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1-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now all of his major governor yes I've been here since 630 this -- why because I'd demanded that I be here and time. So that I could present all the factual maybe get you through the day that's all we've done about today on the news radio 930 we'll find out how Tony you know Chris did. I am gonna give you twenty bucks how many -- you a chance to earn twenty dollars today twenty and crisp twenty dollar bill. Say. Thought when I opened my wallet to try and make open offers of money to get things the way I'd like them. Are you ready are you willing to earn twenty dollars you execute used. -- everybody all the papers -- finally here well what additional accusing him Sunday papers. How nice they arrived at ten past nine when I start the show at nine and went right about presidential wrap it bag you little Jimmy brown Maria moves in Vietnam was the ball and thank you bomb bomb bomb bomb -- -- Anyway I'm going to offer you'll crisp twenty dollar bill and I'll pay it right now -- Ship him off your Santa Claus beard. -- you're growing that thing it's a -- I mean seriously if you become homeless you'll already have the facial they're definitive and Diana bondage commercial or crying out loud crazy. -- -- -- -- why. And Bangkok. I thought I think he swore column odds on your turning now might want to dollar -- -- you can't. -- -- -- -- -- This morning. IE I'm. The bedroom window and I cannot see the house next to me -- it OK so I know. Are gonna downstairs turn on the backs spotlight -- a big mega light down there. And it shows that the snow blowing off of the roof of my house it looks like a Doctor Zhivago it looks like the tundra. And I always I turn on at five to make sure Susan rose gets here safely John. But I was and yes it's important to me that this is and gets here safely. And I heard her voice so I -- OK she made a good and and John -- like on a little. So and so that was that but I decided when it's come and early. And I got ready and what the house early now. You can barely see. All right and I decided I better not go down Newell road -- road has ditches that are six VD -- each side of them. And boy you're going to wallow as Ewing coming out now -- -- -- So I go up to what transit road nice are coming down Miller is Florida highway. And you can't this -- lanes on each side okay. I don't really know which lane I'm in I'm trying to follow the tracks in front of me now if you have if you driving lights. That helps because that'd is it puts the beam lower down you can see the tracks I'm doing about 35 miles an hour and I'm right on edge. -- XYX. And oh how and where and how they going who knows and so normally I take the eggs are right after the -- Right after the stadium -- OK the big exit is at him exit and an excellent concert -- and that's why take so now I'm in the right hand when -- -- my -- on. And I'm watch in the snow -- the snow plow the snow -- a snowplow and somebody the exit so I was never plowed but the head in trying to throw it. I was never plowed I absolutely so surrenders but while it was horrendous these people kept passing. Idea I just don't I don't get that mindset though that's gonna have something to do what what we're talking about today and yesterday I decided. I'd better of blow the snow out of my driveway usually -- drive over. For two reasons that's the reason god invented four wheel drive just drive over -- okay. And it keeps company from visiting its a good thing. There's only a few people read that better welcome that I would actually blow the snow on driveway for. I'll saw decided that. So on the first on the first pass of the snowblower there were probably six or seven inches of snow and my drive okay but it was blown over whatever. And I am the first pass I go right down the middle and I get to the lip where the plow -- All of a sudden my lower adjusts. Pops it doesn't run out of gas it adjusts dots. So I put it in neutral and I know well enough not to reach in there -- obviously. It's jammed up on something and it's ice or whatever not -- you know otherwise it was a bolder about this big. What had happened is the plow wildly. The road and where does boulder came from I have no idea but it was in the lip of my driveway. It didn't share this year trend and I'm glad because that would have been the end in the snow blowing but I thought it was as big it was -- -- have you ever had and in my Adam. What I'd do was -- because I'm you know deathly afraid of that as I go through. On my driveways -- -- towards and to make sure if there aren't any or you know sometimes you -- sell off you're you're -- amazed Cheney's truck so I always go through to make sure that other not. That's amazing so I idea I managed inevitably snowed the blowing -- and then it's filled in again today so that's about we had six or seven inches. In in Niagara county did you get a -- over the weekend. Yeah I did I cleared out my driveway Saturday. And wait for the wind kind of died down. OK got that done and then now we got a little bit yesterday and then this morning I was all -- our agricultural against and I fire up the snowboard just to make a couple of passes on each side of the truck. Well we're here and although the sun is out right where we are in Amherst traffic news is bad in certain areas and we're going to be talking about. A new dialogue that's a law in Washington Pennsylvania New Jersey Connecticut