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Crane Operators and Cold

Jan 28, 2014|

HARBORcenter Project Manager Justin Worth

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Imagine working outside in this cold. We're thinking of those guys that work you know cranes downtown. And joining us on the WB and live line is Justin -- he's the Harbour -- project manager Justin good morning. No -- you oversees the guys in the cranes right but -- probably enough there. I have been up there and I oversee the project it's sort. A nice view of the public buffalo. I'm sure it is but. What is what do you think it's like on a day like today. We'll go to guy in the crane and fortunately air inside a -- They either so that among -- -- wind a lot of guys on the on the decks that are. Didn't get the brunt of -- the cold. So are you suggesting just another guy is operating the crane wants to get some of that cab. He is comfortable temperatures you might be able to work on the short sleeved shirt even on a day like today. I would tape problem there home are different breed tower crane -- so demanding -- want to get in the cab they get. Fairly come broken there they're up there all that if they don't they don't come down for a breaker lunch that you think well to go up there up -- -- dealership. In how long is a shift. Usually they start -- climate security. They're running -- -- and then 330. You say they are down four. You say they climb. In other words they climb to the top of that trainer moved Lugo go over the small elevator. Quote I think they would shoot an elevator but it's. To decline it's almost like it. Permit spirits. About ten Oakland sections and -- platforms you can climb it was still wrong and so all the layups over the -- that's president of the hardest part been down this cold for them. The other probably attach some kind of a man save for the system just in case this slip how long does that take. For the crane operator to climb to the top of the training -- in the camp. It's apparent there are those again -- usually pretty. Pretty used shouldn't sit there. -- You know a couple of minutes out of one crane is you know 200. Sixteen feet open but he north crane. That -- critic you -- in the distance there's 1256 speed up. I'm so it's quite aware that there are -- the normal person to take. Anywhere from ten minutes or so for not greater heights and and someone and shape I can to win the. Boy you're right they've got to be a different breed to do that job. Yes -- a lot of those. Guys are travelers does that you can tell not you know that. You lost power crater on the big projects and not everyplace as those said the project all over the place so. -- -- What are you -- traveling group. Point are they up this morning. Yes but I guess they we were down with the wind it's suited up. Went down with a crane is choosing not to cold it's the wind obviously with the wind and got they were shut down. But today there are operating. Justin. Were absolutely fascinated just by looking. At these devices they go -- you say 216. Feet. For one of those two prisoner harbors shutter. And what prevents a trend from like toppling over in a strong wind properly fastened whether two to a foundation of some kind. Correct and that everything -- in the murders. Usually. -- 200 yards of concrete of the citizenship big. Almost thirty foot by thirty foot by thirty foot concrete block in the in the ground. And re barking and it's just a big block foundation and has. You know bolts and what not all engineered. And it also for the win you'll see it if the wind changes when we're not operating they weather rain. So it kind of goes with the -- -- Opposing the -- It's not taken the full force of the wind like you look at -- -- just turns with the wind. Yeah we just turned with a -- -- are opposed and so it and again -- Engineered and her four different conditions and at and as well they have. Ratings for how all how heavy -- -- he can pick depend on how far this hook which it. -- pick the piece of Chrysler with its far narrow and have a lighter capacity and it's it's closer to the to the tower -- who. Our full court. Where that is that is some job I mean it is still have to be cut out for that kind of work now they the guys that are not in the crane but still working on -- project will they be out today. And yes they're out there yesterday. Alluded to some minor. Soul who were on the site that we we shut down on the property dispute -- The cold the wind that amount of snow that just. There were a -- productive essentially -- we've been doing just. What do you make a decision of what do you make a decision that it's going to be a no go that the winds are just too strong. Usually we have all morning -- -- -- meaning at 630 in our. Senior superintendent about 6 o'clock 615 before that meeting. Will discuss some of if it is a doorknob or there's limited activity mean something I guess they -- just. A safety. The hazard as well for the guys who have colds and you know I wouldn't you know it. They get it there's a point in time where it's not just not -- To work as well. Way is this is then really fascinating Justin thanks so much for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Thank you it's really interesting to hear about this -- -- -- he's the -- senator project manager.