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Concerned With Cold Cars

Jan 28, 2014|

AAA's Steve Pacer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I now you're pretty aware it's biting cold morning out there and joining us on the WB and landline is Steve -- spokesman for the AAA. A western and central New York Steve good morning. Good morning how are you got great is this a winter to remember for you guys. This certainly is you know I've only been a Tripoli for three years but what I've been here for people that have been here for decades businesses. Definitely something that we haven't experienced in quite awhile and just to throw little statistic out there in the first nine days you know that's when the blizzard happened in the polar vortex. Our call volume increased to 60%. So we are incredibly busy. And it just keeps happening it's -- hadn't stopped. Was Steve we had a discussion here just a few days ago -- car batteries. It seems like they're really making car battery is now better than they ever do their lasting longer. They seem more resilient of -- called. Do you find that to be true or is that still ammonia or. Visit the among the most common complaints. Yet you know that actually when he gets -- call that tend to be our top call typical winter day it's usually one of the top two or top three. But it was about 60% of our calls. Let me ask you this you know you don't have to put water in the battery anymore like. Like we used to so with that said I mean how do we maintain a battery. You know that's a really good question I think the best advice that you just have to let it. You can't let it run its course three to five years -- the average. For battery. You know you know what you're on that that talent -- that scale you know your car hasn't been starting. And that it could. And if you made it through that month and you don't think you can it's time to get it tested we can cut that for you you can take it to get somewhere tested and that'll show you exactly how much -- that left. I'm a much cuter than there so I think that's really your only course of action because otherwise it's going to be. Betterment and you don't want it cannot work on a day like today. What are your numbers so far for today. And they we are when we take a look we are -- -- a 123 active called and we cleared 89 so about 200. Yesterday we had a little over 600 which is a little bit above average but it was pretty comparable to a winter's day so. You know it's still early a lot of people are off so we're expecting those numbers to rise in world. How -- of many people as we can. I just gonna say with so many schools closed people -- haven't even. Tried to start their cars at your numbers a -- up significantly today. -- yeah and you know it really went that called battery called tend to be our top thing. And that clearly -- you don't have to go anywhere on a day -- today or even yesterday you'd maybe shouldn't what you do you wanna check your car to make sure it doesn't run because. You don't want to be -- tomorrow at your cars are running today. Steve how important. Is making sure. But your tires are adequately inflated masseuse called. Our -- it's so important you know I think a lot of people kind of -- their low pressure. Light -- what got on a dashboard on that that just happens naturally with the cold weather. But but it's just very important especially one of snow on the ground we thought yesterday we didn't get too many inches but everything was blowing that's when your tires really need to be in tip top shape so. There are things you can check you can have preventative maintenance done you can check out this before the winter starts you can check in now before the next storm starts were not even in February. So it's important check the tires check the battery put a winter to hit your car. Do all these things before you get stuck before you're -- dangerous situation. And what's the average turnaround time when you're able to get to these people that are calling. But it really depends on where you are and what the problem as you know doesn't take too long to install. Battery by. If it's bad weather conditions -- -- take it a little longer to get yourself. It really just depends you know we try to get too many people as we can as quick as possible. We definitely prioritize based on safety belt so. You know will try to get to you as quick as possible. -- like if you're in a warm house you're not first on the list. Right and that's unfortunate that the same time you know a year and a warm house and -- based. And you're secure where there's somebody on the side of the road and it's. Negative to -- outside we're gonna try to get to them if they're locked out of their power they can get into a shelter it's important to make sure there's been. Steve thanks for joining us we appreciate the update and now all your hard work this winner. Thank you thank Steve pacers spokesman for the tripling of western and central New York.