and may be should be here. While that's coming up meanwhile can hardly wait till Sunday -- a big day I mean the world will be focused everybody will be glued in front -- -- original it's Sunday is Sunday is. Groundhog Day and a Punxsutawney -- will be out there -- those goofy guys would tell had to look like rejects the club mark Jala. Ever see those guys fondling the groundhog mean first of all it does look like an animal you want to -- now first it's gonna teach like this room. There were sailing with -- like that. We I've I've worked with Trevor Derek is the important thing we need it -- -- -- I heard -- new commercial we're looking for somebody in our driver department very good very nice Todd Golden homes. He has such a great voice. I -- imagine that I got my commercial. As it is. On the mark on a gradual booster seat now. If you want true. The National Rifle Association. You get a publication call American rifleman. And they have us a section right at the front call the armed citizen and -- stories about what happens when. People -- get their houses broken into or -- target carjacked two or whatever who happened to be law abiding armed citizens. And there were two very -- usual ones in this issue of up. American rifleman and I'll get it going comeback on news -- I'm thirty that's his WB. The citizen it and as I said it's in American rifleman. A magazine every month has has letters on people's lives were saved because. They had been apparent. Carry permits pistol permits whatever. But these are two unusual different ones listen to this one Charles Carlson 75. Years old. Woke up -- 2 AME heard noises coming from the kitchen of his farmhouse he got up when Carlson and the kitchen an intruder held a revolver to his head. -- quick thinking may have saved his life he pretended to be blind and hard of hearing. About that. Of course Greg -- done that my contract negotiations. But -- -- tentatively blind and hard of hearing which made the intruder lower his -- and at that time. Carlson -- as he got a nine millimeter handgun to intranet to get on the floor the intruder complied with any start up. And advanced toward Carlson Carlson ordered him to stop when the man continued and didn't stop Karlsson fired after sustaining a gunshot -- -- like the intruder reach for the gun in his pocket prompting Carlson of fire a second round and that was the end of the intruder. But that's pretty quick thing. -- Jamaica I mean pretending it was a blind. And death. I mean that's that's pretty cool as rain because -- -- I've often thought I really have I'm not making this up to -- this story. About it you held up on the street. And he knows that just CU OK let's hold this guy up if you acted really goofy. You know what I mean really strange and out of it. First it which John from 37 but after. After that. I'm thinking wouldn't appeal because they feel sorry for you you don't talk so it was gates. Pop. -- -- Why didn't you and -- hoop group. Rob I know have some self respect. As say -- rob a guy who was incoherent. So I've I think I've often thought that that would work. -- people I've improved dead. Now here's another one this is a very unusual story two and that's the reason I'm a rating into your business from the American rifleman. When Allen a bail 68 years old. Crept outside to investigate a thumping sound on his back door for him he found an unexpected trespass. After quickly grabbing a flashlight and is 357 Magnum he opened the door of his back porch and was met by an angry. 200 pounds six fought. Alligator. -- a couple of animals sprang toward him he said I was crouched down and looking around he hit me hard enough to knock me into a planter. The next thing I know he was coming at me what is jaws open. A ballet you know pulled the trigger just in time as the alligator was inches away from me. He regrets having to do that but -- thought he'd be dead if he'd never has gone. So that's a very unusual story. About. About of the use of handguns in this case. But I doubt that I elderly -- 78 years -- percent pretending he's blind and depth was a pretty -- I think so too but also thanks very risky you know we -- in what we're going around the country with his knockout game. And they don't care it seems you know how old. And we hear about grandma our grandmothers getting slugged it gets slugged in the kicked -- there on the ground effect. There was one. Grandmother who was punched kicked and she pulled out -- gone and that was the end. All of the horror of that for -- -- the only thing as he did that after there was a gun to his head yes we did have a lot of options via the option list was not plentiful. I was put it that way so. I'm I'm thinking that he got away actually the other guy is gone permanently. So the armed citizen so as a means -- now are you guys if you get up early Joseph how -- -- driving and now Chris Chris Kaman earlier than all of us though about eucharist. It was a nightmare it was my worst drive of the year worst of the blizzard day because I knew was gonna be terrible that -- So I got a good hour early today I always get up early in the winner if it's going to be not to ignore its arguments of an extra 510 minutes. I had sorted as a base my standard -- leave early wintertime and IE. Probably in getting added couple minutes after five viral and it was just a nightmare of the south buffalo surprisingly okay. Once you got on the 190s. And an -- it would open it was or boils all over you couldn't see very current front