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1-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You read about it. So. You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. The path of the righteous it's been fit on all sides by the tees up so opens the -- -- It is he formed in pain of charity and good will shepherds the weak during the value -- but he is. This keeper at. -- loss to. And the rebels out -- you would rate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well look. It up. No one ponds with an assault rifle no. It's okay. Do you. His ball -- It happened to. Recoup. The strong silent. That was an American. You know I am. Now I guess I can't say that I do I don't know how to put this. But. I'm kind of a big -- Really. People know me. I'm very happy for him. I'd like you you have little. My goodness my goodness gracious lady and gentlemen. -- thanks a lot for lessening its hourly on the radio comedy alive from Buffalo, New York but available around the world. You know I mentioned a couple of times that had the opportunity. At cardinal error during the BBC show actually after the BBC show. I arrived later that -- wanted to do. For reasons I should -- mentioned but. Picture of it. Not BBC buffalo beatles' company they are. I can't begin it's how talented they are not just with the upheavals. But music of that era from Doug zombies. To the Yahoo!. And when they do substitute. By the Yahoo!. I tingle all over tingle with the AG all over. Now they don't do a lot of -- but they did do the cardinal O'Hara fund raiser on Friday. And blew me away. Am I wanna pay -- -- that also blew me away. Knocked an emotional Tom -- an emotional. Many of you came up to me after the show. It is almost like. I was institutes. But. Thank you for the hawks. Thank you for a lot. And thank you for the support. In the same thing happened at the Revere appeared in north on one. My brother my beautiful sister long. And myself we went there together. I drove my brother's house and we took his high end it SUV. To derivative. And during the show I mentioned to the management at the rim America. I would like to meet the people from ABBA well the -- covered a rival from Sweden just to say thank you for the passion. That you bring to doing the same show over and over and over. As a performer and if you ever performed for -- like the time. How you can keep that energy level love of the music and passion alive for any amount of money. That many times. Is mine but. Joseph Bieber is turning red which either means the well. Oh. This is important news from Joseph -- no -- turning red. Buffalo public schools are closed tomorrow. Except. High school students taking regents exams. I don't mean to believe the guy who ask stupid questions. But why. How is it going to be any easier for high school students taking regents exams. To deal with mine is twenty windshields. That anybody else. Doctor Pamela. Would you reconsider this if it can gives -- don't make a bit added that is this that makes cents. Tell -- what what did you postpone the regents exams are asked the state to post ballroom for a -- This doesn't make sense to. Buffalo public schools are closed. Except high school students taking regents exams. -- exemptions. For certain weather conditions like those we will experience to look folks. I have been an ardent and few Aureus and I have been an ardent believer that we need to stop the waste duplication of America. But even high will be. That every school in Western New York should be closed -- -- It's going to be too freaked him coal. All right it's not say. It's dangerously Winchell. So why can't they talk to the state. And work something out that makes it feel a lot worse sense that what this is all about. I mean I don't know state education law. I don't -- Policies and practices for regions exams. But this doesn't make any sense at all. Does it make any sense to you. Don't wanna call and let you know I was gonna talk about this anyway at this particular. And I -- you all. And she gains turned it might Joseph Biden imitation when he tried to pander to black people if you're black your longtime listener. You know like feel about when white people try to pander to black people. And I'll I know that my black friends -- right through Podemus. Like -- and the -- man you'll ever hear on the radio and most certainly the realist white. You'll ever hear on the radio if I don't play that game with you I don't treat you like children. Is that people claim to be sole. Progressive. Often do. So little social commentary there buddy Tom buffalo public schools closed except high school students taking regents exams. And I wanna comment on this perhaps with better knowledge than I. Of how these things ought to work if you're a teacher. Could you tell me why this makes sense. Guys I will always won them ignorant of so I'm not a stupid man. -- of a lot of things. And this is what this does it make them. There's -- difference between stupidity ignorance. This is something about which. And like us earlier folks not today show but one of my biggest gains in life. Is all. The wasted potential in America. Because this country and it's educational system are done -- idiotic. Because. Basically. They try to make everybody Smart in the same areas. And -- life doesn't work that way. The Germans to a much