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1-27 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision -- -- from watching the monitor and sometimes -- just wonder about people. As an AP poll that they were showing results of and the -- bowl -- people who were part of the poll. How is the rollout of obamacare going. Now obviously 64%. Of the respondents said not well okay here on Stan and -- -- percent said extremely. Well. Don't know what yardstick they use and bed and what -- they use but I think those 4% under their name should be made public. We should round them up put on a rocket ship and drop them off -- the moon. I mean can you how out of that would you have to be to check extremely well. By -- have you been old. -- enrollment went OK okay which doesn't happen many people. How could you how could you say it's gone extremely well under any set it's like saying. -- Pearl Harbor was organize and how do you do that how do you do that I can't I can't understand. I'm sure their percentage of must be the staff and MSNBC CNN. BCC special Benson yeah that's rich. Matt -- those guys Rachel -- outlook and I tonight anyway it is a Beijing company head -- look at this article by Larry Copeland. In the USA today and says new -- -- us know before you go a new law and Connecticut. Mandates that snow and -- be removed from all vehicles before you can take it on the highways. And the Connecticut state representative Lawrence of Ferrell says you're driving in the center lane. A day or two after -- ice on vehicle starting to melt. You're driving sixty miles an hour cars on the left cars on the right all of a sudden you see a sheet of ice. This Olympic dive off the top of a truck in front of you you can't go left you can go right you just pray to god it doesn't hit you. So now they they have a law in Connecticut the law says drivers quote shall remove any accumulated ice source Null. From such motor vehicles including the hood -- roof. Of such motor vehicles so that any ice or snow accumulations. On such vehicles does not pose a threat to persons or property. While the vehicles being operated on any street or highway in the states. Those who failed to do so be -- 75 dollars if snow or ice flying from vehicle's results in injury or property damage. Drivers of non commercial vehicles can be -- 200 to a thousand dollars the penalties for commercial drivers 500 did 12150. So there UC. Now it's not really fair as we said for commercial drivers suppose -- AM. Europe over the road driver. And you hook up your -- you're down a highway. You know expected nor would -- be wise shooting unilateral wrote. And go the entire length of the truck the clear the roof and we found out that there are some blades that do that. But they're few and far between one person said northeast Pennsylvania which is right over the line before -- get the -- All the way of the Watertown. There's none no blades around here. So I think that. To find a driver for that would be a miscarriage of justice it's not the driver's fault. However the State of New York ever does in an act a law like this I think you'll be very important that they install those blades. There where there were rove mentioned in the trucks up so that as drivers were -- group like a trucks they could I get that clear from the drop truck. In New Jersey drivers -- -- 25 to 75 dollars for failing to remove the -- 200 to a thousand dollars of supplies often causes damage. In Pennsylvania. Drivers find 200 to a thousand dollars if the snow or -- damages anybody's. Property. In Washington now this is unusual but of course you got to remember it's the state of Washington. The full post state. Along with California but law allows police to stop drivers for traveling with a accumulated ice on their vehicles but the offense. Carries no fine. Maybe a slap on the wrist. Now look a bit of them could have opened the window here I'm going to slap your and you did not clear your vehicle. Some say what's appointments of toothless law. You can pull somebody over and say -- I guess the person would have to get out clearance. But it doesn't make much cents on so I think issue we have a law like that and market. I don't sit around and not a legislator and also around thinking a new laws that would we should do I'm not Felix Ortiz. But I am thinking that we've all been in situations like this. Well we've been in back of vehicles. Not just the the glasses and cleared certainly via we're lucky of -- at the glass cooler. But the opposing clarity and that is the part that most people don't do. And as I said the problem is a lot of vehicles have roof racks or ski racks or are things like that and it's hard to get ice out of Iraq. You know yes I guess Tony thank you thank you very much rather VO will be Euro. -- via the comedy. Show is moving at the same speed as the platform you know that. Should your donation -- to clear Iraq before you allowed Omnia and absolutely needed. It on ice and Iraq now I am just telling you that is not good for -- the ball. It is it's distracting. I mean if if somebody passes you in the device on the Iraq. That's the first thing you know -- -- you don't want that the whole so if you don't have Iraq at all. I'm sorry but if you don't have Iraq. That I guess it's easier maybe you have Iran if you don't have Iraq. It's easier to claim the the snow and I saw the news one of those big orange deals ever -- it -- -- those big orange deals like that it via our. The car companies do it Maria the dealers though it's -- handle the big orange. Is it works very good. We used to give -- here and the number of all I have one they gave me one from Libya and so I have it and there if there's a lot of snow is really helpful clear. It does a great job that's what card dealer Jews to clear up the snow on cars in their lot. So the people get a deal what did it look like. You see the personnel