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1-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You think about it. That. So. You think you twenty Iraq seventeen. The path of the righteous honest -- that -- all sides are you tees up so it's good -- Home. It is T -- about charity and good will shepherds the weak during the value departments but he gets its. This keeper and there. But lost to. And I will. -- he would rate. Hold to a point to the end. And the law. And upload. No one ponds with an assault rifle no. -- -- -- -- -- It happened to. Recoup. The actual site with. That was an American. Like you you have -- Well. -- Terribly -- that's partly -- Consider. The audible at the line guy. Considered Joseph the guy who it is this -- who makes it happen banks -- Joke ever master control all. And that was Josh Ervin is our calls grader. And the fact that -- -- the street from me and he's Indonesia would be newspaper has nothing to do we got back up anyway. I really doesn't. His being cute. And sorry. John that if I don't. Thank -- I'm starting to run out of real eleventh. Those that packets that make water palatable for me. Now I welcome to the program and they've been working all day. And just a quick synopsis of the weekend but at least stuff from my anger and if you don't mind I would like to talk briefly about it thank you John -- you brought me three -- let a generous manual are. Thank you you must be liberal I ask you -- -- you get -- streak -- -- import. Anyway that's right. You know what liberal I can deal. Liberals and conservatives. Folks if you are. An honest liberal. An honest American liberal. You would use should be abhorrent. Or dead you should be terrified. You should have offended that the usually offended. At what our country has become. Because. The well intentioned liberals -- We as conservatives. And as conservative area. We need to reach out to the well intentioned that liberals. Not the progressives. Not the Communists. But the well intentioned liberals who despite our disagreements on some issues are stole. All Americans. You know I love. Bought it's not you know that I love I love it when people will say calm. On the liberal. I'm a Democrat. And I'm proud gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment. You can be in my metaphorical fox hole any day of the week. Because we can have honest disagreements about our country within the framework our founding fathers set up. And I think the older and more sophisticated. Which is used were basically the older and the more circumspect body -- The more I realize. Liberal is not a dirty word. When viewed in the context of people like the all fun and I think that type thing is. But that's the guy who wrote those inspirational words that hung in my very conservative grandfather's downstairs bathroom for years. Classic American liberals -- a lot of good this country. Progressives. And and by the way that is a master -- word. They're there in the early part of the last century but are not getting Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive. These days progressive. Means something other than what it really use. And we'll talk more about that when I'm -- more serious -- And I'll I'll put my freedom reading list up on FaceBook. -- -- -- Brooks would like to read and for that. I I think. Is a metaphor. -- like there were metaphor Paul Simon -- real about that. What are what are people calling and they're angry dumps and we should reach out to liberals. Fox there's a big difference between progressives who are Communists. And liberals who are Americans. And we just happen to disagree on some things but they still believe our constitution. Big difference. And I will embrace those of you -- liberal. Who support our constitution every day of the week. We're gonna have disagreements hell I've got this agreement with my fellow conservatives are conservative areas we don't agree on everything. But as long as we have a general idea what we want as a country we need to unite. We need to get together. All races all creeds all colors all. Ends of the rainbow if you will. Give us a gay people you're damn bright idea. Because I know some damn fine homosexual men and lesbian women who would lay down their lives for this country. And I'm not gonna say that there perverted. It's dumb nuts because they happened to be homosexual I think that is stupid illogical. Framework. And even if you say -- it violates God's work. Here's my again folks here's where we get back to that whole spirituality. Religion and the statement. The First Amendment. Is the establishment clause the state shall establish no religion and a doctor to go into it again about. The situation in England with which our founding fathers were most familiar. Involving the constant birdies at the stake between the Protestants and Roman Catholics. Nobody wore the white caps folks the Roman Catholics there's some pretty. Pretty damn awful things the Protestants it's a pretty damn awful things. The Protestants put out the best propaganda though Fox's book of martyrs which image of a victory Friday show. Bottom line -- folks. We as Americans. Who love our country the way it was in the way it ought to be. We need to realize. That we either stand up together -- we