better job of education than we do. -- -- Because they know what an early age where the altitudes are with students. And they are directed. Basically according. So that they can -- more productive and happier lives I wonder how many people listening to my voice right now. Got blown by the American educational system because you were told you were stupid. Because you couldn't deal with algebra you couldn't handle geometry. So maybe you drop out of school. Maybe it never went to college gives you pointers and got a loser. You're not a loser. You've got a passion within you you've got something within you that is worthwhile. And you need your your homework and your responsibility. Is to find that passion within you and turn it into dollars. Don't believe the people who told you that you were a -- Lance because you couldn't handle geometry guess what you're listening to a guy. With that I Q in the 160s. So -- questions. Whatever it is. -- 99 and -- idea that you're listening to a guy who dropped out geometry because I didn't understand -- and I knew would be of no value to me whatsoever. I knew that my abilities were. Languages developed cunning linguist. History. The law even all model lawyer I have a legal mind despite the fact and law school. There -- -- attitudes I have. Germany aptitude you. In a -- listen to people who told me where if you don't do algebra if you don't do geometry. You're gonna be a failure. You know what. I probably would have been a failure. So if somewhere along the way folks somebody told you that you sucked because you didn't master what they felt you should master. In your mind -- -- to get -- -- you find your passion. And you turn it into dollars is I've done. There is goodness and talent within you. I don't care what you look like race don't -- stardom. I don't care what you look like I don't care what people call to in the past. Within you you have talents and abilities into which you can. To enjoy a satisfying life guess what I'd drop out geometry. I think I've done OK for myself. I'm doing what I should do -- fulfilling my destiny you can fulfill yours too don't listen to the haters. Haters will eat you alive they'll drain the energy. Ideally a vampire. Let's go to traffic right now speaking of vampires that traffic sucked -- if so where -- Are now -- and it. In terms of our AccuWeather forecast I barely know where to begin. Probably the beginning would be a start wind chill warning kicks in at 3 -- Okay not that it means it's a warning. Just say it's going to be dangerously windy chilly cold because it is. A couple of lake effect flurries squalls. Two to four inches in the southern -- little or no accumulation closer to the city overnight the overnight low even without the real -- Where the wind -- Is zero to five below. And again the wind -- Will be dangerously low and we do have a ban. -- well this kind of line dancing throughout Western New York it's like here that it's there that it's weird that it's there it's off well it. It's within the Mike gage gave voice. People want me to bring -- in as -- I think it would definitely be dealt with that. I'd like for you to be JJ JJ is a man. He's almost actual Tom yeah he's a man he's a great man and he's a patriot alone. And he's funny as hell I just don't know half the stuff we get into. Privately. That the weather radio but he really is a great guy earlier. Younger that I am not a of wonderful man. Right now we're still ten degrees there Joseph in the real feel is minus seventeen -- Sola yup pretty freaking cold outside. So -- anyway real quickly just to wrap up bought. I imagine cardinal O'Hara. And the love. I have for BBC buffalo beatles' record company and also via -- cover band arrival from Sweden. I just wanted to say thank you for the passion. Days were nice enough to pose for some pictures with -- and one of the most bizarre things happen when I was onstage at the -- Tuesday. I heard about. A number of voices saying this time all of it that's Bob Bartley so I get offstage and that I was surrounded by -- I put a picture up up to the people who want their picture taken with me Angelo and Christina I'm like based brokerage. And I'm well aware that in the past that first class a -- In public. Not because well because actually I'm shy. Believe it or not when I'm not performing. And sometimes they get little standoffish with people I don't know. Usually two or three times a year some guy I want to bring to fight with. The last time was at the -- PH throws he did not and a very well. Done. It is 61 I don't go look in -- but it something had to be done without them. 644 news radio 930 WB yen. Let's go to Chris in the pew with insight. Chris I love insight Chris. Talked to me my friend about this what I don't think makes a lot of sense buffalo public schools are closed tomorrow except high school students taking regents exams all staff to report that all schools color me confused. Well let me element that you -- -- information on an article feature persevere now. -- the region that is very reliant on the boat -- to that -- -- them. Are not allowed to take -- by one they returned like a week or two weeks after. The new York state department of that it concern that people who pay com. On the elsewhere in the state. Will share answers you know whether online or whatever happened to be all of you