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1-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And some books don't you were up what opened my FaceBook page. Must reading must reading one of them actually written by guy from buffalo named on the signal BO. And I know we still of members of -- Bentley who listen to my program were appreciative of my keeping his memory alive. It is my honor to keep his memory alive. Actually interviewed on quite a few and two or three times and that one of the stupidest things ever that -- -- at the Seneca. That the senate it's -- mountainous Salamanca. Elements of element is the it was stupid is that Tom I was an artist and there was this original Tom Segovia opening. And I are meant to buy -- and I forgot to buy it and it. IE -- went back -- it somebody already purchased it. But the reason I mention the name is. I'm Segovia -- Well you know what I'll put it on my Internet my FaceBook page and then you can decide. The rest. But there are so many great books out there were gonna get in the summit now I brought up last year February 28. 2013. And the anti safe act rally in the Albany. Now we had I would estimate at least ten maybe 121000 people there. All right. Now not this part of the show has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with with weather. Folks I've said this before I'll say it again. If you live in this area. You have got to have a passion. For something that get you out of the house for the ten months of the year we have winter in Western New York. And the eleven months we don't see the sun you've got to have a passion in your life. Now last year before the NYC a rally at target like it rally if you will remember that day if you were there. It was. The worst possible weather in my book anyway although I did have my official. Would you like your free poppy young girl trench coat on. I gave that security eventually. For the Alex rice a skating park -- of such a horrible person but. In any event. It was raining. It was drizzling and it was that whole. Bit -- he'd go right through you chill you to the bone whether. And everybody kept saying you're gonna get sick you're gonna get sick the -- got there. Meet strong like border. So. I'm thinking about the weather and the impact -- hands. On those of us who live in Western New York. And I have a simple question where is sandy -- this morning which was talking about some of the nonsense on the 29. And I'm thinking to myself boy. And I agree on so many things we are each other's biggest thing and and I. Am -- law. Thought the 290. Was intentionally designed. With collision shops and -- I'm being facetious by the way whoever designed that road -- had a stake in a collision shop where a body shop company. Because that road is evil. The the -- to -- AKA the gunman is officially evil it is possessed by Satan. Folks if you're new listener I'm just I'm being silly here right I'm just basically calling the most evil road ever. Am. The bottom line it is. Most people just how to drive in the winter to begin with and they frozen snow traffic into the mix and one everything goes down the domain Betty but -- quickly. But I wanna know. What you'd do in the winter months to entertain yourself out of your whole. Because let's face it. Inside your whole. And it's up for fifteen that news radio 930 WB -- inside your home now basically you have a wiper and you're a complete media center. As long as you've got access to the Internet. It amazes me to this day the number of people I -- send me email they say I don't do email because I don't return phone girls. I mean I know again folks if this sounds this sounds like a portal you know what. But I don't have time to return phone calls especially calls top might have something to tell you that you really gonna wanna know here's my number. It's like now you know what I call you back I don't have time. I have friends I have family I have lawyers I've got program directors I've got -- beaver I've got people really close to me that I need to talk to. So anything that I need to do for the show if you don't have email don't bother them up trying to beat -- -- it. Although within five -- sentences whether it's up and wanna pursue. And please understand that I don't have a secretary. I told me everything -- like is knee. So. If you are gonna do something outside in the wintertime what is it you do outside. -- -- With the Internet you can watch old music videos you can practically watch all of the Monterey pop festival. If you're so inclined you do you can -- pretty much well every movie than it's ever been made. -- either U2 or one of the sites that you're really not supposed to go to because of law. And and -- movement renowned again because of copyright law but it got to do things outside the house. Now if I had to guess I'd say that ski downhill skiing. Probably going to be very INS. Cross country skiing. Let's put it this way. Cross country skiing means you have to work. Gravity does not do it for you like downhill skiing so cross country skiing is not for me. It's too much like nordic track. It and -- -- nordic tracks. Not bad pieces of exercise equipment now somewhat view. Are you know you wealthy people. You have snow mobiles. And to be snowmobile people in Western New York. I must commend you for your action there's that word again action to your cost. And also to helping the newbies understand the rules of snowmobile. Now after considering gonna get a snowmobile. You're 2000 dollars bring all your pocket. I got that is that something he is it straighter you can hear my nose here my throat and now about the big herb -- And and when. Newton. Now. A school bus to Israel -- upper orbit -- ago. Anyway. I'd I'd steer clear maple road between 7730. Yes