go down together. Okay insert twelve year old joke here all -- this time we need to realize. Strength in numbers. And I'll tell -- there's one more time freedom is not something that just comes naturally. Freedom is a new concept in the world stage. Liberty. Is in two concepts. In the entire. Spectrum of human history. Our country and our constitution. The first. Legal documents basically articles of incorporation which founded the United States. That provided for individual liberty from the state. The government. And I don't care what your sexual preferences I don't care if your liberal. As long as you're somebody who believes in our constitution. We must stand together we must put petty BS differences aside. And you know what the left. The progressive crowd talks a good game about loving everybody. And being in close. And -- colleagues the no that's not what they mean they're being orwellian with the language. You want coexistence. You look at somebody like your humble host here and people listen in my show we give it. That's why speaks so fondly of -- AJ just by the way I talked about the great American person. All right we're talking today about what you do in the wintertime. Outside. And if you will remember on February 28 the last year when we have the rally in Albany against otherwise safe by the way. Few people should. But when we have that rally I remember a number -- people who said dude you're gonna get sick you're gonna come ballot ammonia everybody that rally's gonna get sick. -- I can't stand it that kind of weathered the cold damp rain. I can't stand it this freezing bitter cold. I like it a lot better than I liked what we stood in Albany about you. Is this the worst weather weren't biting cold outside or is it that cold rain words like 2835. Degrees whatever -- but. It just keeps on -- to be accurate rectory. What do you do outside but do you do outside. You've got some people calling in the phone number is -- I've not given the phone number about needed to get -- number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and is free choice one might email -- at WB EN dot com look for me on FaceBook. It's the handsome fellow wearing a tuxedo. It's not the personal page imposing with the lovely Dominican ladies just before my in test lines exploded with a mystery micro. Let's find out about traffic right now in Allen -- You -- cop cars got stuck to the ground. -- have you heard that sound tires make when a car literally freezes to the sidewalk. Actually it's more like eighty cats are getting into a giant brawl all of the same time it's the most bizarre thing ever thank you. You can come to Jamaica with me next -- -- all right it's ten degrees minus seventeen is the real -- temperature wind chill advisory. Or is that a warning does it really matter I mean it's just Coleman is dangerously cold. With the wind she'll light you know the semantics of these things kind of I find him using some time because that just -- -- may be dressed for. What do you do outside. In this kind of weather. I don't mind when it gets lightness the Euro. By the way closed schools tomorrow. You know how I am about closing schools I don't like eight -- supplied America. But when we're talking about dangerous windshields. What's the point seriously do away with some of the teacher conference days -- what goes summertime. Do away with some of the winter break may be. Understanding though that that's what a lot of families all already have plans to go somewhere. And leave their home in the hands of the cats -- -- 100 students over to appeal their bets. -- 030 my thirtieth the phone number let's get back to the calls and the JJ in Cheektowaga. On WB and JJ -- supplement. Wintertime I really well mr. Bauer director here and great goalie Tom. -- -- -- that they had to intimidate blizzard has spent three years and clear out your way it moved over here now it's like concealment backdoor. I'm does look at it out on Jeter walked into my here here here comes over the org guys. And. I believe there would be called boxer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bunch of cameras are -- goes here it is so good 35 below zero hiking boats and USA may also acts. You're you're gonna be a hundred years and had. Solved foot. Like military coat jacket protestors forty -- years and -- like that question it's no wonder might as well it was behind me. Forty years dude I'm presuming you were in -- Well that state heroism and. What the hell were you -- over the winter jacket and mom. All thoughts are is that winter story of my important. Here now I understand it. This is just to get us started usual we're we're stationed at Fort -- send them or DeVon. And then sent to camp to -- and what they're like we have today. Or jungle training -- -- -- the guys screwed in this. It was it was like a rock bull and retreat for John. I believe the military parlance for that would be full bar. India -- okay. So. I like to quote. Gut like you said the bureau. The turkeys are out. And summertime when he gets warmer you again -- dark CDs and need to think that the records come out. I've been looking for one -- slowly out all the soldiers was -- more prevalent now area within sight of the ones I have accurate but I eleven. I heard one