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1-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward -- governor have said if these are basic question there ought to be a law in New York army we got a lot of laws in the New York -- and some might think we have too many laws in new York -- Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington have a law that says. You must clear your vehicle if a third of its cargo declared totally off it even if it's a truck even if it's a delivery truck you're seeing some of those straight job trucks. There there's no way you can get ice off the top all of them. I don't know how that would be in force that in the states that have these laws Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington. But I do say if they're reasonable and rational. We have a right to expect a a clear vision. A year when she'll certainly has to be cleared your side mirrors your side windows and your back window. It's I think courtesy declared the top of your vehicles so at least -- doesn't lift up and fly in the face of a driver following yeah. We'd like to know if you think that that while would be appropriate. In New York because the fines are anywhere up to 12100 dollars. In one let's see in Connecticut -- 200 to a thousand for a car. 500 at 1250 for a commercial truck in Jersey it's 200 to a thousand dollars -- its Pennsylvania's 200 to a thousand dollars. And Washington has a while but no fine. It says no teeth and it I don't understand that at all. Plus your driving story what was it like today you probably woke up when you're not expecting best because everybody was kind of pointing toward tomorrow. While we have it windchill warning in effect from 3 AM. A tomorrow morning until 11 AM tomorrow morning in which -- is going to be very very cold. There and they're saying that the wind chills could -- could be a thirty below zero. I have been through. In five years in Wisconsin. Twice and hit forty below 040. Below zero chill factors and one time. I was almost laughing because Cindy was at the pro ball in Hawaii. And I was in fill up your thoughts forty below zero job back there guys on the ending fun it is not fun. And so tomorrow we may get some morrow who knows -- this extreme cold. We may get more -- more closings of schools some people think that OK you can understand that when the roads are slippery. You can understand it when their icy. But just cold alone can't understand it and I think what you have to think about are the little -- kids that are standing up a little TDs. First and second grade whatever and they're standing at the end of the driveway waiting for the Boston show up. So that could be very hazardous so I'll let you know about that tomorrow morning as to any kind of vote. Impact it would violence goals. But what we're saying now is give us your driving stories through the best I could do today it was while I was trying to stay in a -- if I could find one. On the Miller is what I white couple of vehicles 11 by a pickup truck with a huge joke plow on and went flying by a cloud of snow I don't know how we saw -- thing. And I've had trucks that -- believe media you don't have anymore advantage -- you have with anything else it was all wheel drive certainly that wasn't the issue the issue with visibility. And it was blowing around drifting around and were you late for work was your boss the boss OK -- it. We have to be here we have no choice. So where will we leave earlier we make preparations. Is very seldom in all my years in radio on New Year's program. Aside program for seventeen -- very seldom did did an employee not show up for work simply because of weather. You just kind of have to plan for. The takes longer it takes longer but some people just think that they're not the subject of the laws of gravity. Remember all Wheeler four wheel drive is good for traction is not any better for breaking than anything else. You know you accelerate decelerate in a straight line I mean these are things that are pretty common if you're live around here. But I I just don't forget some of the mindset of people who won the editor of flying by you and come on secretly you know. You know you feel like to see him like not injured it's. Just there than those of their vehicle now in the ditch completely like this that come. Are you feel guilty about it I'm allowing him giving a dispensation. You give me an act of contrition a couple of good hail -- and you're allowed to do that you're hoping that that more on the just passed you in nearly ran you off the road. Is the headlights are down in the ditch and he's -- forward flasher on. But that never happens that are almost never happens. When somebody pulls a boom move like that that they're almost an almost never catches up on them where you can. Enjoy it for the moment you know you -- kind of fantasize that I. I'm Betty Betty averages somewhere we don't want anybody injured no property damage but we want plenty of inconvenience in all of argun about. It's the same mindset when somebody passes you on a nice day you really hope that the radar didn't sell out but you'll always -- you you would give anything not to get caught on radar. You'll even warn other friends because you're only doing it for their safety. As you see them by flashing lights. Which you know if it is a safety issue then you're really helping boys. If its revenue collection agency or perhaps not happy -- that but if if it's a safety issue is saying today. Aren't you going a little fast here let me flash my lights -- you so you'll slowdown and these. But in the winter in the winter there's no reason for some of the driving and you see it all the time he CEO of fools just fly and by yeah. And that Jack rabbit starts in just the cool thing is things got to wonder. They knew until winter driving -- know what what the cause and effects are. The one that drives me crazy and you know you have to understand that the roads are slick so everybody needs to assistant. To