view at all. Are you maybe you could see that the tail lights in front of you. And you're going basically just single file up following address again it was -- -- won't point I was file on the tracks anatomy and I notice the rumble strips. I thought I was in the middle I was all the way -- -- left side I was a scary joyous. -- when you don't know what side of the road your on. I got an earlier than I usually do because I left earlier that I usually do but it was a it was kind of scary at times probably its -- I left -- on time that that normally do what were I got messed up was. After a -- Smith often I'll take this week home to come to work it was so bad the traffic just stood there traveler gets so there's really nothing -- can do. I was just surprised that the idiots who who were passing me. As a set I was doing 3540 miles an hour and that's that's about as much as you can do on Miller's -- And they were flying by and one guy over the with a plot on the front it was not a -- while he is but yet -- -- on the front and he goes by me you know you've heard of the term a cloud of dust and Narnia wireless is a cloud of snow. So -- areas in his own smoke swallowed as he's going by. And I didn't know what lane I was in I don't know how he knew what lane he is and he could have been on the center line he probably didn't know he probably didn't know but I'm glad you're all here. Well let's talk about some things that maybe annoy you on a day like this and some laws. -- it's actually very strange where I propose that maybe we ought to be looking into a new law like New York needs another new law right that they might lose this one. We're back what -- -- company on those ready at 930 we are WV. WB key and 9:30 AM is buffalo is an ice scraper. Backward region opening up sandy beach state. Hi this -- but Chris is right Imus when we're talking about the big yet the big game those Super Bowl is Sunday. All right and everybody has a Super Bowl. That there -- pool area every office has a pool right OK -- you'll know what so what's legal what's illegal. If the poll takes -- a hundred dollars and pays out a hundred dollars easily. OK if that apple takes in a hundred dollars based on 99 dollars it's not illegal. OK as long as our every penny went into the poll comes back out of the -- it's legal. So it's not a -- I accounts -- not gonna bust you for your office pool and some of them are small and some of them are quite large it depends on what -- doing. But Chris has the right idea he never looks at his numbers ahead of time and I'll -- legalize. Because it ruins the game four is that right Chris yeah age it would drive me absolutely -- I your slave to the number of record and you're hoping the team are -- far. Odds to win the game doesn't scored how wait another ten seconds before him kick a field goal 'cause I'll win this quarter. Or I'll I'll have a better chance of winning the next court UN hovering against your -- to map the time but you know your numbers Tony and you say -- my own team I want the money exactly I have no -- I -- -- In the game so -- -- are my interest is being accused in Denver if while I damn provide great man. I like Peyton Manning he eased the one reason -- would -- disease is classy and maybe the greatest quarterback we've ever seen LA I can't stand the owner of the Broncos. Have bowling ball down I can't stand this owners I don't likable and I don't know much about -- just comes across is and yeah in California but when you get your numbers the first thing you do would you set a -- and then you start. Rooting for the numbers instead of the team or the player -- rooting for. And it takes the fight from I think so. You look at the end and it's like okay -- may have won all four quarters and that what happens is. If the -- if there they score the first quarter and don't score in the second quarter of the same person wins ball and you hate them they can -- efforts -- might be your best from which is still hate them because -- didn't win right so would we do have beneficial Lola. A pool unofficially. Official pool -- -- kind of something that might be some days somebody B we don't want -- the point fingers now they who was. Okay good. I just like to know if you all right I get the numbers. In his OK while I have a shot or. And these numbers think I'm gonna bother paying attention well what symbols on it that night what time is that on sixth. Forty yet it is also will be like eleven -- twelve by the time whole thing yeah that's why a lot of people skip work tomorrow. And tomorrow might -- the country wanna skip work anyway would this though windchill warning in effect. From 3 AM total of and I am so they'll be a lot of absenteeism. Show Wednesday. Tomorrow in the workplace in the next week. I mean next to next next Monday a week from today right seven days -- would be hard to skip work because of the Super Bowl before they play. Us. -- really poorly. Now all people -- exits year used to -- had a verbalize it you have to talk to the boss he had to say the boss in your own eyes. I'm sick or I'm not feeling well or whatever excuse you're going to has been out texting. That's one big -- on texting or Japan -- attacks Kevin as saying. Hey Kevin in their importance is caught off hop off and right coughs up -- I think that if I'm not feeling well cough cough and -- -- hash tag on -- a moment with a firearm you're not supposed to say that now -- day Nash and he has stated this Williams always. Guys. I'm here is going