owl in my neighborhood one night along with a neighbor. Just one night did not get a picture of it but nighttime photography of neighborhood where wildlife is amazing. I wish I thought they would get a good camera arteries -- have Natalia. It's a big electronics. And I don't like Islam like my wife and all -- -- broad. But the idea. Just to see the nature and enjoy it. It is also. Right. Well -- you know what as long as you dress for life is good men I'm glad you called and let that. -- that hobby you've got as far as killing time and enjoying it with a passion in the wintertime kudos to -- -- What what they found a local department store lately about a week ago. And we both got lost destroy our and all the sudden this song came. Dole won't back down my wife I can look at preacher of the real quick always by each other -- -- a big smile on her face because -- demand. My friend you have no idea what that means to me and I am deeply grateful thank you so much. Dot com on your side about a week ago you said it many times about the love -- that coming from family you can feel it. It's I mean Greg I'm getting goosebumps. This from this family for you we love you. Think that means so much to me and I try to reciprocate about a couple of very nice people at the -- show. The arrival from Sweden show Angelo and Christina. And I'll post the picture of the -- by fans. On FaceBook and just to Jeffrey I have to break before Joseph turns me further Asian on WB Ian. And it is our late you know. I -- -- lessons indeed -- this morning used -- about one of his favorite restaurants in damaged by water shafts. -- out and out folks we all have. Friends who have lost a lot of property. This winner with bursting the pipes it is in it's -- and bit of bad. People know who all you know they don't have crawl spaces their furnaces are always running and their pipes Amber's. Ladies and gentlemen. With the -- hits the fan and plotting in your whole. You're gonna want -- reliable plumber to fix it. Please I'm begging you to write down this number and put it in your fault or electronic device as plumber. Now the guy's name is gone. He's been my plumber for over ten years Don the plumber plumbing help now. And he is the guy. Who's gonna do a great job for him because he wants to be your plumber for life. He doesn't just wanna come your place wants gouge you and and say I. I'll screw the people and then move on 98% of bonds business is repeat or were pearl. I love the man that's a great job and of course I'd recommend that to my mom there for recommend that the U. Here is the phone number please remember what you needed you're gonna -- what was that number again the number emails I've gotten from people say it was at plumbers name and number by the time I get and your -- It's 861738617337. 8617337. -- the phone number for plumbing help now 861. 7337. Right that number down put it your -- and refer him to your friends he is the real deal. I would take a bullet for -- 8617337. Plumbing help now. Like you you have blown. Well. 530. Radio I'm thirty WB and -- are a hazard that it local band called ASP the all star project. Which features a couple of guys actually three -- guys young. The pianist. Patrick pianist. That hourly who happens to be my brother and -- Thomas Lowe who doesn't wicked -- -- Along with Paul bargain. On drugs you know Paul bargain at Alice. Paul burka let's just say there's much. He's -- happily. Without being. -- -- -- Anyway. I can't wait for the next gig. That -- -- in this well which is actually an easy even uttered the G with a C thrown in there too. All right it is 548 Israel and thirty WB EN. If you're getting nailed by the out meandering ban that should know. And it's messed it up traffic you know feel free to call. I mean if there's a big Mongolian clustered dance that we don't need to know there's -- a disabled man on a side street don't need to know that but if there is a big problem because the drifting snow feel -- call because that we you know we appreciate Ian -- Need the end though been frozen. We couldn't find sharks. We have seats. The -- All right don't three on -- thirty is the -- -- by the way traffic command and Alan -- by the way conflict is better traffic reporter in the country when the pulpit the fan. He may be contacted directly at 8030321. That is -- traffic command number but again that's like they're really serious stuff we we do not need to know but every little thing that's going on but when there are things that are impacting traffic in a significant way. That's where we really appreciate your help and of course if you wanna take pictures. When there is something big happening as long like gory and explicit will put him up. I -- done several big and -- an explicit because. Not a people like no you know I mean his chances are probably. It's a small town were ones that of separation away from each other my friend Desmond brown made allusion to that on his FaceBook page. Unfortunately. I can't repeat what he said in his FaceBook page about what a small town this is vis -- -- women or men you might date. All right note we're gonna wait till nine minutes for -- okay good enough I don't wanna make me seriously here's the deal we have with traffic. Elect to it and there's your listen to show you should notice when it's really really bad -- will do the reported 540. But when it's really not all that bad ECU will won't pass -- that just for the continuity of the show that's how we that's how we roll that's what we do. So so far today. A couple of questions I've -- now what are the questions actually dealt with. Whether or not your whole has suffered any kind of damage because of the weather. Am and there are I'm sure you must know a few people who have had burst pipes that have caused significant. Damage. I know some people. And I'm not talking about people. In neighborhoods where there are a lot crawl spaces which are just notorious for burst pipes on talk about people in relatively new homes who have had. Literally. 