being big kid an unfair advantage. So what they'll have to do if they met. They'll have to become again in U. Our doctor gonna go longer and sucking down my water okay here here's a question. In light of the fact that we are now experiencing. The hold this winter with dangerous wind chills. Throughout much of New York State. Wouldn't it make sense just to postpone the regents exams for a week and it is at the end of the world that they postpone the regents exam does the world come to an end. Well of course it makes sense but the you know it's a -- too -- that the border region and not always done things that makes them. They're buried on relenting when it comes to the funeral. You say unrelenting I say stupid. What lessons about this they are just by just ponder this for a minute okay the stupidity of the border regions the weather guys are saying. Dangerously cold wind chills and the border regions sitting there would panel offices some -- today. These tests must be taken on this date you tell me the lesson I get from Matt is. The weather guys have more common sense that the jets. Well it it also told me about you know there's no regard could be skewed they'd be. Supporting them all at risk by going out tomorrow morning are at that past is more important than their safety about what -- -- some. And I. Boy I -- -- Don't have access to Bob Bennett he's -- -- board of regents president emeritus has its title hyper anyway. No one -- if I would like to find out why in light of the fact that these are extraordinary weather conditions I mean what. If there is a -- K. Seriously would they do the same thing we're talking about dangerously coal. She feels this decision makes no sense. And Chris as you know I am against the worst of vacation of America. But this isn't it was a vacation this is common sense schools and to reopen tomorrow. -- that's -- it's -- it's -- state the issue. Bottom line -- reported it -- make that don't take these. All ready to. Yeah die. This is assault whether. All right my friend. I'm glad you called and thanks for being a high school teacher and you sound as though you have the similar senses of humor and god forbid common sense as one of my great teachers can work at that Benjamin Franklin junior named ray hole. HO HL a great man and a great American thank you very much. Well thank you very very much folks who's with me on this one. You got dangerously cold wind chills. Like the world stop spinning on its axis if they postpone the -- per week. I -- this makes sense. You're teaching kids. To disregard. Lifesaving information about wind -- By making them go to school that take African test. What a bunch of dumb asses. Seriously. I don't there's just no other there's no nice way to -- Sure I really try to confine the requisite articulation. And verbiage that. It's Monday and and already were -- on WB. I guess this would rather forget. By the way you can't -- order and Al and that Richard rice and that Alex rice's family and her thousands of friends that Alex was the young lady who. Which kill bit in the hit and run accident. ABBA was one of her favorite groups. And I'm wearing her wrist band right now. And I think about Alex writes almost every day and her memory lives on every time your office. I don't know what you're doing there I don't know what that means holding up a triangular piece of paper and all like Olympic revenues. Oh yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking OK -- joining us right now under his radio nine for all all real quickly I started the sentence before Parker finished that. In addition to meeting some really nice people cardinal O'Hara and the -- over the weekend today at lunch I had the great honor. A meeting with two. United States Marines. We have a cafeteria. You know land. Where they have awesome food reasonably priced. And two. Great Americans. Were there. And it was an honor gentlemen to meet your. Shake your hands. -- to thank you for your service. And you know how sincere. I was and am. Thank you to those United States Marines. I believe one was well I don't -- -- the -- I didn't want us there at the collar grass that's route that separate buy gentlemen. And thank you on behalf of everybody listening for being patriots. Let's let's right now a news radio 930 WB a two Robert Bennett. William before that and the other education guy who dated Janice Joplin. -- Robert Bennett that to my knowledge never dated Janice Joplin if he did we definitely want notes he is a member of the New York State Board of Regents. Mr. Bennett thanks very much for being with us mr. or doctor. Mr. and I never dated Janice Kaplan although I was a fan. All right well she just take a little piece your heart and mr. resembling freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose OK real -- this note. That's the buffalo public schools the elementary schools are closed. But the high schools are going to be open for high school students taking regents exams but all staff should report at all schools now. My question is I always thought that part of education. Was teaching -- common cents. And assessing information. And making reasonable rational decisions based upon the available information this. Non rescheduling of the regents exams to -- strikes me as being. Asinine and flying in the face of common cents. What do you mean by now