on here it was a -- a brutal morning to commuted in May still be appearance some of that traffic. Especially on the -- to ninety that we heard a few minutes ago and parts of the thruway as well about one of the problems. In any kind of -- climate. Is that when people not everybody has -- -- so your cars outside and when cars outside and you getting your card it's cold you say. I don't wanna be bothering with trivial things like. Cleaning off the car you're -- just scrape those -- -- front windshield about the size of a quarter. And then by the time I get to the randomized rate it will be all melted and I'll be able to have a perfect view while it doesn't quite work out like that. You what you should do was larger cars at a time yet you know it's a great. If you don't. He has that he remote starter if you if you have a remote start. If you ever think of giving somebody something for gift around here and they don't put their car truck inside. Yeah animal -- stars it's not a commercial for I'm just -- It's fabulous because if you leave it set for defrost the night before them by the time the car warms up and whatever your windshield is is pretty much -- So are remotes are as good but if you don't have a remote starter. And you go out and you start your truck up you don't have the patience nor the inclination to want to go around the most you'll do was clear your winch and that's the most. I may -- that side window where the mirrors but most people won't clear the back window and almost nobody will clear the roof. Now some groups are harder to a clearer than others. If you have -- just the plane rove would no luggage rack or anything okay you take your snow brush in its reach up their fury jaw and man like myself. And -- scrape this off. But a lot of them have wondered -- -- gotta get with the brush underneath the underneath the the bar and all -- are some people on that when it though they allow mother nature to take care of it. Well as I'm driving to work. The wind will just simply blow that snow and that I saw off well. Where do you think it's gonna go probably. In the face of the guys following you know which is not a good thing. And especially if you have chunks of ice up there could go through somebody's when shook could be a really problematic. In this article I have by Larry Copeland from the USA today. It's that the group there's a picture of a guy cleric -- cars is into -- on Connecticut mandates that snow and -- be removed. From all -- vehicles before if they go to the highway snow and ice so this is not only be a good idea of you did it it's the law. And they kind of set this up a massive chunk of ice becomes dislodge from the top of a truck. Or car up ahead of your hurdles your way it's a slow motion nightmare says Connecticut state representative. -- Laura Lawrence -- borrow. A Republican from Norfolk. You're driving in the center -- a day or two after a snowstorm. Ice on vehicle started him out you're driving sixty miles an hour with cars on the left cars on the right all of a sudden you see the sheet of ice. Through this Olympic dive off the top of a truck in front -- -- we've all -- that have more usually a big delivery truck. Well like you know which one the place that delivers all those appliances and stuff. You know -- get the big old on the side and it's not orgasm. But anyway big sheet of ice comes off as a member of the people who were standing on top of the truck fall through one. And -- and trees. You know you pray to god that it doesn't hit you you -- it does he care about please don't hit it because it could break the windshield in army or make me -- and cause an accident. So they're gonna take care of that in this in the state of Connecticut. The law says drivers quote shall remove any accumulated ice or snow from such motor vehicles including the hood and trunk and roof of a motor vehicle. So that any ice or snow accumulating on such vehicles is not pose a threat. Two persons or property wobbly vehicle was being operated on any street or highway of this state. So there it's quite clear that you have to clear your vehicle. In Connecticut. Those who fail to do so can be finds 75. Bucks if snow or ice flying from vehicles results in injury or property damage. Drivers of non commercial vehicles can be find 200 to a thousand dollars. The penalties for commercial vehicles 500 to 12150. Bucks those supposedly bagels with a flat -- And that's exactly what happens with them. And insult Connecticut says that's what we're doing. But the other states are saying hey wait a minute Connecticut. We think will do that when I'll go over some of those states in what the laws say and talk to you about that maybe we should have this law -- New York not -- Big proponent of more. More laws and in New York with this one makes some sense will be back after so we're talking about. A law in Connecticut that says that. If -- -- snow comes it's not -- comes up for your vehicle and damages anybody else have a non commercial vehicle. You can be find 200 to a thousand dollars if you're driving a commercial vehicle like those big of flat. Straight job trucks -- the used to deliver stuff. You're fine could be a 500 to 12150 bucks the only question I would ask about that is enforcement. Because okay say your back of a truck. And you see this big sheet of ice coming operated smashes your windshield. And your mad and you write down the license plate number of the truck. You call the police and you say the person operating that