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1-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You -- the battle grip. Just. -- It take you twenty Iraq seventeen. But. Of the -- -- has its own false attacks by the -- so that's at Q. School. It is he formed in pain of charity and good will shepherds the -- to -- value to our -- but he is. This keeper at the anger but lost to. And that doubles down at the he would rate. That you. -- looked up to mark the end and broke any. And the law. And upload it. But it happened to. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an American. I'd like you you have blown. I had blown. Listening. News radio 930 WB EN. -- to understand that every country in the world is in danger I was in my responsibility to do something. Because my cannot. Beat them on the power to -- Tom -- hey that's quite a voice you've got there you ever think about doing radio serving up food for the mind and what's on your mind today you give -- so hot spoonful of your opinion it's lunch today it's all about ratings -- we -- all the and its local. I recognize that voice anywhere and Tom Bauerle rose one impressive my. And some sort of bolt like good news radio 930 as we say in the radio business if you put that on the radio people will listen to a just. I like the you'll have -- My life boat. Its -- ended -- and I birdied WVP. And okay what up what up. -- everybody watched a grammys I couldn't care less about the grammys I'm sorry music's not for me. What -- up -- -- Votes are going average about the Grammy Grammy Grammy stuff. But that's as the way it goes. However. That the super group. It. -- -- which as that are not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What a great groups of all time. And you know on Tuesday. Jeremy -- all the attention on my program all I could be staring right here right there at all times yes exactly work. Whatever you guys opposite -- -- that's exactly what I do it again. My FaceBook page are there news that that'll be -- featured that we seek. And hot. The incident right grammar German always through a live there for years ago -- but vocabulary. There but anyway. You actually know the -- about 800 view of the elements on Saturday night Tuesday. The world's leading. Most believable. ABBA tribute grow ever. Our call a rival from Sweden put their link up. On my FaceBook page because I promised the ladies from -- rival from Sweden and the guys that I would -- ago. Because it just so happens. C buffaloes -- small town. And it just so happens that that one of the big shot at the Riviera theatre which if my suspicions are correct will be the recipients of a large -- our league -- in the future. Jim was kind of up to escort me backstage. Because I said look you know not a -- You know not one of these guys who says hello and doesn't let go. But I just wanna say two words to these women actually forwards will you sleep with me. But but then I realized that would probably be in bad place. Now I realize there's Swedish and I figured there's a 5050 shot that could happen but I realize now that's fantasy so anyway I go backstage. And I said this to the guys as a recover offstage. Coming up what are the two years ago I can relate. Performing is performing is performing is performing is perform at your performer. Except for some good -- bag direct comments on my yeah FaceBook page I know that you're jealous men. And I know that your worthless tools because he always put your guitar is that your FaceBook picture and -- economic aid to bash me what are you what are you jealous because my brother is a virtuoso guitar player is that it. Are you jealous because my brother -- And I are both well -- buffalo performers and you nobody's ever -- can hurt you is that jealousy and bitterness and hatred comes from. That's why stop playing local music. Because for all the love they give the local music community for many years and I got back. The IC there's one letter left the fire up that. What you guys with guitars come about my age tell me what an able one it's like our rights are you I'll stick with the people that their interest both people. You know you try to be a good guy and you run into this jealousy and bitterness and just anger and it's after awhile -- grew. So I'm at the motor either love me or you know if you don't. -- -- -- The senate on the surprise. That was an HBO. I met regular spaghetti so -- the difference isn't there yet spaghetti sauce in your face there Leo all right so there without rambling through march. These women and guys from Sweden all I wanted to do. All I wanted to do was just a quick picture with them. And just say look. You might have noticed it. Here I'm not a big deal. I wanted to say that real bad like Ron Burgundy but I refrain myself knowing that the translation from. English movies to Swedish movies might not be all that great. For one well I'd go into a joke but it just isn't worth something having to do with Swedish rocket seventies porn but what I was gonna say is that. I don't backstage and I just think these guys have been -- guys I know you do the same show a million times a year. I don't know how you keep the passion -- It would be like me saying the same words every single day. Every single the