting what I meant I'm. Of course you are because you're -- and comment thank you we often collide Kate thanks thanks Dave good luck -- you however you decide to settle thank you very much. Yeah if you if you're an outdoor enthusiasts Wisconsin fabulous day. Big hunting big fishing lots of voting. And so we'll -- second to none now. I'll tell you this week and it gets colder there than it is here. As I said nice idea that I was there five years and in the five years I was there at least two times one was of the wind -- was forty. Below. Zero got a got a -- forty below this is like a spring day. Go out in the -- bikini on a day like this and in some places with guns. Plus that you pay you -- up peninsula. -- it's a great state. Brought you by the chamber of commerce will be back with mark -- Hamilton is joining us. On the radio I'm certainly art over via.

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