stop it's the ones who make a left turn in fond of -- try to beat traffic. And now you're left they're trying to get on your break and you are hoping that you're gonna. And a second one is not as famous don't you gave the famous one right there that's the one that affects everybody but there's a second one. That goes under the radar simply because of what it is but it's just as nasty because you got to get on your brakes. Somebody taking a right hand turn into a driveway. Or into a parking lot going like one mile an hour where they're going to Iran through. And it's like big they're afraid it's like their right hand and their camera pulling in opposite directions of the wheel and they got a it's -- Feels right. I just mad Max beyond column and then they go in there and you are cursing them. It's you're allowed to occur is a bad driving. That it's not gonna count against you in your admissions -- haven't. Big clock as you are trying to gauge things. If you look up ahead. And -- -- lights -- you let up on the gas you've tapped the breaks a couple of times of people Ambac you know you're going to be stopped it but some guy close in on -- Not paying attention. He's probably eating you know -- his breakfast is probably on the on the passenger seat. I'm not paying any attention so we might hear from -- or -- driving stories today you're commuting stories today. And should there be a law in New York like they haven't Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington that says your vehicle must be cleared. -- -- And -- interviewed somebody all all it's going to -- -- in the wallet. Call us now I -- three on 930. By the way whoever designed the uniforms on the pro ball ought to be shot while not show up but they should never be allowed. To do head to ever design -- again the agency that was kind of like grade blockage. There were -- I am proud to see I didn't watch one single second of that team or the grammys I didn't either I sought and sports package highlight a I don't see. The -- not a sports package highlight. And I don't know which team that was that was wearing those collars up was you know. All the money they have you think they've come up with the regional helmets for the you know but they -- the team helmets. As I heard Chris mentioned that. When they -- wearing this morning with the is Johnson -- when they're wearing the team helmets and that -- The only thing worse were the throwback to a Steelers jerseys. -- -- -- -- I couldn't catch it while I did the trial watch yesterday in the grammys who cares so two guys with helmets one on Yahoo!. I'm glad I was a disc jockey when I was this argued because I don't think I'd like to be a disc jockey today helmets yeah big gimmick now with helmets. They Wear helmets. About that on -- -- a big big that's edgy. Yeah. Let's go to look at leniency were Kathleen has to say analog forecast later on WB yeah. But I think out when he piper people go and should not one that everybody is so distracted deeper -- -- distracted easily the end. I think 20%. Consider it and really. You know. What's going on around them and. If you look at the vehicles as they drive but while they don't drive by you probably if you're this bus driver bodies in coming the other way or whatever. There's probably more snow on them and -- should be good for them to have a clear vision all from a car. Good people -- -- at least the other and they don't -- loudly but they will do everything possible -- it bothered me so that's why there. -- -- -- Now I saw it's it's the kind of thing where you might like to see a law like this in New York State them because it might make people. The best way to get their attention hit him hit him in the wallet in this case it might make for safer roadways or you're in favor of a law like that. Well yeah I mean I'm not one probably do I think correctly yet -- and I broke out after six here and maybe that would. -- -- particular problem. I'm -- -- because you're seeing people obviously don't know how to drive and if they don't know how to drive on a dry day. They sure don't know how to drive on a day like this thank you get a plane drive safely thank you very much. Yeah how would a school bus so when the flashing lights come on obviously can't pass them. But she I'm sure it's on of people coming the other way we'd like to -- your horror stories driving and I told John Miller sport. I'm doing 35 or forty and that's about -- I can go. If you have any hope of now running at somebody Eric double -- wants one Miami just flying by me with a big -- -- started higher dose over. And though they were off into the night air. But you talk about dangerous one arm -- while one there if that if that clown hit somebody with a plow on the front of his. It was probably a three quarter truck records on. Could have even been a one ton pickup. Heavy duty it's that way up there because I've had a few of those kinds of trucks and other look like. A plow on the front of that. And he goes plowing into somebody good luck to you. Chris though we have a a couple of postings on the back through via -- please you know this one is from Ronnie says I'm not sure we needed new -- for this can't we just write a ticket for these people for driving while impaired if you're driving without being able -- -- -- -- just like being drunk I think you can I think -- driving with the restricted vision does stuff like that where these other. -- -- -- are things that are on top of your vehicles like -- Where it doesn't affect the vision around you. But as the air picks up the ice off of the roof and blows it in the somebody else's windshield or footer whatever. That's what these laws yet not only obstructed vision with a glass but also what's on the roof and what's on the roof and not be easy to take care of I'm just telling you it's okay on station wagon but boy you get into a panel van. We get into a delivery of straight job delivery truck. Or even you know eighteen Wheeler Howell how could they possibly