same words in the same sequence every single day for. 200 shows her and trying to bring passion to. I don't know how they. So anyway these the lead singers that you female lead -- said. Well I kind of said do you mind if we just took a picture togethers of people will -- -- no big deal so we went back on stage. And they were nice enough to oblige me for some photos one of which put online on my FaceBook page you can check it out. Am. That's actually -- These these are such talented performers. And I have mostly heterosexual. Not make -- we know vacation does not help him we've established and long timers like college it didn't count. Or prison didn't count. Or EC MC didn't count but what I was gonna say is Newton what I was gonna say is that. I have a great respect for people got on stage. And perform. And hit every note and just be in the group. In these performers -- cover bay. Mean I know he did you didn't really meet -- -- you basically met the opera version of hit and run I don't care. The passion they brought to the music of ABBA picture courtesy in concert again if they ever do reunite -- actually do we show it's going to be tremendous let them. Because like seventy years old now in your voice here bill would seventy when that when you're thirty you're plotting can't. Ask Bob Dylan. I mean it seriously Nashville skyline he could sing now. Either way is doing. Manage anything mentioning him. Com and so anyway it would picture about my FaceBook page I was gonna fun. You ever have a chance. If your and it's a fan of all but I love the music of -- not all of it but the big hits I love. I just there's something about what they did that was just. I use this word a lot if my version of iconic but transcendence. Is is the word. So. Yeah of the photos on line -- -- -- can also visit a rival from Sweden's web site to the next anger in north -- Wanda at the beautiful Riviera theatre. Which astrology just going through. Slugger for the people of the Riviera. Knock yourself out. Also. Now what else speaking a tribute bands I hope you know it's. But I am kind of a big deal now I don't you know this but. Buffalo, New York is home to one of the finest. Beatles slash sixties tribute billions in the whole country. Now I've seen Beatles tribute bands and that's all they do. The Beatles the beatle that beatle that -- details. The fab four I think are the best Beatles -- -- going. But locally. We've got guys. -- the buffalo Beatles our company. And it's you know what. When you -- -- show you hear all these women yelling we want BBC. I keep looking for my friend Desmond Desmond brown that he severed and I realize always evident they're talking about the bad. So I've started when I had their but anyway. Yeah he's he's a few meetings in the Internet you have to go to urban dictionary I can't go there but anyway. These guys in the BC but I love about it is they do all -- -- of The Beatles. -- think The Beatles get really good after they started smoking week. I mean they were great before but I think that became awesome. After after Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan started smoking -- identity that opened up created -- today. I'm just them that's my I'm I'm offering and opinions not medical advice just opinions. So what -- you what a great idea maybe I should start doing -- -- wasted. We're always asked about it today viewed GOP GU Buick it's acres pars from machine thank -- but anyway. BBC not only darts. But he. As you'd expect The Beatles tribute band. They do the zombies. They do though cool. -- -- -- -- Honestly got things happened to my body that generally only happen in the company of two attractive women from Sweden. Seriously when they can substitute. It's all I can do not to be arrested for doing something in -- Indies. So if you're averages -- BBC they don't there was many gigs as a lot of the bands are like voices summer or. -- Joy Iran. But it every you know as many gigs but if you ever had a chance to see him. Check out of the BBC because they're phenomenal. They are there are just an incredible group of musicians the harmonies the passion again the passion. If you can't bring passion what you do for a living you're doing the wrong damn thing. If I hope that no matter what I do every single day you hear the passion and my -- that's what -- -- more than others I gotta tell you my voice is dried out that I just like yours is because there's dryness in the here but you -- have passion for what you do. And it you know passionate work you've got to develop passion at something you do. Out of work you know be a passionate polar passionate coin collector via passionate. Don't expect her to do something with action to. Otherwise your life is not worth living without action forget about it. You might as well be that if you're on a -- So a lot of musicians and performers you'll find. Some of them might have very -- jobs during the daytime. You know they were suits they have short hair but that you put on stage. And they whipped out there guitars drums whatever. And then that passion springs from that well in the side and that is something that only a performer can understand. I'm sorry it's a life of Charles. No actually I didn't choose thug life thug like chose me are