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1-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is -- governing and I'm sandy beach and other fun day. And Margarita Ville as we got a lot of things talk about today including hollow and cold it is. And also going to be taking a closer look at New York State the -- state flag on the New York told move ahead that's the official flag in the officials thing Elizabeth. BJ governor lots of fun today hang in there. Ha okay let's say now I have a dentist appointment today. Not that that's of any interest you accept it falls into -- show that I did earlier. My dentist appointments are made six months OK so I had a dentist appointment. Set for the morning which I can't do because now I'm working in the morning right so I changed the dentist appointment. So far so good right aren't. Now I get the of the voicemail saying that my dentist appointment I'm thinking it's at a certain time. But the voicemail says it's a different time but -- down and I write everything down so I decided you Aldo. I'll call the dentist and find out what time my appointment is because I don't wanna be there you know an hour and a half before I'm supposed to be there. That's right get the card out now you get into. Voice mail land OK and this this manual is quite extensive. This this is so extensive. If fuel if you received a warning not a warning on notice that your appointment was coming up today please press one. Okay well I did I press one. Now it took me to a menu that I have no interest that I had to get back there. So ballot says press one again I press one again and I went to a different voice mail says. Thank you and if you did get this notice please press all for operator so let's send you back to replace the big financial ice so I don't know. I guess I'm just gonna go act -- known and hang around until six when they close it when they call me and that'll be yet. Getting my teeth claim today from -- I love -- -- she's a Russian lady. And she's really. Sheen -- -- on America she knows what's she goes to concerts you know what's going on musically. She rarely she's fun to talk to and she's very good at what she does but ominously to Russia today. Don't ask me what time because I have no idea I'm just gonna go over there but it -- voicemail L. When you get there. There's level after level after level of voicemails. -- meanwhile. How cold is that I thought I'd I've -- -- open the show was something world -- about how cold it is it's so cold that in Annapolis Maryland. They canceled the polar bear plunge because. It may. It's too cold. Akaka -- I don't know was C Baird and they have their army come and that's the polar bear plunge it's supposed to be called. The policy -- bears were palm trees are growing around equaled that of course not. But it was too cold. To do the polar -- point first all. I always think of a one up and falcons where they. They always run out into the water polar bear plunge and Leo whoever sends of them these photographers for the Buffalo News. To go up there and catches. -- pitcher might have fifteen people and it their all guys. Are all guys that they never catch any hot women now Tony you said. You've you've seen that before where there are some hot women that do the polar bear plunge yeah like one or 21 are true of the rest of them maybe they should've stayed home where intern for -- up maybe you don't connect. Chris have you ever seen any hot people doing -- polar bear plunge I have not I was invited to do a one time it told whoever -- there are out of their. Yeah I I can't imagine the shock to your body and when you going and well today I mean it's there was a lot of the house. It was zero that's -- call is -- I guess cigar colder and some other places below zero I can't imagine going into the frigid waters. But that's it so it if you're planning to go to the Annapolis Maryland polar bear plunge forget it because. It's to call I think they're gonna happen in July that's -- that they get more people -- coming in and you know. It's -- old. A Southern California freeway smell like a cook out. A big rig carrying 76000. Pounds of beef crashed and caught fire. Caught fire 76000. Pounds of -- caught fire December -- -- reported the rear -- of the truck ignited you've seen that before where. They sometimes -- recapped tires and stuff. And they catch on fire and a carpet the trailer rig on fire on interstate forty and Ludlow California but. Can you imagine the cleanup on that you have to bring in but you know like helicopter drops of barbecue sauce yeah I was just say that you -- at a barbecue -- truck crashed into it every once in awhile some food truck crashes and you hope that your they -- wanna crash and I'm. Are you ever go put a fork in it in the air and you could be on your I have a good time. Now. Station and all on this in Perry Georgia. Guardians senators have donated nine sheep. To -- high school for the agricultural students. Opt for god knows what is but at I'm gonna tell you now the sheep did not work out as -- leaders. On the 375. Acres although pygmy goats performed well so I'm sure it doesn't everybody -- that. I mean if he wants if you don't wanna promote your line. And you want animals that would open pygmy goats sheep anymore. Well be able to -- -- story. I'm not referencing anybody I'm just saying some people -- sheep. Did you -- Do Jeanne. OK thank you very much. I'm now speaking -- shoot Hillary Clinton cool guy has her round sites that I think on the in the next president of the United States. Well let's -- a friend of mine. And he and his family were just having a chat and they decided that it's Hillary's turn to be president. It they decided that they decided in their mind that it's Hillary stern I guess she waited she was a good soldier. She waited for two terms of Barack Obama