there -- those that much more efficient than just the regular ice -- when I was a lot way to use and leaf blower to get the snow on that sense because they didn't want any brushes -- in the -- that's Smart and that makes sense now so it was even if those snow had had moisture content as it was enough to blow up the -- -- then you'd have to. Can do you have parents scrape -- a little bit yeah okay so we come back we'll take your calls it a 309 Israel wanted to and his excellence -- -- interviews exits -- 930 that is. Beach and company and we're talking about the fact that there are new laws in Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington. Saying you've got to not only clear the glass on your vehicle you've got to clear the roof to. Which makes sense to me. Not that I want more laws. Buds are sure we have an obstruction law here in New York which might be -- cover all. For this. The last thing I want our new laws but I think that this might make some sense I'd like your opinion also give me your driving story. So why do you think of the absurdities of life. I do I think you probably due to think of this week but we hire politicians. To go to Albany. To sit around and make up no laws and new rules and new regulations. And things that we can't do any more or things that we can do but it's gonna cost us more money we send them there that's their job. We send them there to regulate us even more -- our order regulated. Scene of certainty no. It does tomato I mean it really does. Let's go to Bob I think would be the next that a caller and -- on the -- do you think evidences is as a decent idea or not. -- we're trucking company Elton. I don't North America derived. As one of those Russians as -- -- OK you know. What -- -- gotten was murdered in business I don't know. It seems like it's a good idea that you are an easy for the driver especially if they were easily accessible like a truck stopped a drive -- clear it off. Right. But then you'd have potential rate there was probably I left to portion -- away for an election. You know that's a good point what would be I don't know how they would take care of what just got brushed off of your truck. Be interesting to see what kind of expenses involved in May be more costly than minutes sounds. Hello what about regular cars though do you think. The people who don't clearly guys off there is say their minivan or things like that they should be held liable for any damage of the ice flies off. -- -- If you're gonna. Go after the guys drive in the semis usually go after the regular guys that are out there to. I agree and I don't think but he semi drivers. Should be held responsible because. I even if it is their rig you have to have the ability to remove bad guys beyond your control and I don't think -- Who would be expected to get up on latter's or anything like that so if you if they don't have the blade. No harm no foul for the driver thank you. I mean it's one maybe the company but not the driver of course now everything has a cause and effect. If if if the company is sublime and it's going to involve higher costs. If there's enough of a higher costs for shipping higher costs for shipping translates to higher costs for the goods higher cost of the goods means less money in your park. But there are certain things that so we stand back and we saved for public safety we should really look at us. And -- I think this would be a public safety issue because you've seen and I've seen. We're sheets device sometimes is a little low a little bit sometimes it's more. Just come off and and you you can see it because it starts to slide. And if you're just hoping first thing you do is let up off the gas and hope that it's gonna slide and fall down in front of viewed these do not want the fall on you. And if you're in on the throw away in back of an eighteen Wheeler. You're doing 65 miles an hour who knows what's gonna end up in your windshield and I don't want anything on my windshield short of a bug went on to a 65. Now you are sure you can picture this in this happens usually with the cars. Are you -- your driver -- yes good accumulation of snow on your roof. -- -- you've been heated up are you go to stop in the all articles forward and just buries your wish I -- And -- go forward and take a windshield wipers out. I have seen that. I have -- at a stop sign where they -- two lane highway and I've had a vehicle there was like just station wagon kind of deal. At first while I was happy because of the station. But they stop in the -- comes right on the front and took the windshield wipers right out. So that's not good either. So you you wanna do it as best you can. And if there's enough brushes and different things you get the big orange things are really good for snow but there are other things for ice as well. I think you it's an obligation that you should be as safe as you can when you're on the highway it's one of the basic. Rules are crest another official points. This one comes from Markey says that was injured and I -- it -- to -- so for me it's very difficult to clean off the roof of my car because of that second take care of the windows. But that said analog it was in a place people like me would be some kind of special consideration. Well I agree I totally agree oh because -- are made of some non commercial vehicles have a high roof. And if you camps. And I don't care if you're 634 you can't reach at all. And if you are short if you're short person. Sometimes though both of things -- look easily accessible for most people might not be accessible for you. And nobody wants the as the latter. There aren't running boards and many vehicles anymore so Heidi again how to get that out I don't know. I think the person that invent something like they'll make a lot of money also the person that invents. Some kind of device it's a -- believes out of your gutter. On -- on a single