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Bitter Cold - Again

Jan 28, 2014|

Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head of the airport weather station and check in now with meteorologist Tony and Sweeney telling -- morning -- warmed up there. The morning generally I am -- -- inside and now we to how cool I reluctantly got this morning Tony. All right now on here at the airport the temperature is zero degrees and now with the wind we're. Windchill of 21 below zero. Is this the cold this morning yet this wondered Tony. Well we've actually had a couple of -- -- that were actually below zero away and now we have some mild wind chill readings closer to twenty fumbles or store pretty much our way to October critical that we and it's. Where it I know we sound like a broken record but the question just about everybody is asking you how long is this going to go on. Well looks like we're going to be dealing with these dangerously cold wind chills pretty much for the next 24 hours no matter where you are. Looks like we'll get in this some moderation. Toward more normal winter temperatures. Toward the end of the week and into the weekend but unfortunately some of the the longer range models are actually suggesting that this pattern will persist probably into a good part of February. Boy he was so many schools are closed yesterday and have closed today. This tomorrow I look -- like it could be another one of those days. Well I guess that looks like at least that 24 hours of these dangerously cold wind chills probably looking at the coldest wind chills this morning but. More tomorrow morning still looking at the wind -- of a fifteen to twenty below. You know we all look for around here every year Tony is that the so called January I thought they. Sort of a prolonged warm spell after some bitter cold -- where is almost over. Well I guess -- looks like guy we're looking at the anything. Even close to that over the next foreseeable future and you know hopefully we'll see that. You know full time in the February but -- -- -- the next 23 weeks I don't think we're gonna see it. Any significant snow coming -- anywhere on the Western New York area. Well fortunately with -- -- cold weather we've had so Lake Erie is frozen over now so the lake effect. Has basically been shut off so other than. A major -- system that would impact the area will see any real as it's known for Western New York. He -- today is the anniversary. Of the blizzard of 77. Betty -- weren't here at them or out here -- your -- -- that that there this -- speak compared to that winners and. Well temperature wise we're getting pretty close. The -- robust 7677. Was the the coldest three months of injuries from the November December and January yet timeframe. How we're still couple agrees. Also that this for a book compared compared to that but we are critical. Yeah fact I can remember back during those -- is I think. We surpassed 100 days when there was measurable snow recorded. At the buffalo airport weather station totally thank you for joining us this morning great to share with you record as meteorologist only answer any of the National Weather Service buffalo office.

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