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Snowy Surprise

Jan 27, 2014|

OP Superintendent Matthew McGarrity

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Orchard Park School superintendent Matthew Lee Garrity is with us on WB -- lifeline this morning. Mr. Gary thanks for the time. Good morning Rory great you're district closed today and you know it seemed like everybody was thinking about Tuesday as the next possible snow day with the windchill warning. Was this morning's weather surprise for you. It really was might think that does the snow it's 430 in particular and in looking at that. Lake effect band that was a process was kind of surprised to -- the intensity forest today. Mr. -- under ideal. Conditions. Does the state Department of Education hope that all these tests. Could be given to all students in all schools at the same time. Ideally that I think that's what they're hoping for it in particular with a regents exams yeah. What happens now in Orchard Park with exams that were scheduled today. Offer for us our midyear exams the mid year regents exams we really don't have a large number kids that are taking these camps and so. Even though were closed today this afternoon for example we do ever regions examined. -- we are reaching out to those kids this morning so they they will have an opportunity to take an exam. This afternoon the regents exam in addition to in June also. Now if by chance there's another delay in opening schools tomorrow. I mean what would you do I mean it probably won't happen but especially of other school districts are open and the tests are being given. He in particular we've we've been talking even starting last week looking at the forecast for this week not just within our district but. Among districts to help people are gonna handle that I think there's different ways that. Districts are gonna. Tried it's still have those opportunities for kids but it's I think it's different from district to -- Did you give any thought to delaying today's opening instead of closing. You know some districts. You know delayed today for Orchard Park the size of our district is difficult for a number of reasons one is that. We have so many other runs besides just the the runs that are internal to the district but we have allowed to go to the -- -- We have a lot of policies trips that we have we also have trips to students with special services in addition to that. We have quite a few mid day runs with policies and some other runs that we have and so. If we had a delay for example of two hours some of those same drivers that are will be driving in the first run instead of you know. 930 instead of 730 would also have possibly amid they run so be running to staffing issues with drivers and with the numbers of buses we have. -- -- -- How many snow days heavy hand and what does this if anything -- your district calendar. Well today's the today is the fifth we've used by coming today. And so we were over by two of what we can't I'm allowed it. And so then we start to look at like on some of the as the days before some of the holidays before. Memorial Day the Friday before Memorial Day and then that last week of school we also have to talk about. You know are those -- is -- full days with kids and those kinds of things and if need be depending on how -- -- doesn't impact these and other vacations. Through this spring depending on how far we get there -- days this year. OK any any thoughts early thoughts on tomorrow. It it it sounds bad I mean I I just look at the weather few minutes ago and again they're talking minus thirty wind chill which. Is the and I -- minus thirty that's definitely beyond. What we would be having to to stay open. I'm so but a lot of times what we do is like I think it was a week ago. We are worried about Tuesday and as it turns out. It wasn't as bad as we but these winds are supposed to be pretty strongly to -- to 45 so. It's going to be a concern. And will be communicating tonight with. With each other and and tomorrow morning to obviously. Iowa I think will be in touch mr. Gary thank you for the times when we appreciate it all right take care that's the orchard Park School superintendent Matthew Lee Garrity.

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