she stolen lines she's the next one in its return. But you know you have a feeling that maybe you think you know somebody but you really don't and if they if there really populist people people that you can identify where people can identify with -- that got a lead and not separated from main string and they're not the upper crust Hillary Clinton told an audience in New Orleans just today. She is not driven a car in over seventeen. Years. Does that tell -- -- open a driver for seventeen. Years. So there you have not exactly the way I feel your pain that her husband's. It should name and -- was seatbelt. Those she's in the back limos and Kansas remember though when she went into that war zone in the helicopter she had to do the zigzag. In Asia dock ship to dock into his exact I I don't think chickens again I doubt she's zagged in seventeen years either course she did lie about that she did it's it was a straight line it was a straight line of ownership. But that's that she's really credible the -- -- is seventeen years and years she told a group of -- New Orleans. The group in Orleans of the national automobile dealers associations though. She's not exactly your best advertisement in archivists here on the ship recruits commercial lines and so did she say what difference does that make yeah she says life. That is seven to eight years that's fine what difference does that make. Like a back seat of my husband told me it's the best place to ride. Or the best place far right it was one of those things I wasn't really sure war. I didn't know about it and nobody tell me I was is that somewhere else at the time. I was making good looks make and cookies that's exactly right for the next campaign stop. All right anything going on Tony is in the next phase of how cute as young daughter is because see we're going we're going through I'm I'm hoping. That I fast forwarding he tells me she just graduated from college married with children alone. -- that I get past all these cute kids. Right now I'm only that she's taking her. -- students. Are gonna go from that -- and -- off the school all. At a bus stop watching your go to school and then lark she let her pain and finger painting picture election but I want to show it to you. Then exits look she's playing she's playing soccer. And school you. Are -- our lives -- He took a fact that she's not a college -- -- Coca-Cola shoot she's won one all right -- and another twenty years and let me know she's been. A popular. As you realize I've seen the pictures you posted. Yeah there are cute but see here's the difference between. Dead with new fresh kid and dad -- grown up kid -- opposing -- and your kids I'm posting pictures of my cats he had a and they take steps with four legs not true that's true when they don't fall down a couple of our bump into things exactly I don't take a break it will be back with more with -- and company it's -- -- entertainment. On news radio 930 W via this -- and company. Once -- -- we run across a subject like well we certainly knew that. But we didn't have the particulars we didn't have the nuts and bolts information on -- well I got it right here there. This may come as a real shot 30. Put both hands on the steering well if you're driving up what your seatbelt -- make sure that you don't fall off a chair but. New York State is losing population I don't shocked I noticed and what I never guess that I thought that people are flocking air. Well let me tell you something some people are flocking here. But there's there's some flaw occurs and flock ease the flock -- -- saying hey we we've been and they are when -- stay and where it on somewhere else. And I of people like all I don't know Tom Golisano. People like Rush Limbaugh people like Sean Hannity says that he's gonna do that a lot of people whose names we don't know are leaving New York State so much so. That we are about should be displaced as the third most populous state. And we're going to drop down because we're going to be. We're going to be behind Florida. And lots of people go from here to Florida usually when they public pension. Because they said hey we -- there about when are gonna spend it there this is ridiculous though there heading south. I have a an article here from Newsday. And -- -- New York continue as a longstanding trend of seeing more residents move to other states then move them. And gains in international migration have not overcome a loss now I want you listened to of this it is not represented in this story. But here's what's going on we're getting -- national migration. We're getting people from other countries coming to New York. But the people who war game for the benefits of a lot of these people from other countries -- thing. So all of that's not a good that's not a good good side. Because you want a good firm financial foundation. But every once in awhile somebody light bulb goes off over the had a squiggly type obviously because we're very much into the environment. And you go wait why am I staying here and paying for other people will be other people coming in here have their hands on the getting their goodies for me I'm going somewhere else and that's exactly -- thing. I want you to listen to some of these numbers. Let's say the state had an influx of more than 3181000. People from other countries and and butts off 328000. People you've okay. So 3181000. Come in from other countries now you know even here and -- all. How many schools have a very high percentage of citizens that don't speak English okay. So you got 3181000. People coming in to our state from other countries but we got 320000. Thing. But they're not leaving to go somewhere else because they're better benefits there -- places that have better benefits. So you do you see that means quite apparent to me. That that ain't a good that's not a really good the ratio. For the next migration laws is a 101000. 