11 person I know. Well almost 200000 dollars damage from burst pipes. I don't think the house is worth 200000 dollars but that'll be a matter between those folks in the insurance company. So if you go on through damage like chef's restaurant. Place I'd like to know. I can not imagine because I told you about the tragedy of my Brothers flooding when we did the show about the yep flooding in west Seneca. On that was dale drive better. The water situation. When water gets into your home. Where you've got burst pipes my goodness. It's really a tossup as to what does more damage a group of drunken teenagers while you're in Costa Rica or water after your pipes break. I think I'd rather have the water because generally speaking it's not filled with. Generally speaking. All right it is 543. News radio I'm thirty WVU. -- give us like those of you with well water I've often wondered about that that's offers always gets the tree with well water. All right -- three on my thirtieth opponent also we're talking about what do. When the weather is likeness. Now we had the anti NY state rally on February 28 when he thirteen. That to be was the worst weather possible. In which to be outside. Because it was it was a hole as in the minus two. It was. I think about 3540. Degrees can think of it but it just kept raining and drizzly drizzly rain. For hour after hour after that I did not like and I and to me that's the worst kind of weather terrorists the us. This crunchy snow stopped. This. Can be fun. If you're dressed properly for. And my my my favorite thing to do. Outside a letter like this. I like to put on by Iraqi boots which will last forever you buy one here and UB. Fifty years older -- after replace and put Iraqis some facts stocks. Genes maybe some underwear. Sometimes it will be commando but maybe some long underwear. A couple of shirt sweatshirt jacket at. And I love the walk at night in this kind of weather. And sometimes like one of our previous -- -- like to bring your camera with night vision. Even the light colored my vision app you can download for Droid and probably for iPhone. You would be amazed at the like you can pick up just with bad. Now it takes a little bit to get the hang of it but what you do you. Because their -- to critters you'll see with that. When they sent off the heat signatures -- there are much more sophisticated cameras. Liked -- for example. They can be fun too but. Is it really worth five grand -- photographed bodies in the neighborhood probably just a review it is not to me. 8030930. Is the phone -- what do you do outside my thing is walking I love the war. -- done a 167. Pounds now and I just I still love to walk Chrysler. We've had photographing wildlife we've had snowmobile -- we've had that wells we yet. Let's see what's coming up next -- Dick. Holland New York hey heck did you know the people whose house are caught fire crossed from the middle school last Friday -- -- -- bigger part. Of I was aware. Well I was just curious your columns as small town USA anyway I would elected do outside in the weather electors. Almost assured about it but you brought that we don't expect to order -- -- lot of work but socially but -- -- -- stretch. I don't butch UPS and there's a couple square -- also well orders -- -- get -- those two and it just so a lot of. Brother I now here's here's the question this is the money shot question about -- -- -- it doesn't have anything to do the cost of the snowshoes -- -- I know that they range in price from the beginners to the really I like to do this a lot. But what is the best time of the day is no issue. -- -- -- morning and the last time what it's like it's important news. A lot of orders all -- on a genocidal candidates don't -- whatever we can bet that those are the best. Got quick question. Vessel lean. Do you use it to keep your skin in the more east India planning a little ball because that's the one thing I can think of about this kind of weather that can be a pain in the arts. I really and Britain worked out social or not our children at all. -- -- -- -- -- it would chill Elvis just got -- -- we -- this has everything to do with keeping your skin dry. Well I mean a little bit warmer because it will hold the heat but with the lips you know they they got to be more east. From what I don't really gonna -- there are. Overmatched and pretty out those that cannot be better. I have very sensitive Libya thank you. That means two things but in this case and talking about the -- Libya. Yes. Wolf -- -- try to