do it I have no idea let's go to Allen Rochester how you're on WB yen. Well. Look at other states maybe he looked at other countries. What what the name and and just went there and Canada. -- Get out and yes they do yeah they. Can bet that that -- and split them. Do they have a law that says that they can have vice on the top of their trucks and stuff. Are they diversity I didn't know that you have. But it does it -- you've got -- their MP RO PP they'll tell you how they enforce it. Yeah how do. How does the board truck driver goes out and looks -- as Greg how does he unless he's got some kind of drive through. Truck wash how does he get rid of ice on the top of his -- Well company -- -- something some companies do they have something it's almost like JD smoke all bleed it. I'm up at the height of the group global of the trailer but it motion. Trailer and trailers. In six -- Is still being up there with the latter as the at like some aluminum -- Crossover like a lock way crossover and it does take some time but -- that they hit cuts and federal -- public safety. I know that you if you follow our tractor trailer on the threw away and you watch him go under an overpass there's very little extra space up there and if they if the truck was had a lot of stuff on the top it would just -- -- who assured that the guys write off of okay I'm what you Allah we got a new look to our friends in Canada. They date is -- -- being careful around larger vehicles. Yeah out at darn -- trucks come into that category. I hear you allowed in player my dad drove for 33 years. Thank you very much yeah it's the thing about like this supposedly. The trailer was out in the yard before video. In the video loaded up and you you hooked on he Kansas go up to the top of written get rid of the ice I don't know what they would do that as he said there are some places I don't have. In -- some truck stops they have things that look like truck washes while they are truck -- But if you ever been right in back of a tractor trailer on the -- And you watch it has a goes under the overpass I bet there's not four inches five inches of extra space. And so if there was any accumulation. Of vice. There would you -- right off there's not much question about that. 803093018061692. Through six -- 930 yes the states are lining up Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania Washington. Who say not only have to keep the glass clear on your vehicle and you've got to clear what's on the roof. Which should be accumulated ice. And that the fines to go up through 12150. Bucks and so it's -- -- -- serious money were asking. Although I'm the last one the call for new laws in New York City and they were over regulated now but that seems like a real safety issue we'd like your opinion. Calls now on we'll talk to -- after the break. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Well lots of lots of Ebola -- work late today had a difficulty getting to oracle wants I heard Susan and John sign on either side. I better get ready early and I actually showed up at the rate decision early today but it took a longer than planned. And it was a little bare knuckle driving their for awhile but tomorrow we're going to be facing something different and that's a windshield. In effect it could be. Thirty below zero Winchell. In different places it'll be different obviously. What you -- right here tomorrow morning and they'll tell you if anything's been canceled or changed. But we're asking you there ought to be a law there is there are laws in Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington. Did say you must not only clear the glass on your car or V or truck but what's on the roof to. And so we're saying some this might be pro problematical -- ice up as they got a straight job. And you're making a city deliveries that might be ice on the top of it how do you get rid of that if it comes off and hit the car. But deal like the idea of having some kind of I'm sure we've got obstructed driving rules now that they could give you a ticket for. Obstruction of view is while driving. But view do you favor a law that says that if the ice comes up her car in front of you or truck in front view that there are liable for a fine. Because I and I approve unless the cop happens CO. Or road you have witnesses that happened to see it right down the license number. Then -- several people against the word of driver of the driver may not even know what happened the driver of the truck may not even know. So it it's not like they're trying to get away it was something. I think you can drive a truck and have ice come off the top and not even know you might hear a noise as -- slides that that's usually what happens. They slide to the back. And then it comes down. But they may not know let's go to Ryan in Cheektowaga Ryan -- WV yen. Well yes sir -- what do you think good idea -- not we have enough laws already what do you give us your views. I think that the great idea. Actually. The tractor trailers. They're driving down the QA you know they don't realize how it's public places they're actually out there and all after truckload driver and. You know when it comes -- comes -- friend in big chunks and sometimes a sheet. And it's not really their fault that's not a negligent driver I think it's beyond their control but. We were gonna talk to a guy after we talk to you says it's not that hard to clean them up by -- -- must be some special way they can do it. But do you think it's a decent idea and so alive because its safety issue right -- crazy drivers today. I've been home all day the water's been shut out. That street because of water being breaks all alone well. Hope they get that repaired and it's but if you've got to be off today's a growth -- the PR thanks Ryan. Now bill is that gonna give us a different -- know he says not that tough to clean and eighteen wheelers -- from west senator thanks for calling bill when he got forest. Well our candy I drive tractor trailer and