drunk driving always good fodder for jokes anyway. I'm being sarcastic and facetious at a bit of a social commentator if you don't -- -- I'm probably not the guys for you. But the cross country skiing is a lot of work the snowmobile owners. I have to applaud you. Because if you are going to be a new snowmobile. You have to understand. There are rules. That you have to lower. Before you know commitment. There are hand signals and communications. You have to master before you use those magnificent trails kept up by your fellows -- will be yours so I'm doing a public service year. No those roles. Now. Because if you don't you're gonna be a danger to yourself and others. Yes you'll be a danger to yourself and others. Now -- some other things you can do outside. Does anybody do winter camping. I was thinking about that I don't mean camping is in that became. I mean winter camping anybody. Cal and you go to Richard Davis noted freezes in -- Now is whether. Our ballots. I hit the ground just naturally but now -- for you. It is awfully cold outside but. What do you do in the wintertime. As seriously. They get -- outside. You cannot span every minute of every day is your house about a -- fresh air that not enough to be a little sunnier out and it's been but. How do you entertain yourself outside in the winter you know even accepted if you tell me at all. I'd like to drive to the botanical gardens. Every week where every month in the winter to remind me what green looks like. You might say Tom I'd like to go to the buffalo historical society. Because I'd like to see the carriage Millard -- him for five years. Right. Whatever it is you like to do in weather like this -- out of the house I'd like to know. Because I need some fresh ideas at some fresh approaches. Like -- go to like like music whether the philharmonic. Or whether it's cover ups local and national. I love live music grew up with -- love it. I would have -- let's put it this way I drove through Saturday to see an ABBA cover group with my. Brother and my beautiful sister in law under primary once my brother dies he just doesn't know yet. Good enough for Henry the it's good enough for me. 8030 thirtieth on. 8030930. Start at 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB and if you're new listener please understand my sense -- -- memories. Disturbing let's go to mark in Erie county on WB Ian hey mark what -- -- keep yourself but I'll -- odd though during the winter months. While I was so -- just turn on the radio outlets into the I thought my god -- -- -- All the guy with a -- bill that's not wealthy but. And let's go as far as. Any motor anything with a motor you by right content to be expensive anything from a you know from club a snowmobile when -- I artists that are playing really okay go ahead sorry welcome the 1903 would like its words meant what's that. Okay agriculture worker or tips and clues or street -- clean it up nights -- So I moved up from model and and I've I'm sending him mark Howell and I'm thinking like or Mike -- duke from players and and I heard and I got a normal little couple thousand dollars and it's it's it's unbelievable it's it. It therapeutic it. -- -- -- that this year -- the occupational. Are DOD. The cross country years. Your right it certainly repression. I saw a coyote in my neighborhood -- few weeks ago I was like I'll be -- -- we grow. One. I was hungry dude would you. Would you. Sprinkle. You know what it -- -- -- -- -- you're right I absolutely love -- like he said just bundled up and you know just get outside and enjoying it it's. A year marked just are. -- -- -- -- quick question I want you to think about the answer but you're gonna have to hold out for five minutes I wanna find out from you how long it took you to learn the rules of snowmobile in which really -- life and -- ponder that momentarily and we'll get right back with you. On news radio 930 WBBM. An honest yeah he's he's okay. Yeah. I do needs. Yeah yeah. It's. Always. There's this whole news. -- -- -- Or is it a rival for. You'll just have to figure out the next time they come to the beautiful Revere in north Wanda. And I don't -- plug all -- up a player that. Fact of the matter is. I've been a big fan of the Riviera theatre and -- one of four in a long time it means that it long time I was there -- -- I would -- -- because I was supposed to do an intro however. As you might know Saturday night it was really slow. And I don't have -- -- around that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- House so I did not want my fine Italian shoes to be destroyed by this well I would have to Wear shoes in ordered the talks and an order from eagle on stage at somebody. Out of respect. I needed at the -- at the -- Says that like that weren't shocked I didn't introduce. That makes any sense at all. But I am not in -- Tuesday introduced performers unless it were my tux. Is disrespectful. Well when I travel were. -- -- Again elect in the -- If I get all of the guys about my hairdresser. I love the man because it buys. Stereotypes. He's certainly one might. He's he's somebody I love and respect because of that and because these. Elite fields and always know where you stand with -- I love days. The -- call them on the radio and -- -- -- frequently. He's area fan of the program that I imagine he's rabid conservative. So he is therefore not welcome in the gay community of the all inclusive. Gay community except if your conservative almost actual. As my friends are. They might be out for missing it gave people that I loved dearly. But if they're conservative guess what. There are persona non -- And you know and -- in the -- votes now what do you outside -- -- -- this. And I would rather have bitter cold. That what we had in Albany in the 28 