encourage more medical terms during the program today later will hope to get into blue -- -- vs blue field poll. Welcome to anatomy won a one. So -- -- -- what's your second favorite thing to do in the winner. What are what are books. Books of which you speak like the Internet with trees is Brian Griffin once famously said. Villages villages are all on the on the a -- on a single. All right. Nook and Kindle we have that are talking attempt went about this years ago nick V Kindle sells at Milwaukee's. I'm so glad you called sooner and I can't think of a better place in which is no issue. That -- New York or any of the small towns and villages on route sixty. -- -- My friend thank you so much and if you bring a camera with yet indicated he could wildlife shots. -- about I'll look roper a I will borrow them for my -- workers. Bartlett -- thank you stay warm. All right check out snow chewing responsibly call to say that I wanna do it and then it always -- -- my at a discount so many things in my mind. It's not funny like. Spent most of the weekend thinking about. The metaphor of Romeo and Juliette in which Shakespeare was really trying to say. You what my theory out of pocket. Romeo was writing about Romeo and Juliette that was actually an inside look at Shakespeare's soul because he married a woman he'd knocked up before he was buried. And a Hathaway who is seven years older than he. I don't think they got along real well into the Romeo and Juliette was actually auto biographical. -- about Shakespeare himself. And his. Wistful list over not ever having found a love with -- we -- his life. It it all right I didn't even go to class for that. Are we ready to go to work traffic with mr. -- Harris we are -- what shaken up traffic Lance. He's bad -- -- now correcting yourself with the grammar on the air did did you the that I have that negative impact that your life -- what are you always done that. Yeah I'm serie -- I apologize. If it's dropped grammar wise the grammar police solicited myself. And I love it when they do because I always appreciate their corrections I've got a lady -- -- Latin scholar her name is I think -- -- Maria Maria and you know Latin inside and out in every -- -- butcher Latin she lets -- know about it and she's also quite good with Elizabethan English and -- will correct me immediately by miss that. Thank you my dear I love your your husband's a lucky man. And either that -- he probably feels like the most. And tech guy in the world -- to at least two -- all right as far as weather goes we have windchill warning in effect with getting narrow band of snow which is going back and forth and back and forth. And it's just a big you know. If it's there and you're driving through it you know actors use caution obviously your headlights are on and the drive within your capabilities. Always look for the idiot who insists that going to explorer. In the teeth of a howling gale. And gagging storm. This 82 dollars a throw rug is worth risking your life and yours or -- those books. I told mr. Saturday separates AJ -- -- -- JJ unit to love. All right it is up 552. WBE and it has hourly torch shall -- break. All that the OK gotcha let these gentle. You have given my audience some great ideas all here's an email -- I'm originally from or -- -- -- -- -- I think -- -- myself I'm originally from Lancaster New -- Living in South Florida now. What we like to do when it's three degrees is to get out in about fifteen feet of crystal blue water. And -- of yellow tails. Well technically it doesn't matter what the temperature is in buffalo. We still go out we're headed for short now we have fish to -- Nights this is exactly like ice fishing boat without the ice. And your beard gets warmer faster. Nice keep the ice go to boaters and the Tom. Thank you CJ. Nice email very well written I appreciate you were a flimsy and your sense of humor by the way folks you've got to block walk. When we did take a tip from top. Those little dress gloves are not what you need in whether -- likeness. You'd need heavy duty steers the watts and preferably -- better than gloves. You don't use dress gloves when it's going to be minus thirty windshield. If you're gonna -- -- fingers. It is up by 54 news radio 930 WB yet its hourly force -- counter tops SO RT IE sortie counter tops here is the deal. Guy at sort of counter tops he only offer sales wind it's worth mentioning a sale he always gives great prices -- -- But here's what he's going through right now. He's got grant from last year. Stole in stock he wants to get rid of now what is it -- get rid of because it's flat in the house -- collars now. Because he's got new -- coming that he's got to make room for the new granite he's willing to basically sacrificed. His existing grant. Folks the -- he is selling now at a fraction of what you would ordinarily pay. These quality. It is in the finest colors the most sought after designs it's not crap it's a real deal or I wouldn't waste time say in the mountains. Shorty countertop -- 669600. Granite is within your reach you can have a kitchen countertop just like your humble host. Work on the bathroom eventually before -- -- my -- 6269600. Sortie countertop -- I'll release.

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