and then rescheduling that the exam is given tomorrow certain exam is given to Merrill and then not again. Until June and then that again -- August there's three administrations of the exam. And you cannot postpone it for a day or three days or week. Why enemies -- the eleventh commandment that I missed in the Bible. No it's a statewide exams so several thousand kids take it and so some kids take it and then. Other kids taken a week later guess what that's a security breach. So old guess what what if somebody freezes their fingers off on the school waited for about this is a safety issue. To decide that there's a local decision and an out of state decision in the local district apparently made that decision. I'll play a white strikes me is asinine we have trained meteorologist with the National Weather Service saying that the wind Cheryl. Will be dangerously. Cold. Now we always talk I mean I hear the the egg heads talking about common sense. And making rational decisions based on the available in 40 and here we have whether people saying. Dangerously cold wind she'll. And we've got the school saying. But it's not too dangerous to take a regents exam. I'm not following the logic server with -- all the respect. I can't answer that the superintendent school has the authority to make that decision so line. Hope you can reach her -- brown. I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one bomb mr. Bennett. Why OK I. I understand what -- -- saying about the security breach because that -- makes cents it's common sense that given the era of FaceBook and social media that. The kids are gonna sure questions and answers. So why not statewide say look these are extraordinary weather circumstances. Why can't we simply pick. Pardon -- take the exam schedule these -- next Tuesday. Pardon me or a day. That is likely to put us out of the dangerously cold wind chills with which we are dealing. Because surprise I don't know of the number of the weather statewide but we have 700 school districts. And I'm guessing that maybe 695. Of them are gonna -- examiner respective. Of having cold weather and that buffalo is probably more severe than most at this point in our. Are -- whether in this winter so I ain't. I just. You can't postpone it for the entire state. Because your poor districts have cold weather I guess is the best way to answer that. I'm not trying to be contentious argumentative with you mr. Bennett I'm really not but. If New York City was gripped by a blizzard and we knew what was coming. And we knew. That. It was going to be dangerous for students to get to school I can't. Help the supposition that somehow the board of regents would find a way. To convince the local school superintendents. To. The way the exams statewide or perhaps even issue a statewide edict that. Owing to the situation in New York City and the resilience of students affected we could just move it back a week. No that's actually had a blizzard and tornado eleven in New York City. And they didn't take the exam and they had to reschedule that for the next administration which was in June the rest of the state took the exam. And was there any evidence that in any way shape or form that was deleterious to the educational process. I don't know how to answer that because it depends on which students are taking which examined for what reason. As I said before the -- -- given three times a year and they are all different obviously. And so that I don't know whether it was don't curious are not for the kids in New York City back control and elevenths. But why would this exams scheduled for tomorrow. Be so. Important. That were willing to risk the life and -- of students to take it. I cannot answer that because they didn't make that decision. I agree I know it didn't I'm not a much rounded up putts here I'm just I'm trying to get answers to something with which I'm having a hard time. Reconciling. With. Common cents. I am now number one else in the again -- you know what if Pam brown wants to give your cellphone number. I would do that that -- as much as I'd like to talk if -- like to call her an ever call me that's a different kettle of fish but I would -- breach any confidences and you know get you in Dutch. -- Do you might be an angry little man but I don't feel like you went down that road. Personally as a man and as a buffalo only. What would you do if you were the buffalo school superintendent. If I were to. Cancel school I would cancel -- -- everybody period. Irrespective of whether the regents exam is scheduled for tomorrow -- Now if that happened. And let's just say hypothetically the buffalo school students did not take the exam. What effect does that have on -- on their educational career why why does tomorrow's exam matter that much. I don't know what their status is in terms of having taken before this is the first time. But I would say that they have a chance to take it in June. And if they don't do well then they can ticket in August so there are several administrations in one calendar year. For this exam so it depends and they examine it depends on what years there in the schools. Gotcha. Gotcha well -- look I appreciate the clarification and look I'm sorry if I if I came on strong your standup guy you always available to us and I know that you're not the one making the decision but part of my