400 people according to the new Census Bureau. The latest data also shows that between July 1 when -- twelve and July 1 one to thirteen. New York State lost over a 104002. Other states. What it calls domestic migration. So people here are saying I'm going somewhere else because I don't wanna do this anymore because of taxation and the other things that go on here. -- so these are the kind of things we're looking at. Florida is poised to soon take over New York's position as the third most populous state. One of the reasons of course is the high cost of living in New York well I'm glad they. They captured that pointing to retirees leaving from places such as Arizona. The Carolinas and certainly Florida. So what's happening is is this. We have a giant trough for new Yorker which people are welcome to put there -- with their -- -- their snouts and two and and grab at all whether you're a public employee. Whether -- -- migrated from another country here all the benefits Momo mobile. Now the people who aren't part of either one of those to Hussein's. You're not a public employees and you don't have. A big fat the retirement plan and you're not new -- this country so that you have to sign up for every program known to man you know just the one financing all of it. You are leaving. That does not work well so I'd like to know from you. Why are we hemorrhaging population why is New York -- wire people leave it and the second question pretty straight forward are you staying. Are you staying here or you have an opportunity ideal ideal if if you're younger may be the job isn't here that -- -- looking for if you're older maybe you don't wanna be socked with the high taxation of New York State. And paying for every Tom Dick and Harry. Well Tom in Harriet -- -- on the joke and left this base of other jobs to go until I'm just gonna Bremer rules that you were doing the show is -- no new -- Jack is out. On his right and -- there are WB here. WB EN 9:30 AM as buffalo as the sabres. -- done. It is a major governor I'm sandy beach and were talking about why is New York emerging population now you live here so you may know why. And it's no secret that there were over regulated overtaxed and in overstressed. And -- staying here are you staying here especially if some daily show now. You probably have some conservative bones in your political body right. It's quite clear that Governor Cuomo is not there is not particularly welcoming to New York. Now he says maybe people who are more far to the right than you are maybe not. Maybe he's talking about you know the way New York is set up now. That there's not a big future for big conservative movement. And I say if you really look at this. Like this a story that I have. -- from Newsday. See -- you can pick out what's wrong with this picture or what's left out of the picture okay. The state New York. Had an influx of more than 3181000. People from other countries. From April 1 2000 intent. Till July 1 when he thirteen so that's 3181000. Other countries in New York. But the state also saw there during that same time 328000. People leave for other parts of the nation. Now this the last -- as a net migration loss of 101400. People according to have the the new numbers from the US Census Bureau. Now if you're looking at that number always -- well okay yeah we are losing. You know residents but. 101400. That's not that many. Except when you look beyond the superficial -- you find out that the 3181000. Coming and probably are not going to be contributing to the tax base probably not going to be the higher income people or bill or entrepreneurial. Sides they're coming they're starting. -- nothing wrong with that but what I'm saying is they're not going to be big contributors to the liberation -- appetite of Albany. So what happens you take 0328000. People leaping. Who'll have been here who have been contributing they will no longer contribute as a matter of fact if they have a public pension they're probably taking -- the Florida or Texas or someplace like that. So they're leaving. They're the ones that were helping provide the money. The people coming and over and -- overpowering me the number of people living and they're not contributing so what's the worst of both worlds it's the perfect storm of the worst population numbers you could get. It doesn't look good for those who wanna stay here. Because this is not gonna go away. I mean just because Bloomberg as a nominee a steps of of City Hall in New York telling the residents of Arizona to come over here because we have better health care. If you don't feel comfortable and Arizona. Including illegal immigrants. -- then come here we're gonna get more more of that. There's going to be more more draw like that meanwhile who's gaining population. Florida is is surpassing us as the third most populous. And regarding my question is are why are you staying here if you are staying here I don't like this. Anybody as we mentioned earlier who has a pension. The money is going to go further if you're out of state if you go somewhere else especially if you go to a state like Texas. Maybe even Florida because they don't have state taxes we do obviously. And the cost of living is less a lot of things that never even get mention. I spent five years in Wisconsin -- living in the Milwaukee area. A Milwaukee is is basically a larger version of buffalo. Beds but it's the same. Ethnicity. Thereon are great lake. There on the other side of a great lake. The same kind of mindset. Same population four -- religious affiliations things like that. But things costs -- there even though all the tax base is not a lot lower than this one. Things cost less I the first time I notice that was when I set up the insurance for my cards when I came here found out