story houses anyway. Would make a lot of money something like a short. If -- shape at the end of vacuum vacuum but blower Heidi you know high pressure -- they have all hall hose attachment for that -- water comes unclear is over water yeah partially dried out -- okay. Because what I did is I had that you're shields put on. And so when it does is builds up on probably -- all that's left in the latter I think it's probably better than in the gutter but. Parents let's go to. -- a lot of people remark today this is another mark this is mark from Holland mark you're on WB yen. And mark what do you think I'm not a big proponent of having new laws but do you think this this law has some sense to. -- I don't think sides say. You know they're. Fine as far as clear -- those -- -- and they'll say -- their orders are harder not to say it without them -- about one aren't dumb people. I have an injured in the state system that is supposed to -- -- have tried to small landing on yeah. You guys saying I've seen snow I've seen it come as Tony says come down over the windshield when you stopped are seeing a blow off of trucks though when you're moving. Snow isn't too bad it might hinder your visibility with the ice is what really causes problems. Hey guys but I haven't you know you have a tractor trailer. You know you shouldn't. Have like some of the rules as possible it is going to be small I have never seen a tractor trailer -- slab of life. Well I'm thinking of the track if they tractor trailers sitting in the yard and Malia and is afraid or whatever it's hauling isn't it and somebody just looks up and takes off. I think that -- the snow it depends on the temperature would. Could turn to -- as -- as against liquefied and then it as a as a chunk device blows off and that's with -- problems. I mean I understand what it. You know of course some come out and -- someone -- that there -- The driver's fault at all on a tractor trailer we don't expect them to be up on the roof there will be too dangerous. Even if they could to go up on the roof and -- so I think there are some things beyond the control of awesome our lawmakers I think of a conscientious effort has made. You drive safely. Generally remark you and I agree that should be enough thank you. One more Chris before the break please discounts from parent she says I love this idea I commute from Orchard Park in downtown buffalo every day and about 60% of the cars don't brush off the roof -- windows more backlights. It's an uneasy feeling being on the road with them you know a lot of people doing and I've seen them do it you've seen them do it through. They do enough on the windshields. -- to be able a city. -- and maybe a little bit on the side who's on the front passengers. Glass in the driver's last so they could see the rearview mirrors. But that's -- they leave everything. There for god to take off. A win when they're driving at sixty miles an hour they figure the wind will take the snow often pretty soon I didn't have to do all of -- -- work while meanwhile. -- the snow blow and somebody else's vision got a problem. Chunks of fall off the top of your vehicle that's a problem. But you -- wanna take the extra time to be able to get up there and get that done. There are enough ways to do it I think there are some exceptions like eighteen wheelers would be an exception. If if they have access to -- ovals clearing blades that's fine but there are many around. And so I think they would be exempt but anybody who can and has control like. The person said that they have the user came to get around and they wouldn't be very easy for them to do it I think there can be some exception exception certainly. But I if you are able bodied. And you have the ability to do it you should -- and if you don't I have no problem the fine. -- 0393018061692. Freezers and -- nine. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine very -- toll free line is 1806169236. -- not the best of times in the summer we've all had cracked windshields. And on Texas led to -- when -- In Texas that happens a lot because they of solos and gravel roads whatever. -- but that's the easy thing compared to the winter when there's ice flying around off the top of vehicles. And that's what these laws in the state of Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania Washington. I mean to address certainly the snow to some extent. But the snow comes flying off that's perhaps the visibility problem it's not gonna damage your car and what's your. Action to a -- with a but the but the real tough thing are there is ice if ice comes off. And it -- your windshield and you're at any kind of speed as a pretty good chance is going to be damage or maybe even a broken windshield. And I think we have a caller who might be able relays some information like that this is Oscar on a cell phone Oscars thank you for calling what he got for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- you're putting your off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- your -- you know that. There are dedicated a song. About. What do you look -- -- that the -- All of -- rarely did a better driver stopped that the driver know that and it come off of his truck. You don't realize. Always the other way okay yeah that can happen to have but he if you're in the left lane and he's in the leveling going the opposite way -- -- -- insurance pay for -- I feel a little bit. -- LL article out and android are often they at all toward children. Oh OK yeah so you can understand I hadn't thought of that aspect of lower crosses lines a good point thank you Oscar. Oscars the first -- we talked to today this actually happened to. I've seen it come down I do like Tony says. I've seen that when it gets little warmer. Is comes and becomes like -- and it comes right down your windshield. Especially if you have any really raked windshield and it'll