job. Even when it's somebody who's almost family like Carl Paladino is to ask tough questions even if it makes me sound like I have I'm I'm not trying to be that way. I know the kind of man you work -- good man honest man available to us and I'm grateful. For your time and I apologize and I came off as being harsh. Blow. I'll watch it and all that seriously because I don't want to come away thinking I'm not gonna talk -- again on. Rectitude you know that I'm pretty much an able everybody right. And rap thing I learned that word and ten -- -- after our our. Mr. Bennett it it is a pleasure and they'll look forward to our next conversation which hopefully will be. You know. It will be longer and then even better. Thank you very much that I'm I'm happy that you were available to -- -- on my pleasure thank you for being so accessible. I still and I understand what mr. Bennett is unfortunately. I -- he was in the position answer the questions. Doctor Campbell Brown would be now if -- the problem I'm against the clock. So the chance to be able to hook up with doctor brown. Between now and the time I get off the year. Is roughly equivalent has already done that statistical analysis on this. I'd have a better shot. Of a three way with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's. That I do get in touch with Pamela brown. Ph.D. Between now and -- I did the analysis. But much higher. All right it is 647 news radio 930 WB yet and again I'm very appreciative of mr. Robert Bennett with the border regions for joining us. And sometimes right. If I was heavy and harsh it was only because I do care about the children. And I'm not trying to use that liberal act laughter. When you've got whether people saying and physicians say. Dangerously cold wind jewels I can't think of a test. Worth risking somebody's fingers frostbite or ER -- at the mean it just flies in the face comments cents. At the age are. And again thanks to mr. Bennett you worse at a stand at 648 -- Are at 650 a lot of news radio -- thirty WB EN so I. Quick question I was actually gonna do this earlier is a topic that we tracked down the mister Bennett which isn't really difficult because he's always accessible he's always available. Always has been. He ever -- ever at the door PR blitz to make himself more sensible because that's where he's lived his life and he's got a that -- -- -- a matter what job he's had he's got a decades long history of being accessible. And we are grateful to prevent but do you believe that schools ought to be closed tomorrow even if it means. For. Our regents exam might be missed. The last I checked if you miss a reason regents exam. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. The world continues. These cycles of the moon are not affected. And our spot rotating. As we. Orbit around the sun. Does not change. And we're not talking here about African apocalypse. But -- up. If I had children. Who well like I do acts -- tried at this all of them but they still keep coming back. You know it's like well at least expect -- there they are. Trying to get away from but they just won't let. Or that's the buy hourly sense of humor I love my children. And my ex wife by the way. No we're not getting remarried but she is a very dear friend. You must understand that and I've done by inspirational speak -- speech before. About how even now if you're going through the world's worst most contentious divorce. Please believe your friend Tom. It's possible. To become friends. With your ex wife or your ex husband. If we could do it believe me anybody could do -- and our divorce was legendary. I'm just say it enough of that and I'm responsible for I know that I accept full responsibility. But we are still each she's still one of my best sports and I want her best friends. And the story. Anyway it is to take a lesson from top -- books and because life is Thomas and life is taught me some articles of wisdom. Unfortunately any of the with much of the wisdom I have learned over these years it's come the hard way. But it's there. All right you know I don't even have time at a pay phone calls ago. I'm out of time. So I told the Angelina and Brad -- situation now is statistically even possible. Pretty good bet that every team toddler that would count and -- him. Are at it that joke is just it's stale all right -- as it was -- Anyway. Here's the deal -- I watch -- go to my FaceBook page. I'd like -- like my FaceBook page. I would like to hit 101000 before the end of the week. Because pretty soon -- needed dollar from each year but. We'll get there we get there but I want to go to my FaceBook page I've started a list of a show that I keep telling my boss I want to do. But I haven't been able to do yet. Unlike FaceBook page you'll see some of the photos of which I have told you. Your humble host with the ladies from a rival from Sweden with a couple of fans Angelo and Christina. And we've also started a list of must read the books for freedom lovers. Which I think we're gonna get -- hopefully tomorrow. So go to my FaceBook page tell your friends I want to show to be in national treasure. And apparently also have a large -- anyway thanks to Joseph -- ever faced the judge -- but you guys as you know and leeway. Even huge -- even you remember and know yourself.

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