the report last year and that stands -- in my mind. Because essentially for me that was 65 hours of being pelted by cold rain. And this that that dance is that just goes right through. Leaving a hole in your soul as it were. Let's go back and mark who is a transplants. They moved here from winner winner but what I was gonna ask him is mark how long did it take you after getting the snowmobile to realize. That there are rules. To the snowmobile in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought everybody was telling me I was number one. So then number two number three so -- -- And back in effect. He's work to do. -- saw. And -- only two weeks -- years. And and I think the important thing additional -- that you really remembers. We have to we have to take care protect the the property you know on these these larger in the order they opened -- on the -- to those letters where. Oh we. Answer those are great people so well. Hopefully I got to -- it hopefully it ends up better for you than it did for those sites biologists in the movie earthquakes after the farmer opened up his land for them. That didn't work out -- well as they put that the earth that size vote on the meters in there. And that's okay are you familiar with the movie marked their running right now on HBO Cinemax earthquake from 1970. Well when Charlton Heston was actually living in stuff that you're seeing the movie. Okay I've seen most of the movie about eighty times they still have not made it all the way through earthquake but. Here's what always bothered me about that in one of the opening scenes. If these guys were the best of the best of the best sites molecule is it's why the hell didn't they get out of it trench the second they felt the tremor that never made sense even though. -- Knew enough to get out of there. Well the movie had to go on go. I -- -- elbit that was one I thought the searing and glaring hole and India in it. Well look mark -- -- put down as a snowmobile there. And -- do you belong to a club or organization of your Canadian organization. -- remember you spoke. It's outrageous. Okay all right I literally just stood up when I was here. Because there's so many ways I can go at that but I'm gonna take a hybrid today and marriage at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am charmingly eccentric and there's a big difference. -- -- I I kid I can't even say -- I'm just I'm not in the mood he was doing it to be funny and I I I just not like our goal. You're you're welcome. I did literally spent though he -- he's a member of the snow actors and you probably might wonder O line where. You know three all my -- and 3180616. WB in what do you do outside in weather like this to keep your sanity. In the summertime. All right and again listed in the sand beaches -- it. Everybody can relate to what he was talking about the pick up truck with a plot line. Maybe three quarter -- may default on pickup truck. Driving he the guy probably could -- ten feet in front of him he blows I think each. Man. He didn't go off into the ditch so there's bad but at least Eddie's been driving big vehicles for a long time big guy. And even he was amazed at the stupidity he witnessed I think was Miller's -- today. So -- out their folks how old do you entertain yourself in this event that. How do you keep yourself. It at this from going stir crazy it's tough locked up all winter manner -- let's go to Dominic in theory. You are WB and Dominique give us some ideas. Well that's yeah I've I've been doing photography for many years. Where is one of the press time to get out there and shoot nature seat injury leaves no college. -- you can get a lot of really interest thing artistic shots it's -- here you know he -- -- -- -- shooting I started log book or an adult. And I'd go through under been under differing hoping to get a couple of big 11 of the things I I I actually liked the most is. Specific like locations. -- shoot like every three weeks. And then you can put in an end and actually were much. Like trees frame the things changing re sorry. You know three straight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Awesome that's -- you talk about a trail camp where you put the SD card and urge you actually physically walk. And get the picture. I'm not that high tech angle -- -- -- with a camera and a different game in a different mind it is and you start taking pictures. I'm a tryout -- would be a lot -- -- here but they need the optics early -- is dead and you're really limited. Few -- you know focal length in and how he. Yeah -- language. That. You don't have a problem with local area. I'm part Asian dude we're really have to go there today. Okay never mind but in all seriousness it's it is a lot of -- now and it's really inexpensive with our digital cameras. It's it's something that you can you problems without -- -- a lot of itself or it takes excellent -- it just got their start taking pictures you'll be surprised what you. Okay cell phones you know you know what -- there are amazing and in some cases they do offer great pictures unfortunately sometimes -- rather on the green side I. -- question if you like nature photography. Do you do any night vision photography because that's how I got my car -- I don't how many are incorrect one news but I will go up there and and do. A lot of trying to stop. And some less fuel stop which which I think it'll. The last dealer with darkened it aliens an able probes. Count me -- Haven't I haven't seen any actual aliens -- I've got some wonderful. Time -- shots of the moon that are just -- as it is focused correctly where you can get like. You know trees in the background or something like who didn't get some really urged. Did you seek quick look at the moon in the middle of last