I didn't choose huge bag life it chose me. And only performer we've been doing this for a number years can understand. Just what it means to beat hole I love your passion. Solid and -- go all god -- over these girls from Sweden. I've thought about it from moment but I didn't feel -- be arrested and Nortel one. Just -- guys now. But I I just thank them for their passion passion passion passion passion passion you gotta have passion but boy there's -- put down my -- -- what is your passion. Is -- you don't have passion in your life. Yeah -- -- ever a baby my child of you know that's a responsibility. And it's a lot of your life. But what your passion. -- your family collectively. But. That great woman mrs. -- -- prop open is a problem mom Libya once said in the end everybody let you down. In terms are back. So that could be your pageant. Where it was out of bitterness coming out of me yeah I -- the ones are in a tree he's -- Really have a great show today can you tell by the passion in my voice. I gotta keep the passion to do it that you're gonna have to read in today's gonna have to have some inferred passion. Here's my voice is drive like everybody else. But it's going to be good. It's going to be awesome to be great and I've got so many African things to talk about I don't even know were to start -- let me start off with one. Especially entity in -- vision. Academy of injury. All right I I was listening to the commercials during the last newscast and talked about. The water. -- has been done at various places around Western Europe and the damage that has been done because of which now. That we've. And freezing temperatures and sub Arctic weather we've had. A lot -- anybody have serious house damaged because there's anybody a pipe break. And on the water comes from the -- through the upstairs. Through the downstairs ceiling. Into the dining room then down into the basement has that happened anybody happen it's happened already to a few people like you know. And there Holmes are are basically little -- the start over again. Seriously. Pretty much somebody's gonna call the fix them as votes -- Florida ballots started yet. No I'm not endorsing felony -- and I'm talking about a controlled burn wearable -- I don't care. But seriously people I'm talking about a 150000. Dollars worth the damage. A thing in my home gets under well Abu -- and members group. Arthur what we're at at any serious damage incident because the weather chef's restaurant there. Which is highly unfortunate provoked -- view like ships. Little rich for me I can't do it. It's 325. And news radio 930 WB and it has -- Are quite frankly the greatest talk show host. This side of the mad river. Were may end up. WBA. You know I am. Now I can't say that I do I don't know how to put this. But. I'm kind of a big -- Really. People know me. I'm very happy for him. And me. I'm a musical. Perfectionist. And for a split second on Saturday at the Riviera I closed my eyes during that song which I think was sent when they did rival Sweden. And honestly I could not tell the difference between. Opera and a rival from Sweden that's good this government ones. So as. Click here are relevant now. Make him -- live in the old hardware. Art market had its been awhile since the -- dumpster regimen yet. Anyway it good good fun of course in whip whipped with heart felt that love is different -- a good -- Now life is -- hourly news revealed that thirty WBE. Oh man oh man comments well -- a couple of things here. About a way. I have to I'm sorry you guys early FaceBook fans you've got to handle the pollution puzzles today. Because I'm getting really close to use the C word in the F bomb on a few people. You're gonna happen. Handle them. Folks. Although an innocent. Crack open your -- -- history books -- I happen to know a lot of people who grew up behind the iron curtain. Calling people who are proponents of freedom in saying. That yeah. This is -- yes. This is stalinists. This is what they did in Iraq shot. You don't believe me open a damn book turn off the grammys open up a book. The fact of the matter is I gotta say that's one more time. I am. Mentally and physically competent to work. End up breaking story. You tell me when you've got your metal to a medical degree because I'll play awards for shrinks got bears. Who called me mentally and physically competent to work. And I'm not afraid -- ashamed to bring that up whatsoever. You wanna -- that may you come at me. Because I've handled myself as a man as a gentleman. And as a person of honor in this entire thing an -- is something else. You're gonna see vindicated man when this is done. And I'm gonna hold you bastard responsible. For the slander and libel. So you be real careful what you put on my page if I'm gonna hold everybody responsible. As you gotta be made less and this is still America. Be real careful what you -- because I'm not. I've done this is the ball OK this is the line this is the wall. This is why you guys got a handle reduce page on FaceBook. Guys I'm gonna. IE cannot restrain myself from F bombs in -- sometimes. All right. I've been a gentlemen. I've been honorable and had been a man. And I will be vindicated. And that's all I'm gonna say right now. But I'm also gonna add to