down for example in the Hartford Connecticut to Coca-Cola plant their. They have -- they drive underneath all tractor trailer and it got big blade and and I don't like either an apartment so when you drive into it you know it is it lower -- out of and it comes up to the idea truck. And the -- scrapes the top. I don't know how good it would do if you -- hard right up there yeah I'll let you know source Nolan. You don't -- a little bit ice and stop it is it cleaned them up pretty good. That's really good -- I did not -- -- bad that's a that's a good a good idea makes euros safer on the road for those following news. The only the only -- I don't know if you pass a law like bad short tracks. I mean trucks that don't have -- you know. Guys like I've I'm coming up all I'm a little out of mach port you all. I can't do what he's saying before I get going -- and individual driver. You don't. Pretty much at the warehouses. I can't see any at a truck they -- charming all the networks or you know -- trucking company had any. What you know. So they're they're going to be limited. You know sort still kinda hard. Supporter on the truck driver but you don't do it big bold statement truck stops in places where you can worry and great -- it's it's pretty pretty. No that's thanks or tell us about that I was not a wherever I certainly would not be the driver's fault that you have no control of what's up there -- so but thanks for telling us about that -- appreciate it. And that was in the East Hartford as the -- the Lebanese Hartford. And that's when it worked in the in Hartford strangely enough I Lebanese are for our okay Chris so what do you have Von FaceBook forcefully this would tell. And Judy -- she says do we really need another law offering common sense issue just being nice your fellow drivers and clean up which you can't. It's not realistic to expect some people he's a letter to clean up at all truck well I agree you shouldn't have to trying get -- latter that might be more dangerous than what's on top of the roof. Declared off but common sense that it a -- security. Common sense I mean if views on a bridge in watching traffic go by. On a day like today say this morning you see a lot of things that don't fit under the heading of common sense. I don't think you you wanna believe things are common sense because a lot of people don't have Cummins. There are people are more. You know if if you want your own safety -- you care about the safety of others are people who are more concerned about it than others some just get in there -- little you've seen him. They clear bid on the item on the windshield and that's that you know what I've seen a few people doing it makes sense of -- cars outside. And just lift the wipers away from the boy go away from the window. So that then when you go to scrape the windshield. Wipers and frozen to. You can scrape right down to the wipers come to rest all right. Then also run your finger along the length of the blade. To make sure that there's no ice on the blade and now what I always do is let them snap. Just when their little bit away from the when she'll let them -- that would get rid of the rest of the of the eyes. But if -- blades are out. Then they're not gonna get frozen your windshield because sometimes you make the mistake -- vote the turning them on their frozen. It won't ruin them by the dozen dormant goodies there -- is there some common sense things if you've been driving around for awhile. You know while how to do this kind of stuff what you see people. Doing things that are not common sense will be back with more we'd like near formulate a trio and I Israel wanted to under its excellence -- two visits -- and I thirty. You'll like this idea. You like this idea that the Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington have. That you're responsible model for the Callaspo what's on top of your vehicle. Like ice and big chunks of ice and snow and things like that. And your driving story from today or basically any driving sort -- after Tony just -- Jackson said memories. It was 23. Years ago today. Wide right up and I didn't know he remembered -- Was wide right hi David about show you know. What -- I expect incorporate things that I got a divorce. That's the way it happens that's the way it happens -- the wide rights. I actually that was a 47 yard field goal -- I think that I have my own personal one. Cuts are headed -- a hundred arguably Scott Howard -- that. -- pretty big -- of these and there are carrying that around with them for the rest of life. I don't think it's something that he should Carrie or feel any shame because. It was it difficult. Field field goal to begin with 47 yards -- now than he would have to start well. I don't blame him whatsoever. I am -- we're talking about this I don't think anybody will duplicate four consecutive Super Bowl appearances even though we didn't win any. I don't I don't think that'll ever -- them again now I agree with you so we got a question whether. A year you know some teams -- flash in the pans they they're hot at the right time that are the escape injuries they go when they win the Super Bowl and they fall apart. So what would be a greater accomplishment. Having that one hot season norm to maybe the last even the last part of the season. Or having a team that was good enough to go to a suitable for -- To me I what do while drew 1120 but I think it's a bigger accomplishment to do before. It may be a bigger accomplishment to do before rope like I would like just me so I'm undertaken by eucharist which is a bigger accomplishment. Bigger travel should probably is four straight bought I think jazz fans you want that chip you wanna you wanna just want specially buffalo we want one. We want one way want one. Let's go to. About -- in buffalo roster on W via. I don't I'm fine -- what do you think about the snow and ice falling -- vehicles and laws being passed and give me your thoughts. Well and that's -- good -- that's all I've been