that. It the same coverage everything's same cogs for awhile they don't stay December along in my -- but anyway. The same cars same coverage everything else the insurance policy here was about twice as what it wasn't in Wisconsin. So you you find these things out only if you left here already. To go to college to work somewhere near comeback you find out it's a lot cheaper to live in other places than it is to live here. So I'm asking are you going to stay here. And if you are why it doesn't seem like especially if you're. Personal conservative values that you're very welcome here your wallet is welcome here. Your tax deductions are welcome here certainly you are -- charitable contributions are welcome here. But -- particularly welcome here. And if you think about it if you're if you're nearing retirement. And you're looking at your retirement fund here's what I've got set aside here's what I'm going to get Social Security whatever. -- just stay here. Doesn't make any sense at all I think that people don't stay here would probably be for the reason that their families here and that makes sense I -- it really does. But the point is if you're free to -- why wouldn't you. You know I've been thinking about this for awhile and thinking you know I know a lot of people here a lot of people know me here are very comfortable here. If I went back to Massachusetts in my hometown. -- my cousins are still there -- my sister's there but an error grasses -- there. These cement asked that you guys with flowers and a but that's it I'm not gonna move back to Massachusetts. Is it to be in the company of my sister's ass and my cousins. So that's area OB I could go anywhere else. But why would you stay here that's the kitty I think the only reason stay here people. We still have good people here. We're it is a good place to live if you can get away from the government unfortunately is getting tougher and tougher to do that beautiful state certainly you could do travel. In within this state for the rest of your life and never be bored it's if it's got all that but we have weasels and we have weasels in in Albany. Who are trying to weasel in on your life to make their decisions for yourself. Doesn't seem very inviting and that is in that though among a friend of mine salt. When we come back we'd like to talk to you or you -- on FaceBook why is New York hemorrhaging population. We are losing -- we're losing people who are paying for things and war -- people that aren't paying for things. Now these are both generalizations of course but I think they're pretty accurate. Are you staying here have you given thought. May be maybe it's attacks Asia maybe the weather although I don't hear many people say that. That's the common thing -- -- called I don't know I think most people would if they're comfortable whether they like the four seasons they understand. In my get a little hot might get a little cold but on large the balance is better here 803 on and 3018061692. Through six and -- 930 it is a BG governor Tony's figuring out his Super Bowl menu. You say you have to hopeful on that -- tofu. I think we're goat cheese crackers and -- some broccoli and care though is good news and -- -- yes skim milk to drink -- okay go on and -- go for a run this before and just after the game yes yes -- that's good I'm glad -- eating healthy and thinking oh yes absolutely. I mean the idea -- because otherwise I might suspect or I don't know pizza wings. Greasy things don't outside. A pop -- -- and go to an -- good stuff. -- yeah I Darren now is our guys will be able -- now with suggestions for. So all snacks and they're always healthiest of it was a breaks -- should be. Ed immune section where you can be what you want it yeah that's like an army day out slayer really is it's it should be like Thanksgiving. It should be Thanksgiving especially if you got a good squares and then on the -- meant in the Super Bowl a pull than it is Thanksgiving if you win. Speaking at Thanksgiving I was reading that next -- of this next football season I should say. Very good chance at the bills could be playing the lions on Thanksgiving. -- really well -- the close alliance with the lines we always have because -- plugged it knows the management there and then lives and Detroit are Obama Detroit itself. But today in the Detroit area so we've always we always planned in the pre season yes we're requirement of pre season and then during the season through probably. On -- that -- not yeah I don't like death I don't like that either block you know that's that's with that and we with our new defensive coordinator being the former head coach at the line now that be nice I so we're asking why is New York hemorrhaging population by the way. I first windows story when I saw V. Top five states gaining population. The five top five states losing population and of course whenever I look at these last New Yorkers always on the wrong list. And it was on the wrong was this time you know that of the top five losing states. Population losers. New Yorkers the -- New York is about to -- -- planted by. Florida for the third most populous state we're going to drop and so were on the wrong side of all of those issues I would like to see and the top five there are losing the most in population. They won by Democrat and family history of Democrat absolutely true that's absolutely right. So I'm asking why is New York hemorrhaging population. Are you staying here and that's -- I've added this and give me a good and a bad or simply a good or simply a bad. Reason. A Y New York is losing population. I think on my bad list first of all is politics. Because -- charges extremely liberal. They're just giving away money they don't have they're just digging more into your pocket all the time they've made it quite clear. That it that's the way it's going