that. You will be held responsible for libel and slander and a public figure that does not mean. That it's open season. Anyway sorry -- I have to say that. I -- because you have right you know but I wanna go on one more and say. And my friend that I shot who grew up in the Soviet Union. Will be the first battalion. This is how it starts. They go after public device that what do tyrants do they go after the intelligentsia first. And I'm clearly a brilliant man. You can say what you want about me but even that -- exit the news wouldn't dare go against me in an IQ test is that white but I'd wipe the floor when. So the first thing you do is. You try to demonize the opposition if that doesn't work then you try calling them crazy and unhinged. And on to say it one more thing I'm like in trouble for this but the evidence has to be said. If you've ever had any experience with the mental health system. -- -- get out in 36 hours. If you -- right. You could have Jesus H Christ as your lawyer and they don't release you in 36 hours. Even when you go in voluntarily it doesn't happen. You gotta ask yourself why did -- get out so quickly why the doctors -- will begin the discharge. You you can stay tuned for the rest of the story. But just say you know. You're not listening to -- Howard. You're listening to a man. I have had people tell me -- you need to go to a hotel the live. You know have told them I'd rather die in my home the be a push in a hotel room. And I I don't think I'm gonna get wet but. This is it's a head game. And I'm not the only one by the way folks. I'm not the only patriot right now who's going against similar stuff. So similar stuff when you leave a market check. The time will come when people who libel and slander will be held accountable. Financially. And critically. The time is not now. But it is coming. Joe's look at emulate. Johnny's looking at me like yeah. That I mentioned John lives right down the street from. I just. -- proud of that. Are you go to a bit better or not. John says he admits to nothing. Remember John you don't have the job full time yet. You must be a sec different and -- like a million. All right thank you very much it is 341 news radio 9:30 WBZ am. Now that I you don't get the slandered libeled him a space where -- mobile. App. That felt good sorry. Pass like a nice healthy. Dose of truth. In a era of spin. Anyway. Why would I bring that up well. You know it's funny you should ask -- because Chuck Schumer. It you know that the left. In this country the tolerant. The I want that these are asked to do folks. Have you any idea what's going on right now. Do you know folks folks if I told you. Three years ago. That the IRS. Was politically targeting conservative. Groups what would you upset about anybody who made that statement what would you have said. Do you work. -- area I triple dog area. You read the -- -- I dog triple or quadruple the dog dare you. If somebody -- three years ago. Obama is IRS is specifically targeting conservatives. What would you have set. Little unhinged. Sounds like somebody well written well. It sounds like somebody is a little paranoid. Will probably. It came out and and like Limbaugh started talking about it when report -- has its doubts. Yeah that's what folks Obama is our best documented fact was go after conservative groups. Three years ago I made at a -- You guys political capital actor. Logo all it's true. And it was true and it is true and now the left wants the left and its people in congress to double B -- double. It separates the go after conservative groups. You don't know yet folks pleasure to embassy. With -- Things that are of great significance you don't know yet but the civil war is already underway civil war to. You don't know but it already issues. Don't believe anybody with a Subaru whip. I had a great discussion would gauge today. On Saturday you know gauge its JJ is my hair guy I love him seriously. When he wanted to -- JJ has been here guide for years. And he is a flop. -- you don't know third of hurts. Love the man. Because as bouncing light in the golfer's hair Dresser is as he is just what the -- is a patriot. And he's an American. And he gets that. He also loves me and I love him as a man. Not in a sexual way. -- go to Jamaica with the -- but anyway I cut my hair you know. Anyway we had the best conversation about the news. I love it when people defy stereotypes. I loved it when my daughter played hockey before it was cool. Play hockey do that. I played hockey with one of the first girls in Western New York to play at a boys and still remember her name courageous want young lady named Andrea Whitfield. And you know what it was no big deal 19777. And she was honored him she played again and it was like. It was just I don't think this year. And I love it when people defy stereotypes that we JJ my hairdresser my hair guy. When he talks about how he is so unwelcome. In parts of the gay commute up a story in the gay community. Because he's one of those gun owning it shooting frenzy got it. Sorry about that that -- let me rephrase that. He's what are those -- those guys who go to the range. I mean if you know Jay I mean it can just imagine it well -- this is this is by invitation. Five just outside. That's -- the men. And we we always laugh because. We have this conversation on Saturday. It is not about me folks is that this should be about all Americans. Because that truly inclusive Americans are people like you and people like me who listen to my show. Because for the most part. All of us want equal treatment and inclusion for everybody. Everybody. JP. Members of minority groups. We want everybody treated with the blindfolded scales. The lady. With a blindfold hole the scales that's all we want is a fair shake and a square deal. An equal treatment I want that for everybody listening to this show. White people white man. Black people -- Addicts everybody eskimos Franken martians. Alien hybrid it's phenomenal to make a bigger crazy idea yes alien I. -- -- I want everybody to have equal treatment under the law and be treated with dignity as a human being. And I just -- it's so ironic. That the up biggest Jewish baggy hypocrites in the world are on the -- I really do we believe in inclusion. We believe and colleagues best thing. Yet if Europe homosexual. Who is conservative. All my god you're not well. You better keep your political views to yourself I know musicians by the way. Who privately told me Tom please don't ever say anything about this on the year but I'm a conservative I'm with. All -- by the way some of those people have been conservatives of the homosexual. Prep. What's Tom you know my personal situation I want to tell -- politically on the same page. It's such an honor for bigger event. Because you know -- -- from me because we can bet because you can get it. That being a truly inclusive American means. That you are accepting of other people. That you love other people. And that if you have a concern about their soul because of the way they live their lives that you believe might not meet with God's approval you know what. I respect that. But let's keep that between you and your prayers prayed for them if you think they are morally without a compass pray for them. -- an election and a little secret I pray for my enemies everyday. I I -- positive thoughts to my enemies when I -- the creator every day you know why. Dropped notably what are -- what are -- not to what do. And a coward I am a man. We have a lot of ground to cover today. But I just thought it was so that that wasn't the comment on FaceBook. Just may be sick are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. I feel like some of the Soviet -- this is exactly what I warned you guys about. Does anybody else I'd get up ultimately they. Break their jury or you gonna cut off. You cut off I get the transgender credit for theater -- dissent all right. -- should break a best break. Odd news radio like thirty WB end I'm on fire here the passion of my voice good. Guys I've got passion tingling and every inch or millimeter my body. Go out -- with us at WB -- This is show for Americans and I welcome my liberal friends. Live all is not a dirty word. Liberal. Classic American liberalism gave us the forty hour work week. Two weeks vacation in a lot of cases safety in the workplace. I'm talking class. Let her role liberty. Those kinds of liberals I welcomed into the program I think we need to lock arms we need to show the country. That Neanderthal. Conservatives and conservatory it's like myself and true American liberals like you can unite to say you know what. We don't agree on a lot of stuff. But we agree in basic tenets and principles of what it means to be in America. And the importance of freedom. Don't go anywhere. A couple of things here that we have been talking about today. Number one is. Folks. I don't wanna spend too much time on this today is I've got to related topic coming up into which we're gonna go. I need to do newspaper. Do yourself a favor. If you want to understand. What's going on in America right now you need to understand the totalitarian. Mindset. You have to. They call it nanny state. That's almost but it's and any state who wouldn't likened it because all of these are about thirty pounds overweight may currently with a -- -- What we've got. Is burgeoning totalitarianism. From New York State the Washington DC we've got the -- in this country. Urging. Left wing lawmakers to double B rate double that Shakespearean by the way it did double superlative to doubly redoubled their efforts to go after conservative groups. With the many resources of the iris. We've got people like you talk show host in Albany, New York named Melanie burns she was fired for her job. She was fired for jobs because. It was believed by the station that she was spending too much time talking about and why should it. Then they started talking about the fact that mentally she was a bit. Unhinged. Sound familiar. Yeah right it does. Not surprising. I wanna pick up with this I wanna get back to the 28 of February. 2013. And what some people told me bet them. And I got a million other things were gonna get into today as well. Folks I've never been more dedicated to the cause of freedom and liberty in your rights as I am right now. Nothing is gonna stop. Edit the immortal words of Tom Petty. I won't back down others might idol. You know why. Might have votes. Light boards.

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