week. Did you see that moon rise. That was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen and it was so spiritually. Symbolic for me. You don't even understand. Or comprehend. The meaning you have for. OK what do what quickie for. With the profusion. Of Cooper's hawks red tail hawks in now holes in Western New York. Have you gotten any good shots of of our Avian difference. Well I I I would love to get them out but I I live by in Erie county Erie PA. And who are not what -- options are everywhere are actually but we're in it or. I can't let -- doing something really should you know gotten a couple of excellent shots of them. Aerial attacking other birds. Which looks looks pretty cool and and then you know beat the end result. I'll Coco there I'm not in the mood for blood and gore -- Humans I can deal with animals for some reason I don't give him thank. I know survival of the fittest I did it but I always root for the underdog. Thanks very much an eloquent and American compulsive illness thank you so much nature photography what I great great idea. Actually have a -- of that lately outside. Even in your own neighborhood it's amazing the critters and I never thought we get a minute now okay. I never thought I'd ever see the day when I DOT's would be in the village Williams -- believers not we have coyotes in the village of now with not a German shepherd -- was that a Siberian Husky was that I -- awfully mean I wouldn't added that it was cute. And casualty -- It's 44 to six news radio I'm thirty WVU a RK what do you do when we're freeze our collective you know what's off. Give me some ideas give -- audience of ideas what we do outside when the weather's like this I don't like this down like it was during the gun rally on February 28 the last year when you guys all said that we all it's just what we didn't. But there's something about five hours standing in cold rain will go right throwing. This stuff if you bundle up for it is really you know not a problem but you got to -- a sport that's for -- -- You saw from the eighties that didn't stop. I was talking about theater major hotel. Another nice thing about freeze frames. Football together make it -- a lot of like watching the old. If you don't -- pickles. I've take it to the point where the -- -- -- but I think you know it's gonna say freeze frame -- isles maybe Diego man. Saturday I'm coming back from my haircut with -- with JJ. That's what he wants to -- call folks he's my friend my guess in my gonna mess with a plan like that -- -- it anyway. Erica my game AJ. And I make my right to head back to the village where in Chicago. There's this woman who just girls and makes you laugh from transit on to that wrote -- forgot the name it. But she almost goes and hits a pickup truck. That was waiting at the red light it you -- you know it or she is -- and guess for you was going. Guess where she was going. Here one. Let -- get this straight. Something was happening at pier one. It couldn't have waited a few hours the woman goes out into the snarling teeth a -- blowing jagr. To go to African -- want. Nothing against your own mind you but. Can you imagine. Well I know I just killed five people that -- what was -- a grates on bamboo wood worker. -- let's go to may in Oregon WB -- you're on your run here are you doing. Well I am. I'm fit as a fiddle and ready to play down. So what I don't alert than -- -- -- fishing hole. I had like gold record for the although a lot whether he thought well I'm. He can't walk by and saw months like some equality and copy please start to on people spoke about the very -- right now. Where values speakers -- number one will talk later but. As far as ice fishing given the roles of ice fishing for and I'm not a fisherman I don't get fishing I don't understand all fishing thing. It's lost on me. There I mean there's already things that I don't understand ice fishing has won but what are some of the rules of ice fishing and doing it safely that people who might be interested in trying get out need to know. Well I'm one lord doing basically is as fact what type conditions you know if you -- not familiar -- fired -- Go without. But don't go out on what -- into the -- not into right there than normal old. Group of people are. Well for the average up -- I think we we should probably be good foot device. And work that only one minutes. I'm violent that out but didn't rule -- in -- -- and I got this the only -- he got certain amount allowed them. And other basic fact that certain spot but I actually. -- compete in the travel and they can market the word lie about nothing that you haven't -- I'm sick that would block and -- in the winter punch it in there throughout. States finished. I don't know why he's found it funny you know I've never partnered phrased that way. So in addition of buffalo world's two years ago. Milwaukee. I would not overly York. ID that allowed the Wisconsin Minnesota and I'm quite like that. -- what they're bent all out in York Pennsylvania Vermont locally. It's something that very popular actually we do that some wolf let the other you represent the US saying go out in La. European countries directly about the -- of the art AD neighbor out of. -- You know what I love your passion. -- you get where you know what thank you for calling amnesty if we get more ice fisherman calling him but I thank you for -- of compassion to the show but wasn't mine. All right thank you very much negativity calls her. Ice fishing I hear people talking about it I always thought it sounded insane. But I can understand the appeal. That you guys the passion ice fisherman hamper ice fishing. Resonates through my soul endorsed it. On WB yeah its hourly. Here. -- and that ups.

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