take those wipers and I'll go by the wipers -- -- -- that now. But I've also -- gonna fly off Padilla a top -- myself fly off the handle from time to time. -- but there's no law against that happened there is a law against a lot of people driving oh without a -- as a safe environment if they're don't have enough vision. By the cops and -- -- ticket and I thank them if they don't clear their vehicle -- get a ticket these are specific laws for those things. I think you have a responsibility not only for your own safety -- those around you to clear your vehicle of people oftentimes. They they have a schedule and there on that schedule. And that's all we care about this morning I left the half an hour earlier than I normally do to get to the radio station. Because the driving was a little hairy in places Berry -- in other places. And still saw people. I was going thirty by the forty. In the war climb by didn't matter their on their way to probably get line for cup of coffee before they went to work. And so I'm asking of bush you have any horror stories of winter driving. And also what you think about the possibility of some kind of a law like Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington. Here in New York. Next one would be Iran in west Seneca run here on WB again. -- -- adult after -- you -- -- -- doctor Ron what do you thing when you. -- no longer be outlawed any time but I -- stop New York candles law ball obstructed when the older windshield. Your. Job they -- they -- you know be obstructed vision. So would probably covered but if you have ice on your roof. They couldn't say that a bad obstructed your vision and that would definitely be a hazard to other -- motorists. You don't -- angered some of the callers say you know it's hard to get to where I carry one little one inch push for. And they even by animals -- he this count hardware. And they -- -- -- that the truck and everything into this -- the -- group of your roof right off the outlawed the wedge a little bit relax and are you don't know problem. I want my vehicles outside I have one of those big orange deals that we used to giveaway on WBM and they gave me one years ago. And it really does a good job getting beat deep heavy snow off there. But any vehicle that has a roof -- Usually go to work around that missile sovereign and if it's snowing outside or is really -- like it's going to be tomorrow. The kind of things people want -- cut that time and they just clear what they have declaring get off. And can cause problems though thank you thank you for your call appreciate it. 8030930180616. -- of the six are and I'm thirty -- full banker calls waiting to express though what their thoughts on this. I'm I'm not the kind of guy that sits around thinking up hey I wish we had some more new restrictive laws in New York State. -- wish we had some new findings now that's not me at all but I this makes sense this makes sense especially since we kind of curse out those that. -- go over the road and they're not. They're not prepared for -- today and they don't care what kind of hazard they present. Saturday in Jerusalem New York -- you're on WB again. Cater catering and a little unclear exactly when he got for us. -- -- questions. It's going to be -- that that in New York right. A New York is not thinking about yet that we know up these are new laws in these five other states and where. Any time somebody else comes up -- -- idea usually New York properties that. That's always looked interesting and every time I want to work. Before I took that trying to clean up the vehicle you know with a spotless. But I think there were neatly kept trying to -- Emotional blow off and I explode off. We'll take part of the state panel. That's a good point and in New Jersey where you're from. It's a 200 to a thousand dollars of the guys flies often causes injury or property damage us a lot of money. But what if my other question this or they have a look loyalists on the books no foot cell phone. And what I drive into where -- lives -- here. It's apparent fatigue part. And the chair Leo there's -- -- latent. In about forty course people will be other hopefuls doing nothing. Police say differences between beyond their share of conceived by the law. They can't see the first. Yeah that's a good point we were wondering how it could be enforced because even a bit blew off. Into your windshield and you've got their license plate number if you want to court. Because the driver I had you may not even know that it that it happened so he's not necessarily trying to get away -- It would be your word against the driver who didn't even know what happens unless you had witnesses how could you prove that that ice. The broke you're Wendell came from his -- -- -- But but there are devices. So people can they can actually the whole car opened right through the -- the of some sort. I know they have the cars -- motorcycles Albanians. And they have a blade bit apparently an eighteen Wheeler can drive under but they're very hard to find. Well you know -- -- really good job for somebody. Bring him more employment and to say. Well it's -- -- I think it's a decent idea to be honest with the keep those things -- thank you thank you very much take a break back with a final segment on beach and company -- -- 930. We wanted to if you think there ought to be a -- -- New York like the law in Connecticut like the law in New Jersey like the law in Pennsylvania and like the law and Washington. Saying that you're responsible for your vehicle not just on the glass but on the roof. There and -- so they take it even to commercial vehicles which would be eighteen wheelers and and and delivery -- things like that where the driver could not reasonably be expected to remove it themselves they would have to have some good news formal removal. We understand. I did not know until we talked to some listeners today