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Dedicated Runners Not Frozen Out By Cold

Jan 28, 2014|

Dana Meyers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you're a runner. And do you look forward to these early morning jaunt to keep in shape on a day like today. Or would -- day -- -- hold you back let's find out we have a local runner on the WB in a lot of money today in the minors. -- good morning thank you for joining us. You ran me I'm so excited does it ever become -- cold. To get out there and run. I'm -- only kind betting is that means it means implies. A -- -- they have the right there because they tried to go out in greens are under attack and -- you today. I -- I'm actually name it deeper and army at each track that -- Okay now. Did it got to tell me what is so attractive. About running outside in the cold. It's it's it's attractive flag and -- passionate about running in the back to it and I don't let -- would not mean my semen. -- is no excuse but I don't. I'm not Eric -- Are you ever worried about getting frostbite. And what do you do to protect yourself against that. -- I blank huge act appropriately. It adds -- -- but strawberry to. Setup prevent them. Prolonged her house -- Iran. Meet I am -- about it 68 miles -- -- and can't do my longer each scene like forty and forty -- -- -- Look at each run about how long does it take. I went back I am IDF anywhere around complained she moved. Over two hours. -- -- And it daylight today though if you're outside -- do you ever warm up in that run. Yes but efforts smiling pretty -- to begin again in -- appropriately bell lab -- Harry -- -- And warm up pretty quickly. Now what about breathing in that bitter cold air I mean. Is a good I mean I don't see how it could be good for. -- like today I would probably play arm and I. Government they settle in and creating a day -- and breeding and at night and relieved. Reading and called. Is it is a kind of invigorating when -- a cold winter day. Pretty hard question. And I get plucked from drivers -- their head in Sydney and they agreed. OK you know I got to ask you this because I see a lot of people run every single day and everybody I -- running they look like they're in agony they really do. So with that said what inspired you to run to be around her. I am well actually. I mean it's my first complete -- of -- it -- it one year ago in January. And I'm tired all the grind aren't feeling that it. Can I -- trend around and bring back stranded the runner. She'll. -- that -- -- having fun doing it right tried an yen in the year at a flat on the -- Learned I'd done a -- ever -- -- -- current and make a lot that he arranged they get after a really good right. What you've done all of that in a year. That's amazing and you lost sixty pounds. Yeah. I already found a bad -- -- -- went from about -- -- crank it I chipped. That's incredible well. I don't see eye can see why injuring it. Ukraine. And -- Well then it was fun talking with you thank you for joining us this morning. You're very welcome. -- him so chipper of the Internet to see you out there yeah now you'll see me out. Dana Andrews a Mother's Day and Andrews thing that he's an actor. Daniel Myers at the local runner up at something. I'll block -- and locking in this. My husband runs yeah I would look for and I think he's crazy -- -- I would just prefer to driver line.

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