driving our seniors buffalo end and that conversation -- to -- because while. -- understand what like to fly out atop trucks but upper body that -- archer were all but really nothing you can control it. Here's the facts. But here's the -- struck washes -- wall are either armed or at least potential rate near Waterloo New York. There's nothing -- -- -- well there's no there's no facilities. Very Hewitt and yet they can't -- want. To actually have a blade to take to solve the top of the truck that -- such Eric -- appetite were Pol Pot all laws. That take two weeks but -- -- a -- it ever was out here working 6070 hours we. But if you're calling for -- if you're calling for somebody else and they don't provide a -- first of all I don't think your employer can ask you to you know latter so if indeed your employer doesn't provide the equipment necessary. I doubt if you would be liable for the fine it would be Europe. Why are these -- -- one driver number one number -- it's not. It's output on you know like I'm not deploying on a one hour in going to a customer. Back. We -- trailer strapped it. Ultimately customers all different companies all over whether to enter two mile radius of fossil. In order for Reid I would want the child. I would work out vehemently laws. Are young and and we comply with our receipt of but from media comply with the law they have to get him out an ability to comply with the law could or not you're beating me. Well big big -- bit. The driver that -- said that there was one in the east Harvard of the Coca-Cola plant maybe -- be something in the state government if they did pass a law like that would have a truck stops so that you could do that. Yeah it would have to. I know there's no other way to be sure the situation. That -- find it in action on the law -- -- you know between. 500 dollars and 15100 -- per tractor trailer yup I think that's -- apple won't mind while the driver whose each. -- -- -- -- -- -- I absolutely agree we're -- especially since. I think you would be asinine to ask a driver. To get up on any kind of all Latin or platform declared that that that's beyond the call of duty so -- I hear you loud and clear thank you very much. So we've had several drivers call. On the one said that in East Hartford at the Coca-Cola plant they do have that kind of blade where you can drive under and it's scrapes the top of -- Because via the tractor trailers are fairly consistent in their height. -- -- little bit from Bob also -- Simon the blade adjust for it and scrapes atop which makes sense to me I think that any state that would have a law like that that would. Affect -- over the road drivers. Should have a truck stops a blade so that they can go through their four that's a definitely a safety issue. And I've seen ice come off in sheets on the top of that -- it is not. It is not a fun thing to watch. And if you as -- said if you've ever followed by a eighteen Wheeler. Underneath an overpass on the -- UC they would not be enough room on the top of that trailer. For any kind of accumulation are -- -- right off. But one thing of that but no we don't want -- that we don't wanna hit the truck driver in the pocketbook because that's not. -- -- spot it's a safety issue. And if the I think if they ever passed a -- like the ones in the other states here that they should install those blinds at a -- -- trucks because these enough to drive through them. Policy -- could I have a couple more FaceBook postings please desist from Bruce he says I don't think this is such a bad idea I've seen people on the -- who don't declare -- their headlights and blink or so not only can't they see anything we can't see them or they're going. All that's exactly right and here one thing one when I was asked what I was doing today. People always ask me. They said another one of their pet peeves are people who don't put their headlights on now we're not talking pitch black and 2 in the morning we're talking about. I'll win -- visibility is one but it I think one of the problems they said before. Lots of cars now have automatic headlights that you'd you'd never even use of turning them on manually. Except for the fact that there -- set for light -- not set for visibility. So they can be you know visibility can be like for instance fought. Visibility can be pork and they won't turn the lights on automatically gonna -- manually so you have to remember to do it. And anytime there's any kind of inclement weather. I don't I don't Lehman resort to that I put I put the lights on manually -- put the driving lights on. Because they're better at them at seeing the tracks in front -- -- because they're beard they're being low. So these little helpful hints I mean what are -- -- though some guys is beyond your road. Beyond your ability ago Wendy Wendy yeah driving gets so bad and then you see some moron go by you. And you wondering what planet from one more police before the break. This -- from Bobby says there should be a law like this because people lacked common sense take my neighbors for example they both of suvs. They claim him off but they do industry after the plot goes by what kind of people -- snow into plowed roads. While Lester why you're not supposed to do that in fact when Imus snow blowing I try and when I get to the rim of the driveway -- blown off to the side into my neighbor's yard. -- -- But I don't blow identity and on the road either. All right it Israel Montreal 18061692. Visits are 930 there ought to be a law not. Sandy beach proposing a law New York. Not we don't need many new laws but I'm thinking Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania and Washington have laws that say not only should the glass be clear on your vehicle. The rules should be true. -- you can go out with a minivan you can with with some vehicles can't go -- -- straight job delivery -- Can't do -- an eighteen Wheeler though how to reinforce it will be back after this.

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