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State of the Union Preview

Jan 28, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBM live line this morning is new dad Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity congratulations -- Thanks Fayetteville where several they're welcome public record a lot of people on earth and I he has absolutely beautiful. Look up at the conference -- you know who excellent student good. Out it's great to hear in nice way to house mum. Aren't welcome to Atlanta sleep deprivation gains. Or Korea and how do other Washington gene called. But he called it an appropriate referred to the trial the football LaDainian. -- like -- was happening and I don't remember John ever after one quarter Q. Holders irritates certificates have a really lucked out in public to -- -- Do you what did you school near buffalo. I at our school systems and the clothes. -- -- you know they're closed today. It can't work. And then some districts are on their sixth if not seventh. Snow today the sweater and it's still January. Better pick it everywhere and -- but there -- -- yeah sure sure it happened. A year ago. Today we're hearing the president tonight the state of the union. Might suggest that he is going to use executive privileges. In hopes of getting his agenda going does this mean. We're in for nothing -- Democrat vs Republican gridlock next session. It is to illegally like he's probably going to -- to make more executive orders set to sign more technical orders and to use his executive powers. To the extent possible the fact of the matter is support anchored in it was an absolutely awful here for yet. And a lot of regards but particularly in terms of trying to put its agenda through congress that absolutely was unwilling. -- just about anything on his agenda done in preparation. Unit it was pretty much off the table cell. Change in quite fourteen you're looking at immigration not perhaps warming up I was the Republican side. At least some indications that they're willing to go forward without. President really it's -- fourteen at the top of his agenda our income equality issues. The minimum wage shop look for that to be really really want and number two on its list when he talks and distribute in the -- today later tonight. Yet what exactly is he going to propose for the minimum wage. Well the whole -- but we don't -- federal minimum wage in this country that's at a level that a lot of states individual states. Often times throughout the country at a minimum wage it's significantly higher. Federal standards so look -- the talk about that reaping the wage the federal level has this just lines states do what -- will -- -- -- -- Income equality publicly mention is a huge issue for -- -- -- speech last earlier this smug about it. Going to be talking about it again in the coming -- that this is going to be something that he's really pointed to focus heavily on -- the here at the union address to talk about. It is that the federal government can give localities across the country with federal aid for. Support really is set up particularly in areas that have been repaired -- -- here -- the -- out of the past years. Dave congratulations once again from all of us very very happy for an. It is that will reopen bit about it ourselves. -- -- -- mansion Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.