struck that truck. -- damaged my car okay now you have radio plate number but how can you improve. That the ice the damage your windshield came from that truck. Unless the -- happens the jazz beat there and see it. How could you probe that unless you you stop other people on the road as they would UB a witness at that ice came off of that truck. If you're the only one behind the truck. And the truck the ice falls off the -- first of all the person driving the truck. Probably doesn't even know that the guys came off and damage your car so that microscopic and keep going me -- -- -- damage when Chelsea gonna stop. So you have low -- license plate but that's it's your word. And the driver can't really say whether the ice came off with his truck almost accident you know Heidi. They can't you can easily get the ice off of -- so I like the idea of the law but I don't know how it's enforced and I can just tell you this you know little of this lawyers. Why errors how about this just the commercial now sometimes. Good delivery vehicles made bad decisions you know -- Don't defend him we prosecute them. Things like that are. Nice come through your windshield. We can get to the money is I mean that's if it's going to be a whole new group of lawyers the ice lawyers the snow lawyers. But I don't know as I said -- -- but I like the idea of the law. But unless you have witnesses. And and you -- they testify in your behalf. Or the truck driver admits that it was the ice off of his truck because you're damaged. I don't know how you enforce -- to be honest. OK other states that have similar laws New Jersey. Drivers can be find 25 to 75 dollars for failing to remove a cumulative -- nice 200 to a thousand FBI's -- often causes injury. Or property damage that's Jersey the so bargain Connecticut Jersey on in Pennsylvania on my friend Don Landry lives. Drivers can be fine 200 to a thousand dollars it's all right flies from the vehicle strikes and other vehicles or pedestrians. Causing death -- serious bodily injury. 200 to a thousand for death. Civil photo -- back. Yes it depends who it is maybe if it's somebody you know like but even so all I mean 200 to a thousand for death. -- should be Iron Man. And in the state of Washington. Bill law allows police to stop drivers for traveling with -- accumulated ice on their vehicles but the offense does not carry Obama a fine. Well what what sense of them that cop gonna stop. Okay all over. It all right guys on your vehicle night and now they got off. Okay that's a technique that makes -- and cops. First of all the guy who have a shirt on because there's ice on his car so it -- -- some Marcia. Have assured on. But he probably won't have the registration and he definitely won't have a license and have warrants in a car will also look like a tornado hit it. And there will be drugs hidden in his underwear in his tush. He will deny everything including the fact that that's his car he'll say that some stranger gave him McCartney doesn't know a stranger's name. I just madam and get in the car it's stolen car of course when they run it and go take a boy and handcuffs while he is overly large girlfriend is crying and screaming hysterically in trying to whip the copper into a frenzy. So that's how that'll work out on itself and it. That it might be worth watching on the side of the road but I don't know how effective battle but he. I want to know from you there ought to be a law should there be a -- New York saying I am I assume that they -- there is a law about. Driving safely about keeping your when she nuclear but I don't know if there's a law about ice falling off the top of your delivery truck or anything like that. Can you get a ticket for -- and off your back window I think so. I think anything. I think anything evidence that hasn't obstructed view except I don't know that would stand up in court simply because there's some vehicles don't have a back window. There -- paneled -- that do not have back windows so you rely -- -- -- mirrors that that so if if they allow vehicles on the street. It could be a lawyer accident. If the other of them straight without without a window -- -- Fine you for not having your window clear. I would assume though there's a general catch all about driving your and operating your vehicle safely but I don't know about the ice part on the top. Because as I said sometimes that's difficult to take off. On -- just regular vehicles because of roof racks -- -- things like that but on a commercial truck. They're tall and no driver is going to be able reach up there and get the eyes off. And what happens as the -- flies off on the -- flies off I don't know obvious how American force from not mistaking -- -- ticket if you rear license plate -- cleared off oh yes that's absolutely true you do have to have your real license wait it minute -- god put the snow there you got to remove. So wanna go from you should there be a lot of New York that your vehicle has to be totally cleared. Of ice and snow before you drive away I think it's a good idea a really do I think if anything it makes driving so far as I'm concerned. I'm in favor give us call it a -- 930. 180616926. -- at 930 also. Give us your driving story today what happened to you today where you're late for were idiots passing UN and -- rule you rate of speed. Did you end up the ditch somewhere. Give us a call and share with our listeners on the radio and I'm thirty W via.

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