that there is such a device. It's like a blade that you drive under within eighteen Wheeler and it takes that area of the snow and ice off the top. Of your truck but there's not many them around here. The caller said there was one of the Coca-Cola plant in the East Hartford and is now one down in northeast Pennsylvania northeast as a big trucks up on their. But there's -- around here so I don't think the driver should be held responsible. For something he has no control over. However you oh you know you have control over your vehicle. And you have a roof you can reach -- just too lazy to do it. So you put little pinhole in your room windshield and hope that the defrost their world fire up and and melt away anything on the idea. Anything on the wind -- and then -- don't even bother checking when -- wipers that is if there's any ice on them because of their zone totally useless because their way from the glass. You gotta you gotta do that stuff. And if you can you should do the roof to -- It's no may be an inconvenience and may cause some people give you the finger but ice can be even more dangerous and may cause property damage -- don't forget to make your your score workers are cleared out to -- -- -- enough salt -- you can't see the other close quarters yeah especially if you're driving into us and the sun. If you if you're if you're up the sounds -- -- is empty. See a doctor once I -- -- -- quarter is empty. And you're driving into the sun. And -- reflects off your windshield you're driving -- you've got to keep it usually blow I guess it could be other callers when it's usually blow. The most corner and most of those corners now have ice melting. Things in them so it helps but don't don't depend on -- clear -- Maria a scraper. OK let's check out with -- checked in with the chuck and I don't want to who has a little story for -- happened today hijacker on WB again. And any -- on apply you have something happened today deal. Absolutely and I'm glad you brought that topic up because I drive a lot to my job I work for -- or idle all 30000 mile year driving while -- at. On the -- like that especially today. Apart from about six in the smell on up there but it was a regular car what the big truck. And I would -- -- inspire -- for our country ninety. And all of a sudden they hit that state where all the snow started coming off the back of the vehicle. So it's certainly -- turn it into like a white out condition. Obviously you're not gonna be doing. Should be about an hour wind up until it got very dangerous because. I couldn't eat for -- light. Because those aspects. Ed that's what or afraid of because -- your flying blind. And a -- didn't even take its time especially a regular vehicle to show any consideration of a safety review or anybody else. Now and that this person barely took the time to clear spot with the other back -- -- -- what went out they were a bit more about our agency guy on the road but. At the expense of what the other driver on the road. Good point and you know what Jack I bet if you follow them somewhere you'd find out there were in a coffee line somewhere. Oh they wanted to get that before they got there were -- thank you for bringing that up because that is one of the reasons we did the show today. Another Chris from our -- FaceBook. Postings please this is from JoAnne she says this is certainly dangers before driving into work today I cleaned up my entire car but it stuck behind somebody who didn't the snow blew off the roof -- -- my -- -- -- entire trip I would definitely support a law like this I think it makes sense the last thing I and I. I want are more laws more restrictions but I think there comes a time when you understand the basic need for safety. Safety should trump convenience. You -- argun about. Safety is more important. First a good suggestion for you if you don't have one you should get one get a remote starter if your vehicles outside. Leave it set for defrost from the night before so that huge headstart by the time you get out. You'll have a head start for clearing your windshield. -- make and conscientious effort to get all the glass get a shirt tail lights because if they don't know you're stepping on the break -- gonna have a problem. Make sure -- clear headlights as well. Then -- the roof. But make sure you get everything as best you can you're never gonna get a totally every flake off there. But I think you owe it to people rather than the -- -- version of all I'm freezing it's so cold out here I did not know what I didn't start early I didn't have the radio on a good lesson John ensues and this morning say. That I -- while some extra time. Saw here I'll make up the time by just scraping a little four inch square. Writer from my eyes so that I can see through that and that the master world be blasting within a few miles. Man I mean that's totally irresponsible behavior is Trulia is. And so if you really do care about your own safety if you care about the safety. Of the other motorists that are going to be around you. -- make sense to clear vehicle the better you can see the better vacancy you. That's good and don't forget. Your headlights if you have automatic headlights. Put them on manual on a day that. That perhaps they might not come on by themselves because there is there -- -- too low light and darkness not. In fog and things like that. So do that -- be -- conceal and that's all -- can do given a shot we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine. CRE earlier this morning at six -- -- if there tomorrow five. Anyway check out John -- and -- of course we always where Johnson isn't Chris Randy bush over actually. Lives here so he never goes home. So we got the crude eroded particularly tomorrow morning under the fretted about thirty W via yeah. Well. Well. Which they never -- to these beasts.

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