to continue. And until that stops I -- politics as the main reason because politics affects so much of our lives. It's affects how much money we get to take home from our job it affects whether our jobs there at all. It did affects whether the people running your company or owning your company feel that they can do business and compete in New York. So of the top of my bad list politics okay. Let's go to bill on a cell phone. Failure on WB yen. Basically I do I find the lug your thoughts on the New York, New York. Well I'm leaving here and it sort of like I'm retired I'm on that income. Every year it's more -- -- there and now Andrew Cuomo has told me welcome here being a Christian. Being happily in the Second Amendment -- have a biblical understanding about gay people. Yeah and he says basically that the way New York is set up now bit conservative people now he may use extreme conservative but I don't think there -- extreme at all because I'm conservative. Are not shouldn't stay here because this isn't going to be good for them. I've never heard a governor suggests to a large group of people or maybe they'd be better off somewhere else. Well I think that's the -- And I agree. I don't -- that bill because the second thing -- my bad list after politics is New York safe I mean that's shows their mindset. That's. They're gonna do what they wanna do when they got enough votes adored so if you don't like -- -- red hot -- out of town thank you will measure -- ago bill but thanks for calling appreciate it. Unfortunately you know I've been doing the show for fifteen years of him -- believe I've been back for fifteen years yes. You know it only seems like. Thirty or forty if -- but back to fifteen errors. And practically every. Second or third day we hear from somebody who's moving now. I think one. Really good number I would like Agassi I'd like them to survey the moving company's. And see the percentage of people moving out as opposed to moving again. And you'll say that that the numbers I gave you from the US Census Bureau shows that were being overwhelmed people moving here from other countries. And the people living here are moving to other states not a good not a good thing. Because everybody that leaves for another state. You're going to have to pick up their slack because they're gonna come back and spending in Albany. So if you see a group heading down on the highway heading toward -- I don't know Texas or Florida. Or Arizona or some other place. A because they just don't wanna be here anymore your taxes just wanna. Think about like that your taxes just went up because there's they showed no -- no way shape or form are -- interested in cutting any kind of spending in Albany. It day at the party is still going on there's still handing out as much as they can and Andrew Cuomo having desire on the White House about what he says now. Will would just keep doing that because that's what he sees as the key to his future. So as they leave your taxes go up because guess what the person coming in. Is not going to be in the same position as the person leaving. Because the person leaving maybe leaving after. Spending their time in the -- in the service of government and -- leaving with a with a a pension. And they're leaving we have we had. -- contribution. At least. On what they -- people coming in and our starter people and some of them certainly will have a place in business and industry or whatever right away but a lot of them won't. And once that alone we have to get them rolling. And that is that requires all of these extra programs all these extra handouts. I hear rush say. The other day some national figure is now in favor. Because I only heard of partly in the -- in my garage. Of of dinner at schools. Okay when Andrew Cuomo came into town not that long ago one of his proposals is is expanded. Pre K. Expanded pre K. Is babysitting. That's what it is it's babysitting. And what does that require requires more money requires more teachers. So basically the teachers' unions lava. Andrew Cuomo lobs that 'cause of the way above redistributing wealth even more than they are now. And expanded pre K and then that rush was talking about the national figure that says that they were favored dinner at school. Starter aware of breakfast can understand that that it was much. On the taxpayer and now is going to be done. Yours for some reason that I could be wrong on this but I think it was Chris Christie that means that was a Christmas and there may it may -- Chris Christie. Which are giving a reason why he's not be the darling all Republicans can tell you that right now are -- not Chris Christie. We have our own Chris. Chris -- give me a couple that are posted on FaceBook please this is from Joey says right now I am still in New York when I'm just here until my wife finishes grad school after that I am out of here well how many times have we heard that. Thank you Chris Johnson we will win our Johnson from our Christine ago we but how many times have we heard that. Where people come up we have a good colleges here. And they come up upstate may get educated than they leave sometimes they leave and stay within the state a lot of times. They just leave they leave the state and everything so we educate them. We train them and then somebody else benefits from them because. Either they can't find the jobs that they want here or they see what's here even before they had a chance to look. To be here very long. 309301806. On 69236. Iron 930 why is New York hemorrhaging population. And are you staying here. I give me a good reason and give me a batteries and so are given two bad reasons the politics in New York State and New York safer too bad reasons. I'll come up with some good ones eventually under the -- and I'm 37 Libya.

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